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Weekend Messages at Red Rocks Church




Marriage: Built to Last

Pastors Shawn and Jill Johnson answer questions about how to build a lasting marriage.


Fight for Freedom

We live in a world that is saturated with sex, and yet people are wildly unhappy. The world's ways of approaching love, sex, and intimacy are not working. There is a better way! There is freedom from addiction to sex and pornography for those who are willing to do the hard work of feeling and healing.


Save the Date

Pastor Shawn Johnson shares Bible-based strategies for dating and singleness. Taken from Genesis 24, Shawn shares four things to consider before you start dating, with the most important being your relationship with Jesus. Only when you are fulfilled in Him can you successfully pursue a healthy relationship with others.


We Need to Talk

Pastor James Powell teaches us how to build relationships through courageous conversations. He uses Biblical passages to show us that we can create great conversations by earning attention before giving opinions, making joy a serious goal, asking great questions, and choosing encouragement when in doubt.


Devoted: Vision Weekend 2024

Pastor Shawn encourages Red Rocks Church to focus on the word "Devoted." By looking at the early church's actions in Acts 2, we learn that they were devoted to showing up, praying, getting in groups, giving, serving, and inviting others. What is God asking you to devote yourself to this year?


The Epilogue

James Powell shares four ways we can create a better ending to the story we will tell with our lives. By being God-centered, faith-focused, servant-hearted, and future-oriented, we can begin building a greater tomorrow beginning today.


God's Plan

Pastor Shawn Johnson shares how we can discover God’s plan for our lives and experience the life change it brings. Through prayer, reading the Bible, and finding a community to support you, you can live the plans God has for you. If you just said "yes" to accepting Christ, we'd love to celebrate with you and share resources to help you get started. Text "Yes" to 30301. Are you or someone you know struggling? Know that you're not alone. Please reach out to the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by calling or texting 988.


You Can Change

Doug Wekenman encourages us that yes, we can change and decide what story we will tell through the grace of Jesus. He walks us through the Bible story in which Jesus heals the paralyzed man at the pool, showing us that turning point in that story, as well as our own stories, is whether we want to change.


Christmas: Messy or Amazing?

Pastor Shawn Johnson reminds us that the difference between a messy Christmas and an amazing Christmas is the lens with which we view it. A good Christmas is not defined by what has happened to us this season, but is based on what God’s done for us by sending us Jesus. Merry Christmas, Red Rocks Church!


Re-Present Christmas

James Powell encourages us to think differently about Christmas by slowing down the chaos, pushing back against fear, trading in routine for relationship, and being driven by devotion.


Kill the Lies

Pastor Shawn Johnson shares three ways we can kill the lies that keep us from experiencing the life God has planned for us. By asking for God’s power, praying with God’s people, and reading God’s word we can stop believing lies and start seeing the good plans God has for us. This special message was recorded live from Red Rocks Church’s God Behind Bars campus in Denver, CO. For more information, visit


Excited and Scared: Our Feelings on Giving to the Church

Pastor Shawn Johnson acknowledges that we might feel both excited and scared about giving to build God’s Kingdom. Shawn explains the four stages of giving that we might find ourselves in. We can have confidence that when we give back to God what is his to begin with, we are aiming at the right target.


Kingdom Money Mindset

Pastor Shawn Johnson shares his thoughts on money and the church through sharing his own story and encouraging us that it’s all God’s money to begin with.


Kingdom Currency

Jimmy Rollins reminds us that we’re using Kingdom Currency that’s not ours to begin with.


Baptism Fall 2023

Pastor Shawn Johnson teaches what baptism is all about and what it means for us. Hear stories of life change and see just a few of the hundreds of baptisms that happened this weekend—a testament that God is just getting started in our lives and through Red Rocks Church. Let's celebrate, Church!


Secret Superpower: Gratitude

Doug Wekenman shares that we can all have a secret superpower: gratitude. Doug shares 4 ways that being grateful is a superpower: it unlocks the door to God’s presence, it makes what you have enough, it re-frames how you see the world, and it will get you through any trouble the world throws at you.


Don't Forget to Remember

Jill Johnson encourages us to remember the promises God has given us because He keeps His promises. When we remember the times that God has provided for His people and for us, we build strength to trust Him again and again.


Killing Comfort

James Powell reminds us that we are called to live beyond our comfort zones. We are called to live an uncomfortable life by caring to count, chasing to connect, and choosing to celebrate. If God is to be our Comforter, we can boldly allow ourselves to enter into uncomfortable areas in order to live more Alive and Free.


Drug of Choice

The things we use to help us avoid pain are never-ending—addiction, anger, anxiety, comparison, or distraction; drugs, food, gambling, or social media. Doug Wekenman encourages us to find freedom from those things by feeling the pain and letting God heal it rather than just cover it up.


Killing Comparison

Pastor Shawn Johnson reminds us that comparison will prevent us from living the life we were created for. We need to kill comparison in our lives by asking God what He is calling you to, being grateful, and asking Him for help.