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Love Is Here
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Love Is Here






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The Audio Introductin to The World To Become A Partner and Allie of Agape Love, Love Is Here to Bring Spiritual Freedom to Humanity from the Unseen Enemies of Love, Joy and Peace. All are invited to Join in the Unseen Battle to set nations Free of The Matrix of Control and Restore and Healing Spirits, Souls and Physical Bodies of Humanity. An Invitation to Come and Join with others who are seeking to Help People Be Spiritually Free, Have Peace In Their Souls and Healing In Their Physical...


Dedication & Acknowledgments, The Multitudes Volume 1

The Dedication and Acknowledgements of The Audio Book, The Multitudes, Volume !


The Multitudes, And Audio Book, Introduction

Come and Listen To the Podcast of the Introduction to the Audio Book, The Multitudes, Volume 1. This Audio Book is a Love Story Of A Heart From Out of The Ages and The Long Forgotten Past. Words of Love Hidden In Stories and Parables, Tales of Fables and Fairy Tales, Hidden Until A Spiritual Heart becomes a Spiritual Archeologist and Desires To See and Hear Hidden Treasures For The Spiritual Heart. Come and Journey Into the Realm of The Spirit and It's Vastness of Treasures For The Real You.


The Multitudes, An Audio Book, Love Is Here, A Love Story OF Agape Love, Volume 1

An Audio Book, The Multitudes, Volume 1, Introduction. Come and Go One an Unexpected Journey that will change one's spiritual life and the life of it's soul. Come and re-discovery hidden Treasures out of The Royal Treasures Chest of The Kingdom of Heaven and It's Riches of Spirit & Life. Come and Hear, Come and See and Then Come and Believe. Listen as Treasures are brought out of a Spiritual Treasure Chest of Agape Love and It's Wealth of Glory and Spiritual Wealth for the spiritual heart...


Spriritual Care, And Equal Partner in Healing, Restoration and Recovery

Come and travel through ancient history and learn about the days of spiritual care in the lives of humanity and our ancient civilzations. Listen to a brief history of the mental health and it's many areas of treatment. Then ask yourself some personal questions about one's own spiritual life and begin to ponder new, yet ancient concepts that all humans are a spirit and it too has been abused in childhood by any abuse or trauma and it also needs healing, restoration and recovery just as much...


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

Breaking up is hard to do is about spiritual circumcision of the spirit from it's soul. A spiritual divorce must take place in order to spiritually uncover the hidden treasures of the spirit that has been entombed in the dead body of the flesh of the soul. By breaking up of the spirit and it's soul, the spirit can be discovered and taught without the influence of the soul. Spiritual Archeology digs under the dirt, removes all the sediment that has entombed and kept the spirit hidden in a...


The Role Of Spiritual Care In Restoration And Recovery, Blog of Together We Can Heal

Pastor Deborah's First Blog Post on The National Association Of Adult Survivors Of Child Abuse's Blog - Together We Can Heal. This Introduction Of Pastor Deborah To The Blog Followers Of Together We Can Heal about the Role of Spiritual Care In Restoration and Recovery from abuse in one's childhood. The Blog begins with the concept that a human is a 3 part being and that the area of a human that also needs to be tended to with restoration and recover is the Spiritual of a human. And That A...


Hello Twitter World, Podcast #4, 2019

Podcast #4 Is Pastor Deborah Entry Into The World Of Twitter and For In The Land Of Twitter To Begin To Meet Her and Her Traveling Companies. Travel With Pastor Deborah As She Journeys Into Many Different Cities of Twitter, Meeting People, Teaching and Providing Deliverance and Healing To All. Listen To Pastor Deborah As She Spiritually Operates In The Spiritual Gift Of Discerning Of Spirits To Little Ones Out In The Realm Of The Spirit. Walk With Pastor Deborah As She Meets Littles Ones and...


Hidden Treasures Podcast #3 Pastor Deborah’s Bio, Church Mission And Words Of Encouragment

Hidden Treasures Podcast Is A Combination Of Several Episodes. One Will Introduction The Listen To Pastor Deborah, Another Will Introduce The Mission Of Agape Love, Love Is Here Church and Then The Final Series Of Episodes Are Several Words Of Encouragement From Pastor Deborah. Enjoy And Get To Know Pastor Deborah More. Love Always And Forever.


Hidden Treasures, Let’s Start Digging

Welcome To The Hidden Podcasts. Let's Begin Digging. Join Pastor Deborah In Spiritual Archeology Into Ancient Hidden Treasures Chests From The Valley Of The Kings. Come And Re-Discover Hidden Artifacts Of Long Forgotten Memories Of The Days Of The Kings And The Kingdom. Come And Step Back Into Eternity Of Ancient Light.


Hidden Treasures Podcast

Welcome to Hidden Treasures Podcast