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Sharing the teaching of Relational Grace through the lifelong ministry of Pastor Nick Harris who teaches that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. Supplemental content at Learn more at

Sharing the teaching of Relational Grace through the lifelong ministry of Pastor Nick Harris who teaches that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. Supplemental content at Learn more at


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Sharing the teaching of Relational Grace through the lifelong ministry of Pastor Nick Harris who teaches that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. Supplemental content at Learn more at




Breaking the Chains: The Revelation

In the past two episodes we have seen how certain Pharisee Christians have visited the church in Galatia. When they arrived they told the Galatians that the message they preach is just another Gospel of the same kind of what Paul preached. However, in the epistle to the Galatians that Paul writes, he says, no no no this is not the gospel I preach. This is another gospel the opposite of what I preach. Paul goes on to tell the churches that the gospel these Pharisee Christians were preaching...


Breaking the Chains: Religion vs Relationship

In this episode we’re going to dig into the second message of the Breaking the Chains series we recently started featuring Paul’s letter to Galatia. As a quick refresher, Paul initially wrote this letter to address the mammoth problem that had originated in the churches. Paul and Barnabas established churches in Galatia on their first missionary journey. However, the believers had begun to accept the idea that Grace was not sufficient for salvation. This idea was birthed as the result of a...


Breaking the Chains: Abundant Grace - How did the virus of legalism germinate amongst the Galatians?

In this episode, we are going to jump into a new series from the book of Galatians. This series of teachings were delivered at Ariel Chapel in Norman Oklahoma back in 2011 and overlapped into 2012. Paul’s letter to Galatia, like many other books, has its own theme. For example, the theme of the book of Romans’ is Justification by Faith. The theme of Ephesians is the Church. The theme of Philippians is the joy of the Holy Spirit. Well, Galatians has a theme too, and it is one that was very...


Initiation and Location - WW III: When, Where and Why (3 of 3)

In this episode we will be wrapping up a quick three part series titled WW 3: When, Where and Why. In this teaching Pastor Harris will focus on, what he has learned according to scripture, which will need to happen in order to initiate WW III. He will also break down the factors that should be considered to deduce the location this war or invasion will take place. He’ll also review some specifics around the timing and location of these happenings. This is a very interesting approach to...


Alliances - WW III: When, Where and Why (2 of 3)

Today we are going to share the second of three teachings from a series we kicked off in the last episode called World War Three: When. Where. And Why. Pastor Harris will focus in on specific alliances that will assemble as the next World War approaches. I will have to say that as Pastor Harris starts to chip away at some of this scripture in Ezekiel 38 there are a few elements that do hit fairly close to our current news and events. One thing to note. As you listen to this episode you...


Gog and Magog - WW III: When, Where and Why (1 of 3)

In this episode we begin a new study titled, WW III: Who, What, When, Where, and Why? Many aspects of what Pastor Harris taught in the Beast from the East series could be applied here so weI thought we should go ahead and share this teaching now while topics like the prophetic timetable are fresh on our minds and our decryption and biblical decoding skills are finely tuned and well-oiled. Pastor Harris opens this message talking about his father, Pastor Raymond Harris, who was an evangelist...


Armageddon - The Best from the East (5 of 5): A Survey of World Events from the Persian Gulf War to Armageddon

In this episode we will close out the Beast from the East series, by discussing Armageddon and how Pastor Harris believes it could manifest itself in modern day… outside of the fact that this teaching was recorded about 20 years ago. You can expect a quick recap from Pastor Haris, so for those that back-to-back listen to some of these teachings, fear not, you are simply in a recap. The new stuff will kick in eventually. Some of the new elements Pastor Harris will bring to light, pertain to...


The Antichrist - The Best from the East (4 of 5): A Survey of World Events from the Persian Gulf War to Armageddon

In this episode Pastor Harris will teach on the Anti-Christ and the various aspects leading up to his identity being revealed. These final two teachings in this series are going to be extremely revealing. Now, before we continue forward we want to ensure that everyone listening understands that of course Biblical scripture is Biblical scripture, no one can deny that. However, much of what dad teaches throughout this series is his interpretation of what we simply do not know for fact. The...


Daniel’s Empires - The Best from the East (3 of 5): A Survey of World Events from the Persian Gulf War to Armageddon

In this episode, Pastor Harris will again dive deeper into the book of Daniel and focus on the five apocalyptic visions we have been touching on in the last two episodes. We’ll hear more about the statue of many metals as well as the four beasts. Although Pastor Harris does touch on the same topics we have been talking about in earlier episodes, he takes a different approach in this teaching. We’re reminded of the specific nature in which the books of Daniel and Revelations were written....


