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Addressing Issues & Topics Affecting Christians Across The Nation








Pastor Steve Smothermon: We (the Church) Either Stand and Fight Or We Fall

so that we confidently say, “The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What will man do to me?” Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13:6-8


Jeff Wagner: Sobering, ‘Satanic Evil’ Plan to Destroy the West

What happens when so-called 'conspiracy theories' are proved true? We discuss how C'v'd was intentionally developed, released and spread to reduce the earth's population! What's more the treatment protocols and the vaccine are the tools of this satanic evil, resulting in the deaths of millions. The UN and the World Economic Forum have openly plotted and initiated this demonic medical tyranny as part of a detailed and deliberate plan to destroy western civilization. Provocative? Listen to this.


Holly Pivec & Douglas Geivett: NAR, Bethel’s ‘Counterfeit Kingdom’

We discuss the dangerous and often subtle teachings of the NAR movement, Bethel music, and its problematic influence. What used to be on the fringes of the church is now mainstream, and many are being deceived. The authors of a new book, Counterfeit Kingdom share their concerns and research.


David Fiorazo, Mary Danielsen: Deliberate Societal Chaos and Destruction

On today's podcast, David and Mary discuss the purposeful destruction and weakening of American society, the deliberate 'failure' of the Biden administration, a biblical view of borders and immigration, and the AI debate.


David Fiorazo: System Overload! Media Mayhem, Durham Report, Trans Ideology

TODAY: David Fiorazo highlights the worldview war and spiritual forces of darkness relating to recent news and headlines from a biblical perspective including the shifting cultural (and media) narrative that Christians are fair game when it comes to discrimination, censorship, and violent attacks. “And this is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the Light; for their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light, so that his deeds will not be exposed. But the one who practices the truth comes to the Light…” John 3:19-21 MORE Your Favorite Guests on Stand Up for the Truth! (List & Links) When neutrality isn't a virtue Democrats Create a Transgender Child Kidnapping Network 4 More Companies Go ‘Full Bud Light,’ Daring Consumers to Boycott Indoctrination And Godlessness: It Is Way Past Time To Defund Progressive Outlets Like PBS And NPR Biden’s Border Crisis Leading to System Overload 200 Resources You Can Trust!– Be Equipped and ‘Connect the Dots’ NEWSBYTES SUPPORT STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH PODCAST WITH NEW GEAR!


Pete Garcia: New World Order – War of Worldviews

David Fiorazo and Mary Danielsen discuss the latest book from authors Pete Garcia and Terry James, New World Order -Worlds in Collision and the Rebirth of Liberty.


Julaine Appling: Attacks on Human Life, Church, Family, and Real Men

We discuss the importance of family, godly men and masculinity in our culture, the increasing attacks on churches and pro-life pregnancy centers, the weaponized DOJ and FBI, the left calling evil good, religious freedom issues, and news on the right to life/abortion front.


T.A. MCMAHON: The Time Is Here – Intolerance Toward Sound Doctrine

We discuss the importance of doctrine as well as the authority and sufficiency of God's Word. Subjects we touch on include modern churches, seminaries, and bookstores, Christian 'entertainment,' worship music, worldly philosophies and subtle departures from the truth.


John Haller: Digging Up Truth, Sifting through Misinformation

We discuss the breaking news on the Durham report vindicating President Trump, Russia-Ukraine war and global implications, the prophetic importance of Turkey, Erdogan, Ezekiel 38-39, the 'anointing' of King Charles III at the coronation, Artificial Intelligence, and another fascinating archaeological find pre-dating known Hebrew inscriptions.


Scott Schara: Breaking the ‘Do No Harm’ Oath, a Life & Death Battle

Scott Schara has an update on a historic lawsuit and is here to explain the details as well as recent revelations on the death agenda worldwide including genocide right here in the U.S. Scott hopes to prevent more unnecessary deaths and to warn others about patient advocacy and deadly protocols.


