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The podcast that helps you Refine the areas in your life that are holding you back and Restore your heart and mind back to what is true. From relationships, faith, family, health, purposeful living, personal and spiritual growth, Rachel C. Swanson (best-selling author, speaker and accredited coach) provides power-packed insights in 20 minutes or less, guaranteed to transform your life.

The podcast that helps you Refine the areas in your life that are holding you back and Restore your heart and mind back to what is true. From relationships, faith, family, health, purposeful living, personal and spiritual growth, Rachel C. Swanson (best-selling author, speaker and accredited coach) provides power-packed insights in 20 minutes or less, guaranteed to transform your life.
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The podcast that helps you Refine the areas in your life that are holding you back and Restore your heart and mind back to what is true. From relationships, faith, family, health, purposeful living, personal and spiritual growth, Rachel C. Swanson (best-selling author, speaker and accredited coach) provides power-packed insights in 20 minutes or less, guaranteed to transform your life.






47: Stop Jumping Into Everything

These days, it feels like there's pressure to jump into everything we see or are asked to pursue. But what if this is hurting you more than helping you? In this podcast episode, I want to identify 3 things that I've found that are negative effects to jumping into everything you lay eyes on. What are you sacrificing at the expense of this next greatest or latest thing? Tune in today to find out! Connect with me on Facebook! Connect with me on Instagram! If you haven’t already, join my...


46: 5 Lies I'm Removing From My Vocabulary (and maybe you should, too!)

Many of us have phrases that we are repeating in our heads over and over again that are not only healthy, but lies that we are believing in about ourselves. We don’t think much of this because it feels normal. But I want to encourage you today to listen closely to the thoughts and phrases in your mind that you are saying about yourself and ask yourself, are these healthy thoughts and are they really true? In this episode, I'm sharing 5 main lies I’m removing from my vocabulary right now....


45: Ruth Chou Simons - Beholding God in the Everyday and Becoming Who We Are Meant to Be

Have you ever sat down with someone and felt like they are an automatic friend? This is the kind of guest I’m bringing to you today on the podcast. Ruth Chou Simons, also known for her company Gracelaced, first started as a water color artist sharing God’s beauty and grace through her art. She’s become a bestselling author of multiple, gorgeous books (I know because I own them), mama entrepreneur, and national speaker. She shares her journey of God’s grace intersecting daily life with word...


44: Welcome Back! Don't Feel Guilty For Wanting A Break...

Welcome back to the R&R Podcast friends, I cannot believe that it’s been 1 full year since I launched this podcast and what an amazing year of growth it’s been for those of you who have been following along each episode. I hope and pray you’ve been growing in your faith, learning tools to help you thrive in life, and that you’ve enjoyed some of the personal stories I’ve shared about the radical adventures of stepping out and walking on water with Jesus over the past several years of my life....


43: Gretchen Saffles - Balancing Babies, A Growing Ministry, and Biblical Accuracy

We are wrapping up this interview blitz week with today’s guest Gretchen Saffles founder of the large ministry organization Well Watered Women. She’s also the creator of “Give Me Jesus” Journal. She is passionate about encouraging and equipping women to dig deep into the Word of God and find their identity and purpose in Christ. Through Well-Watered Women, she longs to meet women right where they are with the hope of the gospel and to ignite a desire in their hearts to know Jesus more. On...


42: Shari Rigby - The Intersection of Faith and Hollywood

My next guest for this weeks speaker blitz week is Shari Rigby. I met Shari recently in person and I can tell you she is the real deal you guys. She’s down to earth, has a deep heart for Jesus, and is always looking for ways to help others. Shari is an actress, director, writer and inspirational speaker, outspoken and passionate about her faith and family. She has appeared in “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” as well as in the feature films NOT TODAY, which...


41: Lindsay Teague Moreno - Cut the Guilt as a Working Mom and Making Money as a Christian

Today I brought my guest Lindsay Teague Moreno onto the podcast. Lindsay is an author, podcaster, and business owner. In just two short years she built a seven-figure personal income, using only social media. Lindsay did this with three little girls at home and all the mom duties that come along with it. Having spent a considerable amount of time building multiple profitable businesses, she has gone through her share of ups and downs. With a passion for helping women find their voice and...


40: Mary DeMuth - Me Too...We Too.

Today you’re going to listen to the conversation I had with Mary DeMuth. Mary DeMuth is an author, speaker and podcaster who is passionate about helping you live a re-storied life. A survivor of neglect and sexual abuse, Mary was gloriously rescued by Jesus when she was 15. She has spent her life healing from trauma so she can help others not feel so alone. She is the wife of Patrick and mom of three adult children. In this episode we dig into overcoming shame, how to best respond to those...


39: Alli Worthington - Starting A Business, Following Jesus, and Radical Obedience.

What is up my R&R friends! Welcome to my interview BLITZ week because I’ve had SOOOO many people request to do interviews, but didn’t have enough room in my schedule to include them all. SOOOO we are having a fun week where I’m going to be releasing an episode per day over the next 5 days for you to listen to. I had a conversation with my friend, Alli Worthington. She’s a wife and mom of 5 boys living outside of Nashville, TN. She’s the author of Breaking Busy, The Year of Living Happy, and...


