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Robert J. Morgan: Whatever Happens – Standing Firm When the World is Falling Apart

Mary Danielsen chats with Bible teacher, podcaster and author Robert J Morgan. Robert was involved in pastoral ministry for over 40 years in Nashville Tennessee. He is a best-selling, gold-medallion winning writer with more than 35 books in print and approximately 5 million copies in circulation in multiple languages. Rob has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. He speaks widely at churches, conferences, schools, and corporate events. His latest book, "Whatever Happens: How to Stand Firm in Your Faith When the World is Falling Apart" is a timely look at the book of Philippians. We will talk about the perplexities of life and our unchanging God, because change is the one thing in this life we can count on outside of God. Suffering is something common to us all eventually as well, but how we handle it is so important. We will talk about the antidotes to the difficulties we face in suffering, ie, generosity, thanks, praise, contentment, cheerfulness, and joy. A good reminder that we can rise above whatever this old world throws at us. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Replay – Dave Jenkins: Contentment – The Journey of a Lifetime

Mary Danielsen chats with author Dave Jenkins of Servants of Grace Ministries about contentment and what it means to have God be our all-in-all. Dave calls it the "journey of a lifetime" not only because our trials and difficulties can be lifelong but because God is working a great weight of glory in each of His children. What would life be like if every trial we experienced came with it lasting peace and joy? As foreign or even impossible as that may sound to us today, we are being sanctified and renewed day by day, but conditionally - if we can learn to wait, trust, and take every thought captive. Piece of cake, right? Maybe not that simple, but very achievable by the power of the Holy Spirit. In such a malcontent world, this is a timely discussion for those going through the ups and downs of life that may included anxiety, depression, and the pitfalls of being human. [PDF Transcipt] "Contentment: The Journey of a Lifetime" is available here. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR support.


JB Hixson: The Anatomy of Deception

Dr. J.B. Hixson Mary Danielsen chats with JB Hixson about deception in the last days. Deception and lies are of course traveling companions; knowing the truth in a culture that operates openly on lies is a tremendous challenge today. Beyond the daily misrepresentations of media and our fellow humans, there is delusion; beyond delusion is quite possibly loss of all things and an eternity in hell. With the recent eclipse mania, and an entire nation looking at the same thing at the same time, with the attending hype by professing Christians - well, there is a recipe for mass delusion. We look at the 5 core essentials of deception: question truth, misrepresent truth, contradict truth, focus on motives, and deconstruct language. The believer has to be wide awake to keep from being deceived in these times. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


John Hopper: Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel

Mary talks with John Hopper about making evangelism a way of life. John has discussed questions about God and life with Muslim clerics in Uzbekistan, Buddhist monks in Canada, slum-dwellers in Guatemala and tennis professionals at Wimbledon. Now, he serves as Houston Area Director for Search Ministries, a nationwide organization focused on creating opportunities for stimulating, sensitive and respectful conversations for those wrestling with life’s big questions. Prior to joining Search, John served for 16 years as a pastor at BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston. So many Christians want to share Jesus with others but don’t know where to start. In Giving Jesus Away: Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel, John provides readers with clear principles and ideas on building friendships with unbelievers, starting natural and meaningful conversations that lead to Jesus, and sharing the gospel clearly. In addition, readers are coached on how to tackle their own fears as well as address the barriers that keep unbelievers from faith. He doesn't just encourage you to jump in the water, he teaches you how to swim! Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Replay – Pastor Joe Bell: Watching, Waiting, and World Affairs

[Original airdate: 2/20/24] Mary Danielsen chats with Pastor Joe Bell of Calvary Chapel LaFayette Indiana about bible prophecy. Pastor Joe has faithfully hosted a Spring prophecy conference for many years and has helped many Midwesterners to watch and wait for Jesus; he teaches verse by verse weekly. We talk about his history in Indiana, the conference theme and details. Then we go on to some current headlines including technology, Bill Gates, climate change carbon hysteria, and much more. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Bill Perkins: Steeling Our Minds in an Age of Acceleration

