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I am a photojournalist, journalist, artist, and poet. I do hope you will join me here for my stories, and other audio works I will be sharing.

I am a photojournalist, journalist, artist, and poet. I do hope you will join me here for my stories, and other audio works I will be sharing.
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I am a photojournalist, journalist, artist, and poet. I do hope you will join me here for my stories, and other audio works I will be sharing.








Fish The Clown

Clowns scare the hell out of me. I see a clown and I want to do one of two things: run and hide; or run and get a baseball bat and beat it. I just don’t like clowns. So, a conversation that Chantilly began with two guys in Walmart the other day sort of left me unnerved. But, hey, what the heck, right? In the Walmart on Alameda, in the self-checkout right next to us, was this guy buying a lot of artificial flowers. Chantilly asked him what they were for, as one of them was huge, and he told...


Terry Huddleston

while walking through El Paso ComicCon on April 18th, I overheard a conversation between a vendor and someone looking at his art. The vendor was asked why he was drawing African-American superheroes. His answer was what pushed me to stop and interview him. “If we don’t represent ourselves,” he said, “who will do it?” That vendor is Terry Huddleston, an artist with a great style. I told him what I had overheard. “Really the nuance of that is important for us to represent ourselves correctly....


Joe Lujan and Immortal Wars: Resurgence

“The first one is very Mortal Kombat meets hunger games. It's a very action pack story. It's a live adaption from my comic book series, the Vanquishers,” says Joe Lujan. “Now the squeal picks up in the exact last scene of the Immortal Wars in the sequel. So, this one, it's now a little bit more dark, a little bit more intense. I like to say that the Immortal Wars 2 is now like Resident Evil meets Mad Max type of style film.” In this episode of Still Going Somewhere we talk with Joe Lujan...


David Morales

So, who is David Morales and what qualifies him for the school board? “I'm an educator. I served as a teacher coach and a middle school principal for 30 years as a career,” says David Morales. “I'm married, but my wife is named Janet Morales. She's also an educator. She's an assistant principal in the Clint independent school district.” This is my interview with David Morales who is running for the Socorro ISD School Board of Trustees. This is part of an article I've written for the El Paso...


Now Or Never: A Tony Romo Story

We all know who Tony Romo is, right? Past quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. I’m sure we all know people that can quote his career highlights as if it were scripture: 4× Pro Bowl (2006, 2007, 2009, 2014) Second-team All-Pro (2014) NFL passer rating leader (2014) Walter Payton Award (2002) 2× OVC champion (2001, 2002) 3× OVC Player of the Year (2000–2002) 3× First-team All-OVC (2000–2002) Yet, there are still things to learn about Tony Romo, beyond the stats, highlights, and the fact he...


Beto's Campaign Team

I've been doing what I do for too many years. I've covered so many elections, I've lost count. Yet, when I covered Beto O'Orouke announcing his 2020 bid for President of the United States, I was met by a group of campaign workers who had no idea what they were doing. Far too often, before and during the event, the rules for media changes. Media was selectively excluded from certain public areas, and the campaigns media directer just felt he had to cow-tow to a select few. After that, I will...


Golden Goose Tattoo

I like tattoos. Hell, I have seven tattoos and one branding – don’t ask. The art people choose to place on their bodies ranges from the mundane, like Japanese words that may not mean exactly what one thinks, to full body pieces that tell a story or trance family events. I’ve seen memorials to family members who have passed away, to tattoos that cover one’s military service or prison time. I’ve seen some amazing work. This is my conversation with Fabian Cobos of Golden Goose Tattoo in El...


The Watchman

“So, the first thing when we talk about the Watchman Device is to first understand what atrial fibrillation is,” began Dr Mulukutla. “Atrial fibrillation is where the top part doesn't beat like it normally should. What happens is the top part is telling the bottom part to beat. But what happens in atrial fibrillation is it starts to fibrillate instead of beating, normally it starts to quiver. And when it quivers a blood can form a clot in that top part of the heart and then it goes to the...


Removing The City Manager

“He doesn’t do anything, nothing,” says Maria. “All he wants is money, money and more money.” “Isn’t he the guy that was saying a few years back that if he didn’t get a raise or something his wife was going to leave him, or he was going to move out of town?” That’s James giving his opinion of one particular city employee. “Man, he makes all the decisions. He’s like a king up there,” says Troy. “I don’t know,” says Elsa, “but we could use what he makes as pay for a year to do many other...



