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Space for Life is a podcast with honest conversations designed to help cultivate the space we need for a more fulfilling and abundant life. Despite our culture’s wiring for excess and overload, our souls desperately need the very opposite. Space for Life seeks to help you take small steps into a spacious life.


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Space for Life is a podcast with honest conversations designed to help cultivate the space we need for a more fulfilling and abundant life. Despite our culture’s wiring for excess and overload, our souls desperately need the very opposite. Space for Life seeks to help you take small steps into a spacious life.



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Reframing Your Relationship with the Bible: A Fresh Approach

This episode of 'Space for Life' podcast dives into the personal and transformative journey of reading the Bible through a fresh lens. Tommy shares his conviction about the Bible's profound impact on personal growth, mindset, and relationships, stemming from over 50 years of engagement. He introduces an acronym, 'ROMP', aimed at reframing our approach to the Bible from an obligation to a source of life and engagement. 'ROMP' stands for Read Slowly, Observe, Meditate, and Personalize, offering a practical toolkit for diving deeper into scripture. Tommy emphasizes the importance of treating the Bible not just as text, but as a living, active conversation with God capable of penetrating the depths of the human heart and mind. By advocating for a slow, observant, meditative, and personalized reading practice, the episode invites listeners to experience the Bible as a transformative power in their lives. Connect with Tommy:


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From Survival to Thriving: A Story of Transformation with Erik Allen

In this episode, Tommy engages in a conversation with guest Erik Allen, exploring his inspiring journey from a troubled past to a life of thriving and success. Erik shares his childhood experiences, including his parents' divorce, moving to a small town, and living in challenging conditions. He recounts a pivotal moment of defending his mother from an abusive partner, leading to a series of struggles including homelessness, addiction, and legal troubles. Erik's turning point came when he embraced faith, leading to a complete transformation. He quit drugs and alcohol cold turkey and rebuilt his life, eventually finding love and starting a family. Hios story emphasizes the importance of changing one's environment, seeking mentorship, and maintaining a strong faith. Erik's story serves as a testament to the possibility of overcoming adversity and living a fulfilling life through intentional actions and faith. Episode Highlights: 02:40 Eric Allen's Journey: From Surviving to Thriving 08:35 A Turning Point: Finding Faith and a New Path 14:16 Embracing Change: The Power of Environment and Faith 18:58 The Power of Community and Intentionality 21:55 Daily Rituals for a Grateful Life 23:12 Changing Your Environment for Growth 26:48 Leveraging Podcasts and Books for Personal Development 29:43 Guidance for the Stuck: Pray and Clarify 33:35 Shifting Focus: A New Direction in Podcasting 37:02 A Vision for Intentional Living and Gratitude Connect with Tommy: The Erik Allen Show -


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A Journey of Healing through Love with Kim Sorrelle

In this episode of 'Space for Life,' host Tommy engages in a profound conversation with Kim Sorrelle, Director at Rays of Hope International and author of Love Is, who shares her inspiring journey of love, loss, and healing. Kim recounts her story of marrying young, facing breast cancer at 47, and the subsequent devastating loss of her husband to pancreatic cancer. Despite these challenges, Kim talks about the power of love, the healing nature of service, and how these experiences led her to understand and express love in its truest form. Throughout the year following her husband's death, Kim embarked on a personal quest to decode the essence of love as described in 1 Corinthians 13, discovering that love transcends beyond emotions to a way of life, embodying patience, kindness, and a lack of record-keeping of wrongs. Kim's journey illustrates how service can be a remarkable healer of grief and how redefining narratives around our experiences can alter our perspective on love and life itself. Episode Highlights: 00:22 Introducing Kim Sorrelle: Author and Director of Rays of Hope International 02:17 Kim's Personal Battle with Breast Cancer and a Family's Ordeal 15:32 A Dream of Comfort and Messages from Beyond 19:17 Life After Loss: Moving Forward with Purpose 21:35 Finding Healing Through Service: Kim's Work in Haiti 25:12 Embarking on a Year of Living Like Jesus 25:21 The Deep Dive into Love: A Year-Long Journey 26:14 Discovering the True Meaning of Love 27:57 A Challenging Month: Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs 33:57 Learning to Change the Narrative 36:41 The Lasting Impact of a Year Focused on Love 43:59 Applying Love in Everyday Life Connect with Kim: Connect with Tommy:


