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Did you know that you are Earth's most powerful technology? Humans are far more powerful than we have been taught. It's time to remember your multi-dimensional nature and to awaken the Crystalline Body. Join Crys Armstrong, Transformational Guide and Energy Healer, on his journey of Becoming Crystalline, awakening the Divine Blueprint within in order to serve Humanity during the Great Awakening.Each week Crys reflects on his own journey, sharing the tools and techniques that help him to remember his own power and awaken the power of the human body.


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Did you know that you are Earth's most powerful technology? Humans are far more powerful than we have been taught. It's time to remember your multi-dimensional nature and to awaken the Crystalline Body. Join Crys Armstrong, Transformational Guide and Energy Healer, on his journey of Becoming Crystalline, awakening the Divine Blueprint within in order to serve Humanity during the Great Awakening.Each week Crys reflects on his own journey, sharing the tools and techniques that help him to remember his own power and awaken the power of the human body.






My Journey in Mental Hell(th)

Depression. Anxiety. Addiction. Suicidal Ideation. ADHD. Mental Paralysis. Trauma. Panic Attacks. PTSD. Temporary Psychosis. Bi-Polar. Eating Disorders. I've been through it all. This is my journey dealing with the Diseases of the Mind. Sadly, this is more common than most would believe. Our biggest challenge, and greatest opportunity is to learn how to control the mind. Meditation. Active Imagination. But first, we need to recognize the disease. And we need to give ourselves permission to...


To Enter Heaven, You Must Live As a Child

Do you know that you can live better, earn more, and work less by living as a child? We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, and we must learn from the children. We must remember that the Imagination is the most powerful tool of creation, that play is powerful, and that rest (especially naps!) is productive. It was said in the Bible that in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must be like that of a child. Most people misunderstand this, so today I give you a little more clarity, and...


Healing Tuning Forks w/ Sara Michelle Taylor

Today I invite my friend Sara Michelle to share about her journey as a Sound Healer working with the Ancient technology of Tuning Forks. She and I are preparing to host a full day training to help people incorporate the healing power of sound in their personal self-care practices, as well as their coaching and healing businesses. Listen to this past episode about Frequency Healing for more perspective on the power of Sound &...


Healing Your Money Wounds

Capitalism has wounded us all. Many spiritual healers block their own flow of wealth and abundance because these wounds navigate their behavior from behind the scenes. During this transition from Old to New Earth, we have to have one foot in the Old system and one foot in the New System. If you are suffering from serious abundance blockages, reach and schedule a discovery call to learn more about my 1:1 coaching programs. I use a combination of Spiritual Guidance, energy healing, and...


My Relationship with The Goddess

When I first woke up, I surrendered fully to the process. This act of surrender led me to connect with The Goddess, the Divine Feminine Creative Essence. Over these last years my understanding and connection with The Goddess has evolved, and today I want to share that with you. The Feminine is returning to Earth, regaining balance with the Masculine, and it is so important for Men to heal their wounded masculine, to shift from Boy energy to Man energy. This is where I come in to support...


Winter Solstice and the 144

Today I share about the Death of the Sun of God, the power of the 1212 and the 144, and the manipulation and confusion around the Christmas holiday. It's 12/21, the official shortest day of the year. The Sun will stop its march along the horizon for 3 days until it begins marching once again towards the Spring Equinox. Join me as we dive into the true meaning of CHRISTmas, and why the Romans wanted to suppress the knowledge and wisdom about the power of the human form and the return of the...


9 Signs You are a Highly Sensitive Man

What is a Man? Protector. Provider. Warrior. Sensitive? In our culture Sensitive is a negative word when used to describe a man. Yet so many of us are Highly Sensitive...but most wouldn't know it because they have been programmed to feel shame when we express emotions or tune into the subtle energies of our environment. In celebration of the Launch of my Men's Transformational Coaching Program, I want to dive in deeper on the topic of Highly Sensitive Men, the very group I am here to...


6 Reasons the World Needs More Sensitive Men

Highly Sensitive Men used to play key roles in ancient civilizations. They were leaders, healers, and sages in communities that valued their understanding of subtle energies and their ability to listen to their intuition. In our modern, chaotic world, Highly Sensitive Men are no longer honored, they are shamed. We have been taught as children to bully the sensitive, intelligent boys, teaching them to silence themselves as a protective measure. Add on top of that medications to treat boys...


You Are an Artist, Your Life is Your Art

Today I was struck with inspiration while driving on the freeway. Usually I would let my perfectionism take over and prevent me from recording at all, waiting for the perfect moment. Last night, while sharing a fire ceremony with a dear friend, in alignment with the sacred Mayan calendar, I received a bunch of messages about what it means to be a conscious creator of one’s own life. 8 B’atz is the day where Mayan Shaman initiates begin walking their path. This is the day, where they take...