38: Crystal Stine - Rest AND Hustle is Holy AND Doable

I'm delighted to bring you Crystal Stine on my podcast today! Crystal is a true gem and knows the difficulties between hustling for Jesus and resting in His presence. Crystal's passion is encouraging, equipping and inspiring women of all ages to embrace a work hard, rest well lifestyle that honors God - so they can work without shame and rest without guilt. Her first book, “Holy Hustle: Embracing a Work Hard, Rest Well Lifestyle” speaks to the woman who wrestles between working hard and...


37: Everyone Starts at Zero

Happy Post Fourth of July! I hope you had a good one. Our plans were pretty low key as we are still getting used to the sun that never sets here in Idaho. Honestly, it’s so weird that at 10 pm there’s still light in the sky and we had to wait until 10:30 pm for fireworks to start. What the heck? In California where we used to live (for the majority of my life) fireworks always started at 9 pm because by 8:30 pm it was dark friends! So, with a 5 year old and two 7 year olds, waiting until...


36: 3 Life-Changing Perspectives You Need to Adopt

What if I told you that if you took on three simple but radical perspectives and started to truly BELIEVE in this way and view of thinking, it would become life-changing? In episode 36 of the Refine and Restore Podcast I want to challenge to common perspectives of culture and discuss why they are damaging you and preventing you from living a fuller, more joy-filled life. Whenever I get in conversations with others about these three mind-shifts and ways I've changed my view and thinking...


35: Scheduling Less for 3 Things You Want More

We live in one of the busiest cultures in the world. Fast paced, cram packed lives typically define our days. But what if we are missing out on what we truly want more of? What if we need to schedule less to gain 3 things we want the most? It's episode 35 on the Refine and Restore podcast, and today I'm unpacking how Scheduling Less for 3 Things You Want More of will radically change your life. What are those 3 things? You will need to tune in to find out! In this episode, I chat about: You...


34: Michael and Morgan Leblanc - Sacrificing the American Dream to Reach the Unreached as Tribal Missionaries

What would it be like preparing to go overseas for the next 20 years serving in the rural and dangerous parts of an island, learning a whole new language and eventually sharing with them the gospel message? Could you do this if God called you to this life? Today, I chatted with my good real-life friends and missionaries we support, Michael and Morgan Leblanc, about what it's been like preparing to go overseas and the stigmas people often think when they hear missionary. They are authentic...


33: What Does the Bible Say About Healthy Ways to Resolve Conflict in Relationships?

There are healthy ways to resolve conflict with others and then there are unhealthy ways. Often we get caught up in what the world says is best to resolve conflict, but is that really what's best? In today's podcast, Ep. 33, I'm excited to bring back my husband for the third week in a row to discuss the biblical way to resolve conflict. Recently, we dug into this more as we worked to resolve our own areas of conflict with friends and relationships around us, and found some surprising...


32: The #1 Issue That Every Other Issue Stems From

Welcome to the Refine and Restore Podcast with Rachel C. Swanson! In today's episode, I'm diving headlong into another topic of spiritual growth with my guest and husband, Jeff Swanson. Together, we tackle this idea that every struggle we have, every painful sin issue we experience, it's all because of ONE THING that we've forgotten. So, in this episode we cover: I hope you don't mind our deep dive into a topic that we have found revolutionary in our understanding. I hope it revolutionizes...


31: Helping Your Spouse Through Depression and Burnout

We are going deep on this episode today (#31) and I say WE because for this episode (and the following two episodes) my husband Jeff Swanson joins me on the podcast! I’m excited to bring you some insight and wisdom we’ve learned together as a couple--specifically in the areas of depression and burnout. Perhaps you know someone who is going through depression or burnout? Or maybe you're the one experiencing it yourself? Or maybe it's your significant other? Regardless of where you're at with...


30: Erin Weidemann - Stop Pursuing Success and Pursue THIS Instead

I have to start and say that my guest, Erin Weidemann is the real deal you guys. She is authentic and has her head on straight when it comes to a mindset of Kingdom impact rather than self-led rewards. Erin is the founder and CEO of Bible Belles and award-winning author of The Adventures of Rooney Cruz series, She’s committed to changing the world’s current definition of beauty. As a certified teacher, coach, and nationally recognized speaker, she founded Truth Becomes Her, a community that...


29: What They Don't Tell You About How To Become an Author

It's Episode 29 in the Refine and Restore Podcast and today I'm revealing behind-the-scenes of what they don't tell you about how to become an author. I share the parts that make it worth it, but also the challenges I faced and the honest questions I had to ask myself just before I started to take my writing more seriously. In this episode I cover: mentor/coach It's important for me to mention that I offer my coaching programs for aspiring authors three times per year and if this is...


28: Three Daily Disciplines to Revive Your Heart

What if incorporating 3 daily, simple disciplines in 5 minutes or less could revive your heart and revitalize your life? It's Episode 28 in the Refine and Restore Podcast and in this short episode, I'm doing a mini-spiritual growth coaching session with you to help you get from a place of stagnancy, or distance from God to ecstatic for life and sense His presence, again! These three simple principles are tools I used to help me get unstuck in seasons of hardship, and are principles I still...