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Spiritual Development ~ The Life Changing Relationship with Self, Teacher & Source

Self-development in the pursuit for personal growth and thus personal happiness and success has its limits. For it still stays with the self as a separate entity – the me, my, I at its core. Even if it offers others something along the way. Does personal development have a place? Absolutely. Can it help? Definitely. Is it the end game? Not ever close. Spiritual development takes you to places (worlds, planes of consciousness) you have never imagined, never seen or experienced before. It...


Esoteric Astrology: From the Moon to the Sun

From the Moon to the Sun is about awakening to the truth that it is the Sun we live by and the sun that lights the way. But, as many would share they are still drawn first to the moon – to putting their crystals out to be cleansed or charged, to gather at this time to chant and dance, move and make lists of what to manifest and what to cast away. And let me just say I’ve been there done that too. I did it for years in fact, blissfully none the wiser. But today I ask you, what if our...


Wesak Festival Full Moon

The Festival of Wesak (Vesak) is the great Eastern Festival. The Festival of the Buddha, who is the spiritual intermediary between the highest spiritual centre; Shamballa (Shambhala) and, the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of Source or God. The Embodiment of Light and the Indicator of the Divine Purpose. Our divine purpose. Annually, Wesak is celebrated at the Full Moon of May when the Sun is in the astrological sign of Taurus. Wesak is a day of reunion. It is a...


Chemical Pilgrimage ~ Are Drug States Spiritual?

Some want to feel God, to know God, to be God, some want to escape and avoid life, get high, be one, feel pleasure, have fun and, they want to do this by taking something to get them there…wherever there is. I’ve been asked many times about drugs – from ayahuasca and peyote to ketamine and LSD. So, I wanted to share the Ageless Wisdom, the ancient spiritual, psychological and soul based insights combined with modern science to answer some of the big questions. Because I understand the...


Living a Tantric Life: With & Without a Partner

In Tantra, we work on the lower self and transform it – that being your body/actions, heart/feelings/emotions and mind/thoughts. Part of your role in living a Tantric Life is learning your lower self. Then realising your higher nature and manifesting that into reality. So that you can live from your place of truth. True Tantra is both lower and higher – specifically it is transforming the lower to manifest the higher. This is part of the work of living a Tantric life; working on...


Rediscover the Essence of Tantra

If you mention 'Tantra' most think it is purely sexual; multiple orgasms, multiple partners, multitudes of pleasure. I’d say this is more like multiple layers of glamour, illusion and fog now veiling the truth; the pure essence of what Tantra encompasses. The real Tantras are complex beyond what you can image. Tan-tra is colours, symbols, sound, mental control and harnessing the forces of nature all to quicken your evolution. It is a very guarded study that people devote their entire...


Awakening Tantric Consciousness: From Sexuality to Soul Love

Sex can be just a ‘feel good’ experience or it can be a selfless gift. Like trying to create a baby through love or becoming deeply connected and conscious with your beloved… If you are honest, what it is you want from this, from a Tantric path? Is it just pleasure? Or making someone feel deep love and connection? Merging of beings? Higher states of love and consciousness? One way is animal nature driven and selfish, the other way is aspiring to divinity, to Tantra. This duality is part...


Cultivating Patience & Radical Acceptance

How often are you frustrated, upset, angry, sad or overcome with emotions? Ever noticed that getting upset and losing your patience makes things worse? Are you ready to instead take back control of your body, heart and mind? Embrace life, cultivating patience and radical acceptance?... Patience and frustration seem to be a tricky seesaw to balance at times. Especially when you find yourself wanting what you want, how you want it, NOW! … and, well, life just doesn’t work like...


Bodhicitta ~ Guided Practice

If you have the high desire of experiencing life beyond suffering. If you want to experience freedom from fear and those triggers that set you off and make you sad or mad and stressed – sometimes all of those in a day. If you also want others to feel this too then you are called to Bodhicitta. This isn’t a selfish motive, it is a selfless motive. You are pulled, called, drawn, magnetised and attracted to helping every being on earth to also experience this. If you want to wake up, be...


Desire ~ From the Playground to the Path

Ever noticed yourself looking for love in the all the wrong places? How about validation? Pleasure? Escapism? Quick, feel good hits? Even looking for ‘spiritual’ experiences, authentic knowledge, sacred wisdom, guidance and truth in the wrong places? Because your desire nature leads you to the shiny, the sexy, the alluring and the "you can have it all now!" sales copy and smooth talkers. You’re not being led by your pure heart, your clear conscious mind or, your soul. It’s not easy to...


