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Live with Tim Shaw

Join us for the one and only Tim Shaw! As an Author he has authored the "Ghosts of Buffalo" and "The Dogma of Me" and wrote the companion book "Please Talk With Me the True Story of the C2D1 Haunting". He has co-authored "Haunted Rochester". As a paranormal investigator he has been featured on "Ghost Hunters", "Ghost Lab", "Ghost Ops", and Paranormal Lockdown! He has also appeared on the Deftone pictures "Ombis", "To catch a soul", "A Grim Becoming", "Marsh Creek Tramp". He has also appeared...


Live with Mason Winfield

With 12 titiles to his name and a new book being released we are excited to have the awesome Mason Winfield on the show! he has been on ABC CBS NBC Today and The Travel Channel. he is not only an author and reseacher but a supernatural historian. He teaches literary and folklore classes. Some of his titles include the "Ghosts of 1812"," A Ghost Hunters Journal", "roquios Supernatural" and "Spirits of the Great Hill ". So join us as we Surf Shambala with this amazing guest!


Free Psychic Readings with Rev. Mario and discussion on Dark Entities and haunts

Join us as we Surf Shambala with our host Rev. Mario as he offers FREE PSYCHIC READINGS to our callers. With over 30 years experience as a Psychic medium and paranormal investigator he has a unique and straight forward insight that has helped many people in need of help and guidance. Rev. Mario also has a long history in the field of negative hauntings and dark entities and will share some of his cases and experiences live and will take your questions. So call in with your questions...


Lets Talk About Love

Join us this week as Rev. Mario talks about Love. What is love ? How does love affect our lives, does Creative Conscuiousness love? How about Spirit? Are we worthy of love? We will attempt to answer these questions and more on this weeks show! We will be once again offering FREE PSYCHIC READINGS duriing thw show. So join us as we SURF SHAMBALA this week on Spirit of the Storm Radio Show! Our call in number is 1-845-241-9879 join us with comments or questions.


Free Psychic Readings with Rev. Mario

Join us in the Eye of the Storm with the host of the show "The Minister of Mayhem" Rev. Mario for a night of FREE PSYCHIC READINGS. With over 30 years experience Rev. Mario is known for his straight forward approach in his readings providing messages from Spirit not only to entertain but to help and guide. Rev. Mario also shares his message of hope, love, undersanding and peace so that we may rise above! So join us LIVE while we Surf Shambala for an hour of great psychic readings and...


Live with Joe Pieri

Join us in the Eye of the Storm as we welcome the great Joe Pieri. Joe is the lead investigator for the hit show Paranormal Crossroads Live. Founder of Black Tie Paranormal, and owner of Paranormal Oddities an amazing paranormal themed shop. Tune is as we talk about all things paranormal from this amazing investigators prospective! We will be giving a few lucky callers free psychic readings during the show


Live with Psychic Medium Rev. Jack Rudy

Join us in the eye of the storm as we welcome Rev. Jack Rudy. Rev. Jack is a psychic medium, healer, lecturer and so much more! Having had readings from Rev. Jack myself I can say he is Reverand Approved! Rev. Jack's style is sttraight forward no pulled punches and is hands down one of the best mediums today! join us for FREE PSYCHIC READINGS from this amazing medium. Also we will be discussing many issues that are going on in the world today!do not miss this amazing and dynamic guest! SURF...


Free Psychic Readings with Rev. Mario

Join us for this weeks episode as the one and only Rev. Mario does FREE Psychic Readings! The Good Rev. is known for his straight forward style and no nonsense appraoch to psychic readings as he offers insight to your questions. Candid discussion on events going on in the world, open lines for your questuons and comments. Join the Minister of Mayhem as he discusses spirituality, higher consciousness and so much more!


Live with Alisa Camardo

Join us as we Surf Shambala with one of the sweetest people in the business Alisa Camardo. she is a Psychic Medium and Animal Intuitive and Healer. join as we talk about spirituality espeacily in the animal kingdom. So join us for this most wonderful guest and take your calls for advice and of course FREE PSYCHIC READINGS


Live with Lynn Czekaj

In our third installment of "Amazing Women in the Paranormal Series" we welcome the amazing and talented Lynn Czekaj! Lynn is an actress and has been seen on Sharknado2! She is also a writer and producer for National TV shows. She has appeared on suchparanormal shows like Paranormal Lockdown, America's Most Terrifying Places, as well as currently costarring on Within These Walls. Join us in the eye of the storm with our amazing guest!


