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How To Recognize a Human Design Projector (Gloria Gaynor)

What is a Human Design Projector? Projectors are here to help us grow and evolve through unusual methods of leadership. For this month's podcast, hear about Gloria Gaynor, Human Design Projector and owner of 9 different voices. To listen to this podcast on Youtube, go here.>> Table of contentsWhat Is a Human Design Projector?Some Famous ExamplesHuman Design Projectors - More ExamplesMore or Less Sacral Chakra Energy?Back to Gloria Gaynor - Guess ThisGloria Gaynor’s Throat ChakraA Human Design Projector with Many VoicesOrigins of I Will SurviveThere's a Movie Out About Gloria, Too What Is a Human Design Projector? There are 5 types to Human Design and Gloria Gaynor is a Projector type. What is a Human Design Projector? They are the new leaders and guides of human development as we currently know it. So what does Gloria Gaynor’s story have to do with being a Human Design Projector? If her birthdate is indeed 7th September 1943, then according to the software I use to calculate her Human Design, she is a Projector Type. A Human Design Projector is a type of human that has been incarnating since the mid-1700s in our most recent human history. Projectors are designed to be a new type of leader and guide for humanity, replacing Manifestor (types like me). A Projector is someone who can connect with the energy of a group or an individual to help them achieve a goal, project or even a movement. Some Famous Examples Some examples of famous Projectors from the recent past are: - Winston Churchill Queen Elizabeth II Nelson Mandela and Napoleon. (Napoleon wasn’t a particularly evolved example of a human being, since he carried out some war atrocities during his time, but he definitely knew how to lead and get people to follow him). Human Design Projectors - More Examples Some examples of present-time Projectors are: - Barack Obama Pablo Picasso Steven Spielberg Princess Anne Princess Royal Taylor Swift and, of course, Gloria Gaynor. Projectors are non-Sacral beings, like Manifestors. More or Less Sacral Chakra Energy? If you are a non-Sacral being (about 30% of the population), it means you must work with your energy differently to be effective than other types who have a defined Sacral Chakra. Projectors and Manifestors have less consistent energy than the majority of people on Earth, such as Generators and Manifesting Generators. Generator Types have consistent access to their Sacral energy and can work continuously until they drop. Non-Sacral Types like Projectors and Manifestors can experience burn out more easily, even if sometimes they can act as if they have lots of Sacral Chakra Energy. This access to extra energy usually comes from their involvement with another person or group. Back to Gloria Gaynor - Guess This If I asked you for one thing Gloria Gaynor is well known for, I think I might know what you would say the song: - I will survive! Gloria Gaynor’s keynote hit has long been a favorite, but when she first released the song, it was seen as only good enough for a B side, when we had such a thing! Gloria knew that this song appealed to people on many levels from the audience response when she sang it. Her then-husband, who was her manager, was not in agreement with her that it should be a hit. So, it was released as the B-side to a Righteous Brothers Song called ‘Substitute’. Read the original story at: - The Story of... 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor - Smooth (smoothradio.com) Gloria Gaynor’s Throat Chakra What amazed me when I looked at Gloria Gaynor’s chart was the amount of voice gates that she has activated in her Throat Chakra. I wrote a post a while about Life Purposes and mentioned Paulo Coehlo, a famous writer who you may know as the author of the best-selling spiritual book called The Alchemist.I thought Paulo had plenty of throat gates open and active,


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Celebrity profile – Why Manifesting Generators Have Powerful Throat Chakras

