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Bishop Gene Robinson on the Wisdom of Our Elders - Episode 68

Bishop Gene Robinson is the first openly gay man to be elected bishop in the high church traditions of Christendom, putting him directly in the center of the LGBTQ+ faith controversy. In this episode, he sits down with Matthias to talk about what we lose when we don't pursue inter-generational friendships. Bishop Gene was invited by President Barack Obama to give the invocation at the inaugural ceremonies at the Lincoln Memorial in 2009. More recently, he presided over the interment of...


2018 in Review: Part 2 - Episode 67

Join Matthias as he reviews the first half of Queerology in 2018. Queerology will return with all new episodes on January 15. Queerology is on Instagram and Twitter, @queerologypod


2018 in Review: Part One - Episode 66

Join Matthias as he reviews the first half of Queerology in 2018. Queerology is on Instagram and Twitter, @queerologypod


Pat, Patrick, and Michael are Creating Catholic Resources - Episode 65

Pat Gothman, Michael Vazquez, and Patrick Weston are on a mission to create a robust set of resources for queer Catholics. They've started Vine & Fig, a fully inclusive and affirming collaborative seeking to elevate the lives of queer Catholics. In this episode, they talk about their journeys as queer Catholics and what they are doing to create more resources for their queer siblings. Pat Gothman is a former seminarian, former theology teacher, and former religious brother. He lives in...


Victoria Slabinski is Exploring Asexual/Aromantic Theology - E64

Victoria Slabinski is a queer/demisexual Filipino-American Christian who is currently working towards a Master of Divinity at Yale Divinity School. In this episode, she talks about her work exploring asexual and aromantic-inclusive queer theologies as well as theologies related to decolonizing/reclaiming efforts by Christians of color Victoria founded Progressive Christian Students, an intersectional feminist, LGBTQ+ affirming, and theologically-inclusive student organization at Miami...


Crystal Cheatham Made an App - E63

Crystal Cheatham is the creator of Our Bible App and is an LGBTQ rights activist with a focus on religious liberty. In this episode, Crystal and Matthias talk about the need for inclusive faith spaces and the ways Crystal is creating those spaces. Since 2011, Crystal has worked simultaneously as a ghostwriter and queer rights activist with groups such as Soulforce and the Attic Youth Center. As an entrepreneur Crystal is the founder of two projects: Follow the Red Balloon and The IDentity...


Alyson Stoner Embraced Mystery - Episode 62

Alyson Stoner is an accomplished actress, dancer and recording artist who is known from her performances in blockbuster franchises Step Up and Cheaper by the Dozen; to her voiceover work in the Emmy award-winning series Phineas and Ferb; to dancing in music videos for the likes of Missy Elliot and Eminem; and most recently her new music. Earlier this year, Alyson came out publicly via her single “When It’s Right” and an essay in Teen Vogue, sharing her journey of falling in love with a...


Matthew Vines on the State of the Movement - E61

Matthew Vines is the author of God and the Gay Christian and founder of The Reformation Project, an organization seeking to reform church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity. In this episode, he talks about the state of the queer faith movement in today's political atmosphere. Matthew's work is responsible for bringing the national conversation around queer Christianity to a fever pitch with the publication of his book causing countless faith leaders and denominations to...


Mihee Kim-Kort Embraced Her Queerness - Episode 60

Mihee Kim-Kort is the author of Outside the Lines: How Embracing Queerness Will Transform Your Faith. She recently came out within a straight-passing relationship and in this episode talks about the process of embracing her identity while in a happy marriage. Mihee's other writing and commentary can be found at TIME, BBC World Service, USA Today, Huffington Post, Christian Century, On Being, Sojourners, and Faith and Leadership. She is a Presbyterian minister and a PhD student in Religious...


Alex G Isn't Invisible (Encore)

(This is an encore of Episode 23 with Alex G) YouTube superstar, Alex G talks about coming out, bi-invisibility, and Jr. High celebrity crushes.


