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Spirit of the Storm Radio Show with your host Rev. Mario

Welcome to Spirit of The Storm Radio Show. Every week we Surf Shambala right into the 'eye of the storm" with great Live converstation and FREE PSYCHIC READINGS every show. This is LIVE Spiritual Radio at its best! So join the one and only Rev. Mario, the cast of characters including "Dead Bob" and special guests as we delve into the world of Spirituality, Metaphysics, Mysticsm, Psychic Mediumship, Paranormal and all those things that other spiritual shows won't dare discuss! So if your...


Open Lines and FREE Psychic Readings

Wow its that time Shambala Surfers for Free Psychic readings with the one and only ":Minister of Mayhem" Rev. Mario! With over 30 years experience as a psychic medium and he is known for his upfront straight forward and candid approach. We will be hosting open lines for your questions and anything else you want to talk about tonight on our LIVE call in line at,1-845-241-9879


One Year Anniversary Show!

Wow Shamabala Surfers we have been on the air for one whole year! Join us as we celebrate our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, with Dead Bob and crew with....FREE PSYCHIC READINGS! SPEACIAL GUESTS! Dr. Mystical, Rebecca Bratek, Colleen Irwin, Ruth Sprague to name just a few! It is gonna be a fast paced fun night. So after the last trick or treater knocks the last piece of candy eatin... Sit down and listen to what you've been missin'!


Psychic Roundtable and FREE psychic rreadings

Join us Shambala Surfers as we delve into the world of Psychic Mediumship with some of the best Psychic Mediums today! We will be joined by the one and only Host of Tarot Tuesday on FB live Dr. Mystical, The Rock and Roll Medium Ruth Sprague and Native American Shaman Lauren Porter and of course your host the Minister of Mayhem The Good Rev! During the roundtable we will be discussing all thing Psychic Medium from the whats and where to ethics and do's and dont's! . Whats better than a FREE...


"Death Cafe" with Morgan Jamie Dunbar and FREE psychic readings

This week on Spirit of the Storm Radio Show we will be discussing "Death Cafe". What is it, who does it serve where did it start and why are they popping up all over America? These questions will be ansered by the Host of Death Cafe in Buffalo, N.Y.. Morgan Jamie Dunbar. Morgan is the founder of The conscious Dying Awareness Initiative Threshold Society, a Perinatal Bereavement Doula, Death Midwife, Transition Priestess, and operates Lighthouse Liberation Support Services..


Free Psychic Readings with Rev. Mario

Is it to good to be true???NOT ON SPIRIT OF THE STORM RADIO SHOW!!! "The Minister of Mayhem" Rev. Mario will be once again giving FREE psychic readings and messsages from Spirit to callers live on the air. Ordained Minister, Reiki Master. Psycic Medium sharing his gifts for over 25 years. His insight and compassion in a straight forward no nonesense manner have made him a sought after spiritual guide. So join the "warrior of light and love " Rev. Mario with Dead Bob this week and listen to...


Live with Jack Kenna

Join us as we Surf Shambala with the one and only Jack Kenna! Jack is a paranormal investigator, TV personality and author. Jack has investigated some of the most haunted locations in the US as an investigator and thas made numerous television appearences on shows such as Paranormal Survivor and Haunted Case Files. His titles include " S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England Hauntings, Ghosts, & Demons" "Paranormal Reserach: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Strong Team", and "S.P.I.R.T.S. The...


SHAMAN Lauren Porter

Let us welcome to the eye of the storm Lauren Porter! Lauren was born to the parents of American Indian, Caucasian and African American backgrounds; at an early age was blessed with the gift. It was at the age of three, her gift was confirmed and later went on to self-develop. Not knowing to either be terrified or turn away due to not understanding her gift, she decided she ultimately needed answers. One day at the age of eleven, her decision to not to be afraid came at that was the...


Live with Tim Shaw

Join us for the one and only Tim Shaw! As an Author he has authored the "Ghosts of Buffalo" and "The Dogma of Me" and wrote the companion book "Please Talk With Me the True Story of the C2D1 Haunting". He has co-authored "Haunted Rochester". As a paranormal investigator he has been featured on "Ghost Hunters", "Ghost Lab", "Ghost Ops", and Paranormal Lockdown! He has also appeared on the Deftone pictures "Ombis", "To catch a soul", "A Grim Becoming", "Marsh Creek Tramp". He has also appeared...