On Fridays, I enjoy getting the People Magazine, since it's about one of my favorite interests, the nature of people! On the back page of the People Magazine, there's a 'One last thing' article every week. This article is an interview short with the same 5 questions each week for a different celebrity. Using Carrie Underwoods's birth date I found on Wikipedia, I worked up a new kind of chart and made an interesting discovery. What is a Manifesting Generator and what is Human Design? There are lots of personality tests and psychological profiles out there these days. Life is busy, and many of these systems and tests can be very complex. Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com So, how can we best get the benefit of all this self-study and personal development and also get the most out of the time we spend working on ourselves? Perhaps you felt overwhelmed by all the information - yet there are many benefits to learning about ourselves through energy. The term 'Manifesting Generator' is one of the Types in a system of reading energy called Human Design. So, back to the question at the top. Have you heard about Human Design or have had your Human Design Chart read at one time or another? All those types, authorities, strategies, and so on in Human Design can be confusing! Sometimes using a metaphor, image or idea can help us to understand energy better. Aligning something we don't understand alongside something we do can help. For example, if you imagine our personal energy as a multi-dimensional Rubik's cube - to get to the next step of unlocking the mystery, we only need to make one move at a time. What is Human Design? Human Design combines 4 complex and multi-layered energy reading systems both ancient and modern. These systems are: - The Hindu Chakra System The Jewish Kabbalah, Sephirot, or Tree of Life Western Astrology The I-Ching. This is an ancient Chinese prediction system with 64 Gates, or Archetypes representing the human condition. Then a fifth much newer idea is also part of the Human Design system. This fifth aspect of Human Design relates to our DNA. The idea is that our genetics relate to the 64 codons or amino acids in human DNA, and also to the 64 Hexagrams or Gates within the I-Ching prediction system. (Researchers Crick and Watson initially discovered the concept of amino acids (Codons) in DNA in 1953. ) Human Design is a multi-layered energy reading system This complex combination of human experience and human behavior is layered into the system. Through this system, we are discovering a whole new frame of reference about ourselves, one piece at a time. Our personal energy is complex too, of course. So, sometimes it can leave us feeling overwhelmed when we are just trying to learn something new.But then, just finding out one piece of the puzzle and really digesting that can take the pressure off. Have you had your Human Design Chart done yet? When people come for a reading with me, they often comment that they have ‘had their Human Design chart done'. After that, though, nothing much else has happened. People experience and learn a little about the basic information about their Human Design chart. It's a bit like knowing about your Myers Briggs profile. You read it and, – kind of, oh well, that was fun, onto the next thing. This is partly because readers and clients can feel overwhelmed by the Human Design chart itself. With those 5 energy prediction systems in it, that is not surprising. It can seem confusing until you learn how to read a chart. Then you need to learn how to apply all the information to your own life to make it worthwhile! If you'd like to make a start, connect with me here at my secure client portal. I'll send you a short report and your Human Design Chart for free. There is a lot of information to energetically process in your Human Design Chart.


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Living out our Human Design Incarnation Cross of Eden in a meaningful way

In this month's podcast, I'm talking about the Human Design Incarnation Cross or Life Purpose of Eden. Both myself and my dad have this incarnation cross or Life Purpose. Read the show notes, or listen to the podcast for more! Would you like to know your own incarnation cross or life purpose through Human Design? Check out the article for a link to create your own chart, or to ask for a free chart interpretation from Sarah.


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Becoming a Mentor – channel your Spirit Guides for help

Learn about becoming a Mentor. The Student to Mentor cycle has been channeled through Caroline Myss's beautiful Archetype cards. Enjoy the podcast, download the shownotes including pictures of the cards for reference!


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Your Seven Energy Bodies – podcast

This month on the podcast, I’m going to be talking about our Personal Energy and our Personal Energy Bodies. These bodies comprise something people talk about or speak about as our aura. Listen in and see the infographic to learn more about our Energy Bodies and why we are all so different!


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Akashic Records and Human Design – the link – February 2023 Podcast

How do the Akashic Records and Human Design connect with each other? How can this deepen our understanding of our Soul Purpose and Life Purpose on the Spiritual Journey? These are some of the questions that I attempt to begin answering in this month's podcast.


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Aura merges, Full Moon and Soul Stories January 2023 Podcast

Welcome to my January 2023 Podcast! This month, I discuss the influence of people with dominant or abusive type auras, the strength of the 2023 Full Moon, and pull 3 cards for this month's Soul Story.


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Soul Groups in the Akashic Records – February 2022 Podcast

It's February 22nd, 2022 and I'm talking about Soul Groups! I'm sure many of you are enjoying today's date, there are also 22 Oversouls, so I thought it would be a great day to talk about Soul Groups. Since this is an auspicious date, I created a short podcast today with a guide on a suggested meditative practice, if you would like to do that. Then I go on to talk about Soul Groups. What is a Soul Group? A Soul Group is part of your origination information as an incarnated Soul. Imagine your Soul being very newly born, and wanting to learn as much about itself as possible. When a Soul first creates itself, it wants to learn as much about its' qualities as possible in order to understand the experience of being a separate Soul - separated from Group Consciousness. One of the ways a Soul does this is to incarnate into a Soul Group that is most like its' major qualities. And that is your Soul Group of Origination! So enjoy the discussion about my Soul Group. If you want to learn more and discover your own Soul Group, then that and quite a few other things can be learned from the Soul Star Akashic Reading that I offer. Show notes In this podcast, I mention the Starseed Oracle Card Deck. Here is the review I wrote on here about that Oracle Card Deck. If you are curious about the Fifth Element, it's available on quite a few streaming channels. Here's a link to a trailer on Youtube. The song mentioned was Wishing Well by the group 'Free'. Here's a link to the song on Youtube. Lots of light, and I hope you enjoy the podcast! Sarah


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Your Chakras and the Akashic Records

Learn more about your Chakras and how to help balance your life working with both your Chakras and the Akashic Records! This month's podcasts describes how we can work with our Chakras using a number of different modalities, and how we can help balance our energy and our lives by accessing a to-do list through our Akashic Guides and Spirit Guides.


