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Talking occultism, psi, history and culture. Coming to you from sunny west London!

Talking occultism, psi, history and culture. Coming to you from sunny west London!
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Talking occultism, psi, history and culture. Coming to you from sunny west London!




Talking Tarot and Meaning | T. Susan Chang

This week we return to one of our most popular topics of conversation... Tarot! Joining us to do so is author, professional card reader, podcaster and tarot teacher, T. Susan Chang. We cover fortune telling, journeying with tarot, using playing cards, how to get to know new decks and bravely attempt to work out quite where it is 'meaning' comes from. Enjoy! Show Notes Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday ReadersSusie's websiteSusie's etsy storeSusie's tarot podcast:...


Talking The Miracle Club | Mitch Horowitz

This week, we welcome Mitch Horowitz back to the show to talk about his latest -and frankly fantastic- book, The Miracle Club. Mitch and I chat about the origins of New Thought, its shortcomings and areas of much-needed improvement, as well as some of the contemporary scientific data that suggests there really is something fundamentally true and important about your attitude and headspace and how it might impact reality. Really, really good stuff. Show Notes The Miracle ClubMitch's...


Season of the Witch | Solo Show

In October's solo show, we discuss the eruption of the witch into so-called 'popular culture', with a particular emphasis on the reboot of Charmed, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and American Horror Story: Apocalypse. And, for once, there aren't spoilers! Show Notes The Witchy Beauty Trend's Ancient, Sexist Roots


Halloween Special | Scarlet Imprint

It is once again time for our annual catch up with Alkistis and Peter of Scarlet Imprint! I always look forward to these discussions as -for one- I learn so much and -for two- it gives me those warm, 'find the others' feels. This week's episode has all of that in spades. We talk angels, landscape, tarot, books and, inevitably, witchcraft and the wider culture. Enjoy! Show Notes Scarlet ImprintAlkistis DimechScarlet Imprint on TwitterAlkistis on TwitterScarlet Imprint on InstagramAlkistis...


Talking The Healing Power of Light | Anadi Martel

This week, we welcome to the show physicist, light therapist, researcher and author of Light Therapies: A Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Light, Anadi Martel. Now, if you’ve read Pieces of Eight, or if you’ve seen some of the premium member bonus material, you’ll know I’ve long been fascinated by what we stupidly still call ‘alternative medicine’ rather than the more clunky if not much more accurate ‘modes of living and healing that do not emerge from a dysfunctional belief...


Talking 'The Mirror of Magic' and Kurt Seligmann | Daniel Mack

This week we speak with artist, teacher and maker, Daniel Mack. Daniel is also the chairman of the Seligmann Center Committee in upstate New York and joins us to talk about the life and work of the surrealist painter, Kurt Seligmann -in particular his book, The Mirror of Magic, first published in the late forties. In this wide ranging discussion, we talk art, irrationality, the impact of the Unconscious on the flow of history, early experiments in creative homesteading and the remarkable...


Talking Land Spirits and Pragmatic Enchantment | Jenx

This week we welcome back to the show one of the most popular returning guests, Jenx. As you might expect, he’s back in your ears talking us through Thai Occultism, to coincide with his recently released tour de force, The Thai Occult. Along the way, we cover land spirits, uses for specific ghosts, the universality of candle magic and the many nuances of love charms. Show Notes The Thai Occult.The Thai Occult Books on Facebook.


Talking 'Paranormal' Evidence and Skinwalkers | Joshua Cutchin

This week, we welcome back to the show author and researcher, Joshua Cutchin. Josh's last three books -including his most recent, Thieves in the Night, explore under-examined categories of evidence for the range of phenomena uneasily labelled 'paranormal'. Who better, then, to pick over Skinwalkers, abductions and the thorny issue of what constitutes evidence in the first place? Show Notes Josh's website Josh's recent post on evidence and skepticismThieves In The Night: A Brief History...


Talking Tarot and Off-Grid Living | Avalon Cameron

This week, we welcome hereditary witch, tarot creator and new Huon Valley neighbour, Avalon Cameron, onto the actual farm for a face to face chat. Our wide-ranging discussion explores growing up both weird and Brazilian in regional Australia, the goods and the bads of living off-grid and what to do with over 3,000 tarot decks when downsizing into a tiny house. Very good times! Show Notes So Below: Melbourne astrological magic eventAvalon's website and blogAvalon on PatreonAvalon on...


