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052: Trauma Proofing our Kids with Brian Peck

I feel like releasing this episode for free is cheapening the value that’s packed in here. One of my favorite episodes that helps PARENT FORWARD. Therapist Brian Peck explains what the difference is between abuse and trauma, how we can trauma proof our children, how to give our children language to help them learn the language of their bodies. This is a game changer and will help you cultivate resilience in your nervous system for thriving. Links (affiliates included): Room to Thrive:...


051: Unraptured with Zack Hunt

Zack Hunt is the author of Unraptured: How End Times Theology Gets It Wrong, and in this episode we talk about growing up as evangelical teens in that subculture where rapture theology took the form of books like Left Behind and all the shenanigans that came from bubble. Of course, we also talk parenting, and how Zack is Parenting Forward with his girls, and we talk about what the healthiest form of teen culture can look like. I love Zack’s energy and humor, and I hope you enjoy our...


050: Creating Brave Spaces with Colby Martin

This show is admittedly less about parenting and more about creating community. I am wanting to expand on some of our conversations because I find that many of you struggle with finding authentic community which impacts your parenting and family life. I invited Colby, who started a progressive church in San Diego, to talk with me about what that looks like, and it is much more challenging than what meets the eye. We didn’t have a lot of answers in this episode, but as always, I think it’s...


049: Train Up Your Child in Their Own Way

In this episode we get to discuss progressive parenting backed by research from child psychology. Ellen, with a child psychology background and Molly, as a progressive faith minister, show us how science and faith can support us in seeking the answers to parenting like, “How do we raise empathetic children?” Informative AND inspiring, be sure to check out their book, Bless this Mess, linked below in our notes! Links (affiliates included): Bless This Mess -...


048: The Trauma of an Evangelical Upbringing with Jamie Lee Finch

Jamie Lee Finch is a body and relationship coach and the author of You Are Your Own. She speaks articulately and precisely about the trauma of evangelical, authoritarian environments arising out of her own painful experiences. We have an insightful conversation on how trauma manifests in our bodies, how we can welcome our bodies back into alignment to become our teachers, and how parents can reinforce our children’s intuition and void the trauma of authoritarianism. Links (affiliates...


047: Simplicity Parenting with Kim John Payne

With the Parenting Forward Conference coming up in two months, I answer some FAQs as well as play an extended clip from the actual conference to give you a taste of what it will be like. My guest is Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting, a book that was hugely influential in my own parenting. I loved his entire talk so I hope you’ll enjoy the clip that I share in today’s episode! Links (affiliates included): Kim John Payne’s website - ...


046: Grieving RHE, Fox News & Empty Nesting with Carol Howard Merritt

I have recently returned from a month long travel in the United States, so while I’m catching up with work, I invited my friend, Carol Howard Merritt, to join me in a more casual, shoot-the- breeze conversation about my time back in the States, specifically attending Rachel Held Evans’ funeral, appearing on a Fox News radio show, and Carol shares her thoughts about empty nesting in a feeble attempt to make this episode vaguely about parenting, haha. Hope you enjoy our conversation! Links...


045: The Bible, feminism, and liberation for children

I am traveling in the U.S. for the month of June and doing one event in Denver, Colorado for my book launch. Because many of you likely could not join me in Denver, I recorded the talk I gave at the event. It’s about the Bible, feminism, and liberation for children--light topics! Hope you enjoy. Parenting Forward the Conference!!! - Join us at the Parenting Forward Patreon Team - Parenting Forward, the Book...


044: How the Enneagram Helps Us Parent

Hannah Paasch is the author of Millenneagram, a witty, hilarious, and also incredibly incisive book on how to access our truest self using the tool of the Enneagram. She and I chat about her own upbringing, whether we should type our children, and how parents can use the Enneagram to become a better parent. You will love how good she is at bringing to surface all the things that we live and experience but don’t have the language to express. Don’t miss this interview or her book, it’s a...


043: Conservative Christian Parenting Clash with Mainstream Parenting Research

Dr. Joseph Lee is a mental health professional practicing in California. A while back we had a casual conversation in which he mentioned that conservative Christian parenting is often in opposition with mainstream mental health research. I latched on to that statement and asked him to come on to my show to talk about some of these things. It was a rich and nuanced conversation about none other than parenting and progressive faith. Hope you learn from Dr. Lee as much as I did! Links...