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From Ordinary to Extraordinary with Robert White

In this episode, Tommy Thompson interviews Robert White, a successful entrepreneur and author, about his journey from a challenging upbringing to finding fulfillment and success. White shares how he overcame obstacles, including health issues and low self-esteem, through personal development and entrepreneurship. They discuss White's experiences with Mind Dynamics and his book, "Living an Extraordinary Life," which explores stories of individuals overcoming challenges. They also highlight the importance of mentorship and personal growth, emphasizing the interconnectedness of individual and organizational success. Episode Highlights: 01:58 Introducing Robert White: A Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary 04:39 Robert's Early Struggles and Entrepreneurial Spirit 08:39 Transformative Experiences and the Human Potential Movement 12:24 The Impact of Mind Dynamics on Personal and Professional Growth 15:23 Exploring the Core Beliefs Behind Success and Fulfillment 23:08 Purpose, Vision, and Values: The Foundation of Effective Leadership 25:26 Understanding Agreement vs. Alignment 26:22 The Power of Commitment in Success 27:16 Inspirational Stories of Growth and Commitment 32:10 Translating Business Principles to Personal Growth 33:59 The Impact of Coaching Across Personal, Business, and Family Life 38:26 Embracing Extraordinary Living Through Coaching Connect with Robert: Robert’s Linkedin Connect with Tommy:


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Too Good to be True with David Ask

In this episode, Tommy Thompson interviews David Ask, diving into David's entrepreneurial journey, involvement in mastermind groups, and the importance of finding one's true north. David shares insights from his background in music to starting a business with his brother-in-law and developing StatGuard Plus. The conversation explores the significance of mastermind groups in personal and professional growth, with David highlighting the support and accountability they provide. David emphasizes the significance of creating space for deep introspection to discover and affirm one's unique strengths and values. The episode also touches on the transformative effect of recognizing and pursuing what truly matters, encouraging listeners to engage in self-reflection and embrace their authentic selves. Episode Highlights: 01:24 David Ask: A Man of Many Talents and Passions 08:19 The Entrepreneurial Journey of David Ask 21:50 True North and the Guardians of Grit: Defining Resilience and Purpose 26:03 The Importance of Core Values and Guiding Principles 34:44 Redefining Identity and Embracing True Self 37:40 Challenges of Parenting and Legacy Building 39:08 Discovering Purpose and Core Values 44:40 The Importance of Community and Relationships 56:50 Action Steps Towards Personal Fulfillment Connect with David: or email Connect with Tommy:


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The Vital Ingredient- Marriage for Life: Part 5

In this final episode of the marriage series, Tommy Thompson and Tom Barila, express gratitude for their insightful discussions and recap key points from previous episodes, focusing on self-care, managing expectations, and maintaining intentionality in marriage. They highlight characteristics of thriving marriages, such as effective conflict resolution, enjoying each other's company, and managing finances. Exploring the concept of love languages and the significance of marriage as a covenant, they offer practical insights to help listeners prioritize communication and connection in their relationships, emphasizing the importance of creating emotional and physical space for growth and intimacy. The “Marriage for Life” series reaffirms the commitment to marriage despite challenges, advocating for perseverance and the prioritization of the relationship to experience a deep, lasting connection. Episode Highlights: 01:46 Celebrating the Masters Golf Tournament: A Metaphor for Life 03:14 Recapping the Marriage Series: Insights and Foundations 15:50 Deep Dive into Love Languages: Enhancing Marital Affection 21:20 Covenant, Compatibility, and Communication: Key Pillars of Marriage 31:40 Creating Space for Personal Growth and Support 35:40 Prioritizing Communication and Quality Time 39:30 Investing in Fun and Vacations for Relationship Health 42:52 Financial Space: A Key to Relieving Marital Stress 44:30 Kronos and Kairos: Balancing Time for a Fulfilling Marriage 49:47 The Hard Work and Beauty of Marriage Tom’s story at engagement – The commitment for life o Open up to the possibility of getting help – coaching, counseling, friends o Minefields: o Thriving:


