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Welcome to News in Motion the Podcast! A show where we share powerful life lessons and a few laughs as our host Gail, empowers others as she sits at the intersection of people, purpose, and politics.

Welcome to News in Motion the Podcast! A show where we share powerful life lessons and a few laughs as our host Gail, empowers others as she sits at the intersection of people, purpose, and politics.


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Welcome to News in Motion the Podcast! A show where we share powerful life lessons and a few laughs as our host Gail, empowers others as she sits at the intersection of people, purpose, and politics.




Roles Reversed with Gail & Lexi

This podcast we have reversed the roles. Lexi, our NIM High School ambassador sits in the seat of interviewing Gail Dudley. Many of you know Gail as the founder, visionary, and host of News in Motion and the NIM podcast. You may also know her as the author of several published books. But did you know that Gail is a coach and a consultant in volunteer recruitment, retention, and readiness? Did you know that she teaches media development that includes training journalist and hosts for news...


Esther By Design Retreat Founder, Pastor Denise Carpenter

Are you ready to return to in person events? Ready to let go and have an experience of a lifetime? Need a retreat before the school year starts? Have you been dealing with a lot of the unexpected? Listen as Gail shares in conversation with Pastor Denise Carpenter the founder and visionary of Esther By Design who gives us an inside look into the upcoming 14th Annual Retreat, "Birth of The Unexpected" The Esther by Design Retreats are specifically designed to encourage a spiritual...


Volunteer Strategy: Campaigns. Nonprofit. Organizing. Protests. Etc.

Last week Gail began the July theme of volunteerism with recruitment, readiness, and retention. This week she focuses on the strategy for volunteers when it comes to campaigns, protests, political mobilization, and nonprofit organizations. Here are the five areas you will discover in this podcast: This episode follows last weeks podcast. More to come. Be sure to download and subscribe to this podcast and subscribe to my YouTube at Follow me: Instagram and...


Volunteer Recruitment. Readiness. Retention.

Now that we have the spring rulings from the United States Supreme Court, we witnessed protests, campaigns, and organizing across America. This podcast has intentionally dropped on July 1, 2022, to help prepare you and your organization for what may come. As I scrolled through social media, I witnessed a lot of confusion among those seeking to participate or volunteer in protests. There are two key ingredients one must have when putting together any type of grassroots organizing or on a...


Get Unstuck: An Inspirational Message

Do you find yourself stuck at times? Wrestling? Frustrated? Seeking what’s next? It’s time to knock down the walls and go after those dreams, visions, your passion, and tap into the joy of your purpose. Take a listen to today’s podcast with Gail as she shares a story that began when she was 8 or 9 years old as she worked alongside of her dad and grandpa learning how to become an entrepreneur. Gail talks about her creative side, being a visionary, and a project manager. She is...


Just the News with Gail Dudley

In today’s podcast, Gail shares an inside peek of News in Motion, a grassroots and aggregated news outlet sharing relevant commentary and a call to action mixed with an inspirational message. Meet us on FB LIVE, YouTube, and LinkedIn at 7:25 AM eastern, or catch the #replay throughout the day or week. Gail is a unique political speaker and expert on national and international issues. She is a game-changer and passionate about civic engagement and voter education, and someone who is a...


READY to VOTE: Strategy Session with Gail

What’s on the line for the upcoming midterm election 2022? Healthcare Women’s Rights Abortion Rights Crime Inflation & The Economy Gun Control Immigration Reform Education Other Issues such as Foreign Policy, Ukraine, NATO, Russia and so much more. Gail believes that the upcoming midterm election will be the most important midterm in our lifetime. Are you ready to vote? What will be your voting strategy? We must start with analyzing our options. Allies, opposition, decision...


Use Your Voice

The power of our voice is more than expressing ourselves; it is building community, taking a stand, and sitting at the table with confidence and boldness. Listen in as Samara Bay speech and dialect coach inspire us to find our voices and use them. Please visit and pre-order Permission to Speak by Samara Bay. Samara Bay is a speech and dialect coach whose clients include top actors in Hollywood and leading professionals in politics, business, tech, and creative fields....


Planning Your Strategic Vote

Democrat, Republican. Independent. Green Party. Libertarian. No Labels. No Affiliation. The midterm elections are coming in fast. Are you ready to cast your ballot? In this podcast Gail will share how to plan your vote. It takes work. Just like a marriage, it isn’t something to enter into lightly. Gail will share from a place of having years of experience when it comes to the political landscape. She will share information, thoughts, and opinions that are not popular. Here’s her...


