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A weekly question of faith answered by Cleveland Catholics. Fr. Damian Ference, Vicar of Evangelization and Mike Hayes Director of Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland co-host with frequent guests from the Diocesan Office who join in the conversation.

A weekly question of faith answered by Cleveland Catholics. Fr. Damian Ference, Vicar of Evangelization and Mike Hayes Director of Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland co-host with frequent guests from the Diocesan Office who join in the conversation.


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A weekly question of faith answered by Cleveland Catholics. Fr. Damian Ference, Vicar of Evangelization and Mike Hayes Director of Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland co-host with frequent guests from the Diocesan Office who join in the conversation.




What the heck is an Auxiliary Bishop?

We eBishop-Elect Michael Woost, the soon to be Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland joins us. 0:45: A definition of "auxiliary Bishop" is given by the Bishop-Elect. 2:00: What was getting "the call" like for the Bishop-Elect? 4:30: Bishop Elect teaches at the seminary and more on his reaction and early days of him knowing about his appointment. 6:20: Two of Bishop-Elect's brothers are priests! And another is in Deacon formation. When could he tell his family? 8:00: His family gifted him with a...


How Do I Know When I'm Too Old for Young Adult Ministry?

Dene Hummon from our education office joins us this week. We explore the question of age-appropriate ministry in the church. 0:20 - 1:00: It's Hot in Arizona isn't it? 1:00 - 2:39: We're not talking about mentors or leaders...but what about those folks? Like Mike or JPII, or Dene's old youth minister? 3:00 - 3;20: Hillbilly Thomist it just for young adults? August 4 at 7PM at St. Wendelin. 3:30 - 4:20: Singles group or young marrieds or what? Intergenerational...


Roe v. Wade Is Overturned....Now What?

Mary von Carlowicz joins us for this week as we review what the Diocese of Cleveland has planned now that Roe v. Wade is overturned. You can find a number of resources for pregnancy assistance at this link on the Office for Human Life's Diocesan Website. We'd also like to call attention to these resources below: Homes for Pregnant Mothers Zelie's Home Phone: 440-886-2620 or 216-282-8053 Laura's Home - Cleveland (West) Phone: 216-472-5500 Hannah's Home - Mentor Phonje:...


Is Pope Francis Going to Retire?

Maria Wancata joins Fr. Damian and Mike for this episode where they discuss the possibility of Pope Francis retiring. 0:00: Fr. Damian weighs in right away on the possibility of Pope Francis retiring. 1:00: Pope John Paul II's final years. 2:00: Mike points out that the Pope just has a bad knee. 3:00 Maria reminds us of the dignity of the elderly and the appointment of the new Cardinals and the canon law implications of this. 4:15: Mike talks about the latest consistory of Cardinals as...


Is Baseball the Most Catholic of Sports?

0:00: What do we mean by 'the most Catholic of Sports'? 1:45: We each give our reasons for why baseball is "more Catholic" than other sports? 4:00: Mike's subway ride with a MLB player 6:40: Rules and records. 8:00 Maria's Irish friend liked the 7th Inning Stretch and the wave. 8:50: How did the 7th Inning Stretch start? Catholic origins!!! 9:35: Baseball is a "natural sport." 10:40: Speeding the game up? 11:10: Baseball is often about "what's not happening." 12:20: Teamwork 12:55:...


Did Jesus Ask Judas to Betray Him?

Miguel Chavez rejoins us again this week. (0:00 – 2:20) We look at what the Synoptic Gospels say (Matthew, Mark, Luke) and then the Gospel of John about Judas. (2:20 – 3:20) Pope Francis and Flannery O’Connor’s favorite book. Guarino’s interpretation of Judas’ corruption. (3:20 – 4:20) Miguel talks about Judas’ Free will. (4:25-5:00) Mike reminds us that Judas wanted a political messiah. (5:00 - 5:30) John’s gospel and the interpretation of this incident. (5:30 – 6:40) Fr Damian...


BONUS: What is a Eucharistic Revival? Join us June 11 for one!

Join us LIVE for our Eucharistic Revival on June 11th at 4PM at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist for Mass and then a Eucharistic Procession Down Superior to St. Peter Church on 17th where we'll also hold an XLT. Francine Costantini joins us for this Bonus Episode 0:30: Congrats to Francine on her hubby's ordination to the diaconate. 1:00 What is a Eucharistic Revival and when is ours? 3:40: Francine explains what XLT or Exalt is. 7:20: We give further details on the June 11th...


Is it Catholic Culture to Engage with Cancel Culture?

Miguel Chavez, Director of Missionary Discipleship joins the conversation on Cancel culture. (0:35) Miguel had recoved from Covid. (1:00 - 3:50) We talk about our experience with understanding what Cancel Culture means. (3:50-5:25 ) References: Pope Francis on Cancel Culture, the need for Dialogue, Dangers in Social Media. (5:25 -6:20) Thomas Aquinas on laying our arguments via dialogue. (6:25- 7:25) Fr. D talks about "Admonish the Sinner" vs. "Scapegoating." (7:25-7:40) Fr Mike...


Is Talking with Jesus a Violation of "Stranger Danger" with Kids?