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The Subtle Art of Communication: Marriage for Life - Part 4 - Special Guest: Lisa Ould

In this episode, Tommy Thompson and Lisa Ould dive into the complexities of modern marriage, addressing the challenges couples encounter in today's society. With a focus on fostering meaningful connections, Tommy and Lisa offer insightful perspectives and actionable advice drawn from their own experiences. They underscore the importance of intentional communication, highlighting the need for couples to create space for open and honest conversations where both partners feel heard and understood. By emphasizing the role of observation and empathy in understanding each other's love languages and preferences, they provide practical strategies for cultivating thriving relationships built on mutual respect and appreciation. They continue their exploration of marriage dynamics, discussing the nuanced interplay between gender roles and relationship dynamics. They advocate for breaking free from traditional stereotypes and embracing curiosity as a pathway to deeper understanding and connection. 00:21 Introducing Lisa Old: A New Perspective on Marriage 06:13 Addressing Loneliness in Marriage and Beyond 11:32 Creating Space and Time for Meaningful Conversations 20:27 Navigating the Complexities of Marriage Together 25:24 Exploring Deeper Connections in Relationships 28:07 Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes in Conversations 28:39 The Importance of Listening and Encouragement 45:01 Practical Takeaway: Enhancing Conversational Skills Links:


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A Beautiful Vision for Marriage: Marriage for Life - Part 3 - Special Guest: David Dwight

In this episode, Tommy Thompson is joined by David Dwight from HOPE Church, David delves into the profound concept of covenantal love in marriage. Dwight highlights the unilateral nature of covenantal promises, drawing parallels to God's unconditional love for humanity. He emphasizes that Christian marriage is founded on this unconditional commitment to love each other until death, distinguishing it from mere contractual agreements. They also discussed the significance of covenantal love, highlighting its transformative power in fostering enduring and meaningful relationships. Additionally, David and Tommy explore the influence of parental marriages on individuals' own relationships, discussing the importance of reflection and intentionality in shaping marital dynamics. Through insightful anecdotes and practical advice, they underscore the importance of humility, grace, and commitment in nurturing healthy and vibrant marriages, leaving listeners with valuable insights to apply in their own relationships. David Dwight is the senior pastor of HOPE Church, one of the fastest growing churches in Richmond, Virginia. David's spiritual journey began during his college years, following a period marked by skepticism and uncertainty throughout his teenage years. Despite venturing into a career in business post-graduation, He harbored a profound conviction that his path would ultimately lead him to ministry. Over time, he has served in various roles, including missions pastor and church planter, and now holds the position of senior pastor at HOPE. Together with his wife Elisabeth, they are blessed with two children. 00:00 Embracing Love in Marriage 00:58 Introducing David Dwight: A Journey Through Marriage Insights 02:34 The Essence of Marriage: Covenant, Compatibility, and Commitment 18:13 The Transformative Power of Covenant in Marriage 34:25 The Journey from Compatibility to Covenant: A Deep Dive 50:38 The Impact of Parental Influence on Marriage 53:47 Navigating the Seasons of Marriage: Challenges and Growth 57:20 Cultivating a Marriage-Centered Family 01:05:06 The Art of Communication: The Key to a Thriving Marriage 01:06:14 Creating Space for Listening and Understanding 01:16:58 The Evolution of Intimacy in Marriage 01:33:07 Closing Thoughts: The Beauty and Hard Work of Marriage


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The Five Love Languages - Marriage for Life: Part 2

This episode of 'Space for Life' podcast, co-hosted by Tommy Thompson and Tom Barila, delves into the concept of love languages in the context of marriage, emphasizing its application in understanding and nurturing relationships. As part of a five-part series on marriage, the discussion highlights the importance of recognizing and applying the five love languages—Gifts, Acts of Service, Words of Encouragement, Quality Time, and Physical Touch—as identified by Gary Chapman. The hosts share personal anecdotes, reflect on the implications of love languages in various types of relationships including parental and romantic, and discuss the importance of intentionality and recognizing each other's unique expressions of love. They also touch upon the potential need to unlearn certain behaviors learned from one's family of origin and stress the value of clear communication and mutual understanding in loving well. Additionally, the episode offers practical advice on taking the love languages assessment and applying its insights to strengthen connections.


