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Christian author and speaker Annie F. Downs shares with you some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, restaurants, travel stories, musicians not to miss, interviews with friends. Pretty much, if it sounds fun to Annie, you're gonna hear about it.

Christian author and speaker Annie F. Downs shares with you some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, restaurants, travel stories, musicians not to miss, interviews with friends. Pretty much, if it sounds fun to Annie, you're gonna hear about it.
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Christian author and speaker Annie F. Downs shares with you some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, restaurants, travel stories, musicians not to miss, interviews with friends. Pretty much, if it sounds fun to Annie, you're gonna hear about it.




Episode 177: Mark Batterson

My gracious I enjoyed this interview. Getting to sit down with one of my favorite pastors, Mark Batterson, was an absolute podcasty highlight. Mark's work as an author and a pastor has impacted me greatly and getting to chat with him is such an honor. This convo is full of laughs and wise moments and quotable lines. I think you're gonna love it. His new book Double Blessing is such a great read and I think every one of us will benefit from reading it. Yay for great pastors who love their...


Episode 176: Kelly Minter

One of my favorite things about Kelly Minter is her garden. (Yes, duh I love her Bible teaching and I love her friendship and I love her nonprofit work, and we talk about ALL of that.) But her garden is something special. The way Kelly tends to her vegetables and focuses on their growth is how she is in every relationship as well. I admire her so much. Her newest book, A Place at the Table, is one I've been WAITING for. A cookbook with memoir moments, this one is a must have. . . . ....


Episode 175: Latasha Morrison

Wow. That's my main feeling after this episode- Latasha Morrison is just WOW and her wisdom is WOW and her friendship is WOW. She's one of a kind and I feel so lucky to know her. Her new book Be The Bridge is such a gift- walking us all through how to better engage in racial reconciliation and make space at the table for all sorts of friends. Tasha has done it for me, and I'm really grateful. . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast ... join in the conversation wherever...


Episode 174: Brian Dixon

I think Brian Dixon is one of the smartest and most authentic friends we have. His growth and kindness and wisdom all come together in this episode and it really encouraged me and taught me. I hope it will do the same for you. His new book Start With Your People is so so good- grab a copy today! (And here's how you can sign up to read Tyler's DudeNotes!) . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast ... join in the conversation wherever hashtags are welcome. :)


Episode 173: Dustin Nickerson

Dustin Nickerson has quickly become one of my favorite friends. In the year we've known each other, I have been so grateful for his wisdom, his jokes, and his deep love for God and other people and making fun of me in public. :) Don't forget you can use the code "THATSOUNDSFUN" to get $5 off your ticket to see him headline this month- I'm looking at YOU, Dallas and Houston and Tampa and Atlanta! He's just one of the best and I know you're gonna love...


Episode 172: Rebekah Lyons + Rhythms of Renewal

Our dear friend Rebekah Lyons is back on the podcast today talking all about adoption, their new daughter Joy, Rhythms of Renewal, and all the ways she has found freedom and life and Joy (literally!) in the last few years. I love love love this woman and her family- I think you will too! Her new book Rhythms of Renewal releases this week! Make sure you grab a copy! . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast ... join in the conversation wherever hashtags are welcome. :)


Episode 171: Mandisa

I have always hoped Mandisa and I would get along, but when she showed up in my office with a glitter backpack and hot pink shoes, I KNEW IT. Our conversation jumped from here to there to everywhere and I would do it all over again- it was THAT GOOD. She is exactly who you would hope- honest, kind, hilarious. And the depth of her truth-telling was so moving to me. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this one! . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast ... join in the...


Episode 170: Jess Connolly

Okay I only say this if I totally mean it. Y'ALL GET READY TO TAKE NOTES. Jess Connolly is absolutely one of my favorite leaders and voices right now- she is writing and speaking and coaching women towards exactly what God has for them. You will laugh, you may cry, but I promise by the time you're done listening, you'll be ready to go after your thing- You Are The Girl For The Job! . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast ... join in the conversation wherever hashtags are...


Episode 169: Sarah Mae

Oh y'all. This one is special. I didn't know much of Sarah Mae's history- we've been friends for a while but haven't dug into some of the things we learn today- and this entire conversation moved me to tears. Her newest book A Complicated Heart is a deep dive into one of the most important relationships that each of us has. I think it will speak to you in a deep deep way. And yes. The pink flamingo made the move with me to my new office. (Little warning for your littles, and your own...


Episode 168: David Platt

We've got another one of my favorite Georgia Bulldogs for the podcast today. David Platt is a bestselling author and well known (very gifted!) preacher and pastor. Today we're gonna talk all about Jesus, what the Gospel really means, the power one life can have in the lives of many others, and rollercoasters and airplanes and sports... and a special pop-in from Pastor Kevin, pastor of the pod! David's new book Something Needs To Change is one of my top three favorite reads in the last year....


