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Featuring a variety of guests and panelists with roots in the Restoration tradition, including LDS and Community of Christ, Project Zion Podcast explores the unique spiritual and theological gifts the Restoration offers for today’s world.

Featuring a variety of guests and panelists with roots in the Restoration tradition, including LDS and Community of Christ, Project Zion Podcast explores the unique spiritual and theological gifts the Restoration offers for today’s world.
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Featuring a variety of guests and panelists with roots in the Restoration tradition, including LDS and Community of Christ, Project Zion Podcast explores the unique spiritual and theological gifts the Restoration offers for today’s world.




Episode 220: Fair Trade with Maggie Fout

Newly ordained priest, Maggie Fout, shares her faith journey that ultimately led her to Community of Christ. Maggie grew up as a non denominational Christian, converted to paganism, and recently found Community of Christ through a pride event hosted by Portsmouth Welcoming Community--Community of Christ. You can learn more about her congregation on our What's Brewing episode with pastor Justin Delong.


Episode 219: Coffee Buzz with Stassi Cramm

Welcome to our new series, Coffee Buzz! Each month, Linda Booth will be meeting with a member of Community of Christ's First Presidency to chat about what's going on in the life of church. Together they will explore relevant and timely topics facing the church, and also give us a behind the scenes look at what it's like being in the First Presidency. On this first episode, Linda sits down with Stassi Cramm to talk about a few of her experiences being not only a member of the First...


Episode 218: Percolating on Faith: God Shots: The Person and Work of Jesus

Continuing our God Shots series where we work through systematic theology, Tony, Charmaine, and Carla wrestle the topic of Jesus. Who has Jesus historically been to the Christian Church? Who is Jesus today? And what does his message mean for us as disciples? Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy! You can find the book, "Faith Seeking Understanding" here.


Episode 217: Getting to know Julie Smith

Most members of Community of Christ are familiar with W. Wallace Smith and his son Wallace B Smith, who served as Presidents of Community of Christ, but we don't always get to hear from church leader's families. Today we've invited Julie Smith, daughter of Wallace B., to share some of her experiences growing up in the church with her grandpa and dad in church leadership. Julie shares her reflections on watching her dad become President of the church as well as her thoughts on the revelation...


Episode 216: Chai Can't Even with Caitlin d'Esterre

We've got Caitlin d'Esterre back on the podcast! This time she'll be talking about being a millennial in Community of Christ as part of our Chai Can't Even series. Join us as Caitlin talks about growing up in the church, how meaningful the camping programs were to her, and her hopes and advice for other young adults in the church.


Episode 215: Holy Grounds with Royleane Otteson

After a faith transition, spiritual practices can often be triggering and confusing. Today, Royleane Otteson shares how she has been able to maintain and even expand her spiritual life. Royleane is studying to become a spiritual director and shares openly about how she has been able to take back her spiritual autonomy and encounter God in ways that feed her. Resources Roy mentioned: An Alter in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr The...


Extra Shot Episode 49: Coffee Connect: God Shows Up

What would happen if we, in the midst of every day struggles, paid close attention to where God shows up? Today Linda shares how God showed up for her in the midst of a cancer diagnosis and ministry.


Episode 214: Fair Trade with Brian Whitney Part 2

In Part 2 of our Fair Trade episode with Brian Whitney, Brian takes us through his growing interest in Community of Christ over the last few years. Brian shares why he chose to be confirmed a member of Community of Christ and where he hopes his discipleship will take him.


Episode 213: Fair Trade with Brian Whitney Part 1

In part 1 of our Fair Trade episode with Brian Whitney, he shares his background with faith, religion, and what led him to Community of Christ. Brian was a convert to the LDS church as a child and joined Community of Christ in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago. Be sure to check back for part 2 of our conversation where Brian talks more about joining Community of Christ and how he hopes to get involved in his community.


Episode 212: Holy Grounds with Andy Fernuik

Listen in as Robin Linkhart and Andy Fernuik chat about spirituality and spiritual practices. Andy shares his thoughts on what it means to be spiritually awake and how spiritual practices have been restored in his life and have given him unforced rhythms of grace.


Episode 211: A Prophetic People with Linda Booth

Recently, host Carla Long has been looking at what it means to be a prophetic people. Today she welcomes Linda Booth to the conversation. Linda shares what being prophetic means to her, the early roots of being a prophetic church, and where the idea of being a prophetic people can take us into the future.


Episode 210: Fair Trade with Kris Black

Our Fair Trade series is all about faith transitions and today we are featuring Kris Black! Join us as we talk with Kris about her journey with religion, God, and her ultimate decision to join Community of Christ. Growing up in the LDS church, Kris has always been a spiritual seeker. Her walk with God has taken her to some surprising places, as most recently being ordained an elder in Community of Christ. You can find Kris' book here: A Sociology of Mormon Kinship: The Place of Family...


Episode 209: Why Language Matters in Ministry and Discipleship

It's undeniable that language impacts everything we do. How we talk about God, salvation, and each other matters. Today, Karin Peter sits down with Mark Murphy to talk about the ways the language we use impacts how others hear and interact with what we are saying. You can find Marcus Borg's book, Speaking Christian here.


Extra Shot Episode 48: Coffee Connect: Pay Attention! God is Near.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and listen as Linda Booth shares how her grandmother's encouragement to look for God in the ordinary every day shaped her as a little girl. Linda explains how seeing God all around her has connected her with others through story. Where have you seen God in the ordinary?


Episode 208: Percolating on Faith: God Shots: Human Beings

What does it mean to be human and why are we on this earth? These are questions that humanity has been asking since the beginning. Listen in as Tony, Charmaine, and Carla tackle thee topic of what it means to be human. They discuss culture, theology, and what it means to be created in the image of God. You can find the book we've been discussing in our God Shots series here.


Episode 207: Harmony with Jerry Dale Jr and Parker Johnson

In today's episode, Parker Johnson and Jerry Dale Jr sit down to talk about Harmony, Community of Christ's LGBTQIA+ organization. They discuss details of the merger of GALA and WCN and where Harmony hopes to go in the future. To get involved contact Harmony at or visit their website


Episode 206: GALA with Ginger Farley and Allan Fiscus

Join Brittany as she chats with Ginger Farley and Allan Fiscus about the history of the organization GALA. GALA was the first gay and lesbian organization in Community of Christ. Ginger and Allan share their own stories as well as the early days of GALA and what impact it had on the church.


Episode 205: Fair Trade with Andy Fernuik

Continuing our Fair Trade series, where we discuss faith transitions, Robin sits down with Andy Fernuik a convert to Community of Christ. Andy shares about growing up in the LDS church, fully accepting himself as gay man, and how he has been able to make peace with God and religion. Check out Andy's book, Dear Mr. Stephens: Letters of Love and Hope.


Episode 204: Community of Christ as a Peace Church with Robin Linkhart

Community of Christ has long claimed to be a peace church. From our earliest days in the restoration to today, we have worked to put action with that claim. Listen in as Robin Linkhart walks us through many of the ways we have worked for peace and where we have room to deepen our understanding and activism. Resources mentioned: Lachlan Mackay's Peace Gene episode: In Pursuit of Peace: Community of Christ’s...


Episode 203: A Prophetic People with Matt Frizzell

What does it mean to be a prophetic people? Have a listen as Carla continues to ask this question to members of Community of Christ. Today she interview Matt Frizzell, the Director of Human Resources, about how he interprets our call to be a prophetic people.