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Purpose Chasers Podcast is designed to provide insights to empower individuals to break free from mediocrity and live extraordinarily.

Purpose Chasers Podcast is designed to provide insights to empower individuals to break free from mediocrity and live extraordinarily.
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Purpose Chasers Podcast is designed to provide insights to empower individuals to break free from mediocrity and live extraordinarily.




Ep. 10: Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas, TEDx speaker, Author, podcaster, and the founder of Success Corps. shares his powerful story, insights into daily disciplines, extreme work ethic, the importance of scheduling everything, and his love for his family. This is one of the most explosively powerful episodes yet! This man has a powerful story and works harder than anyone else I know. Sean is a true Purpose Chaser and beyond grateful to have him as a guest on Purpose Chasers Podcast. One speaker, author, and coach...


Ep. 9- Leah Landry

Ep. 9 w/ guest Leah Landry sharing her training in Marconics healing and discussing how she fits in on the Purpose Chasers Podcast. I discuss my experience participating in a healing session with Leah Landry and the prejudices I had beforehand. Leah Landry shares how her study of Marconics came at a low point in her life and how she tapped into positive energy to manifest a life of #purposechasing! You do not want to miss out on this positively uplifting episode full of Magic and...


Ep. 8: Nick Wright-Astrology and Hip-Hop

How the stars align w/ Nick Wright discussing the utilization of astrology and how it will benefit everyone. Nick's passion for coaching and hip-hop are heard loud and clear in this episode. Nick even drops a freestyle rap surrounding his love of astrology in this Purpose Chasers Podcast episode. For Transformational Life Coaching visit: www.markcrandall.net


Ep.7: Raj Jana of Java Presse Coffee Company

Raj Jana of Java Presse Coffee Company- Discusses Visualization And Finding Value In Life Raj's story proves he is a top candidate for the Purpose Chasers Podcast. His journey is one of the most empowering stories of following your dreams and the pursuit of bringing value to the lives of others. Raj discusses how he was motivated to break free from the day to day grind of working a 9-5 to begin creating the life of his dreams. This dream was to change the experience that individuals have...


Ep.6 Diego Corzo: The REAL American Dream

On this episode of Purpose Chasers Podcast Diego Corzo of Free by 26 discusses how he has created a life most dream of in the US, while battling the reality that he someday may not be allowed to call this home. This episode will have you questioning whether or not you are maximizing your time here on earth. Looking to take your life to the next level? Visit www.markcrandall.net to learn more.


Ep. 5: Jonas Perrin Aka Dj Nefarious

This Ep. goes into how to go after what it is that you want and how to persevere when your mind is telling you to quit.


Ep. 4. Jesse Harless Of Entrepreneurs In Recovery

The Power Of Habits W: Jesse Harless Of Entrepreneurs In Recovery. Jesse discusses the habits that he has implemented in his daily life which has lead to living the life of his dreams.


Ep. 3: Rock Thomas

Rock Thomas is a Canadian real estate mogul, motivational speaker, Tony Robbins trainer, life-coach and serial entrepreneur. He prides himself on his energetic and enthusiastic approach to inspiring people and helping them achieve a more meaningful life. From humble beginnings that started on a farm just off the Island of Montreal, Rock Thomas rose to top of his real estate agency to become a self-made millionaire, owning several successful businesses including six RE/MAX franchises, with...


Ep. 2: Stephanie Stanton W: High Vibe Chick

Abundance: the manifestation and attraction of the things you want in life. Stephanie discusses how she left her job to follow her dreams and how she is manifesting success for not only her and her family, but also for all those she coaches.


Ep. 1: Peter Marston JR.: I'm in the business of building relationships

In this episode, Peter shares about how he built a successful company off of a vision and a heart-centered conversation. Peter went from homelessness to building a heating and cooling company, employing a number of people, and building a real estate portfolio.