The Four Noble Truths

Everyone I know is going through something…everyone you know is too. Even if we don’t know what it is or they don’t show it. It can be small or grand, but it’s on their mind, it’s in their heart, it’s effecting their emotions and the way they feel when they get up in the morning and eat dinner at night. Even if something good or great or life changing happened just the other day, that unresolved or underlying issue/challenge/trauma is still there waiting. Maybe you’re feeling this right...


Self-Care for Depression & Dark Times

We all can benefit from some Sacred Guidance to navigate the depression and dark times that affect us in this human experience. For at some point or often more than one point, along the way we are faced with these challenging time. So, let’s explore together a top four of sacred tools that can help you or someone you know who needs some guidance in navigating depression or dark times. Together, We Also Explore The Patient StrategistTimeMeditation & Prayer -Safe PeopleRituals of Calm...


Knowing Yourself Beyond: Body, Heart & Mind

It’s time we go beyond the familiar & comfortable and challenge ourselves to reach new heights and depths of truth, love-wisdom and innate beauty – to feel, sense, see, know what we really are. Which is not our bodies, not our feelings and emotions, not our thoughts. But love and light, ultimately Soul. With a higher purpose to contribute to a greater good and light the way for all those we connect with who are ready to walk the Path with us. To know Yourself Beyond Body, Heart & Mind we...


World Servers of the New Age

Walking this earth, no exoteric outer form to recognise them by; no titles, badges or superhero capes, and no building or ceremony needed - there is a group of women, men and those however they choose to identify, who are striving to supersede the outdated hierarchical efforts of what has been. From all fields they come; economic, political, scientific, religious, artistic and beyond. They are gathering greater and greater numbers, while training their minds and controlling their emotions...


Yoga Nidra - Guided Practice

Yoga Nidra is that profound serenity felt between full awake, alertness, and sleep. That beautiful calm, relaxing in between space also known as yogic sleep. I’m sure you’re well aware of how full scheduled and non stop your life gets at times; the rushing, pleasing, pushing, striving, balancing, trying your best…and sometimes you, like me, just need to pause. You need to fill up your cup and relax, reconnect, slow down, tune in and create a moment for yourself. A moment just for you to...


Chakras: Gateways to Consciousness

Through time the unfulfilled ways of the West, have sought wisdom of the East. Partly because people are pulled by the enticing glamours of the Eastern Mysticism. One of those such mystical pulls are to the chakras. Nothing is more popular amongst the spiritual and new age groups of today as learning to ‘activate’ and ‘force’ the opening of chakras. I’m here today to talk to you about this, some dangers that go with it, what qualities the key chakras represent and bring some ancient...


Harmlessness: Destroyer of Limitation

Harmlessness… sounds pretty simple, in its most basic form it can be. But this is no easy feat along the Path. Some of us interpret Harmlessness as not physically hurting anyone, others as choosing to not eat animals or to not speak cruel words. While all of this can be part of, it is by no means all there is to embody if we are to commit to Harmlessness as a way of life and discover it can indeed be the Destroyer of our Limitation and the key to our Liberation. Together, We Also...


Spiritual Bypassing & Spiritual Materialism

What you can look out for if you are falling into either Spiritual Materialism or especially Spiritual Bypass of avoiding the real work on the Spiritual Path. If you can see yourself or perhaps those you care about clinging to the shine and glitz of the pseudo-spiritual circus while not actually committing to being ‘Witness’; not meditating and studying the wisdom and truth teachings, nor embodying the authentic Path that calls. All this avoidance or pleasure seeking isn’t authentically...


Loss & Death: A Sacred Transformation

When it comes to death, can we not better see the process as part of the circle of life? –A truly sacred transformation from one state of being to another. I long for a time where we can better heal and continue on from a place of love with more ease and less attachment to what inevitably must be released while remaining connected to what is eternal … but in order for that to happen we must talk about it. If you are willing to come journey with me I want to share with you some mystical...


LOVE ~ The Selfless Revolution

How can we express more love in this world? The magnetic, attractive expression of consciousness that is LOVE. For many love is not really Love, it is a mix of a desire to be loved and to love, combined with a willingness to do (sometimes anything) to show and evoke this in another, essentially to feel better within oneself. Been here before? While this may 'feel' like love, it is called 'psudo-love' as it is a love of sentiment, not a love of Soul. That is why affection is not Love,...