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Marriage Minefields: Marriage for Life - Part 1: Special Guest Tom Barila

In this episode of 'Space for Life,' Tommy embarks on the first of a series dedicated to the multifaceted aspects of marriage, emphasizing its impact on personal growth and the long-term journey of loving well. Joined by guest Tom Barila, who has 41 years of marriage experience, they explore the importance of self-care, managing expectations, intentionality, and affection in fostering healthy relationships. Highlighting both the minefields and characteristics of thriving marriages, they delve into practical strategies for improvement, such as building a support team, enhancing communication, and establishing healthy rhythms. The episode underscores the universal relevance of these insights, applicable to various relationships beyond marriage, and sets the stage for future discussions on enriching the marriage relationship. Tom Barila is a compassionate and skilled coach with over 41 years of experience in the Marriage and Relationship field. He specializes in Marriage coaching (Pre-Engaged; Engaged; and Married) as well as life coaching. Tom utilizes a combination of the Prepare-Enrich methodology along with other coaching principles to provide clients with life-changing principles. He loves working with couples to help them set a firm foundation, sort out issues, seek unity, and to thrive. Tom endeavors to work with each couple (or individual) according to their areas of unique needs to help them invoke curiosity, achieve clarity, and a more balanced and fruitful life. Tom has served in the government, business, and non-profit sectors. He served in the U.S. Army as a Captain in the Signal Corps. In business, Tom managed Information Technology projects and led teams for major regional banking institutions. In the non-profit sector, Tom served as a Director of Education and Chief Technology Officer. Tom has earned a BBA degree, a Master's of Arts in Spiritual Formation, is a certified Christian Educator, a certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach, and a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator. Currently, Tom serves as the “Head Coach” and owner of the Marriage and Relationship Coaching Center, LLC, Richmond, VA. Tom has been married for over 41 years and has 2 adult children and 2 grandsons. He enjoys collaborating with people, the outdoors, coaching sports, and playing tennis and golf. Tom can be reached at


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Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

In this episode of 'Space for Life,' the topic revolves around the significance of adopting a long-term perspective on personal development and growth, focusing on becoming the person you wish to be over decades. Tommy encourages listeners to think beyond short-term gains and introduces the idea of mentorship as a life-enriching practice. Special attention is given to the role of mentors in various aspects of life, such as career, marriage, and personal growth, offering insights on finding a mentor and embracing the role of being a mentor to others. The episode shares practical advice on initiating mentorship relationships, benefiting from them, and contributing to others' lives, ultimately suggesting mentorship as a lifestyle for profound personal and communal growth. 00:00 Introduction to the Long Game in Life 00:55 Recap of Phenomenal Episodes and Their Impact 03:16 The Core Practice of Finding and Being a Mentor 06:41 Defining Mentorship and Its Importance 12:36 How to Find a Mentor: Strategies and Tips 18:05 The Transformative Power of Being a Mentor 22:23 Taking Action: A Challenge to Engage in Mentorship 24:50 Conclusion and Encouragement to Share the Episode


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Seasons of a Life Well-Lived: Elaine Metcalf