Mark and Amber Archer: Perverse Problems Immersed in Public ‘Education’

TODAY’S GUESTS: Mark and Amber Archer, a husband and wife filmmaking team and founders of Fearless Features, a filmmaking ministry. The Archers have over 30 years of combined production experience and they’re on a mission to share hope in Christ around the world through feature films, documentaries, podcasting, books and more. Their goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire others to get involved in their local communities to defend their families and biblical values! Previously on the podcast, we discussed their documentary, The Mind Polluters. ​MORE Subscribe to the Fearless Features newsletter! "Dysphoria" Teaser - End of Summer 2022 Your Favorite Guests on Stand Up for the Truth! (List & Links) Governor defunds Indiana University sex institute founded by Alfred Kinsey ‘The Mind Polluters’ Exposes Schools Sexualizing Kids Disney’s Depravity And Moral Decline Have Been Going On For Decades Alfred Kinsey and Sexual Anarchy in America (content warning) NBCUniversal advertising figure Linda Yaccarino reportedly in talks about serving as Twitter CEO The Most Programmed Generation in History 200 Resources You Can Trust!– Be Equipped and ‘Connect the Dots’ NEWSBYTES SUPPORT STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH PODCAST WITH NEW GEAR! Subscribe to the QChannel on YouTube for upcoming LIVE STREAMS – Click here.


Wayne Allyn Root: Conservatives & Patriots Have Power, Time to BUY-cott!

We discuss why some corporations offend their customers/audience by going woke, corruption in government, national security issues such as open borders, Title 42, Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Bud Light, U.S. military, Israel, rumors of war, China, apostasy, David French, Andy Stanley.


Terry James: Tracking End Times Events & The Approaching Tribulation Storm

We discuss prophetic end-times scenarios, the coming Tribulation, evidence that we're close to the Lord's return, Israel and global events. In segment 2 and 3 we dive into Terry's book, Trajectory, which features 18 Bible prophecy experts.


Robert Meyer: Are Most Evangelical Christians Truly Conservative?

We discuss why evangelical Christians are predominantly conservative, the lie of so-called "separation of church and state," American history being rewritten, the radical leftward launch of the Democrat Party, just vs unjust laws, and more.


JB Hixson: Luciferian Timetable and the Approaching One-World System

Today, we discuss the Luciferian agenda and timetable - according to their own words. JB shares a pastor's perspective on how close we are to the predicted one-world system of government and religion.


John Loeffler: Around the Globe Commentary with Former ‘Steel on Steel’ Radio host”

TODAY’S GUEST: John Loeffler of Steel on Steel radio is here to address news and events in America and worldwide. John hosted and produced the Steel on Steel radio program for nearly 32 years. Today, we’ll ask for a few predictions of what he sees coming down the road globally and nationally. We’ll also benefit from what John has learned in over three decades about how the world works, how we got to where we are today, and where we can expect to head in the future. MORE Your Favorite Guests on Stand Up for the Truth! (List & Links) 200 Resources You Can Trust!– Be Equipped and ‘Connect the Dots’ NEWSBYTES SUPPORT STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH PODCAST WITH NEW GEAR!


Chuck Girard: A Move of God – the Genesis & Power of ‘Jesus Music’