Gail is Making History

Just Call her the Audacious Advocate! Gail makes bold moves by highlighting entrepreneurs, nonprofits, causes, and political platforms through her media outlet. She is the influential host of News in Motion, weekday news with relevant commentary and a call to action mixed with an inspirational message advocating and shaking up the status quo. She has a loyal and engaged audience across multiple platforms. Her purpose is to uplift people and unlock their potential by inspiring people with a...


Black Excellence with Keith Smith, CEO of Wayne Holding Group Inc.

Listen in as Keith discusses how he started his entrepreneurial journey, how to prevail when you hear the word ‘NO’ and what he is currently working on to continue scaling his business. Plus, Keith breaks down how to: Keith also challenges the listeners to define CEO, President, and to know where you want to go when it comes to your business or side hustle. Keith’s short bio: Keith Smith is a businessman the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Founder of Wayne Holding Group, Inc, a...


Our Voice Has Value with Frances-Anne Solomon

It’s Black History Month, and we have Frances-Anne Solomon joining us for our News in Motion podcast, where she will talk about the importance of our voice having value, monetization, Black filmmaking, producing, directing, and so much more. Frances-Anne encourages the listeners to “not be afraid to monetize your work, for monetizing does not mean selling out.” Powerful life lessons Ms. Solomon teaches us in today’s segment. Get your pen and paper and get ready to take copious notes...


Contracts Done Wright by Atty. Shahara Wright

Do you have a business? Are you an entrepreneur? Do you work full-time, and have a side hustle? You want to tune in today to hear Atty. Shahara Wright breakdown for us the five contracts every business owner, solopreneur, entrepreneur, and anyone who is operating a side hustle needs. After you listen to this episode you will know what contracts are and why they are important to your business. As a publishing and startup coach myself, I asked Attorney Wright if there is a difference...


Virtual Assisting with Camille

Virtual assisting is not new, and in the era of remote work, this business is shaping up to meet the needs of artists, designers, authors, travel agents, nannies, drivers, teachers, consultants, and so much more. Like me, many people seek help but do not know where to begin. We look at our budget and determine that we cannot afford to hire someone. However, maybe we need that one person to handle an area we find overwhelming that may help us begin to see a profit that will change the...


The Reason Why...

Join Gail today as she discusses why we must register to vote and then, at the appointed time, go vote. Gail is assigned to equip, encourage, and empower others to get involved in civic engagement and share what she knows about voter education to empower and to help move people beyond the status quo. She talks about the community, local and national elections, and the possible challenges that could be before us leading up to the 2022 elections. Here’s the truth about why some people...


NIM Podcast featuring Rev. Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant

Today we have a special guest sharing with me on the NIM podcast. Dr. Bryant embodies the rare balance of spiritual gifts and practical educational experiences that connects pastoral leadership and discipleship teaching with prophetic preaching and courageous social action. Dr. Bryant is equipped and poised to initiate theological revival, decisive commitment and rededication to the teachings of Jesus the Christ as the foundation for personal living, family stability and community...


Power in Partnership with Gail Dudley, Gina Winks & Molly Huggins

Power in Partnership Are you ready to launch or advance your podcast, blog, or broadcast media platform? For this episode, I am thrilled to interview Gina Winks and Molly Huggins as we launch our Power in Partnership initiative. We have formed this partnership with you in mind. We partner, to support other visionaries in media and elevate thought leaders’ voices. We want your voices heard around the world. Maybe you are an author and would like to unpack your books on air. Maybe you...


Life-Look: Your Life Evaluation for 2021

First ~ We are booking new guests on this podcast and News in Motion. Complete this form today to get scheduled for the show: As I wrap up this 2021 year, I wanted to gift you this holiday/Christmas my Life-Look session. This session is valued at $1500, but today I want to give back to you to say thank you for hanging with me throughout this year. Thank you for the downloads. Thank you for subscribing to my podcast. Thank you for sharing...


See Brilliance with Nathan Harris

I had the opportunity to sit down with a millennial and founder of See Brilliance. When I tell you he and his team of board of directors are seeing the brilliance of youth today, they are seeing their brilliance! Meet Nathan Minister, Ph.D. Candidate, Scholar and Founder of See Brilliance Nathan Harris is a Ph.D. candidate in engineering education, where his focus is on parental involvement in a child's STEM learning. His current research is understanding how Black parents can promote...


Let Me See You Soar

Mimosa Recipe: Christmas Time Mimosa 1 Bottle of champagne 1 Bottle of Cranberry or Cranberry pomegranate juice. (Not cocktail) Rosemary springs for garnish Fresh or Frozen or Dry Candy Cranberries for garnish Cain sugar Take a container and line the bottom with sugar Take about a tablespoon of cranberry juice and pour on top of the sugar. Add some more sugar. Take the cranberries and line the bottom of the container. Shake it up. Put in freezer or refrigerator for at least 3...