In this special episode, long-time friend and mentor, Elaine Metcalf, reflects on her life and the various 'seasons' she has navigated. The discussion includes her early days with her husband Bob and the working and faith journey that took them from pioneering ministries in Richmond such as STEP and CBS, to leading international mission work in East Asia. Elaine discusses the challenges and rewards of making impactful choices in the midst of the everday challenges of work and raising a family. The conversation explores 'seasons of life' and emphasizes the importance of embracing change, seeking God, and boldly following Him. Elaine also opens up about her battle with cancer and how she continues to find faith and purpose during this time. 00:00 Introduction and Guest Background 01:01 Reflecting on Life's Seasons 02:44 The Power of Mentorship 04:10 Exploring Life's Themes 04:33 The Importance of Hospitality 08:02 The Journey to Richmond 09:36 The Start of a New Chapter 10:51 The Challenges of Starting Fresh 13:28 Finding a Home and a Community 22:24 The Birth of a New Ministry 28:56 The Need for a Bigger Space 29:13 Building Relationships and Community 30:03 Transitioning into a New Season 30:24 The Challenge of Elder Care 31:07 Building a New Home and Adjusting to Change 32:20 Reflections on Life's Unexpected Turns 36:08 The Power of Connection and Hospitality 37:43 The Journey to East Asia 44:54 Facing the Challenges of Cancer 48:13 Reflecting on Life and Faith in the Midst of Trials 54:13 The Importance of Scripture and Inner Growth 56:51 Final Thoughts and Reflections


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Expanding Your Comfort Zone

In this episode, Tommy introduces the concept of “expanding comfort zones”, discussing specific ways to expand them, along with examples of everyday people who have ventured out of their comfort zones. Tommy challenges listeners to step out of their personal comfort zones in various aspects of life like social, emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual. Lastly, the host offers 10 practical ways to step outside one's comfort zone. 00:00 Introduction and Recap of Previous Episodes 01:09 Upcoming Episodes and Invitation for Audience Participation 03:07 Introduction to the Topic: Expanding Your Comfort Zone 04:43 Understanding and Identifying Your Comfort Zones 06:52 Steps to Expanding Your Comfort Zone 08:27 Real-Life Examples of Expanding Comfort Zones 25:21 The Role of God in Expanding Comfort Zones 30:46 Practical Steps to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone 36:02 Conclusion and Encouragement to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


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The Art and Joy of Journaling: Weezie Thompson

This special podcast episode features a conversation about journaling with Tommy's wife of 42 years, Weezie Thompson. They provide advice for people who want to start journaling, emphasizing the need for individuals to make the practice their own. Weezie shares that she uses her journals to note daily affirmations, express gratitude, record prayers, and log specific life events. They also discuss the impact of journaling on their lives, how their practices differ, and how journaling has helped them navigate life's most difficult challenges, such as cancer and grief. Both agree that journaling has helped them find peace, analyze life, see God at work more, and adds joy to their lives. 00:02 Introduction and Guest Introduction 00:59 The Importance and Practice of Journaling 02:09 Personal Experiences and Approaches to Journaling 04:00 The Evolution of Journaling Practices 05:43 The Role of Journaling in Spiritual Life 09:17 The Process and Structure of Journaling 12:09 The Role of Gratitude in Journaling 17:01 The Use of Journaling for Prayer 20:25 The Aesthetics and Tools of Journaling 25:32 The Joy and Freedom in Journaling 28:48 The Importance of Regular Journaling 29:12 Finding the Right Environment for Journaling 29:49 The Role of Journaling in Personal Reflection 31:26 Journaling as a Tool for Contemplation 31:51 Journaling to Track God's Work in Your Life 32:27 Journaling as a Habit for a More Aware Life 33:33 Journaling as a Memory Keeper 34:50 The Benefits of Journaling 40:31 Journaling Through Difficult Times 49:23 Challenges and Recommendations for Journaling You can find Weezie's journals and note cards on her Etsy shop at BotanicalsByWeezie


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The Power of A Few Kind Words - Tracey Gates

Transforming Lives with 'A Few Kind Words': A Conversation with Tracey Gates In this episode, Tracey Gates, a wellness coach and author of The Power of a Few Kind Words discusses her practice of intentional kindness. She shares her year-long experience of writing an unexpected letter of appreciation each day, highlighting the transformative effects of this activity not only for her but also for the recipients. The most profound of these letters was the last one - a heart-tugging message to her deceased father. Tracey also shares practical tips for writing appreciation letters. Additional topics include her father's powerful influence, recognizing the 'love language' of words of affirmation, and her book, 'The Power of a Few Kind Words.' Lastly, Tracey emphasizes that everyone has the inherent power to positively influence others and transform themselves through simple acts of intentional kindness. 00:02 Introduction and Welcome Back 00:38 Introducing Guest: Tracy Gates 03:06 The Power of Unexpected Letters of Appreciation 05:11 The Impact of Kindness on Others 09:17 The Origin of the Kindness Journey 12:33 The Transformational Power of Kindness 16:48 The Legacy of Kind Words 19:21 The Impact of Kindness on the Writer 25:27 The Power of Intentional Kindness 30:33 The Power of Handwritten Letters 31:44 The Impact of a Personal Story 36:11 The Art of Writing Appreciation Letters 45:15 The Last Letter to My Dad 49:40 Connecting with the World Through Kindness 52:23 Final Thoughts and Wrap Up