Mary Danielsen talks to Bill Perkins of Compass International about a range of topics that he covers in his Steel on Steel series of books. He hosted the first Steeling the Mind Conference in Vail in 1993, and moved to Idaho to take a job with Koinonia House (headed by Chuck Missler) that same year. In 1994 he founded Compass, and proceeded to lead trips to Israel and has since hosted 50 conferences with a tremendous variety of popular and knowledgable guests. Bill has always had his eye on the blessed hope and is a staunch defender of the Pre-Trib view of the rapture. We will discuss the increase of knowledge, Israel, and observe the culture here in the first half of 2024. All of his resources can be purchased at the extensive Compass online bookstore. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Replay – Pastor Andy Woods: Israel with a Wide Lens; The Pre-Wrath Rapture Dismantled

[Original airdate: 1/23/24] We welcome back Pastor and Bible Scholar Andy Woods of Sugarland Bible Church. Andy is a wealth of biblical insights and reasoned responses to countless passages and doctrines that Christians should be thinking through and studying faithfully. Today we discuss Israel with a wide lens, some of the questions that have arisen in the last 100 days referencing not only the latest news but the source of some confusion. Why do so few pastors bother to teach about Israel? We also take a look at the Pre-Wrath rapture position. Who started it? How does it fit into dispensationalism and a systematic study of prophecy? Check out the website linked above for archives, Dr. Woods is on Truth Social here. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Headline Day: Iran, The Great Destabilizer; The Food Fight of the Century – Farmer vs Globalist

Mary Danielsen takes on Iran and explains how and why they are the most destabilizing force in the Middle East if not the world. What is a military proxy and how does it give Iran an edge against her enemies? Israel has engaged the serpent and will not shrink back from destabilizing them right back. We also look at the global fight to control our land, energy and food supply. Globalists are intent to poison or starve us, whichever is more expedient for them. Is anyone fighting back? Well, EU farmers aren't taking any of it sitting down. Also; abortion rights in Florida take a front seat in that war, what to expect in November and beyond. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Brady Blevins: Jehovah’s Witness Up Close – Kingdom Hall, Kingdom Come

Mary chats with Brady Blevins of Watchman Fellowship, an apologetics ministry dedicated to exposing the major cults of our time. Brady serves as the senior apologist at Watchman and has a heart for sharing the true gospel with those deceived by a counterfeit Christianity. He also teaches and serves as the assistant dean of the Graduate School of Theology and Chair for the School of Ministry at Arlington Baptist University. We discuss the basics of the Witness cult and also get an update on their annual meeting that was held in October 2023. Brady clarifies for us what a Kingdom Hall is, The Watchtower Society, what happens when people leave the cult, and many other finer points of what it means to be a JW. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Replay – Inductive Bible Study: Observing, Interpreting, Applying the Word With Skill

[Original airdate: 7/20/23] Ruth Christian and Mary Danielsen discuss the Inductive Bible Study tool to help the listener reignite their study of the Scriptures. Inductive study is for anyone who desires a deeper knowledge of the proper context of the Word and how to apply it. With a new statistical low in the polls of Americans who actually believe the bible is the inerrant Word of God, those who desire to live by every word can use these tools to be sure of what they believe, skillfully applying the Word to their own lives and to the events of the everyday world around them. What about commentaries? How do I do a word study? What about difficult passages? With Inductive study, taking passages out of context and building doctrines out of them is revealed for what it is, a lack of understanding of basic bible hermeneutics. Whether you're a parent, missionary, student, home study leader or just want to understand the Bible - and your God - better, this is a good introduction. Ruth also recommends How to Study Your Bible: Discover the Life-Changing Approach to God's Word Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Mike Gendron: The Paralyzing Lies of Religious Indoctrination

Mary Danielsen talks with Mike Gendron and ministering to those who are held captive by religious duty and obligation, things that have no effect in remediating the sin that we are all born with. Mike takes no hostages as he delineates those issues such as good works, baptismal regeneration, and the bedrock issues that Roman Catholics have with the inerrancy of God's Word. We will talk about religious zeal without knowledge and the numbness of heart and soul that results in false hope and being inoculated to the truth. Mike was a devout Roman Catholic for over 30 years, but that changed in 1981 while attending an evangelical seminar when he realized the Bible is the supreme authority for knowing truth. Proclaiming the Gospel has developed many resources to equip and encourage Christians to be effective witnesses to Roman Catholics. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Replay – Holly Pivec: NAR – A Reckless Christianity Headed for Shipwreck