042: Art and Parenting at Intersectional Identities

Every child is creative. But so often we drive creativity out of children, whether it’s religious fundamentalism, market forces, or the way institutional schooling is structured, we don’t give children permission to be who they are and let them create accordingly. Adrienne Nieves, community abstract artist, and I talk about art and parenting and the intersection of various oppressions in today’s rich episode. You will learn perspectives and stories you haven’t heard before. Addye’s friendly...


041: Sparkles and Sequins for Boys

I talk to Rebecca and Eva, the founders of Boy Wonder, a campaign to create clothing for boys that feature unicorns, rainbows, sparkles and sequins. The mission is to expand the palette of expression for boys so that all children can live out loud who they authentically are inside. Rebecca and Eva drop some serious parenting wisdom as they talk about their product. I learned so much from them, and can’t wait to see them make waves with Boy Wonder. Links (affiliates included): Princess...


040: Short Term Missions Trips - Corey Pigg

My conversation partner today is Corey Pigg, the creator of the podcast, Failed Missionary, and I invited him to join me in tackling the subject of Short Term Missions, as we are coming up on STM season. In full disclosure, Corey and I are actual friends, so our conversation flowed easily into some deeper thoughts re: parenting, therapy, but I decided to keep all of those segments in the show and invite you into our conversation in hopes that they’ll be helpful to you. In this show, we...


039: Clarity is Reasonable - George Mekhail

Clarity is reasonable. Ambiguity is harmful. I love the mission of Church Clarity to raise the standards of clarity for churches to present their policies clearly on their websites so that those who choose to participate in these communities are not harmed by bait-and-switch ambiguity. Here’s my conversation with one of the founders of Church Clarity, George Mekhail, who is a parent of two kids. We talk about how to raise our children in understanding what words mean and to let your yes be...


038: Social Justice Cram School for Kids - Kristina Wong

Kristina Wong is a performance artist who has created a youtube series called Radical Cram School, a show about social justice, revolution, and how to be powerful in the body that you have. The class features Asian girls to center and empower their voices and help them understand the world they live in. We are joined in this episode by Teddy Chao, the producer of the show, and we hear about how his desire for his girls to find their voices inspired the show. Be sure to check out Radical...


037: My Exvangelical Testimony

In parenting our children forward in faith, it is a good and beautiful exercise to share our faith stories with them. However, parents often struggle, especially those who have experienced spiritual trauma, in knowing how to tell our stories without passing on faith baggage. Today, I tell my faith shift story, what I’m calling my Exvangelical Testimony, not just to share with you, but in hopes that you’ll find the courage to tell your faith story to your children and community. Links...


036: Homophobia in Faith Spaces with Trey Pearson & Susan Cottrell

One of the harsh realities of parenting is that in order to teach our children about love, sometimes we have to tell them about hate. This is the truth in confronting homophobia in the world. I have on my show today, Susan Cottrell, author and speaker who works with parents of faith who are raising LGBTQ children, and Trey Pearson, the Christian singer/songwriter who came out as gay publicly a few years ago. We talk about the impact of raising children in homophobic environments, how that...


#ExposeChristianSchools - Chris Stroop

Chris Stroop and I connect online because we are both #EXvangelicals, which is a term coined by our mutual friend, Blake Chastain, who has a podcast by the same name. It means that evangelicalism is both a shaping influence of our lives and a system we have rejected. Chris has an academic background on Russian history and for now most well known for his writing and hashtag activism, which has been featured in many mainstream news outlets. Chris has been instrumental to me, particularly in...


The Progressive Asian American Parent - Liz Lin

Liz Lin is a writer and co-founder of the Facebook group Progressive Asian American Christians. We took the opportunity to geek out about facebook groups and what it’s like to admin for fairly large groups and foster online community in this way. Liz tells me her faith shifting stories, what kind of faith and values she’s raising her children with. And as both of us are Asians, we get into the complexities of Asian parenting values and how it conflicts with progressive values. We end up with...


MAGA Teens and Dismantling White Supremacy with our Kids

This episode is in response to the MAGA teens from Covington Catholic High School interacting disrespectfully to an Indigenous elder. This story prompts a conversation about white supremacy, media, children/teens/minors, so this episode is dedicated to unpacking all those layers. I give my opinions on the incident and examine the complicated intersections of systemic oppression and how children participate in these systems. Lastly, I give concrete advice on how parents can raise children to...