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Join author, music producer, and meditation teacher Cory Allen as he discusses human experience with leading experts in neuroscience, mindfulness, and philosophy.

Join author, music producer, and meditation teacher Cory Allen as he discusses human experience with leading experts in neuroscience, mindfulness, and philosophy.
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Join author, music producer, and meditation teacher Cory Allen as he discusses human experience with leading experts in neuroscience, mindfulness, and philosophy.




Kevin Kaiser | And Then I Woke Up

Kevin Kaiser is an author, mentor, speaker and founder of And Then I Woke Up. What happens when your methods for living a good life are put to the test? In this podcast, we talk about popping out of social programming, applying lessons to real-life situations, and waking up. BINAURAL BEATS FOR DEEP WORK and GUIDED MEDITATIONS are available now! Use the code ASTRAL for 15% off! Sign up for Fresh thoughts, meditation tips, dope books, and more. Join me on Patreon for monthly guided...


Adreanna Limbach | Tea and Cake with Demons

Adreanna Limbach is a meditation teacher, personal coach, and author of Tea and Cake with Demons: A Buddhist Guide to Feeling Worthy. What would happen if we embraced our challenges instead of ignoring them? In the podcast, we talk about vulnerability, the power of befriending yourself, and the many layers of enlightenment. This episode is sponsored by Four Sigmatic! Save 15% when you use the code ASTRAL at check out! BINAURAL BEATS FOR DEEP WORK and GUIDED MEDITATIONS are available now!...


Charles Eisenstein | Wisdom of Unlearning

Charles Eisenstein is an author and public speaker that focuses on cultural evolution, consciousness, climate change, gift-economy, and civilization. How can we guide our rapidly changing world towards a self-aware and balanced future? In the podcast, we talk about how the story of human separation is limiting our species and why there is a reason to feel compassion for all. BINAURAL BEATS FOR DEEP WORK and GUIDED MEDITATIONS are available now! Use the code ASTRAL for 15% off! Sign up for...


Duncan Trussell | Basic Goodness

Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, writer, and host of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast. How can we leave behind the gimmicks and tap into an authentic and long-lasting experience of the present? In this podcast, we talk about discovering the abundance of the present moment, thinking your way into a better reality, and the shifting landscape of spiritual teaching. This episode is sponsored by Four Sigmatic! Save 15% when you use the code ASTRAL at check out! This episode is...


Annaka Harris | Conscious

Annaka Harris is an author, editor, meditation teacher and consultant for science writers, specializing in neuroscience and physics. Her new book CONSCIOUS: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind is a wonderful, accessible guide to the mystery of consciousness. How does consciousness arise? Why does it exist? In this podcast, we go deep into questions of consciousness, discussing panpsychism, binding, selfhood, and “the hard problem.” This episode is sponsored by Four...


Michael Phillip | Age of Wonder

Michael Phillip is the wonder-seeking host of the Third Eye Drops podcast. He melds minds with artists, authors, philosophers, and scientists in a quest for greater understanding of himself and our world. Is the universe really just chaos, or do our intentions play a role in crafting our futures? In the podcast, Michael and I talk about the nature of reality and describe how mindfully choosing positivity will shape your world for the better. This episode is sponsored by Four Sigmatic! Save...


David Krakauer | The Science of Complexity

David Krakauer is an evolutionary biologist whose research focuses on the evolutionary history of information processing mechanisms in biology and culture. David is President and William H. Miller Professor of Complex Systems at the Santa Fe Institute. Does everything—plant, animal or rock—have consciousness? In this episode, we talk about panpsychism, the difference between knowledge and understanding, and what can be learned from observing complex life cycles and social systems. The...


Jon Mueller | Within Things

Jon Mueller is a renowned percussionist, drummer and installation artist. For over 25 years, he has created ambitious, existentially resonating musical works and traveled the world delivering ecstatic, trance-inducing live performances. Jon also plays drums in the band Volcano Choir and owns a curiosity shop called Within Things. On this podcast, we talk about Jon’s museum of beards, working with La Monte Young, what the way we represent ourselves to the world might mean and his new album ...


