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Like Psychology for the Soul in a Modern World ~ Merging Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality & Soul with Truth, Love-Wisdom & Beauty. By blending both Western Psychological Sciences with Ageless Eastern Wisdom. From the body, heart, mind connection and beyond in Tantra, to the Ageless & Esoteric mysteries of life, love, relationships & everything in between. Join me, Elise Carr M.A., the woman behind StellaMuse, as I guide you along a Truer Spiritual Path to Knowing Yourself & and All That Is. Are ready to journey with me...


Melbourne, Victoria


Like Psychology for the Soul in a Modern World ~ Merging Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality & Soul with Truth, Love-Wisdom & Beauty. By blending both Western Psychological Sciences with Ageless Eastern Wisdom. From the body, heart, mind connection and beyond in Tantra, to the Ageless & Esoteric mysteries of life, love, relationships & everything in between. Join me, Elise Carr M.A., the woman behind StellaMuse, as I guide you along a Truer Spiritual Path to Knowing Yourself & and All That Is. Are ready to journey with me...






The Life Changing Art of Detachment

We are creatures of habit. Creatures of comfort. Who seek pleasure over pain, familiar over unfamiliar. We’ve been programmed in modern times to seek the fast, cheap and easy in life. Be that in diet, fitness and health regimes to fixing our relationship problems in ‘only three steps’. What if we instead turn within and seek to learn The Art of Detachment? Detachment from thoughts, emotions and behaviours that limit us and keep us repeating the same cycles while our bodies age and weary....


The Mystics & The Esotericists ~ Blending Heart, Mind & Beyond

Today more than ever, if we are to walk the Path we walk it not only for ourselves but, to purify ourselves to be channels of light to illuminate the way for others. We do so by harmonising and blending the Way of The Heart with The Way of the Mind. The Love with The Wisdom. The Mystical with The Esoteric. For the Mystic of yesterday is to become the esotericist of today. Let’s explore some famous mystics and esotericists. How we can not only learn from them but, also how we can develop our...


Flourish Through Adversity: No Mud, No Lotus

How do you get to living from that place where you radiate as the Lotus you are here to be, when you’re feeling stuck in the mud of adversity; be that challenge, change or crisis? If you pay attention you can sense, hear, learn and know that the mud serves and nourishes you. It can help awaken, teach you compassion and turn knowledge and lived experience into wisdom. So, let’s look at some ways you can Flourish Through Adversity by embracing the opportune mud along the Way. Together, We...


7 Mystical Truths for Travelling the Sacred Path in Crazy Times

When you are committed to walking a conscious path, of choosing love over fear even in crazy & uncertain times, you begin to ‘see’ & eventually know that there's only going forward, no going back; to who you were last year, or yesterday. That what was normal before is no longer. You awaken to the sacred that is within you. But how do you get from feeling fear & uncertainty to deeper awareness? How do you travel the Path in harmony & flow with the duality of this life?... Let’s explore!


Modern Love: Self, Lover & Soul

Do you feel loved? Deeply seen, heard, cherished & fulfilled by love; with yourself? In a relationship with a beloved? By friendships, family, a teacher or guide? How about with Your own soul? Most people I work with are longing, hungry & wanting to fill a void. They feel, sense & know something integral to be missing. Let's cultivate, experience, explore and deepen your; Love with Self. Love with a current or future lover or beloved and, Love with All That is – from Soul to Spirit.


Secrets to Navigating the Spiritual Path

I want to share with you some wisdom secrets, hard won knowledge and sacred guidance of those who walk the Path; the mystical and esoteric, Yogic & Tantric, conscious and spiritual – however you relate to it. For leading a life upon the more genuine path can be made clearer with guidance from those further along the Way. What do you need to know from here? Let me share some of the key secrets to navigating what the Path will bring up for you if you do commit, or are already committed to this...


Balancing BEing & DOing in Relationships

Balancing the two axis of DOing & BEing can greatly impact your daily life, your consciousness & spiritual path &, all your relationships. Especially intimate relationships. A union I call; The Lover & The Beloved. One who's more inclined to give love & One who's more inclined to receive. (Whether you're currently in an intimate relationship or not this exploration can easily be an opportunity to reflect, better understand & learn from previous relationships or prepare for future...


The Sacredness of the Moment – Embodying Presence

Instead of living in virtual worlds, living disconnected & severed from what you really are, distracted, worrying, rushing, anxious...I I offer you practical entry points to embodying your own presence. Guiding you to reconnect with the sacredness of this moment. Your life. Through the beauty of a consistent morning practice, learning the art, the beauty and the power of slowing down with calm stillness, being the watcher and witness of your personality nature, journeying with breath and...


