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Talk Heathen 03.11 2019-03-17 with Eric Murphy & Jamie Boone

Talk Heathen 3.11 3/17/2019 show notes Support the show The March issue of the Thinking Aloud magazine is out! FAITHLESS FORUM-THE ATHEIST YOUTUBE CONFERENCE, April 27, 2019 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM CST 5938 Skillman St. Dallas, TX 75231 American Atheists convention April 19-21 in Cininnatti Ohio Eric at rogers univeristy for first debate Caller: Ryan, in Des Moines "Is it immoral to hold a belief...


Talk Heathen 03.10 with Eric Murphy & Jim Helton

0:12:07 Winston: Tokyo, Japan: Atheist: Mental Support, Recovery, and Advocacy 0:21:16 Jonathan: AZ: 8th-time caller: Theist: Truth and Morality 0:47:32 Edgar: Japan: Theist: Intelligence: Problem, Solution, Solution?!? 0:58:58 Nick WI: 3rd-time caller: Theist: Secular Argument against Abortion? 1:14:48 Patrick: MO: Atheist: Atheist, Proprietorship and Community Involvement 1:27:17 Jenny: OH: Atheist: Scary Religious Stories and Setting Boundaries 1:39:06 Gregory: KA: Atheist: Oh no! The...


Talk Heathen 03.09 2019-03-03 with Eric Murphy & Jamie Boone

0:07:35 Grey: AL: Atheist: Conversation with Friend about Religion 0:13:09 Andre: South Africa: Atheist: Disagreement with Parents 0:25:01 Billy: Austin, TX: Theist: Flawless Syllogism, Its Premises, and Fallacies 0:55:08 Kevin: CA: 2nd-time caller: Atheist/semi-theist: Cult of Personality or Not Skeptical? 1:19:01 Minh: Oakland, CA: 2nd-time caller: Theist: Lessons Drawn from Fictional Literature 1:34:17 Jason: Outer Banks, NC: Atheist: Gnostic Atheist on a Specific God 1:38:18 Claire: Gold...


Talk Heathen 03.08 2019-02-24 with Eric Murphy & Jamie Boone

0:08:56 Nick: Madison, WI: 2nd-time caller: Theist: Learning About Skepticism 0:32:48 Dennis: Germany: The Notion of Presupposition 0:47:58 Rob: Long Island, NY: 7th-time caller: Confusing Debate Opponents is Deceitful 1:18:32 Jason: OR: Theist: The Problem of Evil 1:41:36 Shane: CA: Atheist: How Do We Normalize Atheism? 1:50:03 Kevin: CA: Atheist/Semi-Theist: “Spiritual” Feelings When Able to Do Impossible Things


Talk Heathen 03.07 2019-02-17 with Jamie Boone & Shelley Segal

0:03:26 Andreu: Spain: 3rd time caller: Theist?: Are All Societal Woes Caused by Religion? 0:14:05 Nic: Madison, WI: Theist: Theist on the Fence 0:34:35 Otengelo: Brazil: 3rd time caller: Theist: Human Beings Invented Photosynthesis? 1:12:05 Shelley Segal: Atheist: I Made This Song from Nothing XD ~ Shelley Segal 1:20:47 Scott: San Jose, CA: 2nd time caller: Atheist: To Talk to or Talk about EF? 1:46:13 Thomas: VA: Atheist: Islam Steals Friendship and Music


Talk Heathen 03.06 2019-02-10 with Eric Murphy & Jamie Boone

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Talk Heathen 03.05 2019-02-03 with Jamie Boone & Thomas Westbrook

0:07:40 Aleah: SD: Atheist: Sowing Seeds of Hope 0:23:10 Will: PA: Atheist: Do We Need Faith? 0:46:07 Frode: Norway: 9th time caller: Atheist: Mormonism: Christianity with Extra Bullshit 1:00:32 Sima: Japan: Atheist: Politics and Religion 1:08:50 EF aka Rude Dude: N/A: 3rd time caller: Theist: Sugar Cake Smashed Sugar Muffin 2:18:36 James: Victoria, TX: Atheist: Does Prayer Help Atheist? 2:42:18 Jarred: Houston: TX: Atheist: How to Build an Atheist Community?


