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In today’s episode I am sharing a bit of my personal journey with you and how I was able to get unstuck. Over the past ten months or so something was preventing me from moving forward. From fully believing. So, I decided to align my thoughts with heaven and focus on my inner house. I needed to get everything in order, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Tune in to hear how continuing to meditate, speak and take more time to rest have helped me in the process of getting unstuck! Making lists and getting organized is also a key factor which I’ll be sharing more on with you here. The mind is a battlefield and I’m fighting this battle and I am winning. Tune in today to learn how you can do the same! Have you ever felt stuck in life? How did you get out of it? What choices did you make? Let’s talk about it. Connect with me over on Instagram. You can find me @lindabreitman CONNECT WITH LINDA Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Show Notes: Website: Email List: Store: Shop My



In today’s episode I am sharing a conversation I had with my good friend, Juanita Bernal. We’re talking about how you see yourself as a Christian woman. Whether you are single, married or dating, this show is for you! We will be helping you navigate that scene so that you are able to truly find what you really want. What to be careful of and what to do when those feelings of loneliness arise. Being careful of those dating sites and learning how to lean into the Lord. Today we are beginning to fill that gap that is not yet discussed in church. Stay tuned for more on this topic and be sure to stay connected with both of us on Instagram and we continue chatting more on this trending topic. You can find both of our links below. Did you enjoy this episode? Let me know by leaving me some love over on Apple Podcasts. While you’re there be sure to rate, review and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing! Chat Soon… CONNECT WITH LINDA Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Show Notes: Website: Email List: Store: Shop My CONNECT WITH JUANITA Instagram:



Hello and welcome. It has been a few months. Sometimes in life you need to listen to your body and know when it is time to take a break. And so, I took one. This little pause was just what I needed to reset. I am so happy to be back and glad you are here. After listening to the show please take a moment to look around the new podcast website and visit all the new links in the episode show notes below. In this episode I am talking about the single woman and why we must ask ourselves what do we really want? What is the desire of our heart? And today I am going to help you answer that and navigate through being alone, searching for companionship, entering the online dating world and discovering what your non negotiables are. I’ve learned that the more time I spend with HIM the deeper I am able to go, and I hope that you will be able to do the same after tuning in to today’s show. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please let me know by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts and reach out on Facebook and Instagram. You can connect with me by clicking the links below. CONNECT WITH LINDA Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Show Notes: Website: Email List: Store: Shop My


38: Insight into Your Core Problem

Very likely there is a well-hidden place deep inside your heart that holds you back. You think it keeps you safe, but it does not. In reality, it keeps you separated. This disconnect is so tricky, you may not even be conscious of it. It will keep you from moving forward and finding success in your business, your personal relationships, your goals, and your dreams.


37: Belonging

Where do you feel you …Belong? Most never truly feel at home. Anywhere. This is how a person with an orphan spirit feels. Afraid to trust. Afraid of rejection. Afraid to open your heart to give and receive love. Only a profound experiential revelation of Father God’s love can displace an orphan spirit.


36: Your Unfolding Destiny

How do you know if you are walking in your destiny? One thing is for sure: The fullness of your destiny/identity lives within you NOW. Already. Join me in another very cool podcast with apostolic leader, Michael Hubbard. Together, we will drop gem stones in your lap!


35 Finding Your Purpose and Destiny

How can you know your purpose? I am often asked this question. We want to know our lives have eternal significance. We want our lives have value. We want to know we are on track with God. The Psalmist writes: The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. How do YOU align yourself with God’s plan for your life? Listen in on a conversation I had with apostolic leader, Michael Hubbard as we discuss Finding Purpose and Destiny.


34: Prophetic Decrees

Mike Ferry is a pastor and prophetic voice of the northwest. The Lord has given him some heavy revvy on prophetic decrees and intimacy with God from Song of Songs. Each time you speak, you make a declaration. Your declaration changes the atmosphere around you and within you. What is the atmosphere inside of you like? How does your declaration turn into a decree? Every sentence you speak matters, every word. Eavesdrop on our conversation and see what means to make a decree when your words are aligned with heaven.


33: Miraculous Identity: The Secret Place

Do you want to be healed and refreshed? Enter into the secret place. The secret place is a refuge, a hidden place. Safely tucked away from this world’s strife. It is here that you find rest for your soul, where your spirit is invigorated, and where your body is renewed. Chapter Two in Miraculous Identity is about The Secret Place, and I share some of the highlights in this podcast. I think you will be blessed!


