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Spiritual Bypassing & Spiritual Materialism

What you can look out for if you are falling into either Spiritual Materialism or especially Spiritual Bypass of avoiding the real work on the Spiritual Path. If you can see yourself or perhaps those you care about clinging to the shine and glitz of the pseudo-spiritual circus while not actually committing to being ‘Witness’; not meditating and studying the wisdom and truth teachings, nor embodying the authentic Path that calls. All this avoidance or pleasure seeking isn’t authentically...


Loss & Death; A Sacred Transformation

When it comes to death, can we not better see the process as part of the circle of life? –A truly sacred transformation from one state of being to another. I long for a time where we can better heal and continue on from a place of love with more ease and less attachment to what inevitably must be released while remaining connected to what is eternal … but in order for that to happen we must talk about it. If you are willing to come journey with me I want to share with you some mystical...


LOVE ~ The Selfless Revolution

How can we express more love in this world? The magnetic, attractive expression of consciousness that is LOVE. For many love is not really Love, it is a mix of a desire to be loved and to love, combined with a willingness to do (sometimes anything) to show and evoke this in another, essentially to feel better within oneself. Been here before? While this may 'feel' like love, it is called 'psudo-love' as it is a love of sentiment, not a love of Soul. That is why affection is not Love,...


Botox – More War on Beauty

I’d love the war on beauty to end, and instead see a world embrace Beauty, Botox Free. Beauty today is so glamourised and sexualised that it’s not ‘seen’ in its truth. Beauty has morphed into a tired ideal. It’s sold to us as something that is deliberately exclusive and often unattainable – meaning a very small few are deemed beautiful, thus we as a humanity are shown and start to believe in a very small and restricted ‘beauty’ ideal. This may come and go in trend waves but it is always...


Navigating Anxiety

Fear, worry, nervousness, panic … Anxiety is not something that is easily talked about for many. Yet more and more people are finding everyday life harder to manage and want to find answers. Be it fleeting anxious moments, frequent sensations of angst for the world we live in or, panic attacks when all gets too much to bear, anxiety doesn’t have to be a mystery. I’ve been particularly drawn to research, study and explore how we can better understand where anxiety comes from, what triggers...


Warriors of Compassion & Light

Warriors are often seen as strong, resilient, courageous, ready for anything and especially ready for battle. That’s what they train for after all. But we have past the time in human evolution where a warrior’s strength is solely of body. The greatest battle is within, it is of mind and emotions along with the glamours and illusions that veil the truth and keep us fixated on the physical body. True strength we learn along the path is found in the harmony of an open loving and pure heart, a...


Feminine Disconnect to Empowered Heart

Ever thought you don’t feel like ‘you’, even just for a moment, a day, a phase? Like a disconnect from your authentic self, from your true power; who you want to be and how you want to make a difference in all you do? At times disconnection is part of life. The cycle of the human experience. Though it may have you feeling that you have lost a connection to a deep part of you. Or have you wonder if you have ever been able to truly connect to an elusive part of yourself before. These...


Navigating the 'Dark Night of the Soul'

(Today I share with you a slice of the 10 VEILS book available as a free gift from me to you from There is a longing for a sense of home in your body. Close your eyes a moment, can you feel it? There is a longing for the feminine. This is the time to acknowledge that you do not need to be plucked from obscurity and made a star. It is you who must pick yourself up, heal, clear and open yourself to become the shining light you are here to be. For your inner flame has dulled...


Tantra, Kundalini & The Jade Egg, is this the Sexual Fast Food Movement?

Tantra, Kundalini & the Jade Egg - as I share with you - are only some of the radically sexualised and glamourised ways of stripping the sacred bare. And they are a direct reflection of the values we see in society today. Where the shiny, feel good, quick fix, instant gratification (called the path of least resistance) is not only easier, it looks sexier and more erotic and, of course, it’s the way to go as everyone is doing it, claiming it’s magical effects, 'Gramming and Tweeting about...


Awakening Truth, Love & Beauty

Some time ago now the words, “Truth, Beauty, Love” began coming to me as I sat in meditation. I’d never heard of these three words together like that. I knew “these are my values of sorts”, but not how they are deeply understood or, how and why they connect together. In speaking with one of my teachers I was told this is what I seek and, they are my qualities. The teacher also mentioned, “The good, the beautiful and the true”… which I began to Muse on deeper. Come journey with me today into...


Are You Prostituting Your Soul?