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Listening and Responding to God's Voice: An honest conversation with Michelle Layer Rahal

In this fascinating episode of 'Space for Life', host Tommy Thompson chats with an Indie award-winning author, speaker, writing coach, Michelle Layer Rahal. She discusses her journey as an author, writing her debut book 'Straining Forward', a compelling biography of a Vietnamese refugee's incredible life journey. Michelle emphasizes the importance of listening to God's voice and responding to it, a theme central to her most recent book, 'Are You Listening?' Michelle talks honestly about the real-life implications of trying to discern God's voice in our lives, dealing with God's silence, and perspectives about the 'dark night of the soul.' 00:06 Introduction and Guest Introduction 00:19 The Connection Between the Host and the Guest 01:26 Guest's Background and Career 02:05 Understanding the Role of a Writing Coach 05:12 The Journey of Writing the First Book 16:08 Reading an Excerpt from the First Book 20:06 The Aftermath of Writing the First Book 21:26 The Inspiration Behind the Second Book 25:59 Understanding God's Voice and Responding to It 29:11 God's Perception of Us 29:23 The Power of Listening to God 29:49 God's Constant Presence in Our Lives 30:20 The Challenge of Recognizing God's Voice 31:06 The Importance of Spiritual Disciplines 31:40 Understanding God's Character 32:33 Recognizing God's Voice Amidst Other Voices 33:17 The Role of Faith in Hearing God's Voice 34:04 Distinguishing God's Voice from Others 34:28 The Deception of the Devil 35:31 The Role of Dreams and Visions in God's Communication 39:20 The Importance of Community in Recognizing God's Voice 45:42 The Challenge of Recognizing God's Voice in Difficult Times 45:56 The Dark Night of the Soul 51:18 Connecting with God's Voice 51:31 The Role of Scripture and Prayer in Hearing God's Voice 52:21 The Joy of Responding to God's Call


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Becoming a Lighthouse: Emily DuBose

In this episode of 'Space for Life', Tommy has an inspiring conversation with guest Emily DuBose, the founder of Lighthouse RVA. Emily shares her personal journey of faith, starting from her early work at St. Andrews school, to her experiences with various volunteering roles, all leading to the creation of The Lighthouse RVA. Lighthouse RVA is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive community for women in recovery from addiction, offering a range of activities and opportunities to feel 'normal' and loved. Emily advocates for just taking 'the next step', believing that God's plans will come together in his time. She discusses the importance of community in addiction recovery and how seemingly small and ordinary gestures can significantly impact lives. 00:05 Introduction and Guest Introduction 00:53 Discussing the Concept of BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) 02:19 Emily's Journey and the Story of Lighthouse RVA 07:26 Understanding Addiction and the Importance of Community 10:01 The Birth of Lighthouse RVA 15:15 The Impact of Lighthouse RVA 19:31 Reflecting on the Journey and God's Guidance 23:39 The Power of Perseverance and Trusting the Process 29:20 Discovering Thistle Farms: A Turning Point 30:31 Taking the Leap: Attending the Thistle Farms Workshop 31:50 The First Steps of Lighthouse RVA 32:48 Overcoming Fear and Embracing the Unknown 34:45 The Power of Small Steps and Great Love 36:53 The Role of Community in Lighthouse RVA 39:27 Breaking Down Barriers: The Impact of Lighthouse RVA 41:45 The Future of Lighthouse RVA 42:38 Reflections on Leadership and the Power of the Next Step 43:41 Connecting with Lighthouse RVA 46:37 Final Thoughts and Encouragement


