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Peace & light ya'll! Here on SHP we talk self development and bettering the spirit, but from the homie perspective. I'm just somebody going through life's journey day-by-day, just like you. There's so many perspectives and things to experiences that I want to share with you all. I hope that this podcast inspires you on your journey to be your best self. Happy Listening!

Peace & light ya'll! Here on SHP we talk self development and bettering the spirit, but from the homie perspective. I'm just somebody going through life's journey day-by-day, just like you. There's so many perspectives and things to experiences that I want to share with you all. I hope that this podcast inspires you on your journey to be your best self. Happy Listening!
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Peace & light ya'll! Here on SHP we talk self development and bettering the spirit, but from the homie perspective. I'm just somebody going through life's journey day-by-day, just like you. There's so many perspectives and things to experiences that I want to share with you all. I hope that this podcast inspires you on your journey to be your best self. Happy Listening!






059 - Elder’s Wisdom with Momma Homegirl

This episode, Maria chops it up with her Momma! Momma Homegirl reminds us that sometimes things are simpler than we make it. Maria picks Momma Homegirl’s brain on various topics, such as love, life, purpose, perseverance, and the power of choice.


058 - Millennial Masculinity with Josh of @FreeNegroUniversity

Maria the Spiritual Homegirl interviews Josh from Free Negro University on his mission and why it’s bigger than just t-shirts! They discuss the Times Up Movement ,R.Kelly, whether men are truly trash, Bill Cosby, Kanye, and the argument of “kinfolk vs skinfolk”, and hypocrisy. Find Josh here: www.instagram.com/freenegrouniversity Get your ticket to Yoga 101 in Atlanta here: http://spiritualhomegirl.com/product/yoga-101-tickets/


057 - Yoga 101 Reloaded with Dre from Miniature Yogi

Maria the Spiritual Homegirl chats with her Homegirl Dre from Miniature Yogi! Dre explains the history of Yoga, how it saved her life and the benefits of a moving meditation! Maria also shares a life changing update at the end of this episode. This episode initially aired during the very first Yoga 101 event in January. Maria and Dre will team up again for another Yoga 101 Session on 5/12/2018 from 2-4pm at Cosmic Energy Fitness Studio in Atlanta, Georgia! Get your tickets here:...


056 - Africa is Now with Young Paris

Spiritual Homegirl caught up with Cultural Ambassador and RocNation Artist Young Paris while on a trip to New York! They discuss Afrobeats, why Africa is not just a "trend", the symbolism of his face paint, his mission beyond entertainment, cultural appropriation, and love. Young Paris' also has a new project coming out on May 16 entitled "My Tribe", check out a snippet of his song "Runaway": audiomack.com/song/afrobeats-1/runaway-snippet


050 - Rome Reloaded

Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with one of her loved ones, Rome Green Jr, aka Spiritual Romeboy! They catch up on what Rome has been up to since Episode 30, and how much he has grown energetically. From uncertainty, parents, staying consistent, relationships, never giving up, favorite books and even sex magic, they discuss it all. This is definitely one episode you want to tune into! Listen to the Episode 30 here:...


What is a Black Minimalist? With Kenya Cecilia Rose

This week, Maria the Spiritual Homegirl Talks with Kenya Cecilia Rose of Black Minimalists about what being a minimalist is and how their group formed. It goes beyond giving away tangible material things, and Kenya explains their mission with respect to minimalism and helping others live more intentionally. They also discuss a fun, introductory course that Black Minimalists is offering about Minimalism and the importance of representation in what people consider a “niche” community. Sign...


053 - Retrograde Reloaded

Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with another episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast to talk about Mercury Retrograde! This episode was requested by a special listener in Florida, shout out to you! Maria talks about what Mercury is, what a Retrograde is, and how it all comes together in Aries. She goes into a beginner’s explanation of the stages of Retrograde, her opinion on the debates and generalizations of astrology, and her take on this current Mercury Retrograde. Also, shoutout...


052 - Hater 101 Reloaded

Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is so excited to begin a new cycle as it is indeed Aries Season! She brings back one of her first episodes of the podcast to help you with Spring Cleaning and getting your energy right. Sometimes we have to assess those around us to determine who is beneficial or just energy vampires. Haters are Professional Vampers and gotta go! We’re talking Maria’s Five Types of Haters, universal laws, gratitude, and how to handle the low vibrations on Part 1 of the Two Part...


Episode 051 - Goddess Boss with Kiwi the Beauty

Happy Homegirl Thursday! Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is excited to share another one of her Homegirls’ stories with you this episode, the story of Kiwi The Beauty! If you ever wanted to know someone can make a concept and build it from the ground up, this is the episode to listen to! Kiwi and Spiritual Homegirl talk about Kiwi’s journey, how they met in high school, the important of consistent drive, dedication and hard work with respect to manifesting, and how Kiwi was able to meet Oprah...