Live with Mason Winfield

With 12 titiles to his name and a new book being released we are excited to have the awesome Mason Winfield on the show! he has been on ABC CBS NBC Today and The Travel Channel. he is not only an author and reseacher but a supernatural historian. He teaches literary and folklore classes. Some of his titles include the "Ghosts of 1812"," A Ghost Hunters Journal", "roquios Supernatural" and "Spirits of the Great Hill ". So join us as we Surf Shambala with this amazing guest!


Free Psychic Readings with Rev. Mario and discussion on Dark Entities and haunts

Join us as we Surf Shambala with our host Rev. Mario as he offers FREE PSYCHIC READINGS to our callers. With over 30 years experience as a Psychic medium and paranormal investigator he has a unique and straight forward insight that has helped many people in need of help and guidance. Rev. Mario also has a long history in the field of negative hauntings and dark entities and will share some of his cases and experiences live and will take your questions. So call in with your questions...


Lets Talk About Love

Join us this week as Rev. Mario talks about Love. What is love ? How does love affect our lives, does Creative Conscuiousness love? How about Spirit? Are we worthy of love? We will attempt to answer these questions and more on this weeks show! We will be once again offering FREE PSYCHIC READINGS duriing thw show. So join us as we SURF SHAMBALA this week on Spirit of the Storm Radio Show! Our call in number is 1-845-241-9879 join us with comments or questions.


Free Psychic Readings with Rev. Mario

Join us in the Eye of the Storm with the host of the show "The Minister of Mayhem" Rev. Mario for a night of FREE PSYCHIC READINGS. With over 30 years experience Rev. Mario is known for his straight forward approach in his readings providing messages from Spirit not only to entertain but to help and guide. Rev. Mario also shares his message of hope, love, undersanding and peace so that we may rise above! So join us LIVE while we Surf Shambala for an hour of great psychic readings and...


Live with Joe Pieri

Join us in the Eye of the Storm as we welcome the great Joe Pieri. Joe is the lead investigator for the hit show Paranormal Crossroads Live. Founder of Black Tie Paranormal, and owner of Paranormal Oddities an amazing paranormal themed shop. Tune is as we talk about all things paranormal from this amazing investigators prospective! We will be giving a few lucky callers free psychic readings during the show


Live with Psychic Medium Rev. Jack Rudy

Join us in the eye of the storm as we welcome Rev. Jack Rudy. Rev. Jack is a psychic medium, healer, lecturer and so much more! Having had readings from Rev. Jack myself I can say he is Reverand Approved! Rev. Jack's style is sttraight forward no pulled punches and is hands down one of the best mediums today! join us for FREE PSYCHIC READINGS from this amazing medium. Also we will be discussing many issues that are going on in the world today!do not miss this amazing and dynamic guest! SURF...


Free Psychic Readings with Rev. Mario

Join us for this weeks episode as the one and only Rev. Mario does FREE Psychic Readings! The Good Rev. is known for his straight forward style and no nonsense appraoch to psychic readings as he offers insight to your questions. Candid discussion on events going on in the world, open lines for your questuons and comments. Join the Minister of Mayhem as he discusses spirituality, higher consciousness and so much more!


Live with Alisa Camardo

Join us as we Surf Shambala with one of the sweetest people in the business Alisa Camardo. she is a Psychic Medium and Animal Intuitive and Healer. join as we talk about spirituality espeacily in the animal kingdom. So join us for this most wonderful guest and take your calls for advice and of course FREE PSYCHIC READINGS


Live with Lynn Czekaj

In our third installment of "Amazing Women in the Paranormal Series" we welcome the amazing and talented Lynn Czekaj! Lynn is an actress and has been seen on Sharknado2! She is also a writer and producer for National TV shows. She has appeared on suchparanormal shows like Paranormal Lockdown, America's Most Terrifying Places, as well as currently costarring on Within These Walls. Join us in the eye of the storm with our amazing guest!


Amy Perry Lane Paranormal Expert and Investigator

We are very lucky to have the amazing Amy Perry Lane join us in another installment of "Amazing Woman in the Paranormal" Amy is a Paranormal Expert and Investigator who has investigated some of the most famously haunted locations in the US, a Reiki Master and certified life coach. Amy incorporates not only traditional paranormal techniques but brings her "empathic intuitions" into investigations. we will also have limited free psychic readings for our listeners and questions and comments to...


Rebecca Bratek Paranormal Expert & Investigator

In our first installment of "Amazing Women in the Paranormal" let us give a huge welcome to Rebecca Bratek. A seasoned paranormal investigator who has worked on some amazing and creepy cases. Rebecca hs also worked for Woodcut Productions for a paranormal show for none other than the BBC, and has been on the show Behind the Shadows. Join us as we talk about her ideas regarding the paranormal and her amazing experiences. Surf Shambala!