“We just want to point people Jesus because it's Jesus who changes people's lives,” said the pastor I spoke to for this article. You’re going to see, and hear, all throughout our conversation; he put the focus on Jesus. Their stickers are ubiquitous. You’ll see them on the backs of cars, on the doors of some business around town and I’ve even seen them on a few laptop computers here and there. Then, when you ask people what church they attend, it seems as if half of them attend the same...


New Direction Church

We all take different paths in life. We start down one path and may end up on another. For Pastor John Barba, of New Direction Church, that’s how his life in ministry began. “I went to an assembly of God college in Lakeland, Florida in the late eighties it was studying to be a missions major, planning to go over to Mexico as a foreign missionary with the Assemblies of God. And during my studies, I met a guy on campus, and he heard that I was trying to go overseas,” said Pastor Barba. “I was...


First Ward El Paso

The very first Mormons, and the very first Mormon Branch and Chapel in Texas were in El Paso. El Paso's First Ward has a long, and wonderful history. It is also an amazing structure that many members of the Church, during the depression, working to build. This is my interview with Robert Dinsmoor, who is the acting historian for El Paso's First Ward. While you listen to the interview, you'll see photos I have taken of the building, as well as historical photos. I hope you will take the time...


Richard Oldham

I like personal stories. I like listening to the stories people have, the events that shaped their lives, the beat they dance to. Richard Oldham is no different. His life, his personal story is one that is punctuated by music, victory, and that ever-present New York attitude - yes, you can most definitely tell when someone is from New York, we're not like anyone else. Period. With all Richard’s been through, witnessed and lived through, it’s all found its way into his writing. This is a man...


Tell Of Tales

“I guess a tribute to all my teachers. You know, it's, it's one of those things that if they told me never to stop doing, her name just slipped my mind,” said McKinley Cougar. “She was my third-grade teacher, and she was the one who influenced me never to stop writing, never to stop writing.” What McKinley has created is a literary device that is disguised as a game. “A game, it's a disguised as a game,” said McKinley Cougar of The Tell of Tells. “It's a literally devices disguised as a...


The Pratts

This piece was one that could have taken so many different directions. There are so many stories from this one interview that I would love to share with you. Stories of life in Mexico, working on a ranch, working with George Romney when he lived in El Paso. There’s the story rabid cats and dogs, or one of the Pratt children chasing down a guy that was peering into her window. There are stories of the busloads of people that would show up at their home looking for a place to sleep as they...


Eva Mozes Kor

Eva Mozes Kor is a Holocaust survivor. Along with her twin sister Miriam, Kor was subjected to human experimentation under Josef Mengele at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War 2. She lost both of her parents and two older sisters to the Holocaust; only she and Miriam survived. This is my conversation with Eva Mozes Kor about hope - how did she find hope during the darkest days of her life and how can we find hope today. My telephone call with her was one that has helped me...


The Wall, The Chapel, The Butterflies

Media outlets are flooded with stories of a nation divided over border security. Most specifically, that of budget financing for a border wall. And indeed, the government just came out of a 35-day shutdown—the longest in history—over lack of funding for this barrier. Although the government has temporarily reopened with no monies granted as requested by the President for this “new” border security measure, there is a side to this story that many do not know. What Lorri wants everyone to...


Pastor Swann - Del Sol Sanchez

This is my conversation with Pastor Greg Swann of Del Sol Sanchez. Del Sol is a church in El Paso that has six locations around town, and Del Sol Sanchez is within the Sanchez Unit of TDCJ. We are talking about what prison ministry is, why it's important and why Pastor Swann does it. This episode is part of an article I've written with the El Paso Herald-Post. To read the article simply click the link below:...


Why Is Church Important

“Church comes from the Greek Εκκλησία [Ekklisía], meaning ‘called out ones,’” says Evangelist Robert Juma of Kenya. “It means people who have obeyed the terms of the Gospel according to the New Testament. Church is important because it is through the Church that God’s kingdom is preached and thus expanded.” This episode of Still Going Somewhere we are talking about Church and why it's important. You will hear from Chevy Cortez, Ken Peters, Father Abouid, Chantilly Zimmerman and me, Steven...


Rev Fr Joseph Hector Abouid

Ever since I picked up a camera my favourite subject has always been the Church. I’m not talking about the Baptist Church or Methodist Church. No. I’m talking about the liturgical churches- the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Episcopal Church- any Church that possesses Apostolic Succession. There has always been one Church I’ve wanted to photograph and write about but never had any luck until recently. I was able to sit with Reverend Father Joseph Hector Abouid of Saint...