Holly Pivec joins us for a repeat broadcast from 1/19/24 for an in-depth look at the New Apostolic Reformation, particularly as represented by the likes of Bill Johnson at Bethel. Who is this man and what is this "reformation" they speak of? Even the first part of the name, "New Apostolic" should set off alarms, but a reformtion? Is it a cult? We will talk about the who, what, how and why of it. We also take a look at what we might call the "gateway drug" of Bethel and Hillsong: the music arm of these churches, which has spread the doctrine of NAR far and wide to untold numbers of churches around the world. The teachings of NAR aren't particularly new, considering the Latter Rain Movement of the 1940s and the Kansas City Prophets of the 1980s, but as with anything that the church refuses to be discerning about, it never goes away and just spreads, particularly in the computer/internet age. If you know of anyone caught in the web of NAR this is for you. Her new book, "Reckless Christianity" can be found here. "Counterfeit Kingdom" can be found here. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Pete Garcia: World War 3 – From Impossible to Inevitable

Mary Danielsen chats with Pete Garcia, retired military combat veteran and aviator, writer, researcher, speaker, and teacher of Bible prophecy and apologetics. He has a BA in International Relations and is a graduate of the US Army's prestigious Command and General Staff College. Bible Prophecy clearly states that at the end of the age, the world will experience a significant increase in geopolitical turmoil, including at least three named wars, rumors of war, international distress, and three major military conflicts as outlined in Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38-39, and Revelation 19. Combine all that with the other "birth pangs" which are all seemingly converging within a single generation. According to Jesus, these signs of the times would signal the end of the current age. It surely seems some things - no, all things - are in the "winding down" stage on different levels. Pete helps us understand the times in relation to the nations of the earth and how God is maneuvering things into place. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Todd Nettleton: Those of Whom the World is Not Worthy; Headlines – Who is a Jew?

In the first half of the program, Mary welcomes back Todd Nettleton, Chief of Media Relations and Message Integration for The Voice of the Martyrs—USA and host of The Voice of the Martyrs Radio. Todd serves as a voice for persecuted Christians, inspiring US Christians with the faithfulness of Christ’s followers in 70+ nations where they face persecution for wearing His name. We talk about the hotspots for persecution of our family in Christ and how we can best pray for and support them. In the 2nd half, Mary explains who today's Jews are. What is an Ashkenazi Jew? A Sephardic Jew? We look at the unique DNA of the Cohenim and why it is important to understand who they and the Levites are. A fascinating time of dot-connecting and yes, we truly do live in Bible times! Living between the pages and the ages. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Replay – Sean Patrick Tario: Stop Giving Big Tech Your Money

Sean Patrick Tario [Original airdate 7/31/23] Sean Patrick Tario is a father, husband, entrepreneur, seed stage investor, author, community organizer and Christ loving patriot seeking and sharing Truth in Love. After 15 years as an entrepreneur and executive for various high tech companies in Silicon Valley, Sean has dedicated the last few years of his life building infrastructure, companies and networks that will ensure those who stand behind their Christian, Conservative and Constitutional values are not cancelled from doing business online. One of his current ventures,, is the home for the Ghost Phone and Ghost Laptop which afford customers the ability to remove themselves entirely from the Google, Apple and Microsoft ecosystems and surveillance systems. The Matrix. Why has a science fiction movie series plot line become the buzz word among so-called conspiracy theorists? Are big tech and governments really spying on us? Are our handy phones trying to enslave us? Crash Connell & Sean Patrick Tario will scratch the surface of this big topic in today's podcast. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Kim Sorgius: The Powerful Tool of Homeschooling; Catching up on Headlines

