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Four zany Catholic young adults, seeking God in the midst of this crazy, mixed-up world. We discuss life, relationships, work, fun, and everything else in our world through the lens of our Catholic Faith, as seen through the eyes of young adults.

Four zany Catholic young adults, seeking God in the midst of this crazy, mixed-up world. We discuss life, relationships, work, fun, and everything else in our world through the lens of our Catholic Faith, as seen through the eyes of young adults.


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Four zany Catholic young adults, seeking God in the midst of this crazy, mixed-up world. We discuss life, relationships, work, fun, and everything else in our world through the lens of our Catholic Faith, as seen through the eyes of young adults.




Restless 99 - Loving Yourself

Jesus tells us to love others as we love ourselves...but how do we love ourselves? Many people struggle with it - is it prideful to enjoy our accomplishments? How do we not live in shame because of our weaknesses? How do we not regret the past, or fear the future? Tune in to Fr. Joseph, Matt, Angelica, and Paul as they discuss how as Christians we are supposed to love ourselves - by seeing ourselves through God's eyes!


Restless 98 - Traditional Latin Mass, Part 2

Continuing our conversation from last week, tune in to hear the Restless crew discuss the beauty of the traditional liturgy, how it can help to improve and inform the Novus Ordo Mass, and how it can help us grow in holiness!


Restless 97 - The Traditional Latin Mass, Part 1

The Traditional Latin Mass is a perennial source of conversation in the Catholic world. Some love it, others find it difficult to appreciate. It is a valuable part of our tradition, but in some circles it is not without controversy. Hear Fr. Joseph, Diane, Joe, and Lauren discuss their experience with and perspectives on the Traditional Latin Mass!


Restless 96 - Healing Interior Wounds

Life can be tough - we get hurt by our family, our relationships, our circumstances. It's a world full of broken people. Jesus Christ comes to heal us - but can He heal the deep wounds that we have suffered from rejection, trauma, or the struggles and stresses of life? Yes, He can! Tune in to hear how we can encounter the healing love of Jesus to heal the wounds that life inflicts upon us.


Restless 95 - All This, and Heaven too!

For believers in Christ, we await a world far beyond our imagining. But many things in our lives are foretastes of Heaven, giving us a glimpse into the joy that God promises. Tune in to hear Fr. Joseph and Joe discuss Heaven and how the things of this world direct us to our true home!


Restless 94 - Overturn of Roe vs Wade

Catholics were delighted when the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade, ending the federal protections of abortion. All those many years of prayer, fasting, witnessing, and marching - and life wins. But this was only one victory in the fight to defend life, a fight that continues in so many ways. A moment to pause, rejoice, thank God, and then continue to pray, fast, witness, and march - until hearts are changed, until all persons see the dignity of all life from the first moment of...


Restless 93 - Martha and Mary

The Scriptural story of Martha and Mary gives us the contrasting images of the active life and the contemplative, a busybody and a quiet one. Which one are you? Which one should Catholics strive to be? Tune in to hear Fr. Joseph, Matt, and Diane discuss how this Scripture story shapes and guides the balance we strive to have between the interior life and our exterior life of apostolate!


Restless 92 - Conversion Stories, Part 2

The whole of life is a constant conversion, a daily turning back to the Lord. But some people's journey from darkness to light is more radical than others...tune in to hear Fr. Joseph and Joe talk about some saints and ordinary Catholics whose lives were drastically changed by God's grace!

Restless 91 - Conversion Stories, Part 1

We love to hear stories of conversion - how people went from a life of sin or faithlessness to becoming a fervent disciple of Christ! Some of the saints went through dramatic conversions; and many people that we know personally have also gone through such a radical change in their life's orientation. Tune in to hear Fr. Joseph and Joe discuss some of their favorite conversion stories - and the conversion that God is doing in their own lives!