PART 2 - The Beast from the East (2 of 5): A Survey of World Events from the Persian Gulf War to Armageddon

Pastor Harris will begin by taking us through Jeremiah chapter 50 which is a message about Babylon. He’ll then take us through a quick “Prophecy Fulfillment 101” that’s proved for me to be very important to take into account while listening to messages like these. If we look at the principles of the last episode we can see several continuing to take shape in our present time. For example, the Two State Solution is still the road map which is being pursued by the global community. An...


PART 1 - The Beast from the East (1 of 5): A Survey of World Events from the Persian Gulf War to Armageddon

Back in 2003 Pastor Harris prepared a study he titled “The Beast from the East.” These topics included Daniel, Revelations, Armageddon and the Antichrist. However, in this series of messages Pastor Harris will discuss these teachings through the lens of the time, his time being 2003 when this was originally recorded. It was Indeed a historic time. Back in 2003 in the Persian Gulf War, the Iraqi dictator Sadam Hussain had been removed from power by the Alliance. Pastor Harris will walk us...


Interview with Oklahoma City Bombing Survivor, Arlene Blanchard: False Evidence Appearing Real

The day this episode was published marks the 27th anniversary of the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. It is a date that changed the lives of so many people. Amy Moffiet was home with my two month old son, Christian. But the family of Pastor Nick Harris, knew that their dad was across the street. We are excited to introduce a new friend of ours and survivor of that day. Amy Moffiet was at a women’s conference and met a lady who asked how she was...


Leading in Tough Times: Pastor Nick Harris tells his Oklahoma City Bombing story.

Pastor Harris led his church and he led his community in the days, weeks and months following the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19th 1995. Listen as Pastor Harris tells his story to North Church's School of Ministry Leadership Class where his daughter Amy Moffiet is on staff. This class took a field trip that day and toured the OKC Memorial and followed that tour up with a teaching on leadership through tough times with Pastor Harris at First United Methodist Church, in the former sanctuary...


Easter Sunday: April 16th 1995 - Three Days Before the Oklahoma City Bombing

In this episode we are going to share Pastor Harris’s sermon from Easter Sunday, April 16th, 1995. This would be the last Sunday Pastor Harris and the congregation from First United Methodist Church, or First Church as we will refer to it from here on out, would gather on the corner of 4th and Robinson in Oklahoma City for many years. For those new to this story, First Church was located directly east of the location of the Alfred P. Murrah Building that was bombed just three days following...


WHAT'S NEXT: Sermons, Teachings & Discussions Surrounding the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing

Amy Moffiet and Jamie Russell, Pastor Harris's children, share several podcast episodes and upcoming YouTube videos that will be shared soon. These episodes and videos are relevant to the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing that Pastor Nick Harris and many others survived, and that took 168 lives.


Nehemiah (13 of 13) - Internal Threats & Forgiven Debts

We will finish strong as Pastor Harris explains to us how Nehemiah, who has quelled the external threats but now has to turn to a much more serious threat that has emerged internally among the people of Jerusalem. Pastor Harris is not simply telling a story here. Of course, through types and shadows, he will share with us how these internal threats, if not properly addressed can dominate the life of the unbeliever or the unregenerated spirt as Pastor Harris often teaches of and models...


Nehemiah (12 of 13) - A Fight with Faith

On this second to last episode of the Nehemiah series we find Sanballat and Tobia, who Pastor Harris has revealed to us serve as a type and shadow of Satan and his minions, are forced to employ a military option as they see that the walls of Jerusalem are in fact on a direct path to completion. Now, we will also learn about two distinct reactions the people of Jerusalem will have to this imminent threat. How will Nehemiah combat the negative reaction some of the people of Judea are having?...


Nehemiah (11 of 13) - Satan’s Greatest Weapons

As the walls of the City of Jerusalem continue to rise, Pastor Harris is going to walk us through Satan’s attempt to discourage and detract the people of Judea. Thinking back to the last episode, episode 10 of the Nehemiah series, which was all about the cooperative co-laboring of the Jedean people, and how this co-laboring made them stronger together. Let’s follow along today to see how the people of Judea reacted to this attack by the evil one. Likewise let’s learn how we can react to...


Nehemiah (10 of 13) - Laborers Together with God

In this message Pastor Harris is going to teach on the importance of cooperation and co-laboring in our Christian walk. Likewise, with successful cooperation and co-laboring the people of Judea begin to raise the walls of the City of Jerusalem, so shall we raise not only our individual protective walls but the protective walls of our co-laborers we are in cooperation with. We will also see how Nehemiah's gift of administration regarding how he appointed his leadership played a significant...


Nehemiah (9 of 13) - Positivity and Self-Assurance

This episode kicks off the ninth installment of our Nehemiah series. Pastor Harris will cover the various types of people it is going to take to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. We’ll also learn about a few of the elements that contribute to Nehemiah’s success in Jerusalem. Some of these same elements can also be applied to our daily lives.