Episode 167: Melissa d'Arabian

I played it much cooler than I felt when Melissa d'Arabian sat down at the podcast table. I watched her on Food Network any chance I got and have continued to follow her career. Her new book Tasting Grace is healing and generous and important. I think it will matter to you, too. This conversation is so fun- I felt so honored to sit and talk to someone I've admired through the television. If you loved her before, like me, you're gonna just implode with joy hearing her talk about faith and...


Episode 166: Ruth Chou Simons

I have been such a huge fan of Ruth Chou Simons for so long. Her art is extraordinary (I've given her pieces as gifts a million times), but her writing is also amazing. Make sure you grab a copy of her new book Beholding and Becoming. We talk all about our social media use (and how to stay healthy in it), traveling to Europe, creating, and on and on and on. She's just so wise, I could have listened forever. . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast ... join in the...


Episode 165: Jenn Jett + Camp Well

I have been DYING to get Jenn Jett, one of my absolute besties, on the show. She is one of the bravest and best women I know. She's an enneagram teacher, a dream defender, a coach, a great friend, an awesome wife, and the woman behind Camp Well (which you're gonna hear all about). AND DO NOT FORGET! If you want to go to Camp Well, use the code "THATSOUNDSFUN" and get $100 off. And make sure you check out Come To The Table Tour and come hang with Angie Smith, Danielle...


Episode 164: Sharon Hodde Miller + Nice

I really love listening to anything Sharon Hodde Miller says... from a stage or a book or like today, on the other side of a microphone. She is wise and kind and a truth teller. Her newest book Nice: Why We Love to Be Liked and How God Calls Us To More is a strong read that I think you'll love. (UGH YOU GUYS. ALSO. This episode was recorded the same day at Drew Holcomb and Sheri Lynn which means I SCREWED UP RECORDING IT just like those two. Sheesh. I'm so sorry. So lean in and listen...


Episode 163: Bianca Juarez Olthoff + How To Have Your Life Not Suck

I am so so happy to have Bianca Juarez Olthoff back on the podcast today! She's one of my very favorite friends and someone I trust to tell me the truth in just about every area of my life. And you will hear her do that today! Her new book How To Have Your Life Not Suck just released this week and my mom still doesn't like it when we use the word "suck" but luckily this book does not suck, it's incredibly good, so no worries there. I think you're going to love this conversation about...


Episode 162: Priscilla Shirer

Such an honor to have Priscilla Shirer on the podcast today from her home in Texas! I loved getting to talk with her- to hear her thoughts on boundaries, raising the next generation, helping all people feel safe in our churches, and just plain catching up! She is in the new movie Overcomer and her new book Radiant just released! Check them both out and make sure you hear Priscilla teach soon- she's absolutely amazing. . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast ... join in the...


Episode 161: Jennifer Rothschild

I have been so so excited about having this conversation- so many of us know and love Jennifer Rothschild from her work and interviews on television and hearing her speak on stages, but this is so personal and special for us. As you will hear, she is every bit as kind and lovely and wise and fun as I thought she was from afar. Her Psalm 23 Bible Study is really excellent and her book Lessons I Learned in the Dark is a great place to start in her library of work! . . . ....


Episode 160: Drew Holcomb

There are so many things I love about hosting this show, but one of my favorites is getting to introduce you to some of the best music. And today Drew Holcomb is with us, talking all about his new album Dragons (that I've listened to about three times a day since it came out), his favorite fan story, the loss of his brother and why he hasn't talked about it until now, and about fifty other topics. Also, I'm so grateful to Drew for letting us use music from Dragons for the show this fall!...


EnneaSummer2019: Q&A with Seth Abram

After an incredibly fun couple of weeks talking about the enneagram, you guys submitted a LOT of questions about your own enneagram journey. One of my favorite experts, Seth Abram, joins us to go through your list of questions and give us an Enneagram 201 next level class. Your brain is gonna love this. And remember- this is a journey for all of us. Give yourself time to learn and search out your own number, wing, etc. You can follow Seth and learn tons at @integratedenneagram. All the...


Episode 159: Sherri Lynn

Sherri Lynn and I met a few months ago at an event and I liked her a TON immediately and I wanted y'all to meet her! So she flew to Nashville and we sat in my office and chatted for a good long time and this conversation is super special. AND. Your friend Annie majorly screwed up in the recording. (UGH YOU GUYS. I AM SO SORRY.) So Producer Chad worked incredibly hard to make this one sound good enough for y'all to hear- and he did a magical job. Sherri and I both listened to the quality of...