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"A Rose is Still a Rose: Monique Bowser talks being a Rose...even while living with Thorns" ft. Wayne Alexander Episode 66 pt.2

Imagine asking GOD to allow you to be a blessing, an inspiration and an encouragement to other women...only for weeks later to get news that all of these things you asked to become, YOU now need them, for YOU! Listen in as Monique Bowser talks about living life as a R.O.S.E. while fighting a major thorn...Breast...


"A Rose is Still a Rose: Monique Bowser talks being a Rose...even while living with Thorns" ft. Wayne Alexander Episode 66 pt.1

Imagine asking GOD to allow you to be a blessing, an inspiration and an encouragement to other women...only for weeks later to get news that all of these things you asked to become, YOU now need them, for YOU! Listen in as Monique Bowser talks about living life as a R.O.S.E. while fighting a major thorn...Breast...


"Even when LIFE happens...GOD is STILL GOD..." Episode 65

No matter WHAT storms in life you have to get through, trust and believe, there is a GOD who will be with you throught it all! Facebook-http://business.facebook.com/talesfromabutterfly Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison Twitter-https://twitter.com/tsfaison Website-http://tariashondell.com


"Thank GOD for GPS Navigation" Episode 64

How many times has your GPS put you on a different route, but because you were uncomfortable with the new direction because it wasn't familiar to you, you didn't follow it and you ended up delayed? How many times has GOD tried to reroute you and protect you from the things you cannot see, but because you didn't know the way he was taking you, you didn't follow him? Sit back and listen up as I talk about two lessons I learned and how I decided to completely trust GOD as the GPS for my...


"Can I get a re-Fill?" Episode 63

Sometimes your Faith just needs a re-fill...so who better to get a refill from but the one who initially filled you up…. Facebook-http://business.facebook.com/talesfromabutterfly Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison Twitter-https://twitter.com/tsfaison Website-http://tariashondell.com


“Lessons of Faith from a Centurion and a Woman with an Issue…” Episode 62

A Centurion and a woman with a 12 year issue taught me that your FAITH is the very thing that will cause GOD to FEEL your touch and will move him to do EXACTLY what you have been believing for. Facebook-http://business.facebook.com/talesfromabutterfly Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison Twitter-https://twitter.com/tsfaison Website-http://tariashondell.com


"You Can Still Fly..." Episode 61

Sometimes you just have to encourage yourself. And remember that broken wings can be repaired and surely wont stop you from continuing to FLY! Facebook-http://business.facebook.com/talesfromabutterfly Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison Twitter-https://twitter.com/tsfaison Website-http://tariashondell.com


"It's Time to GROW UP...In the Spirit..." Episode 60

There comes a time in every believers life when you have to make up in your mind, for GOD I live and for GOD I die. There comes a time when you have to put away childish things and walk in the spiritual maturity that GOD is looking for and I had to decide that for me...the time is now. Facebook-https://business.facebook.com/talesfromabutterfly Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison Twitter-https://twitter.com/tsfaison Website-http://tariashondell.com/


"I'm not a Boxer...But I can Fight!..." Episode 59

You may not be a boxer, but you ARE a fighter....and with the Father as your trainer, the Son as your corner man and the Holy Spirit as the referee...you WILL WIN! Facebook-https://business.facebook.com/talesfromabutterfly/ Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison/ Twitter-https://twitter.com/tsfaison Website-http://tariashondell.com/


"The Inheritance...Its YOURS!" Episode 58

Has there ever been a time in your life when felt like you had to fight for the very thing that you KNOW is yours, the thing that has been PROMISED to you??? Always fighting for the peace, the joy, the love that you KNOW is inherently yours and yet at the same time not really knowing HOW to fight for it! I know I've been there and then I stumbled across 6 women in the bible who showed me what it was like to get the inheritance you deserve, whether for yourself, or your children. Numbers 26...