Bailey Brawner on Asexuality - Episode 59

Bailey Brawner is the pastor of two United Methodist Churches in Alaska. She's a graduate of Boston University School of Theology and much of her work focuses on creating spiritual spaces for people who have experienced religious trauma. In this episode, she talks about being asexual and the unique position that places her in to navigate conversations around faith and sexuality. Follow Bailey on Twitter, @baileynbrawner Queerology is on Twitter and Instagram, @queerologypod


Jen Hatmaker Went to Pride - Episode 58

New York Times bestselling author Jen Hatmaker talks about going to her first ever pride parade (!), giving mom hugs, parenting, and faith shifts. Jen is a sought-after speaker, a popular blogger, and beloved author of eleven Bible studies and books, including NYTimes Bestseller "For the Love" and her newest book "Of Mess and Moxie." She is the happy hostess of a tightly knit online community where she reaches millions of people each week in addition to speaking at retreats, conferences,...


Rika Lively is on a Gender Journey - E57

Join Matthias and Rika Lively as they discuss gender and its intersections with respectability politics. Rika just finished her first year of seminary and is interested in queer studies as well as studying spiritual trauma. She has worked in the local church over the past seven years in various ministries including communications, missions, and student ministry. Rika currently works in Communications and is interested in nonprofit work that focuses on empowering the LGBTQ community. In her...


Trey Pearson on Grief and Coming Out - Encore Episode

(This is an encore of Episode 26) Recording artist Trey Pearson made headlines when he came out. In this episode, Matthias and Trey discuss Trey's new album and the part of coming out nobody talks about: grief.


Live from SpiritPride Vancouver - Episode 56

Join Jennifer Knapp, Beth Carlson-Malena, Tyler Alan Jacobs, and Michelle Douglas as they discuss the gifts of the LGBTQ2 community on a panel moderated by Matthias. This long-form episode was recorded live from SpiritPride Vancouver in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada on July 28, 2018. Tyler Alan Jacobs is a First Nations two spirit activist and Salish warrior representing the ways of the LGBTQ2+ and Squamish Nation. Born and raised Coast Salish, he is also a designer making traditional...


BONUS - Matthias' Keynote from SpiritPride Vancouver 2018

This is a raw, unedited recording of Matthias' keynote recorded live from SpiritPride Vancouver 2018 in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada. In this keynote, Matthias talks about spiritual gifts, the gift of being queer, and the inherent queerness of the Christian faith.


Joel Hollier was an Australian Pastor

Joel Hollier is an Australian former pastor who prominently taught that celibacy was the only option for LGBTQ+ Christians. As a gay man himself, he became a prominent voice in Australia promoting this view. Through many years of prayerful discernment, revisiting the Bible and discovering new ways of thinking, Joel’s mind on this topic was slowly changed and he lost everything. Today, he is passionate about helping people see that their identity is most beautifully captured when we see...


Erin Green is Changing Christian Universities - Episode 54

Erin Green is one of three Co-Executive Directors for Brave Commons, a movement supporting intersectional queer justice on Christian university campuses. She holds a BA from Azusa Pacific University in Biblical Studies and is currently in grad school at San Francisco Theological Seminary working on her MDiv degree. In this episode, we talk about the unique struggle that queer students face at Christian colleges and the work Brave Commons is doing to support them. Erin is a LGBTQ+ faith...


Laura Beth Taylor is Living Authentically

(This is an encore of Episode 28 with Laura Beth Taylor.) Author and blogger Laura Beth Taylor shares her story as a transwoman of faith and chats about how living authentically doesn't necessarily mean living without a filter. Check out Laura Beth's blog: www.laurabethtaylor.com Grab a copy of her book, Shattering Masks: http://a.co/gSkTnuZ


Daneen Akers is Writing a Children's Book - Episode 53

Daneen Akers is a documentary filmmaker, writer, “cautiously Christian” seeker, and mother who believes deeply in the power of stories. Her film projects explore faith, identity, and belonging and include the feature documentary, Seventh-Gay Adventists, which screened at numerous film festivals around the world and Outspoken, a series of seven short documentary films about LGBTQ Adventists who are living out their faith and who they are in unique and compelling ways. Her new project is Holy...