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Jackie G. is Finding Home

Jackie G. is an author, vlogger, and speaker who was shocked when her sister, Alex, came out...because she was hiding a secret of her own. Jackie has written two books about self discovery, vulnerability and connection, and spends her time as a motivational speaker and making youtube videos. Jackie can be found at jackiegtv.com. She's on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/jackiegtv and Instagram, @jackieg.tv Queerology is on Twitter and Instagram, @queerologypod.


In Memory of Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans was a fierce ally and advocate for LGBTQ+ people, she passed away unexpectedly this last weekend and it's so hard to say goodbye. To support Rachel's husband and their two kids, consider contributing to this GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/supporting-rachel-held-evans?pc=tw_dn_cpgntopnavlarge_r&rcid=r01-155720687607-f830f3aba97c4b9b


Gattison is Not #OnceGay

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, pop artist Gattison began playing the piano and singing at the young-age of ten years old and composed his first song at the age of twelve. He successfully worked as a worship leader for years, until he came out, which ended his marriage with his wife and left him searching and deconstructing his faith. Jump forward a few years and Gattison is the founder of the Innovative Love Coalition a group of queer and affirming Christian creatives who...


Marco Spaumer is a Soap Opera Star - Episode 76

Marco Spaumer is a South African actor, best known for his work in the South African soap opera Suidooster. He studied Musical Theatre and has been on South African screens since late 2012. In this episode, Marco and Matthias talk about spiritual abuse, LGBTQ+ faith in South Africa, and Marco's faith journey. Marco is part of Life Choices, a Cape Town-based youth organization aiming to invest in the local youth to tackle inequality and has been actively serving on the board as secretary....


Abi Robins is Queering the Enneagram - Episode 75

Abi Robins (they/them) is a trained Enneagram Teacher who studied with Helen Palmer, Marion Gilbert, Peter O’Hanrahan and others through The Narrative Enneagram in Menlo Park, CA. Robins is also a CIAYT Yoga Therapist (intern) with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and studied at Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX. Abi’s teaching combines the deep and transformative insight of the Enneagram with the holistic and down to earth practices of Yoga Therapy. Robins seeks to share these two...


Kevin Garcia Served Communion (Encore)

(Matthias is working on finishing his book this week, so another encore episode, this is an encore of Episode 41 with Kevin Garcia) Kevin and Matthias sit down for Queerology's first ever live recording. Find out what happened when Nadia Bolz-Weber pulled Kevin aside and asked "will you serve communion with me?" Kevin Garcia is a speaker, creative, musician, content creator, and worship artist based in Atlanta. After coming out in 2015, Kevin has reached thousands through his blog...


Julien Baker is Uncertain (Encore)

(This is an encore of Episode 47) Julien Baker is a Tennessee based singer/songwriter with a knack for finding the shaky ground between heart-wrenching and cathartic. Her solo debut album, Sprained Ankle, was one of the most widely acclaimed works of 2015. In this episode she talks about uncertainty, church hopping, anxiety, and identity. Julien has performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, was one of Out magazine’s Out100 in 2017, and has been featured by The New York Times,...


On Coming Out with Amber Cantorna

Join Matthias and Amber as they celebrate the launch of her new book Unashamed: A Coming Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians, which is out everywhere today! Amber Cantorna is an author, speaker, blogger, musician, and leader in the movement of acceptance and inclusion for LGBTQ+ Christians. Her first book, Refocusing My Family: Coming Out, Being Cast Out, and Discovering the True Love of God (featured in Episode 20 of Queerology) released in 2017 and detailed her coming out journey after...


On Second Adolescence with Sarah Kessler - E73

Sarah Kessler is a life coach (CPC, ELI-MP), speaker, and writer who is passionate about connecting with individuals and empowering them to live a life marked by radical self-love, freedom, and endless possibility. In this episode, she sits down with Matthias to discuss the phenomenon of "second adolescence" which many people experience after coming out. Sarah resides in Denver, CO, with her wife, Stacey, and their new puppy, Kamari. She can be found at coachkessler.com and also over at...


A Quick Response to the United Methodist Church

Yesterday, the United Methodist Church voted to strengthen its ban on LGBTQ+ clergy and same-sex marriages, a difficult blow to so many of us who have been fighting for inclusion. This morning, a friend sent me this passage of scripture: Ezekiel 34 and it felt so pertinent. This is not a hot take but instead a reading of a sacred text as a reminder. Give yourselves room to grieve and rage today.