“My Alabaster Jar...It’s Mine for the Breaking…” Episode 57

Break open your jar...it's TIME! Mark 14: 3-9 King James Version https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark+14%3A+3-9&version=KJV Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison/ Facebook-https://business.facebook.com/talesfromabutterfly Website-http://tariashondell.com/


“After the Golden Hour…NOW WHAT?!” Episode 56

Sometimes you may feel like your "Golden Hour" has passed and you are now stuck in the Twilight hour...not quite in the sun but not quite in the dark either. You may feel stuck in the pursuit of your dreams and your goals, stuck between that daylight and that moon light. BUT the good news is, they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength and just wait for it, because your Golden Hour WILL come around again. Instagram-...


“It’s all about the DASH…” Episode 55

We have a birthdate and we have a death date. But what about THE DASH in between those two dates? THE DASH, that one symbol, that says there was a life to be lived in between those two dates. And you start to wonder, are you living in such a way that when it comes time to put a date AFTER your dash, your dash itself will leave a legacy for those after you??? Sit back and listen up as I talk about what brought me to the realization that I needed to etch my own dash and not let someone else do...


“Dr. Eugene & Toya Harris write their own prescription on Marriage, Family & Everyday Living” Episode 54

Dr. Eugene & Mrs. Toya Harris talk about their first meeting, the work he put in to pursue the woman he knew was it and the prescription they've written for a marriage that involves love, respect, communication and transparency...all while living out their true lives on camera. Dr. Eugene Harris: Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/docgene_nomadmd/ Twitter-https://twitter.com/Docgene_nomadmd Toya...


"Dear Butterfly..." Episode 53

Facebook- https://business.facebook.com/talesfromabutterfly/?business_id=214478592309578 Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison/ Twitter-https://twitter.com/tsfaison/ Taria Shondell-http://tariashondell.com/


"Cory & Taria talk submitting your Marriage to GOD: that includes Sex, Finances & Kids" Episode 52

Being married for 16 years, the most important lesson I have learned is that I must submit my entire marriage to GOD, even the areas that I want to withhold from him or feel like he doesn't have a place in them. Sit back and listen as Cory and I discuss how we learned to eventually submit not just ourselves, but our marriage to the one who put us together... Follow me on: Taria Shondell...


"Are You there GOD?! It's ME, Taria" Episode 51

EPISODE RE-RELEASE: Every once in awhile you look over your life and look at where you are, where it seems like you have been for years. Stuck in the same space and same space around the same folks and sometimes it causes you to wonder, "Are you there GOD?!?" I just went through one of these moments and GOD showed me he indeed will never leave us, nor forsake us... Follow me on: Taria Shondell Website- http://tariashondell.com/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison/ Facebook-...


"Who are YOU Running for?" Episode 50

There are times in life when the thought of being uncomfortable makes us not want to push forward and move forward. The thought of moving out of your comfort zone can sometimes cause us to stay where we are, not realizing that we have people counting on us to keep on running so they can have a chance to walk. Sit back and take a trip back in time with me, as I share what life event made me realize that I had to run on... Follow me on: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tsfaison/ Taria...


“Three lessons the Black Panther movie forced me to acknowledge…again” Episode 49

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen The Black Panther movie...you WILL hear things that happened in the movie. As a person who is not particularly into movies, I decided to go and see this movie with my family, and let me tell you, it was a great decision! And although this is a fictional movie, I was reminded of some life lessons that I need to make sure I keep with me and carry with me. I hope these resonate with you too! Sit back, relax and enjoy! #WakandaForever Follow me...


“Kia Reddick-Taylor: From Casting to Coaching, this StarCatcher fills us in on what happens when life becomes unscripted” Episode 48

From Nickelodeon in New York to catching Stars in Florida, this casting director turned coach was used to knowing how the story ended...because she had seen the script. But what happens when you are faced with a reality that you didn't see coming and you no longer know the ending??? Sit back and listen up as Kia Riddick-Taylor gives us life lessons on being a survivor both behind the scenes and in the scenes... Kia Riddick-Taylor instagram.com/starcatcheractingstudio/