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You are loved!Learn how to:* Connect within yourself* Connect to God* Connect to others

You are loved!Learn how to:* Connect within yourself* Connect to God* Connect to others


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You are loved!Learn how to:* Connect within yourself* Connect to God* Connect to others






Dr. Lou Cozolino - Shame Spirituality Trauma + Attachment Based Teaching

Intro Dr. Lou Cozolino practices psychotherapy and consulting psychology in Beverly Hills, California. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA and an M.T.S. from Harvard University. He has been a professor at Pepperdine since 1986 and lectures worldwide on psychotherapy, neuroscience, trauma, and attachment. Some of Dr. Cozolino's books are: Why Therapy Works, The Making of a Therapist and the Development of a Therapist Social Neuroscience...


Perry Marshall - 80/20 Rule + Memos From The Head Office

Perry Marshall - Memos From The Head Office 028 I had an amazing time dialoguing with Perry. I think you'll find our conversation enlightening and fun. And, I know you'll walk away with some tangible tools. This book delivers detailed verifiable stories of real entrepreneurs who found that listening to the Head Office goes beyond a sharp mind or brilliant strategy. In these pages, you’ll discover a superior resource for critical decisions. You can read 3 Free chapters...


The Divine Heart - Colette Lafia

027 - The Divine Heart


Eternal Heart - Carl McColman

026 - The Eternal Heart - Carl McColman Check out Carl's really great website! Carl is an energetic, kind and joy-filled human being. I had such a delightful conversation and a wonderful time with him. The heart is where the human soul and God meet. This is what teachings from Scripture and the mystics reveal: the heart is the temple of God within us and within the heart we hold the key to live a truly divine life. But how do we embody the tremendous love...


Breath Prayer: An Ancient Practice for the Everyday Sacred - Christine Paintner Valters

Breath Prayer: An Ancient Practice for the Everyday Sacred Paperback by Christine Valters Paintner 1st of 3 Episodes focused on Contemplative Living. Abbey of the Arts - A wonderful website and ministry. Please visit to get a sense of her overall work. Through brief words of prayer or petition said silently to the rhythm of one's breath, this simple, meditative act combines praise for the divine with focused intention, creating a profound spiritual connection...


024 - Designed To Heal (w/Jennie McLaurin)

024 - Designed To Heal (w/Jennie A. McLaurin) A doctor and a scientist reveal how to heal relational and emotional wounds by exploring the amazing restorative processes of the body. I had so much fun dialoguing with Jennie. She is woman full of wisdom, faith and love. I think you’ll wholeheartedly enjoy this conversation. I feel as though I gained a sister in Christ. Our bodies are designed to heal. We fall off our bikes and skin our knees―and without effort on our part, the skin looks...


Ed Khouri - Becoming A Face of Grace

Ed Khouri John Barclay wrote a book Paul and The Gift The gift that one person gave another when they wanted to have an ongoing relationship with one another. The receiving of the gift was saying yes, I want to be a part of this relationship. Grace means... You are my favorite. You are special. And, I want a relationship with you. noun. Charis. GK: an undeserved state of divine virtue, favor or unmerited sanctification b: the ongoing...


Ryan Reger - Is Profit Good? For a family business?

022 Ryan Reger - Is Profit Good? For a family business? My Dad has been a part of a community called Proven Amazon Course with Jim Cockrum at the helm. My dad has shared with me over the years the possibility of starting a business online. In one email that my dad forwarded to me it was a podcast with Ryan Reger. I ordered Ryan's book and listened to the audio book. The book is short and sweet and gave me hope and inspiration that this would be possible for me and my family. Due to my...


Abundance Unhindered Pt 2 :: Trauma and Spirituality with Ken Baugh

021 Abundance Unhindered Part 2 As a follower of Jesus, you can experience a life of unhindered abundance right here on planet earth. How you ask? Through a process of Christ-formation. The Apostle Paul refers to this life-long process in 2 Corinthians 3:18 and spiritual leaders refer to it variously as progressive sanctification, spiritual formation, spiritual growth, or discipleship. Simply put, Christ-formation is the overarching goal of the Christian life. It’s the result of a...


Unhindered Abundance Part 1 - Ken Baugh

020 Unhindered Abundance Do you feel stuck in your faith, like you’re just not making progress in the Christian life? It’s discouraging because you’re really trying to do all the right things—you read your Bible, pray, and go to church—but nothing seems to change, at least not in any lasting way. You still find it hard to be patient while standing in line, you still lose it when someone cuts you off while driving, you still feel anxious about the future, and you have regrets about the...