Restless 90 - Overcoming Habitual Sin

Sometimes we struggle to overcome stubborn sins in our lives. We take them to Confession and try as we might, but they just come back. Whether it be a lack of patience, a struggle with lust, a quick temper, eating too much, or any other sins, it can be a real challenge to overcome them. Hear some advice on overcoming these habitual sins, and listen to how Fr. Joseph, Matt, Angelica, and Lauren were able to make progress in eliminating some of these persistent peccadillos!


Restless 89 - Domestic Felicity

As young adults, one of the more important choice we have to make is where to live. Do we rent? Buy? Live with our parents? Do we get roommates, or do we live by ourselves? And how to we turn our room/apartment/house into a home? Tune in to hear how Fr. Joseph, Diane, Paul, and Carmelena have found happiness in their homes - no matter where they live!


Restless 88 - The Struggle Is Necessary

We often want to make life easy, convenient, and pleasant. No one wants to struggle, fight, or suffer. But the struggling and suffering is part of the beauty of life - necessary to help us grow in holiness. Tune in to hear how Fr. Joseph, Angelica, Matt, and Lauren have faced their struggles in life, and how God has brought great good out of suffering!


Restless 87 - Patriotism

As we celebrate Independence Day, how are we as Catholics supposed to love our country? We are citizens of the United States and also citizens of Heaven; we love our country while recognizing its imperfections and seeking to improve it. Celebrate this Fourth of July weekend with Restless as we dive into the intersection between our Catholic Faith and our American civic life!


Restless 86 - Intercultural Relationships

We live in a very diverse world. Globalization has given us opportunities to interact with people of different races, nationalities, and religions. In many ways this has enriched our lives, but it's not without its challenges. Many young adults are trying to navigate friendships - and romantic relationships - across cultures, with both blessings and obstacles in the way! Tune in to hear Fr. Joseph, Carmelena, and special guests John and Sakhile, as they discuss the joys and challenges of...


Restless 85 - Social Anxiety and Shyness

It's not easy to meet new people, and many of us would consider ourselves to be shy and introverted. How can we overcome our natural reticence to meet new people? When can introversion be a blessing, and when can it be a challenge? How can we help people who are shy and reserved to "join in the fun"? Tune in to hear Fr. Joseph, Diane, Lauren, and Joe talk about the challenges of being an introvert - and the blessing that comes with meeting new people!


Restless 84 - Why Do Catholics Do That, Part 2

Why do priests wear black? Are Catholics supposed to fast before Communion? Why do Catholics confess their sins to a priest? Is everything in the Bible literally true? Isn't it idolatry to have statues? Continuing our discussion from last week, hear Fr. Joseph and the gang discuss these and other Catholic questions that people often wonder about!


Restless 83 - Why Do Catholics Do That? Part 1

Catholicism is full of things that might seem strange to an outsider. Why do Catholics call their priest "Father"? What's up with the signs of the Cross during the Gospel? Are Catholics allowed to get tattoos? We answer these questions - and more! Tune in to hear Fr. Joseph, Lauren, Diane, and Joe answer those thorny questions about some of the odd and obscure teachings and practices of Catholicism!


Restless 82 - Tithing

Many people say that the Church talks too much about money. It seems like they're always fundraising for something! But more than just raising money, God wants to raise us up to have generous hearts, and give us a chance to participate in the critical mission of the Church to bring the world to Christ. According to the Bible, we are supposed to give 10% of our goods to God. But does anyone actually do that - especially young adults in the modern world? How and why should we donate to the...


Restless 81 - Greatest Advice You’ve Ever Received

As young adults we don't know it all (though we like to think we do!). But those around us - both our peers and our elders - have wisdom to share about how to live well. Hear Fr. Joseph, Diane, Joe, and Lauren share the greatest advice they've ever received - and you may just grow in wisdom as well!


Restless 80 - Dryness in Prayer

Prayer isn't always roses and delights - the spiritual life is often an arduous desert, a daily faithfulness to God despite silence from Heaven. But even the great saints struggled through dryness in prayer - and this launched them to the heights of holiness. Hear how the Restless crew deal with dryness in prayer, and why it is critical to go through a time of desolation so that we may seek God alone!