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Host Andrew Chirch brings you curated stories and ideas worth noticing. You'll find interviews, stories, and miniseries-style explorations of hope. Sometimes spiritual, sometimes practical - hopefully always worth noticing. It's a mix of the past, present, and future through rose-colored lenses.

Host Andrew Chirch brings you curated stories and ideas worth noticing. You'll find interviews, stories, and miniseries-style explorations of hope. Sometimes spiritual, sometimes practical - hopefully always worth noticing. It's a mix of the past, present, and future through rose-colored lenses.
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Host Andrew Chirch brings you curated stories and ideas worth noticing. You'll find interviews, stories, and miniseries-style explorations of hope. Sometimes spiritual, sometimes practical - hopefully always worth noticing. It's a mix of the past, present, and future through rose-colored lenses.






99: #17 - Our Power and Our Privilege

Have you ever heard the saying, "there are no mistakes." Or put another way, "there's a reason for everything." I'm of two minds when it comes to this episode's theme, which is, the all-powerful force that puts you in a certain place at a certain time, and has you facing whatever it is that you're facing. I'll be honest. Sometimes these words have been comforting to me. As I face the loss of a job or an unexpected hardship, telling myself that "everything happens for a reason" takes me off...


99: #16 - The ONE Thing You Can Really Control

What is your biggest wish? Go ahead, think for a second. I'll wait. Now, if someone who knows you well wrote your obituary today, would anything about that wish be in there? The kind of wishes we're talking about today are the kind that you'd probably want to show up there. ********* is where I write, podcast, and talk about people & ideas that illuminate the world. One of those people – is you. – and 99 is a weekly 9-minute spiritual practice designed to challenge you,...


99: #15 - Joy amid Pain

The theme for this episode is ecstasy, joy and expansiveness... I love joy. And let's face it, ecstasy is in a league of its own... expansiveness, yes, please. Well, sometimes, things don't go the way we think they "should." As it turns out, I've missed a week of 99 because I've been sick and just couldn't record until now. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself - after all, I could barely stand for ten days. As it turns out, the kind of ecstasy and joy and expansiveness that is our...


99: Solstice Greetings from the Sofa

Hello friend. This is Andrew Chirch, host of Prolificate and the podcast series called 99: a Journey. 99 normally comes out each week on Friday, but I’m currently under the weather and not yet able to get an episode out. In the meantime, I want you to know that I’m thinking about you as I record this on the shortest day of the year while laid out flat on the sofa. While I’m looking forward to the next steps on my journey, I’m also reminded by this illness to find meaning in the...


99 #14 - Unity

One of our great struggles as humans is how tribal we are. We were born to be in relationship with each other... we need to belong. That's all well and good until there are so many of us that we can't possibly know everyone. That's where labels come in - and where it goes wrong for many of us. This week is a call back to what we have in common. our Unity. Show Notes here - or go to


Bonus Content! When we gonna recognize our Unity?

I wrote & recorded this as a little teaser for the upcoming episode of 99: a Journey. This week, we're talking about Unity. What does that mean to you?


99 #13 - The Softest is Actually the Strongest

Do you ever get frustrated because.... well... you have so much... you have all the tools you need, on paper, but in spite of your best efforts, it's just NOT WORKING! Today's episode of 99 is about slowing down and letting things happen when they want to happen. Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Or seen pictures of it? The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world and it's basically rock that's been worn away by water. Rock versus water. Water wins. Show notes at...


Unlearning Everyday Racism - an interview with Kalissa Scopes

I recently spoke with Kalissa Scopes of Unlearning Everyday Racism. This was, at times, an emotional interview (for me). Not to spoil this, but toward the end of our conversation, I ask Kalissa what she’s most afraid of. What she answered was profoundly moving. As a trigger warning, we’re talking about love, joy, white supremacy, and our children—topics that you wouldn’t think fit together. But they do. Amazingly so. Show notes here.


99 #12 - What Answer is Hidden in Plain Sight?