049 - Crew Love: A conversation with the World-Famous Honor Roll Crew

Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is honored to interview Whiz Ward, Trackademicks, and 1-O.A.K. of the World-Famous Honor Roll Crew! (All pun intended!) Also known as HNRL Crew, this 9 member collective has been a strong fixture in the Bay Area Music scene (and the music scene at large) for over ten years. We discuss how the crew was formed, roles/group dynamics, dealing with challenges, and the importance of mentorship, partnership, and seeing the vision to fruition! If you are interested in...


Mental Health with Dr. Giselle Cunningham”

Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with her Mental Health Homegirl, Dr. Giselle Cunningham, PhD! Dr. Giselle (or as Maria calls her, “Dr. G”) is also a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), NCC (Nationally Certified Counselor) and an ACS (Approved Clinical Supervisor). She obtained her bachelor degree from Georgia Southern, and her master & doctorate degrees from Mercer University. So if anyone knows what they are talking about with mental health, it’s Dr. G! She talks about her journey...


047 - The World According to Dr. Supreme Understanding

Spiritual Homegirl catches up with Dr. Supreme Understanding before he embarks on his nationwide tour for a no-holds-barred conversation about his understanding of history and the modern world. They also discuss his upbringing as an immigrant, his views on relationships, his mission as an accomplished author, and his upcoming nationwide tour. This conversation is raw and unfiltered, so this episode may not be suitable for young ears or sensitive listeners. Find Dr. Supreme Understanding...


046 - Homegirl Spotlight with Community Advocate Evonna Christmon

Hey y’all! Spiritual Homegirl is honored to be the first to share the story of Evonna Christmon of Blossoming Brown Girls! We talk about the importance of positive presence in our communities, her upcoming inaugural event in Atlanta, when Evonna decided to become a community advocate, and the moment she decided to stop waiting and just do what she was called to do! Find Evonna here: Www.instagram.com/blossomingbrowngirls Spiritual Homegirl is taking pre-orders for her limited edition...


045 - The Toxic People Episode

Spiritual Homegirl has received a lot of messages about different situations that you all go through. The common denominator appeared to be people who were showing behaviors that appeared to be “toxic”, so Spiritual Homegirl decided to share her perspective about toxic people! She goes over what she has experienced that has led her to classify certain behaviors as toxic, and why examples of these behaviors can’t be allowed to distract, deter, or defeat us as we grow along the journey. Also...


044 - Plant Based Turnup

Spiritual Homegirl is back with Sahsha and Lateefah from The Veggie Connection based out of California as to their nationwide party called Veggie Connection Nights. They discuss the need for plant based friendly turn-ups, why this event is friendly for all types of people, and what Veggie Connection has in the works in the near future. Maria will also be co-hosting Veggie Connection Nights along with Sahsha and Lateefah! Get tickets to Veggie Connection Nights and find out more about the...


Self Love and Wellness: Tiana Allen of The Wellness Sanctuary

Maria the Spiritual Homegirl talks with Tiana Allen, owner of The Wellness Sanctuary in Atlanta, Georgia. They discuss self love, entrepreneurship, as well as the upcoming “Hey Lovely: A Self-Love Event”, in which she and Maria will be speaking at 1/27/2018! Find Tiana here: thewellnesssanctuaryinc.com instagram.com/thewellnesssanctuaryinc Get tickets to Hey Lovely Here: HeyLovely.Eventbrite.com


042 - Yoga 101 with @MiniatureYogi

Spiritual Homegirl is excited to host her very first event, Yoga 101, on January 20th with her friend, Registered Yoga Teacher (200 Hour), and this week's guest, Dre of @MiniatureYogi ! They talk about the origins of yoga, how yoga isn't exclusive to a particular body type, fitness level, or aesthetic, how Dre was introduced to yoga, how yoga is a way of life vs. just a workout, yoga for children, and their upcoming event, Yoga 101! Find Dre here: www.instagram.com/miniatureyogi Buy...


041 - OG Wisdom with HipHop Legend Tajai Massey of Hieroglyphics

Spiritual Homegirl invites you to listen to a conversation between she and one of her favorite OGs, Tajai Massey! They have a spirited discussion about Tajai growing up in East Oakland, California, how he found music, the need to be present in the community, the importance of having a forward thinking tribe, “oldheads vs OGs”, adaptability through a flawed system, and finding multiple passions throughout his journey.


040 - Paychecks to Power and Financial Detoxing with Shannaan Dawda, CPA

Spiritual Homegirl talks with certified public accountant and author Shannaan Dawda, who has helped his clients pay over a million dollars in debt. He talks about his journey through finance, including paying 26,000 dollars of personal debt in less than a year, and how he is using his knowledge to educate others. To purchase his book, “Paychecks to Power” or get involved with his free 31 day financial detox, visit frompaycheckstopower.com


039 - Why 2017 Can Still Be Your Year

Get your pen and paper ready! Spiritual Homegirl will be your accountability partner this episode! We will determine why we rush into the new year without giving our best effort while living through the current year. She gives tips to live more mindfully and hold ourselves accountable, day by day , and written exercises to help us make peace with 2017. Together, we can give a productive, strong finish for the remainder of 2017!


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