Talking The Lord of the Rings | Dr Becca Tarnas

This week, Dr Becca Tarnas returns to the show to discuss two of my very favourite things: Imaginal Journeying -including some really useful practical advice on Active Imagination- and The Lord of the Rings. Why it was written, how it was written, and what even am Middle Earth. Extremely good times. Enjoy! Show Notes Journey to the Imaginal Realm: Reading J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the RingsWebsite of Dr Becca TarnasBecca Tarnas on Twitter


Talking Indigenous Wisdom, Psi and Decolonisation | Dr Amba J. Sepie

This week, in an ever so slightly delayed show, we have an ever so slightly brilliant guest, Dr Amba J Sepie. I first encountered Dr Sepie’s work in Damned Facts, which is a Charles-Fort inspired collection of essays by academics who are exploring or confronting the broadly Fortean, edited by another previous guest, Dr Jack Hunter. We talk about navigating the academy's shortcomings, better ways of thinking with the broadly paranormal and participating in indigenous modes in a...


The Invention of Walking in Parks | Solo Show

Two solo shows in a row? Why, yes. This is technically the September one if you don't look at a calendar. But it is also a wild ramble through the politics, poetics and metaphysics of walking in public and private spaces. Dedicated with big love to the premium members who are officially embarking on the Q3 Course: Magical Geography and Spirits of Place. Show Notes Skewing the Picture - China Miéville


Near and Far Places | Solo Show

The August solo show! In the lead-up to the Q3 premium member course on Magical Geography, this month we explore the notion of near and far places, cold places, and imaginal places. Colonial ghosts, Antarctica and Ursula Le Guin ahead. Enjoy.


Talking Permaculture and Design Thinking | Dan Palmer

This week we welcome to the show permaculture designer and theorist, Dan Palmer. Dan is the host of the podcast, Making Permaculture Stronger, where he facilitates fascinating discussions on what’s right and what’s wrong with permaculture and where it might be headed next. And the tl;dr is that what’s wrong with permaculture is, in the main, what’s wrong with everything else. So we have a great discussion on the theory of design in general, the shortcomings of western categorisations and...


Talking Ursula K. Le Guin | James Sullivan

This week, we speak to James Sullivan. James is a fellow podcaster and -more importantly- a fellow fan of Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea series. So these books form the through-line for a wide ranging discussion on the state of modern philosophy, theories of mind, the role of fantasy fiction and what might be called subversive, anarcho-pacifist self-transformation. Great stuff. Show Notes James the Giant PodcastJames on TwitterJames on Facebook


Talking AI and Personhood | Kenric McDowell

This week, we are speaking with Kenric McDowell. Kenric is a musician, public speaker, and AI curator for Google Research. We discuss AI, inevitably, but not from either a lurid ‘the world is ending’ way or from a 'techno-utopian jibber jabber' way. Instead we look at what the implications of AI are for personhood, a theory of technology and its appropriateness, and whether we’re teaching AI to think or AI is teaching us to. Very, very good times. Show Notes Kenric's websiteKenric on...


Everything Retrograde | Solo Show

As promised, and just in time, here's the July solo show. It was gonna be too annoying to have dropped a week for mere illness after 136 episodes delivered rain, hail, or shine in five countries, on boats, in hotel rooms, and so on. So! The broken run has been mended with a Mars Retrograde ghost story. Enjoy.


Talking the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis | Richard Dolan

This week, we welcome the one and only Richard Dolan to the show. As you’re very likely aware, Richard is the author and publisher of many books in the UFO field, as well as a radio host, trained historian and gifted public speaker. We actually met out in the central Australian desert in May of this year and had the opportunity to chat about what’s right and what’s wrong with the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). For those of you who are unaware, ETH is the model for UFO phenomena that...


Hobbits and Space Programmes | Solo Show

Another solo show this week, inspired in part by Douglas Rushkoff's recent article on the grimness of the billionaire future. We play around with notions of technology and personhood and agency and morality and AI. Also hobbits. Enjoy.


Talking Cosmic Activism | Conner Habib

This week, we welcome back to the show my good friend, Conner Habib. Writer, sex worker, activist, Anthroposophist and host of Against Everyone with Conner Habib. And the topics under discussion are how desire destroys materialism and what a cosmic or fully haunted activism might look like. Show Notes Against Everyone with Conner HabibAEWCH Episode exploring how desire destroys materialismConner on Twitter