Many spend their lives striving for something, not knowing exactly what or why. Today, let's explore both of those things: the what and the why. Do you ever find yourself longing for something, but you don't know what? Or how about your motivation to keep going when things get difficult? Where does that come from? If you don't know what causes that longing - or even if there is a longing. If you don't know why you strive, I'm right there with you too. We're looking for hidden treasure...


99 #11 - Who Are You - Really?

Think of how much has changed. In your whole life, just over the last few days, or whatever comes to mind. I've heard so many quotes and pieces of wisdom about change... about how we are always in the process of becoming, and never really "complete" (whatever that means,) and how the secret to success (whatever THAT means) is through continual small changes - improvements. Today's theme isn't Change, though. It's the other. Do you get so wrapped up in tuning in to what things need to...


Can You Forgive Yourself?

"Never forget that to forgive yourself is to release trapped energy that could be doing good work in the world." How amazing would it be if we could learn to love ourselves just as we are? This week, I received a deck of conversation cards from the Fetzer institute. I excitedly opened the package, pulled out the deck of cards, and drew a card. That quote above was printed on the face of the card, and I knew I had to stop and record an episode based on the imagery that was exploding from...


99 #10 - The Secret of Your Suffering

All things being equal, everybody should have to suffer a certain amount, sure, but then everyone should also enjoy a proportionate number of life's pleasant surprises too. Right? At the end of the day, it all should balance out, right? Says who?


99 #9 - How to become what you really want

Rhythm. Balance. Strength. Softness. In dance, all of these things come together in just the right way. Too much of any one pulls things off balance, but when you get just the right mix, you rise above - unstoppable and appearing effortless. Today's theme is the dance of life....


99 #8 - Are you a prisoner of your shame?

What would forgiving yourself look like? What would it mean to forgive yourself for the worst thing you've ever done - or that happened to you? Would it mean that it didn't happen? Would it mean that it was ok? Would it mean I'm weak? I deserved it? I'm unworthy of trust? of love? of another chance? My friend... I have news for you: With all the love and respect in the world, you're not that important. ;-) !!!


2018 Election Season Special: How to get what you want

This is a special election season edition of Prolificate. Where I talk about finding everyday spirituality in our lives. Whatever your job, whatever your life experience, whatever you hope for the world to be, I want to offer you a moment of peace and perspective. There is so much anger flowing through our public discourse at this moment. This is a gentle reminder to remember your goal — and a reminder that if we want to reach our goal, we have to convince others, rather than defeat...


99 #7 - Hello You. And You. And You and...

I'm glad you're here. Do you know how there are parts of you that are fun? or smart? or generous and how great it is when you get to be that person? What about the other parts of you? The addict part. The tired part. The part that isn't sure you've ever really known what love is. Not that I can "Go There" with these parts of myself... but I wonder what I would find if I did...


Meet Ali Boone - Spiritual Aerospace Engineer, Real Estate Investor, and Seeker

I had the pleasure of interviewing a real dynamo this week. Ali Boone is a serial achiever. With a background in aerospace engineering and real estate investing, Ali's life path has been pretty impressive when viewed from the outside. What was more impressive to me is what's going on inside. While it may look like she is slowing down (going from working hard for someone else in the corporate world to working hard for herself as an entrepreneur), Ali has embraced Lifestyle Design. Though...


99 #6 - Find Your Greatness

Have you ever had a moment when you were just "in the zone?" You were unstoppable. These are moments of what I call greatness.... little glimpses because at least for me, they never last. But what if they did?


99 #5 - Follow the Way

Today’s topic is The Way, or The Path. The path to what? You might ask? Over the ages, people (like you) have thought of this in lots of different ways. Maybe it’s the path to God, or to Truth with a capital T. Enlightenment. Universal Love or Peace or Divine Mother. Whatever your destination, the thing about paths is that they involve a journey. To me, a universal truth is that this kind of path always leads to something that transcends little me.


99 #4, The Majestic and Supreme YOU

Today's inspiration is The Majestic and Supreme within everything. What happens when we come face to face with majesty? Majesty is kind of a museum-piece of word, isn’t it? I mean, when was the last time you used it at lunch with a friend or at the water cooler?