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Super-charge your faith with timeless messages by Pastor Steven that will inspire you to step out and do…The Impossible!


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Super-charge your faith with timeless messages by Pastor Steven that will inspire you to step out and do…The Impossible!






Sunday Morning - Have It Your Way!

Join Pastor Steven as he shares insights that he has never shared before from the teachings of Jesus. God’s Word is going to produce explosive growth in your faith-life.


Morning Glory - Faith Like A Mustard Seed

Join Pastor Steven as he teaches on a statement that Jesus made that has profound implications for your life.


Sunday Morning - Cut Through The Noise

There are constant distractions around us that endeavor to keep us from hearing what God is truly saying. Learn to cut through the noise and recognize that God often speaks exactly the opposite of what the system is so loudly declaring.


Morning Glory - The Simplicity of A Point of Contact

When you want to receive what you need from God you have to release your faith. A point of contact provides a way for you to act on your belief. It will center your faith and greatly facilitate the receiving of your miracle.


Sunday Morning - Above Only & Not Below

The strength of Abraham‘s faith lay in his ability to see far. By faith, you can also see yourself in the place that God intends for you to stand. Find out more in today’s message with Pastor Steven.


Morning Glory - Who Do You Follow?

We are greatly influenced by who we follow. To a certain degree, it is possible to predict the trajectory of your life based upon who you follow. Find out more in today’s message with Pastor Steven.


Sunday Morning - The Marvel of Thanksgiving

“God did it!” But what do you do after God has done it? What should your response be? How do you respond to small victories, and even great victories? Learn why thanksgiving is so important and valuable in the eyes of God.


Morning Glory - A Supernatural Sign

Join Pastor Steven as he helps you to understand how God can perform a miraculous sign in your life.


Sunday Morning - Why the Supernatural is Controversial

Join Pastor Steven, as he gives insight of why the supernatural is so controversial. God wants to do a miracle for you. God’s ways are higher than the ways of man. Learn to discern the flow of the Holy Spirit.


Morning Glory - Miracle Provision From A Rock

Is it possible to receive provision in an impossible situation, even from a rock? Pastor Steven answers this question, and also explains why it’s so important to speak to the rock and not strike the rock.


Sunday Morning - I've Got That!

Pastor Steven shares the value of opportunities when they are presented to us. Pastor Steven also explores the realm of visions and supernatural encounters, and how to lean into them when the glory realm begins to open up.


Morning Glory - Trust Proven By Fire

In today’s message, Pastor Steven explains the difference between trust and faith. Discover how trust in God is an essential requirement for entering into the prosperity that God has prepared for you.


Sunday Morning - How God Blesses

The highway to kingdom wealth travels through the Word of God. Find out the primary way of how God blesses His people in today’s teaching with Pastor Steven.


Morning Glory - Spirit of Guidance

Many Christians get off track by leading themselves on a path that they consider to be right. Life is long and we face many complex situations. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are certain to experience error and mistakes. Learn to follow the Holy Spirit, He is the Spirit of Guidance.


Sunday Morning - Rule of Three

Pastor Steven shares a proven faith principle that will help you to experience real miracles in your life. The principle is as simple as 2+2 = 4. However, it is staggering how many Christians either do not understand this principle, or instead cling to empty religious traditions Then only contribute to ongoing frustrations. Find out more in today’s message with Pastor Steven.


Morning Glory - God Encounters Through Prayer & Fasting

There is room for you at the top in the realm of success in life. However, there’s even more room for you in the Secret Place, a hidden place within God where all of your needs are met and fully satisfied.


Sunday Morning - Faith to do the Impossible

The Spirit of faith empowers us to do what others call impossible. It speaks the unspeakable because it sees the invisible. Learn about the trans-generational impact of the Spirit of Faith.


Morning Glory - Prayer & Fasting for Dominion

Prayer and fasting is a covenant responsibility for those who desire empowerment. Empowerment leads to dominion. Join Pastor Steven as he shares insight on this subject, and consider joining us on a 21 day liquid fast.


Sunday Morning - Enforcing Prophetic Words

When God‘s prophetic word goes forth, He watches over that word to fulfill it. However, it is up to you to contend for it in battle. You either fight for it or you lose the promised blessing. Prophecies must be fought into fulfillment. Find out more in today’s message with Pastor Steven.


2024 - Word of the Lord

Get ready, Pastor Steven shares what the Lord revealed to him concerning the year 2024, which is unveiled in Acts 24.