If You're Going to Trip...Trip Wisely

I know...some of you are the rebellious kind, and you want to take some psychedelics just because I said not to. So if you're going to trip...please trip Wisely. I have had a lot of good trips and a lot of traumatic ones. Please benefit from my experience and prepare yourself. Men! If you are feeling stuck on repeat, running the same programs over and over again, join me for a 12 week 1-on-1 Coaching Program. I help you transform from Addicted to Awakened, from Crisis to Crystalline....


Messages from the 11.22 Gateway

After feeling a massive rush of energy during the 11/22/22 gateway, I was guided to grab my phone and start speaking. This episode is a free flow stream of notes, ideas, and inspirations that came after tuning into a ceremony held by Matias DeStefano in honor of this energy gateway, helping to reactivate the information grid of Gaia. I felt that stream of energy flowing through me, and I offer it to you as a stream of consciousness episode. I hope that it serves you in some way. If you...


Stop Taking Psychedelics!

Psychedelics have played a huge role in my Spiritual Awakening...but for 1 Year I am setting aside all Psychedelics (and Cannabis). I have been seeking that High, those Peak Experiences, the healing sessions too much, and now it's time to take a break. Psychedelics are powerful from the Creator and from Gaia that can help us on our journey toward remembering who we are, toward Becoming Crystalline, but that sword has a double edge. Join me on this episode of Becoming...


Why It Hurts to Be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Highly Sensitive People were not made for this world...we came to build the new one. We came to feel the pain, the suffering, to call it out, and to de-normalize it. We came to break the cycle of enslavement. But what is a Highly Sensitive Person? How many of us are there? And how do we navigate a world that is too loud, too busy, and too traumatized? Learn how to create balance in your life so you can celebrate your sensitivity, not curse it. If you are a Highly Sensitive Man in need of...


Humans = Mammals...We Weren't Designed to Go It Alone

Let's face it...humans are both the most advanced technology on the planet, and monkeys. The human higher mind is built upon the lower reptilian brain and the slightly more evolved mammalian brain. Our ego, the navigation system for this 3D world, is woven into both of them, and as we awaken our higher brain functions we must honor all parts of the human bio-machine. As mammals, we were designed to thrive in community, which means you cannot do it alone. So as we awaken and connect with the...


Balancing Patience & Action

Gaia held me in her arms, and reminded me of the mission. "Patience, my child", she whispered to me. We are in a powerful energy gateway running through July, and it's time to take aligned action. In order to be aligned, we must be patient. Like a marksman holding aim, finger ready to pull the trigger, controlling his breath until the perfect moment presents itself. Part of the mission takes me to support the dancers at the Sundance this year in Mexico. I am asking for support to pay for my...


Healing Sacred Geometry with Jon Rios and David 3D

An angelic awakening guided David Diamondheart to start making 3D printed geometric shapes that he uses to help activate and awaken the human LightBody. Fate brought David together with Jon Rios, shamanic healer and starseed, and together they are helping get these beautiful and powerful objects into the hands of those who need them. We discuss the power of Sacred Geometry, the lack of men in the awakening process, and the power of mantra in helping to reach self-realization. Please check...


It's Time to Control Your Mind!

It's time to Control the Fear. If you don't choose control your mind, it will be used to create Hell on Earth. The Creative power of the Collective Consciousness, the mental power of some 7+ billion people is being used in order to create a reality that is more nightmare than dream, more Hell on Earth than Heaven. We are in the midst of the Great Reset, and Psychological Warfare is being used in subtle and not so subtle ways. If we do not choose to become conscious, to reclaim the power of...


Vampiric Entities, Demons, and Jesus Christ...Our One True Savior?

A bizarre phone call this week prompted some DEEP reflection. What is real in this era of the New Age? Are Ascended Masters really here to help us? Are Angels really here to help us? Are we just slaves engineered to be harvested for our energy? Is Jesus the only Way? The New Age tools are shiny and beautiful, but perhaps they are just a distraction from our mission. Maybe praying to Ganesha and signaling ETs helps us on our path...or perhaps it just distracts from it. I can't say I have...


The Call of the Jaguar w/ Karla Vergopia - Cacao Magician

Today I welcome a friend and coach Karla Vergopia. She has ancestral roots in the Mayan lands, and today she shares her experience connecting with her ancestors, trusting Spirit, surrendering to her life's mission helping others to hear the Call of the Jaguar. If you are feeling the Call of the Jaguar, connect with Karla using these links: Instagram: Retreat Website: You can also connect with Karla when she...


Let's Talk Reptilian Energy...

After a powerful combination of primal movement, sexual energy cultivation, and breathwork, I was able to tap into my own Reptilian energy to continue transmuting and healing the wounds we hold here. Reptilian energy is very connected with many of the ailments of this modern world, so many of us Lightworkers are hesitant to connect with and honor this energy. The human vehicle is built upon a foundation of Reptilian energy and our advanced brain is built upon the Reptilian brain, so we must...