Journey of the Soul with Bill + Kristi Gaultiere of Soul Shepherding

Bill & Kristi Gaultiere speak with John & Sungshim about the new book - Journey of the Soul - Intro of Bill and Kristi - Intro to Journey of the Soul - Church Development - Church Leaders - C. H. R. I. S. T. Model - Resources - Application/Goals of model - Blending the Model - Enneagram + Relationships + Model - Wrap up/Benediction Check out the book...


Fr. Ubald - The Center for the Secret of Peace / Forgiveness

018 Fr. Ubald takes time to speak with John about his new book and The Center for the Secret of Peace. You can watch the conversation on YouTube here Sometimes it can be easier for you to understand Fr. Ubald when you see him on Video. This podcast was recorded on July 1, 2020. I was waiting for the right time to post it here. Fr. Ubald came to my heart a few times during the 1st week of January. I found out on Jan 8 that he passed away on Jan 7. I only spoke to him this one time, but I...


The Joy Switch - Chris Coursey :: Finding hope

017 - How your brain's secret circuit affects your relationships and how you can activate it. The Joy Switch: How your brain's secret circuit affects your relationships and how you can activate it. -Chris Coursey Check it out on for lots of great info Here is the Joy Switch page [Taken from the publisher] WHAT SETS YOU OFF? THE SPOUSE WHO PUSHES YOUR BUTTONS. THE CHILDREN WHO WON’T LISTEN. ANNOYING COWORKERS. REJECTION. TRAFFIC HASSLES. All these can set you off. And,...


Andrew Yang - Spirituality, Asian American Mental Health, Bitcoin + EMDR

016 Andrew Yang :: Mental Health, Spirituality, Bitcoin + EMDR From Andrew's HEEM writing site - Substack Coaching strength through mental health. Former pastor and MFT student. I also love Bitcoin. CRYTPO Andrew works for Casa HEEM Honor + Shame Culture If someone struggles with mental health issues it could potentially bring shame Read this post as an excellent piece on the differences between individualistic and collectivistic cultures. So good! I encourage you to become...


Enneagram Therapy and Spiritual Growth - Michael Shahan

015 Enneagram Therapy and Spiritual Growth - Michael Shahan We explore how we discovered the enneagram and how it impacts our personal growth as well as our work as therapists. Michael Shahan Moving Body Scan on IGTV - Heart Math Institute - The Road Back To You - Season...


AJ Sherrill - The Enneagram For Spiritual Formation

014 AJ Sherrill - The Enneagram For Spiritual Formation John Loppnow Interviews AJ to discuss some of the ideas in his new book. AJ recently moved to Charleston, SC to become the Lead Pastor of St Peters. Sneak peak at his Sermon Series he starts to preach at his church. What drew him to Anglicism? [He is a part of the Diocese Churches 4 the Sake of Others] What practices help you stay grounded in this busy season of change? What are the 4 agreements? Discuss the purpose of his...


Jim Wilder, Michel Hendricks - The Other Half of Church

013 The Other Half of Church (whole-brained Christianity) Jim Wilder, Michel Hendricks - The Other Half of Church [with a shout out to Bob Howey] You can buy the book here on Amazon and Life Model Works John Loppnow invites Jim Wilder and Michel Hendricks to discuss the amazing ideas in their new book THE OTHER HALF OF CHURCH: Christian Community, Brain Science, and Overcoming Spiritual Stagnation. Topics covered include * Half-Brained Christianity * How do people grow? The 4...


Healing Conversations with Dave Roberts

012 John invites Pastor Dave Roberts into a dialogue about the ideas in his new book HEALING CONVERSATIONS Join Dave & John as they dialogue about how we can participate in creating a place for healing conversations to take place. Pastor Dave Roberts shares about his new book HEALING CONVERSATIONS. Dave Roberts is the lead Pastor for the Montrose Church which has made great waves in global communities with recent partnerships in Bolivia, Mexico and a current partnership in Eswatini,...


Personality Isn't Permanent - A conversation with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

011 - You are going really like this conversation. Chock full of hope. On March 6, 2020 I had a Zoom conversation with Dr. Benjamin Hardy. I wanted to support Dr. Hardy in getting the word out about the ideas in his book Personality Isn’t Permanent Take a listen as we had a meaningful, fun conversation. I feel like Ben is my brother. Check it out for yourself. Psychologist and bestselling author Benjamin Hardy, PhD, debunks the pervasive myths about personality that prevent us from...


Joy Fueled - Catalyzing A Revolution of Joyful Communities [LK10] with Toni Daniels

010 Episode -- Toni Daniels shares the impact of vibrant families of Jesus and the new book she co-authored. Joy Fueled - Catalyzing A Revolution of Joyful Communities Toni Daniels - Training Champion Toni is passionate about seeing relational restoration in every level of society by awakening, inspiring and training emotional, spiritual ninja warriors. God-given Design: Toni takes risks and spearheads experiments to find and implement the best pathways to fuel Jesus’ revolution of...