For the first half of the podcast, Mary talks to Kim Sorgius of Not Consumed Ministry, a homeschool and curriculum expert who will be speaking at the upcoming Wisconsin Homeschoolers Convention. Kim believes homeschooling is a powerful tool to knit families together through all seasons of life. What are some of the ways we can help our families grow in faith? God is faithful, humans not always. Why do youth flee the church? Kim was one of those who left faith behind for other voices and paths. Her story is one of God's faithfulness in the tough times; when life consumes us, God is there to strengthen our knees and propel us forward. In the 2nd half of the podcast, Mary will catch up on some current headlines. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


JB Hixson: Through the Bible about Holy Week

.Crash Connell visits with Pastor Dr. JB Hixson today on the events we know as Holy Week. Monday through Sunday. Glorious events, prophecy fulfilled and God's plan for redemption to those who believe in HIS ONLY SON. Matthew 21 When they had approached Jerusalem and had come to Bethphage, at the Mount of Olives, Jesus then sent two disciples, 2 saying to them, “Go into the village opposite you, and immediately you will find a donkey tied there and a colt with it. Untie them and bring them to Me. 3 And if anyone says anything to you, you shall say, ‘The Lord needs them,’ and he will send them on immediately.” 4 Now this took place so that what was spoken through the prophet would be fulfilled: 5 “Say to the daughter of Zion, ‘Behold your King is coming to you, Humble, and mounted on a donkey, Even on a colt, the foal of a donkey.’” Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Don Shenk: Bringing the Gospel to the World One Heart and One Language at a Time

Mary Danielsen chats with Don Shenk, Executive Director for The Tide Radio Ministry. The Tide has been around for over 75 years and has done remarkable work in getting the gospel out on radio in multiple languages and to many unreached people. Don was born to missionary parents in what was then known as Rhodesia, and prior to joining The Tide in 2001 served as a missionary teaching at a Bible School in Zimbabwe, Africa. In addition to lecturing in the classroom at Ekuphileni Bible Institute, he served as Academic Dean, Director of Student Ministries, and also developed and implemented a manual skills training program to enable rural pastors to minister bi-vocationally. Through twenty eight years living in Zimbabwe, and numerous visits to Africa, Eastern Europe and India as a ministry administrator and resource person for church conferences and leadership training events, Don has acquired a wealth of international, cross cultural ministry experience. As the world becomes more and more of a global village, Don’s greatest passion is to reach people for Jesus Christ and to bring them into the Church. The harvest is ripe; the workers are few. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Kyle Peart and Flynn Huseby: Seventh Day Adventism; In-House Apologetics for Discipleship

Mary Danielsen chats with Kyle Peart and Flynn Huseby of Once Lost Ministries, which exists to boldly proclaim truth, both to those who are lost and for the local church to defend, encourage and exhort via the use of apologetics. Is the Seventh Day church solid? What is their history? Their view of Jesus? Evangelicals have long been confused by their doctrine; would they fail the test for a cult? What happened after cult expert Walter Martin tried to work with them to gain an evangelical footing? We will try and clarify what they believe and why it matters. They have a strong media presence and put on flashy prophecy conferences, but fail to identify themselves to those watching or attending. In the second half, we will discuss "in-house" apologetics - using solid doctrinal stances to help people navigate where their church is at - and unfortunately, often where it is going if the local church veers away from teaching doctrine to teaching the latest best-seller. Shameless plug for swag for our listeners/donors! - Thanks for YOUR Support!


Replay – Frank Sherwin: Origins – Creation, Corruption, Curse, and Catastrophe

[Original airdate 12/19/23] Mary Danielsen chats with Frank Sherwin of Institute for Creation Research on the origins of everything as laid out in Scripture. Author and in-demand speaker, Frank has a degree in zoology and is an expert in parasitology. Where we came from is easily as important as where we are going. Did Darwin actually talk about origins in his book on origins? Are there human fossils in any record? In this fast moving podcast we will talk about Young Earth beliefs, fossils, genealogy, the flood, and - so why do sunflowers follow the sun? Macro and micro thoughts on creation can only point to an amazing Creator who loves His creation. His short creation articles, which are each around 2 pages, are well worth the time. They can be found here. Watch Stand Up For The Truth on YouTube !