Amy Perry Lane Paranormal Expert and Investigator

We are very lucky to have the amazing Amy Perry Lane join us in another installment of "Amazing Woman in the Paranormal" Amy is a Paranormal Expert and Investigator who has investigated some of the most famously haunted locations in the US, a Reiki Master and certified life coach. Amy incorporates not only traditional paranormal techniques but brings her "empathic intuitions" into investigations. we will also have limited free psychic readings for our listeners and questions and comments to...


Rebecca Bratek Paranormal Expert & Investigator

In our first installment of "Amazing Women in the Paranormal" let us give a huge welcome to Rebecca Bratek. A seasoned paranormal investigator who has worked on some amazing and creepy cases. Rebecca hs also worked for Woodcut Productions for a paranormal show for none other than the BBC, and has been on the show Behind the Shadows. Join us as we talk about her ideas regarding the paranormal and her amazing experiences. Surf Shambala!


Rev Mario, Live, Raw and Unfilitered

Join us as the "Minister of Mayhem" Rev. Mario unshackles for a night of open lines discussing some current topics and thier impact on our spirituality and country. Raw and unfilitered Rev. Mario has become known for his straight talk on contemporary spiritual and current issues, The Rev. also is known for his abilities as a psychic medium giving straight messages from Spirit only available on Spirit of the Storm Radio or at public appearences. dont miss your chance to get a FREE reading!


Free Psychic Readings with Rev. Mario

Join Rev. Mario as we Surf Shambala through the eye of the storm! Free Psychic Readings, wierd news and so much more from one of the best! Also great discussions on all things metaphysical, magickal and spiritual!


Open Forum & Free Psychic Readings

Join Rev. Mario for a night of FREE Psychic Readings and Open Forum! Do you have that burning question or that idea or comment you want the world to hear? Are you over joyed or angry and want to get it out? This is your opportunity to share on a world wide audience! Join us as we Surf Shambala! Live call in line1-845-241-9879


Music as Medicine and Magic

Please join us as we Surf Shambala welcoming national recording artist, educator and of NBC"s "The Voice" Melody Marie! We will be discussing Music as a tool for healing and medtation and how it increases our general well being enhances our mood as well as some mystical and esoteric applications a great show you dont want to miss! we will be offering some free psychic readings as well this episode so DONT MISS OUT!!!


Doomsday predictions

Planet Niburu, the Apocalypse, Armeggedon. Join Rev. Mario as we look at Doomsday prophecies through the ages. From the Essens to Nostrodamus to modern day we have been terrified by Earth destroying cataclysms or religious end times. Religious and disaster preppers alike all agree the end times are coming. Are they? Or are the end of days a modern day boogeyman? Join us as we discuss this fascinating topic! As every week we will be giving Free psychic readings! Call in live 1-845-241-9879


Free Psychic Readings with Rev. Mario

Join us for a night of FREE PSYCHIC READINGS with Rev. Mario! With over 30 years experience as a psychic medium and Rune reader share his amazing insight as he helps guide us through lifes questions. Rev. Mario has a unique view on spirituality and consciousness that is not only full of hope and joy but spoken straight from the heart for today! Rev. Mario has appeared on the internet paranormal show "Behind the Shadows", Para-X radio's "Stirring the Cauldron with Marla Brooks" and recently...


Marla Brooks, Author, Show Host and Inventor

Join us we "Surf Shambala" for a great hour with the one and only Marla Brooks! Marla is an Author of great books such as "Ghosts of Hollywood" volumes I, II & III, "A Bad Case of the Collywobbles" as well as spell books on subjects such the workplace and Animals. Marla aslo invented the Witches Oracle! Don't miss this hour with one of the greats! We will also do a Free psychic Reading or two for a few of our lucky listeners! call in with questions for Marla Brooks or for the readings at...


Psychic Roundtable on Ethics

Are psychic mediums charging to much.? Are they using religious titles for personal gain? Have for profit psychic fairs taken the spirit aand helping out of the work? Has this been reduced to selling spirituality by the pound? Join us this Wednesday for a Roundtable discussion with three amazing psychic mediums Dr. Mystical, Ruth Sprague and the Rev. Mario. Each with their unique perspective. During this discussion they will explore Ethics in the Psychic Medium community when it comes to...