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Ep. 23: The Few, The Proud, The SPSE Marine

On veterans day we had a chance to speak with Kimberly Colby who is an active duty Marine Corps officer and SPSE regional missionary. She recently relocated to Hawaii after serving as an Oceanside team leader in San Diego for over two years. In this epiosde we talk about her time on the streets, the opportunity she has been given to evangelize in the military, and the transition of beginning a team in a new place.


Ep. 22: Everyday Evangelization

In this episode we interview Denise Hirl who is one of our regional missionaries and trainers for SPEI. Denise shares with us her own story as well as how the work of street evangelization has given her confidence to evangelize in her everyday life. Her stories are both fun and practical as she shares how to share the Gospel with both strangers and family.


Ep. 21: M3 Ministries

In this episode we interview Deacon Keith Strohm who is the president and founder of M3 ministries. We discuss how he is transforming parishes and transforming lives by providing practical advice for changing parish culture. He also talks candidly about the important work of accompaniment and meeting people where they are at in their life of faith without being afraid of compromising the Gospel. You can learn more about his Keith and his ministry by going to


Ep. 20: The Parish Team

In this episode we interview David Adair who is a team leader at St. Olivers in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. He shares with us how he runs a successful SPSE team at his parish. The secret? Prayer, community, and trust in Jesus.


Ep. 19: God Opens Doors

In this episode we speak with Ed Graveline. Ed was one of the first team leaders to ever hit the streets for Saint Paul Street Evangelization. Beginning with his own powerful conversion story he shares with us how God broke into his life and how he now cannot help but share the love of God with everyone in his life. He started evangelizing on the strip of Las Vegas and he now continues to evangelize in his new home town of Sierra Vista


Ep. 18: Sharing our Story

Meet Rob Marco our very own editor for our Stories from the Street. Rob has been a team leader with Saint Paul Street Evangelization for years and recently began using his gifts in writing to edit our stories from the street. In this episode he shares with us his personal favorite story from the street as well as how our team leaders can share what the Holy Spirit is doing through their team. If you are an evangelist or a team leader with SPSE you can email your story with a picture to Rob...


Ep 17: How to Start a Team

In this episode we interview Joanne Portzer who has been a full-time urban missionary with Saint Paul Street Evangelization for several years. With well over 550 hours of street evangelization expereince Joanne shares with us her practical wisdom for building a successful team as well as some her favorite stories from her time on the street.


Ep. 16: Dream Cruise Confessions

In this episode we interview long time missionary and evangelist with SPSE Randy Husaynu. He shares with us stories from the Dream Cruise, an annual event in Detroit which draws as many as 1.5 million people and 40,000 classic cars to the historic city. We talk practically about about what he did to prepare his parish for the event as well as the fruits that came from his labor. Specifically, how over 20 people went to confession right there on the street.


Ep. 15: College Admissions

In this episode we interview Clarence Burkholder who is a long time SPSE evangelist out of Atlanta, GA. Clarence evangelizes weekly on different college campus's throughout the southeast including UGA, Georgia Tech, and Auburn University. We speak to him about why he believes the college campus is the perfect place to evangelize, his method for getting permission to get a table on campus, and of course the great stories he has to share. If you would like to get in touch with Clarence you...


Ep. 14: Basic Evangelization Training

In this episode we talk about our Basic Evangelization Trainiing and interview a recent participant about her thoughts and how this training equipped her to become an evangelist. If you are interested in having a BET training at your parish or your Diocese you can contact Adam Janke at to learn more. You can also go on our website and take the BET online by clicking here (partnership required for access)


Ep. 13: A New Society of Evangelists

In this episode we interview Patrick Brennan who is the Director our new St. Paul Society of Evangelists. Patrick Brennan is originally from East Lansing, Michigan. In 2012, two years after graduating from law school, he had a life changing encounter with the Holy Spirit that launched him into the adventure of knowing God and following Jesus with his whole heart. Patrick’s passion is to share the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit wherever he goes. After three years as a seminarian...


Ep. 12: Retreat Graces

In this episode we interview a handful of team leaders and missionaries who were able to make it out to our Called to Communion retreat. The weekend was packed full of sacraments, healing prayer, wonderful sessions led by Fr. Ben Luedtke, and communion with the Lord and one another. Listen in to learn more about our team leaders and all the graces they received while on retreat. Learn more about finding/starting team: Partner with SPSE:...


Ep. 11: Stories with Deb

Deb is a long time team leader, regional missionary, and now local Director of Evangelization teams with Saint Paul Street Evangelization. In this interview she shares with us how she got involved with SPSE, her wisdom about evangelization, as well as her favorite stories since evangelizing on the street and in her life. This is a great podcast for anyone looking to be inspired and wants to learn how to practically evangelize in the modern world.


Ep. 10: New Team on the Block

In this episode we interview Nick Labanca who is a new team leader from the Diocese of Joliet. We talk about his experience becoming a new team leader with Saint Paul Street Evangelization as well as stories from his very first outing at at a festival where he gave away over 50 miraculous medals and 100 rosaries. Find a team in your area: Start a team in your area: Sign up for our retreat:...


Ep. 9: Let's talk about Death

In this Episode we interview Randy Grasso who is a long time evangelist, missionary and trainer with Saint Paul Street Evangelization. We discuss Mort (a non-human skull) he places on his table which enables him to share the Gospel using the Four Last Things. For anyone who is looking to talk about the last judgment in a non-judgmental way this is the episode for you!


Ep. 8: Fr. Ben- Called to Communion Retreat

In this episode we interview Fr. Ben Luedtke who will be our retreat master for our Called to Communion retreat June 22-24. Fr. Ben studied at The Angelicum in Rome, was Ordained by Pope John Paul II in 1982, has worked in Italy, Brazil, Canada and the United States. He gives the Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola, 30 day, 8 day, 3 day as well as days of recollection. This retreat is open to everyone and will remain open until full! You can register on our website at ...


Ep. 7: Catholic Apologetics-Part 2

In this episode we continue our conversation with evangelist Bob Wilson and we discuss how to answer common questions one may face on the street. Specifically we go over science and religion, the pope, how to get the heaven, and why non-Catholics can't receive communion.


Ep. 6: Catholic Apologetics-Part 1

In this episode we interview Bob Wilson who is a long time Evangelist and trainer in Detroit. We discuss common questions he has experience answering on the street. This is a fun episode where we even role play what a potential encounters. Questions we discuss in part one of this series are "Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?", "What if I am spiritual but not religious?", Why do I have to go to Church on Sunday's?", and lastly "Can I really change God's mind by praying?"


Ep. 5: Evangelizing Generation Z

This episode we interview Aaron Hostetter who is a youth minister and area coordinator for Lifeteen. He speaks to us about the recent Barna Group report on generation z and how that is impacting the way he evangelizes in his ministry. Although the report follows generation z we discover in conversation that many of the findings are true across all generations. We discuss practical ways to present the gospel to our youth as well as everyone in our culture today.


Ep. 4: Evangelization Mistakes

In this episode we interview long time evangelist and teacher Anne Harman. She opens up about the mistakes she has made during her time evangelizing and what the Lord has taught her through her mistakes. Retreat Information: All are are invited to our 2nd annual retreat for evangelists June 22-24! The theme this year is “Called to Communion” where we will offer an opportunity to grow in communion with our Lord and one another. We will offer time for prayer, formation, fellowship, and...