Talk Heathen 03.04 2019-01-27 with Eric Murphy & Hector Garcia

0:05:49 Masha: Brooklyn, NY: Theist: Legitimacy of Outdated Writings 0:12:27 Otangelo: Brazil: Theist: False Dichotomy and Universe-Farting Pixies 0:58:39 Sarah: NY: Deist: Polarization of Political Discord 1:13:27 Scott: San Jose, CA: Atheist: Awareness of Mortality 1:45:41 Deron: St. George. UT: Atheist: God Force? Space Force? 1:51:08 The Rude Dude: Nowhere near Logic: 2nd time caller: Theist: The Angry Filibuster


Talk Heathen 03.03 with Jamie Boone & Mandisa Thomas

2019-01-20 0:10:08 Rob: Long Island, NY: 7th time caller: Theist: Rob Continues Down the Rabbit Hole 0:55:44 Frode: Norway: 8th time caller: Atheist: Substitutes for God 1:17:07 A Rude Person: Nowhere near Logic: Theist: The Definition Trap Guy 1:38:50 Matt: Rawlins, WY: Atheist: Lending His Atheist Voice to the Community 1:49:06 Shalev: Seattle, WA: Atheist: Abusive Family the Prime Mover for My Atheism 2:06:35 Jason: NY: Atheist: Let Us Stop and Check Definitions, with Intellectual Honesty


Talk Heathen 03.02 2019-01-13 with Eric Murphy & Noah Lugeons

0:06:04 Frode: Norway: 7th time caller: Atheist: Grieving for an Imaginary Relationship 0:27:34 Maki: WA: Theist: What is Faith? 0:39:47 Mark: IN: Atheist: A Different Perspective on Faith: The Emotion Appeal 0:50:30 Gabe: MS: Atheist: What is your Star Sign? Taurus-Poo (Bullshit!) 0:59:06 Dean: NC: Theist: Noah Lugeons has Gone Super Saiyan! 1:28:53 Olu: Washington, DC: Theist on the way out: The Bible is a Fictional Literature


Talk Heathen 03.01 2018-01-06 with Eric Murphy & Jamie Boone

0:03:35 Frode: Norway: 6th time caller: Atheist: An Upcoming Love Story From Norway 0:18:50 Jordan: CA: Atheist: God Gets All the Credit 0:33:10 David: Houston, TX: Atheist: Planning to Come Out to My Religious Father 0:50:45 Demi: NJ: 2nd time caller, Patreon call: Atheist: Hurtful Things Theists Do to Atheists 1:09:20 Charles: Fort Worth, TX: Polytheist: Bad Decisions Derived from Fallacious Beliefs 1:52:37 Caroline: Las Vegas, NV: Basically an Atheist: Embrace Correction to Learn and Grow


Talk Heathen 02.52 2018-12-30 with Eric Murphy & Jamie Boone

0:07:56 Kat: Milwaukee, WI: Atheist: Dating Advice, Religious Sexual Shame and Guilt 0:23:25 Mike aka Michael: Long Island, NY: 2nd time caller: Atheist: Wanted to Believe 0:29:45 Steve: AR: 2nd time caller: Atheist: It Feels Good to Say, I am a Freaking Atheist 0:47:09 Caroline: Las Vegas, NV: Theist: Reality of Death and Morality of Lying 1:06:26 Uie: Austin, TX: Deist: What is the Purpose of Human Life? 1:21:05 David: AR: Theist: Learning to Respect People with Different Ideas


Talk Heathen 02.51 2018-12-23 with Eric Murphy & Jamie Boone

0:03:11 Simon: Bulgaria: Atheist: Dating Advice, Between Atheist and Theist 0:10:33 Leeman: South Korea: Atheist: When Religious Beliefs Are Challenged 0:22:02 Rob: Long Island, NY: 5th time caller: Theist: Determine if a Holy Book Is Reliable 1:06:27 Steve: AR: Atheist: Where Do Our Talents Come From? 1:21:42 Ann: Honolulu, HI: Theist: How Do Atheists Deal with Death?


Talk Heathen 02.49 2018-12-09 with Eric Murphy & Jamie Boone

0:07:12 Jonathan: AZ: 6th time caller: Theist: There is a Universe. 0:46:07 Mo: South America: Atheist: How Religion Affects people with Disability 0:59:56 Mohammed: Middle East: 3rd time caller: Theist: Everything is Either One or not One 1:34:17 Rashaad: MS: Atheist: Cracks on the Wall that Separate Church and State


Talk Heathen 02.48 2018-12-02 with Eric Murphy & Geoff Blackwell

0:06:13 Rob aka Robert: Long Island, NY: 4th time caller: Theist: The Book of Eric vs The Bible 0:46:55 Frode: Norway: 4th time caller: Atheist: How to Overcome Irrational Behaviors 1:17:32 Jonathan: AZ: 5th time caller: Theist: Basis of Morals and Morality 2:07:08 Ike: Colorado Springs, CO: Agnostic: General Discussion of Morality 2:17:05 Alex: RI: Atheist: Reasons Why People Do Dumb Things