TODAY'S GUEST: Chuck Girard, singer, songwriter, recording artist, and worship leader, is one of the pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music. He was co-founder and lead singer of the group LOVE SONG from it’s beginning to the present. Born in Los Angeles, Chuck began playing music at an early age. In his teens, he formed a group called THE CASTELLS, which had two national top 20 hits. They also released the song “I Do”, which was produced by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Chuck shared the stage with stars such as Roy Orbison, Jan and Dean, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Vee, and others. This led to a successful career as a studio singer and musician which included singing the lead vocals on THE HONDELLS first two albums and their biggest hit, “Little Honda.” In his early twenties Chuck became disillusioned with life, and like so many of his generation began experimenting with drugs. This led to a five-year search for God through LSD, eastern religion, and a committed “hippie” lifestyle. Rock & Roll Preacher - Chuck Girard After years of searching for meaning through drugs, Buddhism, sex, and Eastern philosophy, a long-haired hippie musician walked his bare feet into a little country church and encountered the living God. Confounded by the simplicity of the gospel, a young Chuck Girard dedicated his life to Jesus during the height of the sexual revolution and civil unrest that characterized the decade of the '60s. Along with thousands of other "Jesus Freaks" who came to be known as the Jesus Movement, Chuck's story was only just getting started. This raw and honest memoir is both refreshing and convicting. MORE Your Favorite Guests on Stand Up for the Truth! (List & Links) Love Song - The Band, The Ministry, The Movement [Trailer] Follow Chuck and Love Song on Facebook! Alisa (Girard) Childers on Stand Up 200 Resources You Can Trust!– Be Equipped and ‘Connect the Dots’ NEWSBYTES SUPPORT STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH PODCAST WITH NEW GEAR! Subscribe to the QChannel on YouTube for upcoming LIVE STREAMS – Click here.


Trevor Loudon: Communist Party/Marxist Revolution Against America

We discuss government, Midterm elections, voter fraud, and radicals in power today thanks to an uninformed electorate and leftist propaganda. Trevor Loudon declares that what is commonly regarded as mainstream political policy is in fact driven and guided by hidden subversive elements. Much of what we’re seeing in our government is literally communist policy, but even more alarming is the apathy and compromise of too many within American Christians.


Dr. Ingrid Skop: FDA & Abortion Kill Pill, New Ways to Do Evil

We discuss the life and death battle over human lives in mother's wombs including the dangerous and controversial abortion pill with Dr. Ingrid Skop of the Charloette Lozier Institute; SEG 2 - we discuss the invitation to swear allegiance to King Charles this weekend at his coronation, ecumenism, racism, and social justice Christians pushing for unity (uniformity).


Dr. Tim Murphy: The Christ Cure; SEG 2- Tucker, Truth, Trans Agenda

TODAY: Dr. Tim Murphy is a licensed psychologist specializing in recovery from psychological trauma, and author of three books. He consults on mental health and public policy with national organizations an speaks extensively throughout the US. He served in the Pennsylvania State Senate and was elected to the US House of Representatives eight times. He served eight years as an officer in the Medical Service Corps of the US Navy Reserve, achieving the rank of Commander. Murphy worked on the staff in the inpatient Traumatic Brain Injury/PTSD unit at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, and his new book is called The Christ Cure: Ten Biblical Ways to Heal from Trauma Tragedy and PTSD (2023 Humanix). Dr. Murphy is the founder and clinical director of Fortis-Future near Pittsburgh, PA specializing in the care of veterans, military and first responders, with a comprehensive brain and behavioral health treatment program for PTSD. Book description: A valuable guide for anyone dealing with PTSD, trauma and tragedy, family members of trauma victims, clergy who seek a better understanding of psychology, and for counselors who seek a better understanding of the role of faith in healing from trauma. THE CHRIST CURE is comprehensive handbook of healing for victims of trauma and their families, guiding the reader through a unique path of true restoration, inspired by the life and works of the Apostle Paul (a survivor of multiple traumas), by modern day mentors, the humbling personal experiences of the author, Psychologist, Navy veteran and former Member of Congress Dr. Tim Murphy, and reinforced by solid scientific research. MORE Your Favorite Guests on Stand Up for the Truth! (List & Links) ‘Who Is Telling the Truth?’ Tucker Carlson Calls Out ‘Corrupt’ Media and Politicians Tucker Carlson Out at Fox News Days After Asking Americans to Wage Spiritual Warfare, Pray for Our Country Podcast: Headlines Reveal Clash of Worldviews Depravity Of Man On Display: UN Seeks To Decriminalize Child Sex, Sex Work, And Abortion 200 Resources You Can Trust!– Be Equipped and ‘Connect the Dots’ NEWSBYTES SUPPORT STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH PODCAST WITH NEW GEAR! Subscribe to the QChannel on YouTube for upcoming LIVE STREAMS - Click here.