Loving Reconnection - GUIDED PRACTICE

This gentle and loving guided practice will help you relax your physical body, calm your emotional body, and slow the busy mind with simple breath, self-reflection, awareness, visualisation and a soul alignment component. All to seamlessly reconnect you - beyond body, feelings and thoughts - to what you truly are, which is Love.


Self Care: Consumerism & Escapism or Love & Living Truth

Are we becoming increasingly self-obsessed with ‘self-care’ as a new consumer driven craze or are we becoming more self-aware? If we are becoming more self aware, how long do we dwell focusing on the 'self' before we see it's only a bridge to broader awareness beyond our individual selves? Let’s unpack self care from a consumer hype - escapism perspective, to exploring what healthy Self-Care looks like, how it weaves with Self-Love and why from there we find the bridge to Living Truth.


Transforming Anger & Unmet Needs into Intimacy & Activism

You get angry, you blame someone or something. It’s easy. It puts it outside of yourself & gives you a perfect out to not have to do any real work & break the anger cycle. From anger & blame, to unmet needs in romantic, professional & family relationships, & learning to get to the root cause - not just deal with effects, we cover it all. We also learn to move closer to love & intimacy & how anger can be used for good. For anyone who’s ever gotten angry or knows someone who has, this is for...


Raja Yoga: The King of Yoga

Raja yoga focuses more on mental control than how good you look and move in yoga pants. Known as the Kingly yoga, it incorporates all the other schools & adds advanced mental practices. The Path of Raja yoga is one of study & mind control to unite you with your highest self. Leading you to control yourself & your world. While it asks the most it gives the greatest return of all yoga; it leads to supreme enlightenment. While there are different forms and ways to attain this, Raja is the...


The White Tigress: Secret, Sexual-Spiritual Female Masters

An elite secret sect of women who were devoted and disciplined in sexual and spiritual practices. With the key pursuit being to restore their beauty and youthfulness to reach and attain full feminine potential and become, as they term it, an immortaless … Come journey with me into the sacred world of The White Tigress.


Spiritual Values for a Purposeful Life

You’re either governed in part by your values, or you're neglecting them & governed by someone else’s values. Walking a spiritual path of purpose is a commitment to your highest self, to all fellow humanity & to Source. It's in this simple yet profoundly deep & life changing commitment that you can truly find your purpose in the world. Knowing that no matter what life may place before you, you have your spiritual values like a north star shining on the dark night, lighting your path toward...


Change: The Fear & The Beauty

Why do some of us struggle with change? Like the end of a relationship. A job that has ended or, our entire career is over. That we have to leave a place we love and move elsewhere. Then there is change in health, or the experience of a loved one dying or, life with a new baby. What is clear when we look at change and how we experience it is that if we aren’t closer to the embracing end of the spectrum, we’re likely creating fear instead. Let's explore moving from The Fear to The Beauty of...


Shining a Light on Suicide: Prevention, Support & Grief

This episode explores how to offer support in regards to suicide prevention. Including signs to look for if someone you know may be suicidal. How self-care while supporting those in need is also important and finally, the journey of emotions and grieving for those of us navigating life after someone we know or love suicides.


Healing the Psyche & Emotions from Sexual Trauma

PODCAST MENTIONS SEXUAL TRAUMA Healing from trauma is a journey. There is more than one path you can take as you explore what is right for you, for where you are right now. Even if you haven't experienced sexual trauma in some capacity, you likely know someone who has. Some people aren’t aware there is opportunity to truly heal, even long after the trauma and I want to ensure, that as many people as possible know, that likely indeed complete healing is possible. Let's learn how...


Breaking Up with Toxic Relationships

Have you been in a toxic relationship at some point? With a romantic partner, friend, family member or colleague? Perhaps, you’re in one now. It can be toxic; physically / sexually, emotionally, verbally, mentally or spiritually toxic. It's important to acknowledge if you are in a toxic relationship of any kind. Equally important to be aware if you have a pattern of choosing or attracting these kinds of relationships. Or, if you're choosing to stay in one. Also knowing how to get the help...


Disillusionment with Life: from Illusion to Rebirth

The high becomes a low. It’s no longer worth it anymore; relationships – sexual, platonic, familiar, professional, work/career, the dreams you had, the goals you strived to make. When something comes to an end and those emotions you were feeling have dropped. The excitement, love, happiness is nowhere to be seen. Is this psychological or spiritual crisis? It can be both. But the letdown of disillusionment isn't your new life. There is opportunity to shift from illusion through...


Money ~ Crystallised Energy Made Divine

From the highest perspective money is energy. It's essentially love &, it's divine. You wouldn’t think that looking at the world we've shaped with money. How did we end up here? It’s been said humanity's trouble is a result of taking and not giving, grasping and not distributing. As a humanity, we've broken universal law in how we've taken and used money. Our role as conscious citizens of this new age is to change that. In order to make it happen we need to be informed to make right choices.