Stand in Grace

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When we feel far away from the Lord, remember that Christ keeps us in a place of grace. Revitalize your life in Christ and discover what it means to Stand in Grace!




When we feel far away from the Lord, remember that Christ keeps us in a place of grace. Revitalize your life in Christ and discover what it means to Stand in Grace!




Never Shunned

The Lord will never shun you or walk away, He has always intended you to be in His family and pour His blessings upon you.


Pleasing the Lord

Can we actually please God? The answer is yes, we can but we need to know what He seeks after.


Be Prepared for a Rough Day

Jesus experienced what we often do, that a good spiritual day or event is followed by Satan's attacks. But you do not need to feel defeated, Christ gave us the means to hold on to those moments and do something great for Him.


Obedience to Christ is not a burden

The Lord wants the best for us and therefore He calls us to be obedient to His Word for our sake.


Return to the Lord, and Don’t Look Back

Most of us have found ourselves far from the Lord at one time, yet, we need to understand that this world has nothing to offer us. We need to return to the Lord and find His loving leading in our lives once again.


How Much Needs to be Explained to You?

Can you trust the Lord even when so much doesn't male sense in your life? Can you accept the plan of God when things don't go as you expect?


Increase My Faith O’ Lord

We often feel that if only we had more faith then we would obtain all we need. However, what we need is to take that faith we already have and use it in right way.


God is Not Fair

We often think that God is not fair towards us, however, we need to be encouraged that He is Just. The Justice of God is our hope.


The Fruit that reveals we’re genuine

The evidence of your true relationship in Christ is seen in your fruit. Though life is tough we can still shine forth because we have a relationship that is evident as being real.


Giving The Lord Our Best while Still Honouring HIm

Mary and her sister Martha learned the importance of how to glorify the Lord while serving Him. We need to serve, but serve to honour not just for the sake of serving.


Rejoice in The Success of His Word

Do not be discouraged, or afraid to share God's Word today. The Lord will use you to do a great work for Him, so look beyond the troubles and see His success.


My Privilege is to Serve Jesus

Serving Jesus should not be a burden but a privilege, for He wants to use you to do His work. He could have used angels, but the Lord wants you and He has equipped you. So let's come to the Lord and acknowledge this great privilege and achieve something great for Him.


How I Know I am Loved

People often talk about the love of God and never understand what that look likes in their day to day life. Christ's love is expressed in His commitment to be our Shepherd. He desires to be there for us every day, looking after us and protecting us, this is true love.


Stop Thinking Your Life is Impossible to Change

We often feel there are things in our lives that can not change. However, the Lord has the means to make what looks like impossible to happen. The things that seem to be unresolvable in our lives are easily resolved when we trust God with them.


The Truth that Frees Us from Fear

Jesus had many people believe in Him, yet mere belief is not enough, there needs to be a full commitment to Christ. That is found by abiding with Him and in His word, only then will we understand the truth that frees us from a life of uncertainly and fear.


Why I am Encouraged with our World

The world seems to be out of control, yet we need to be encouraged to know the Lord is ruling over all things even if we don't see it or the news reveal it.


Evil in our World

There is so much evil in our world, but as believers how can we confront this evil and how can the Lord reign in it?


Have You Been Taught Wrong?

Often we have heard someone say that if you turn to Jesus all your troubles will go away. Yet, as you know that is usually wrong, rather, there is a cost involved in following Jesus. But we need to understand as Jesus taught, such a life of following Jesus is worth it.


The 4 Joys of Showing Forgiveness

There is joy in sharing forgiveness. We need to understand what Jesus was teaching in Matthew 18 from the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant to see that indeed forgiving others brings joy into my life.


4 Ways the Lord Reveals His Love

On this Valentines week we need to be encouraged that God reveals His love to us by wanting us to be more like Him. This process requires filing off the burrs of our life and using one another to draw us back to Christ. We want to be a polished gem in the eyes of the Lord, and He wants to restore us to fellowship with Him.