Have you ever made a decision that you knew was not honouring your truth? Then you have connected with the inner prostitute. I’ve done it. It’s not necessarily about selling your body, but selling your soul for gain, financial or otherwise. It is putting a price tag on yourself, at the highest cost to you. It is your challenges with, and fear of survival that drives the shadow prostitute. Your harmony with survival lets it live in the light and lets you live in greater alignment with your...


Entitlement Detox

When you change your ‘beliefs’ and ‘stories’, you can reawaken your empowerment from within and deepen your truth. Sometimes this calls for you to leave the fiery wants and needs of passion, pleasure and perfect success to search within the darkness of your own shadow; your ego personality, to uncover and confront how you may be holding yourself back from your own empowerment…which I like to call your truth, your ability to connect with what you really are which is a Soul. Together, We...


Feminine Evolution; Primal, Emotional & Heart

What if we haven’t seen the purest feminine energy yet? What if we only see lower aspects of femininity while there is so much more longing to be revealed and revived, made safe enough and loved enough to Awaken in you and each woman? I’m certain there is more than we can even imagine right now. Working through this along my path and supporting women along theirs, I have been inspired to create you an in-depth guide of how to’s, insights, raw truth, beauty, wisdom and inspiration to shift...


Kundalini Fire; from Illusions & Dangers to Truth

Be it called Kundalini bodywork, Kundalini Tantra, Kundalini Activation or Kundalini Awakening what we are seeing at the moment is Kundalini sold as the ‘the new black’; the must have item in your spiritual wardrobe of experiences. If you identify as a new age spiritual seeker, curious and hungry to take consciousness to new heights, even to enlightenment, you would have likely come across Kundalini, perhaps even taken a workshop, training, or retreat along with everyone else to not miss...


Living A Tantric Life, For Real

I have been asked on many occasions “how do you maintain a ‘Tantric lifestyle’ amongst work and life commitments?” This is a brilliant question which I wanted to get real with by demystify for you some of what Tantra isn’t so you can begin to get a better grasp on what it is. A Tantric lifestyle is ‘work’ and ‘life’ – as it is a way of life. It is not a part of the whole, it is the whole. Come journey with me today, bust some myths and illusions and learn how you too can adopt a more...


The Art of Intimacy, With & Without a Partner

Top 5 tips for couples and just you, to strengthen your connection and Explore the Art of Intimacy. Because there’s nothing juicier than the power of intimate connection. Together, We Also Explore Who Am I? Stella Excerpt from Today’s Podcast “While the focus may start with the body; with the external, pleasure and sensuality the journey of a Tantric path walker transcends this when they merge deeper and expand further into the pure love of heart and the power of the mind. When...


Rise Feminine, Rise!

The FEMININE is no longer willing to stay suppressed, nor wanting to have to force itself into a MASCULINE role to be seen, heard, loved, cherished and stand as its own power. I have a deep love for the capacity of the masculine and men who are willing to stand up and be who and what they are here to be – protectors of the feminine and women to walk this earth freely, radiating the truth, love, wisdom and beauty that is unique to only them. And for the feminine and women here to help open...


Borrowed Light – Don’t Take it, Create it!

This may not be a term you are familiar with but it is a concept your inner self knows well. It is a moral you were likely taught when you were young and deep down you always know when you have crossed the invisible line. It is illuminating yourself with light from another. It may be for personal or professional reasons. Claiming, using, borrowing … a little bit like white lies and half-truths, they are still lies. Be it to your followers, viewers, email list, community, colleagues or...


Boundaries On the Conscious Path

You have something booked in you really want to do for you today. Fabulous! You even carved out a couple of hours for yourself to do it. Amazing! But then someone ‘special’ calls and they ask if you can do something for them, at the same time….Eeeeek! What do you do? Is your default response; “ok, yeah, I can do that. I’ll be there.”? Even though every part of your being is saying “NOOOOOO…”?! Unless it is dire straits, and your intuition tells you THIS IS SERIOUS, the reality of this...


Should I get a Yoni Massage?

After losing count of the ladies who have reached out to me asking about my thoughts on yoni massage; Have I done it? Do I advocate it? “My friend / guru / someone I’ve met has learned how to do it and wants to give me a yoni massage, what do you think?” Do I offer yoni massage? Is it safe? Is it weird? Should I do this to heal??? It’s clear that the yoni massage has become the ‘en point’ experience for the sexual seeker in this current glamourous spiritual movement. So, I wanted to share...