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Empowering Health: Jim and Nicole Holland

Wellness and Transformation: A conversation with Jim and Nicole Holland - Overcoming Health Challenges for a Brighter Future In this podcast episode of 'Space for Life', Tommy interviews Nicole and Jim Holland, founders of 'Hope 30' and 'Hope Essentials'. The Hollands share their unique wellness journey which began with a focus on improving personal health and evolved into a desire to help others. Jim talks about his transition from being overweight and diabetic to being healthy through natural methods and lifestyle adjustments. He discusses how achieving metabolic health is vital to overall wellness. The pair also focuses on the vital role community, accountability, and positive self-talk play in the process of health and wellness improvement. Furthermore, they emphasize the importance of honoring our bodies as temples, considering it essential for spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. The podcast concludes with them highlighting their organic salad dressings, barbecue sauce, stir fry sauce, and upcoming sleep supplements aiming to aid in holistic health promotion. 00:05 Introduction and Personal Health Journey 00:50 Guest Introduction: Jim and Nicole Holland 02:22 Mission of Hope Essentials 04:28 Personal Health Transformation Stories 09:00 The Birth and Growth of Hope30 14:49 The Impact of Community and Positive Mindset 21:26 The Power of Hope and Possibility 29:37 Struggles with Weight Loss and the Importance of Health 31:06 The Concept of Eating 'Foods by God' and 'Foods by Man' 33:02 The Role of Faith in Health and Wellness 33:23 The Journey to Health and the Role of Vanity 35:11 The Body's Ability to Heal Itself and the Importance of Proper Nutrition 41:24 The Importance of Sleep and Exercise in Health 48:53 Exploring HOPE30 and HOPE Essentials 51:05 Future Plans and Final Thoughts Resources:


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How to Be Made Well: Amy Julia Becker

Amy Julia Becker reflects on her personal journey, recognising the detrimental impacts of her rigorous striving and pursuit of success during high school and college. While she effectually acquired commendable achievements, she confesses to falling into unhealthy practices that led to a severe eating disorder. Even while suffering, the pressure to perform made her overlook her own health. She discusses how this experience enabled her to understand her need to slow down and relinquish her persistent compulsion to achieve, acknowledging this as a necessary part of her personal wellbeing. Amy Julia Becker is an award-winning writer and speaker on disability, family, culture, and faith. She is the author of four books, including To Be Made Well: An Invitation to Wholeness, Healing, and Hope, a guest opinion writer for national publications, and the host of the Love Is Stronger Than Fear podcast. Becker is a graduate of Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary (MDiv). She lives with her husband and their three children in western Connecticut. SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @amyjuliabecker Facebook: @amyjuliabeckerwriter Twitter: @amyjuliabecker Website: BOOKS: · To Be Made Well: An Invitation to Wholeness, Healing, and Hope · White Picket Fences: Turning Towards Love in a World Divided by Privilege · Small Talk: Learning From My Children About What Matters Most · A Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Expectations, and a Little Girl Named Penny


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Remember 2023 - PEACH

Reflecting on the Year with PEACH: People, Experiences, Accomplishments, Challenges, and Hopes On today's episode of Space for Life, Tommy shares an end-of-the-year reflective exercise he found beneficial in journaling. This reminiscing activity, coined as PEACH, helps him to review the year that passed. With PEACH, he recollects the People who mattered most, Experiences he lived through, Accomplishments he achieved, Challenges he endured, and finally, the Hopes that keep him forward-looking. Tommy encourages his audience to engage in this empowering process of remembering 2023 in a way that fosters gratitude, self-awareness, and hope for 2024. He ends the episode by expressing his excitement for upcoming episodes in the new year. 00:02 Introduction and Purpose of the Episode 00:29 The Origin of the Year-End Reflection 02:01 The Importance of Remembering 02:48 Introducing the PEACH Acronym 03:11 Remembering People 04:00 Remembering Experiences 04:53 Remembering Accomplishments 05:34 Remembering Challenges 06:08 Remembering Hopes 06:56 Conclusion and New Year Wishes