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6 most popular Akashic Records questions clients ask Sarah

What are the 6 most popular Akashic Records questions that clients ask me? This post contains those questions and also a podcast with the answers.If you'd like to pose a question of your own about the Akashic Records, feel free to comment on the post or message me at the client portal. Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey? Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition, experience growth, and abundance! Book a reading today and discover the answers to your pressing questions.


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Learn about the theory of the 8 intelligences – help grow your intuition

Why develop your intuition anyway? What if I told you that developing your intuition, by learning about your intuitive superpowers, you can grow a stronger internal framework as an individual and deal with life's stresses and difficulties better? Having a strong intuition helps us to make better and more informed decisions, even in the face of stress, difficulty and whatever other life situations may come our way. Sarah has developed a method with clients that helps them deal with life's difficulties, by understanding a little more about themselves, how they learn, and how this is connected to our intuitive superpowers. If this sounds like something that might be useful to you, go ahead and listen to the podcast, you will definitely learn something!


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Dealing with intuitive manipulation

So for you, the listener and spiritual journeyer, where are you on the road to understanding intuitive manipulation? As I mentioned in my blog post this month at New World Energetics - How to Save yourself from intuitive manipulators, the gut is a really good place to start. Ask yourself, if you are interacting with somebody who causes you to be suspicious of their intentions, where in your body does this wisdom come from? This month's podcast gives you the empath or spiritual sensitive some tools on how to deal with intuitive manipulators.


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Let your spirit guides speak - interview with Debra Engle

Have you ever wanted to get in direct contact with your Spirit Guides? Debra Landwehr Engle shows us how as Sarah interviews her on this podcast about Debra's latest book, Let Your Spirit Guides Speak


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An Introduction to your Soul Monad >> Podcast

Have you heard of the term Soul Monad? A psychic in Maryland first introduced me to this term and help me get in touch with my spirit guides. This free podcast uses a Cosmic Law to help you begin to understand the nature of your Soul Monad. Enjoy!


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The story behind the Law of Attraction >>Podcast

Interested in learning to work with the Law of Attraction? This podcast on Kryon's 5th Cosmic Law gives you some pointers. Listen to the podcast and be sure to check out the blog post for useful show notes. Directionality, focus and commitment all play a part in helping the Cosmos rearrange things around you. The post The story behind the Law of Attraction >>Podcast appeared first on Sarah Lawrence at Mom On a Spiritual Journey.


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What you learn spiritually carries over >> Podcast

Kryon's 4th Cosmic law - Everything you learn spiritually can be carried over from one lifetime to the next. I ask the Akashic Records of the Crystal Cave of humanity what we bring with us when we incarnate here on Planet Earth (Gaia) and I received a long and interesting list! Enjoy this podcast and feel free to visit me at Mom On A Spiritual Journey.com. The post What you learn spiritually carries over >> Podcast appeared first on Sarah Lawrence at Mom On a Spiritual Journey.


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You are dearly loved >> Podcast

You are dearly loved is a phrase I've heard many times from Kryon channelings and since I've started giving Akashic Records Readings the phrase often comes through for clients and myself when I'm meditating in the Akashic Records, along with an associated energy rush. In this podcast, learn more about how we can re-member that we are dearly loved during daily life. The post You are dearly loved >> Podcast appeared first on Sarah Lawrence at Mom On a Spiritual Journey.


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In every human being there is profound divinity – why is it not intuitive? >> Podcast

The 2nd in this series of 7 podcasts about Kryons 7 Cosmic Laws. This week we ask about the 2nd law - in every human being there is profound divinity - it's not intuitive. What is profound divinity and why is it not intuitive for us humans? The post In every human being there is profound divinity – why is it not intuitive? >> Podcast appeared first on Sarah Lawrence at Mom On a Spiritual Journey.


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The first cosmic law from an Akashic Records perspective >> Podcast

Have you ever accessed the Akashic Records? There are several ways to do it. Today Sarah demonstrates asking her Akashic Records about Kryon's first Cosmic Law - You can never return to a less aware state. Enjoy the sense of a shift in consciousness! The post The first cosmic law from an Akashic Records perspective >> Podcast appeared first on Sarah Lawrence Akashic Records Guide, Spiritual Coach.


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Remote energy experience with this podcast – powerful or subtle?

Have you ever had an experience of remote energy? Perhaps somebody called you and you already knew they would call, or you accurately predicted that something (even a minor something) would happen - and it did! We live in a world of energy and we all have personal energy fields. Enjoy this free podcast and try out an experience of remote energy for yourself. The post Remote energy experience with this podcast – powerful or subtle? appeared first on Mom On A Spiritual Journey, Akashic...