32: Miraculous Identity: Intimacy With God

Do you want to be healed and refreshed? Enter into the secret place. The secret place is a refuge, a hidden place. Safely tucked away from this world’s strife. It is here that you find rest for your soul, where your spirit is invigorated, and where your body is renewed. Chapter Two in Miraculous Identity is about The Secret Place, and I share some of the highlights in this podcast. I think you will be blessed!


31: Finding Purpose with Bill Yount

What are you investing yourself in? How do we find our purpose? We know that nothing we do will carry eternal significance without God. So how do we find the God factor in what we are doing? On this podcast, Bill Yount and I share our insights on Finding Purpose. I know you will get something good out of this! Plus, Bill just released a new book, Handfuls of Purpose on Amazon.


30: Be Real and Transparent

“Transparency slays our giants.” A quote from my good friend, Bill Yount. Over the past 20 years, Bill and I have developed a close, transparent friendship. Good friends mentor each other. We have encouraged one another, prophesied to one another and just generally choose to be real with one another. I think you will glean a lot from this podcast as my guest, Bill Yount and I talk about being real and transparent.


29: Your Miraculous Identity

My new book, Miraculous Identity is now on Amazon! Living in your Miraculous Identity is to live in greater freedom. Reaching freedom can be helped or hindered by the inner hidden journey going on inside your heart and mind right now. What you think and believe about yourself is a direct reflection of the state of your identity. The key component of your real, God-given, miraculous identity is the invitation to come into a deeper revelation of intimacy with God. In this podcast, I’ll share some of my story of personal challenges and how I found my Miraculous Identity.


28: The Wind of the Spirit

Holy Spirit is like the wind, and we engage with the wind all the time. When the wind blows, you cannot control it. You don’t know where it's coming from and going to. So, it is with Holy Spirit. Part of your Miraculous Identity is to engage in a miraculous, supernatural life of signs, wonders, and relationship with the Holy Today. Prophetic Pastor Mike Ferry of Redmond, Oregon, a longtime friend. Will be sharing life stories engaging with the Holy Spirit of God and how to become more sensitive to Him.


27: Exploring the Prophetic

Want to learn more about prophetic insights and experiences? I find just listening to prophetic people talk about seeing in the Spirit, what they have learned and how they have grown from their prophetic experiences entourage's me. Prophecy is for the encouragement, edification and comfort of God’s people. Join me and one of my very prophetically gifted friends, Pastor Mike Ferry of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Redmond, Oregon as we share our own personal stories of living a prophetic lifestyle.


26: The Search for Truth

Who am I? Where am I going and what’s the meaning of life? Did you ever ask questions like these? I did. And I searched for truth. What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do? On this podcast, I share some of my journey, how I got completely off-track and then learning that “the truth will make me free,” How I began aligning myself with heaven.


25: Forgiving Yourself

Forgiving your self. That's one we overlook!Recently, I started becoming very hard on myself. Inwardly, I beat myself up for bad decisions and choices that were totally wrong for me. Anxiety descended on me. I asked: God, what is going on? Where is this inner turmoil coming from? Immediately I heard: condemnation! My unforgiveness toward myself led me right into a self-critical, judgmental place which opened the door to condemnation!


24: Experiencing God’s Faithfulness

You can say that God is faithful; you can even know that He is faithful—but are you postured in such a way that you experience it? Most of us have not experienced very much faithfulness in our lives, and this presents a problem. Suddenly, we are to trust that God—who we cannot see—is faithful to us? How do we step into a deep level of trust in the nature of God? Join me on this week's podcast, Experiencing God's Faithfulness.


23: Experiencing God with Gary Oats

God is experiential. We can know God and also experience Him. In this podcast, we talk about how to be still before God—to let go, relax and soak in His presence. You can experience the manifest presence of God every day. My special guest is Gary Oats, author of Open My Eyes, Lord.


22: Being a Father to the Fatherless.

Many have not experienced the closeness of a good father. A loving dad. Someone who willingly gives you his time and speaks wisdom into your life. Without guidance at home, many teens end up on the street. Listen to my conversation with Ed Buerger—a spiritual father to the fatherless. His ministry helps at risk teens get off the streets.