(Encore) Candice Czubernat is a Therapist

In this encore of Episode 38, therapist and founder of The Christian Closet, Candice Czubernat discusses the complexities of mental health while living as a queer people of faith. Candice was named one of the "10 Pro-LGBT Religious Women You Should Know" by The Advocate and is an active blogger and speaker around issues of LGBTQ Christianity and mental health. Her practice can be found at thechristiancloset.com, she blogs at candiceczubernat.com. She's on Twitter: @TheChristianCL and...


Donald Scherschligt is Positive - Episode 72

Donald Scherschligt is a 24-year-old gay HIV+ activist, writer and graphic designer. In this episode we talk about his Christianity, HIV/AIDS, stigma, and what we can each do to help fight this disease. After coming out at age 19, Donald led an underground LGBTQ community at the Christian college he attended. He is the creator of Campus Pride's Shame List, the nation's most comprehensive list of anti-LGBTQ religious colleges and universities. He's also one half of the team behind Queerly...


Kashif Andrew Graham is a Librarian - Episode 71

Kashif Andrew Graham is a queer Jamaican American man. He's the Outreach Librarian for Religion and Theology at the Vanderbilt Divinity Library in Nashville, TN. In this episode Kashif shares his coming out journey and the need for more diversity within our theological libraries. Kashif holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Spanish from CUNY Lehman College. He received his Master of Arts in Church Ministry from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN. And will...


Ellie Dote Was Not Gay - Episode 70

Ellie Dote is a 41 year old queer transgender woman whose past includes time spent in full time ministry within Evangelical Christian communities. In this episode, she chats with Matthias about her transition and the binary structures that kept her from realizing she was trans. Ellie began her transition two years ago, and since that time, launched her web design & branding business, EllieGirl Creations, and in her spare time works within the Evangelical Church and surrounding community...


(Encore) Dr. Robin DiAngelo on Fragility

This is an encore of Episode 3 (and Episode 34) with Dr. Robin DiAngelo. A foundational episode for anyone who listens to Queerology. (Matthias no longer has laryngitis.) Critical race theorist and author, Dr. Robin DiAngelo sits down to talk with Matthias about holding both marginalized (queer, gender) and privileged (white) identities. She’s the author of What Does It Mean To Be White? and White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism. Dr. DiAngelo’s work can...


Live from Q! - Episode 69

Recorded live from the Brian M. Eckstien Podcast Stage at Q Christian Fellowship's national conference in Chicago, Illinois. Join Matthias, Dave & Tino Khalaf and surprise guests Alex & Torri Blue as they talk about relationships, marriage, parents and....surprise cocktails? Grab a copy of Dave & Tino's new book Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage wherever books are sold. And be sure to check out Alex's new album In the Still and Homespun wherever you get your music! Follow...


Bishop Gene Robinson on the Wisdom of Our Elders - Episode 68

Bishop Gene Robinson is the first openly gay man to be elected bishop in the high church traditions of Christendom, putting him directly in the center of the LGBTQ+ faith controversy. In this episode, he sits down with Matthias to talk about what we lose when we don't pursue inter-generational friendships. Bishop Gene was invited by President Barack Obama to give the invocation at the inaugural ceremonies at the Lincoln Memorial in 2009. More recently, he presided over the interment of...


2018 in Review: Part 2 - Episode 67

Join Matthias as he reviews the first half of Queerology in 2018. Queerology will return with all new episodes on January 15. Queerology is on Instagram and Twitter, @queerologypod


2018 in Review: Part One - Episode 66

Join Matthias as he reviews the first half of Queerology in 2018. Queerology is on Instagram and Twitter, @queerologypod


Pat, Patrick, and Michael are Creating Catholic Resources - Episode 65

Pat Gothman, Michael Vazquez, and Patrick Weston are on a mission to create a robust set of resources for queer Catholics. They've started Vine & Fig, a fully inclusive and affirming collaborative seeking to elevate the lives of queer Catholics. In this episode, they talk about their journeys as queer Catholics and what they are doing to create more resources for their queer siblings. Pat Gothman is a former seminarian, former theology teacher, and former religious brother. He lives in...