Question comes from one of the participants in our Grandparent Workshop. Guest: Brooke Uehlein joins us from the Communications Dept. once again. 0:25 Happy Anniversary, Brooke. 0:40: Latest trends: Lemons? 1:30: Mike's not trendy, even his wife knows it. 1:55: So what's up with this week's question? 2:30: The Comforts of Friendship 3:25: Share the big Catholic celebrations with your kids/grandkids. 4:00: Qualifying question: But what if I'm a grandparent and the parents don't...


How Do You Approach Friends Who Have Had a Bad Experience with the Catholic Church?

Diocesan Archivist Emily Ahlin joins Mike and Fr. Damian for this week's discussion. Emily was a Focus Missionary at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvannia before coming to the Diocese of Cleveland. 0:50: Our ad for open positions in the diocese, featuring our colleague Dene Hummon. 1:00: What is a Focus Missionary? 2:00: Mike makes a reference to the Gross Anatomy Lab at the Medical School where he served as a chaplain at the State University of New York at Buffalo. 3:30:...


What is a Christian Response to the Buffalo Shooting?

Fr Damian and Mike discuss the Shooting incident in Buffalo. Editor's note: Mike served as a Campus Minister in Buffalo for 11 years before coming to Cleveland. Run Down: 1:00: Mike discusses knowing the location well. 1:30: Our initial reactions to the incident. 2:05: The Onion's satirical take on shootings? 2:20: A shooting also in a California Church also happened over the weekend. Pray for them. 2:50 - 7:20: How did we respond? 7:20: Shooter was there before. 8:00-9:30: Gunman...


If Roe vs. Wade is Reversed What Happens Next in the Diocese of Cleveland?

Mary von Carlowitz, the Director of the Office of Human Life joins us. You can reach out to Mary at Show notes: (3:20): We talk about our initial reactions to the news of the Supreme Court leak on the majority's work thus far on the case. (4:04) Diocesan Resources are available. Find them here. (5:40) Mike talks about his friend's experiment with her High School class on finding resources for unexpected pregnancies for teens and debunking some...


Bonus: Did Carrie Underwood Make Axl Rose Smile?

Mike and Fr. Damian got together to do this extra podcast on Carrie Underwood and Axl Rose. Coming soon: A Podcast on the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 0:00: A Bonus Episode on Carrie Underwood and Axl Rose (Guns and Roses) performing together at Stagecaoch over the past weekend. 4:00 Bruce Springsteen's Rosalita and Stump the Band. 6:00: The Sandlot 7:00: Axl Rose thanks Carrie Underwood at 12:30 into this video 8:45: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform together And earlier here 11:00:...


How Do You Share Your Faith With Children Who Have Rejected Catholicism?

Happy Mother's Day! (this weekend) Especially to Terri Yohman, Director of Marriage and Family Life who joins us on the podcast. Check out the EWTN story on our Grandparent Workshop called Anne and Joachim Workshops here in the diocese of Cleveland. To register for an encore presenation of this workshop click here. 2:35: "Be Curious; Not Judgemental" scene from Ted Lasso. (note: PG-13 language in spots) Fr Damian quotes "The Joy of the Gospel" (EVANGELII GAUDIUM) by Pope Francis. 6:00:...


Bonus Cast: Should I Fast During the Easter Season?

Question: Should I fast during the Easter Season? We explore fasting and feasting. What did we learn from Lent during the fasting of the Lenten Season? How do we accentuate different parts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus throughout the entire year? How does the experience of Spiritual Direction help us discern these questions?


How did you do this Lent?

Maria Wancata joins us as we "post-game Lent." How did we do and how did you do this Lent. Church Search goes to St. Stephen's in Cleveland. Sunday's Scriputures focuses on Peter.


After Communion Do We Stand or Kneel?

Brooke Uehlein from the Commuications Office join us. Fr Damian points out the policy that the Diocese of Cleveland uses with regards to postures during Communion. We aint making this up! Here's the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. Divine Mercy Sunday Readings: The Gospel is Doubting Thomas (19:20) Church Search goes to St. Joseph in Avon Lake and Quo Vadis Young Adult Group. (21:20)


What Can I Do With My Grandchildren on Easter?

Our Question this week comes from our Grandparent Workshops in the Diocese of Cleveland. Francine Costantini from the Youth Ministry Office joins us. Pope Francis' Letter to Grandparents. (0:40) Francine talks about what she presented to Grandparents about teens and Mike talks about the relationship between grandparents and their young adult children. Miguel Chavez and Terri Yohman also presented on storytelling and practical interactions with the grandparents. (3:00) Francine's recipe...


What Happens During Holy Week?

Mike, Fr. Damian and Miguel take you through the various Holy Week Liturgies. Chrism Mass (Tuesday of Holy Week in the Cleveland Diocese) (2:40) Holy Thursday (3:45) Good Friday (7:14) Holy Saturday aka The Easter Vigil (11:50) Mystagogia (After Easter for the RCIA Candidates) (14:00) Church Search goes to St. Mark in Cleveland. Readings for the Tridiuum can be found here.


Are There Catholic Celebrities to Whom I Should Pay Attention?

Whoare some of our favorite Catholic Celebrities and some of our favorite celebrities who are Catholic? Miguel Chavez joins us from the Missionary Discipleship Office. We talk about Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Mark Wahlberg, Bonnie Hunt and U2 as well as the Saints Brs. Solanus Casey and Andre Bassette. We also point us toward both Pope Francis' Twitter page and the Legacy of St. John Paul II Podcasts we like: Ascension Press: Fr Mike Schmidtz BustedHalo's Podcast and their Catholic...