Ellen Hendriksen | How to Be Yourself

Ellen Hendriksen is a clinical psychologist who helps millions calm their anxiety through her Savvy Psychologist podcast and also at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders. Ellen’s work has been featured in New York Magazine, Psychology Today, Scientific American, Huffington Post, and many others. She’s also the author of How to Be Yourself. On this podcast, we talk about ways to reduce social anxiety, quiet the inner critic, and why we feel these things in the first...


Hamilton Souther | Wheel of Existence

Hamilton Souther lived and studied in the rainforests of Peru for over a decade. He’s the founder of Blue Morpho, a renowned master shaman, connoisseur of consciousness and true visionary philosopher. In this podcast, we talk about the future of our planet, how the collective human consciousness is driving the totality of human behavior, and how you can turn your ideas into something real. This episode is sponsored by Ned Help Oil! Get a 15% off and free shipping when you use the code...


Suzanne Ciani | A Life in Waves

Suzanne Ciani is a legendary composer, pioneering sound designer, and Grammy-nominated electronic musician. She has made fifteen albums, created award-winning sounds and effects, and is the first female composer to score a major Hollywood film. The documentary A Life In Waves explores Suzanne’s life and innovations as an electronic music pioneer. In this podcast, we talk about the nature of time, Suzanne’s contributions to music history, and her incredible tenacity that made it possible for...


Daniel Pinchbeck | Balancing the Earth

Daniel Pinchbeck is an author and leading voice in the contemporary shamanism movement. Among his most popular works are Breaking Open the Head, 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, and How Soon is Now? In the podcast, we talk about the increasing planetary ecological emergencies, how Daniel became a cultural figurehead, and the possibility that humanity has shifted into another layer of the universe. This episode is sponsored by Ned Help Oil! Get 15% off and free shipping when you use the...


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith | Existence in the Unfurling

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is a composer, performer, music producer, and modular synthesis guru. Her magical swirling music has been celebrated by NPR, Pitchfork, Spin and Rolling Stone magazine. In this podcast, we talk about the way Kaitlyn “blacks out” when she composes, listening to sounds as a form of meditation, how modular synthesizers appeared in Kaitlyn’s life and her recent exploration of writing words instead of music. THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY MOOG!!! Check out the video for...


Miles Neale | Disrupting Distraction

Miles Neale is a Contemplative Psychotherapist, Buddhist teacher, faculty member of Tibet House US, international speaker, and author. In his work, Miles blends psychotherapy and Buddhism in order to create an integrative form of mental healing and personal awakening. As always, Miles and I dive straight into deep waters. We talk about having many rebirths in a single lifetime, turning fear into confidence, keeping it real, and his epic new Contemplative Studies Program. BINAURAL BEATS FOR...


John F Simon Jr | Stream-Entry Creativity

John F Simon Jr is a pioneering artist whose works have appeared in the Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim, Whitney, and countless others. He also wrote a book called Drawing Your Own Path, which offers a meditative path to deepening creativity. In this podcast, John and I talk about the giant robot arm that helps him build his thirty-foot art pieces, how to understand the source of your creativity, and the way technology has helped liberate artists from the privacy of galleries. BINAURAL...


Mikey Siegel | Consciousness Hacking

Mikey Siegel is a robotics engineer turned consciousness hacker. He worked in the Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA, the Personal Robots Group at MIT, and currently teaches at Stanford. Mikey is also the founder of Consciousness Hacking and Biofluent Technologies. In this podcast, we talk about Mikey’s transition from engineer to spiritualist and the way he wove the two together. We also discuss how future technologies will assist people in their search for higher consciousness. BINAURAL...


JP Sears | Completely Relatable

JP Sears is a YouTuber, comedian, author, speaker, wisdom seeker and all around awesome human being. He has racked up over 300 million views with his online videos and hosts the enlighteningAF podcast Awaken with JP Sears Show. On this epic podcast (the longest in Astral Hustle history), JP and I invent the internet, talk about the logistics of taking a sushi bath, and the power of ghostwriters. We also mention creative integrity and how to find your purpose. BINAURAL BEATS FOR DEEP WORK...


Charlie Ambler | Don’t Serve Your Thoughts Tea

Charlie Ambler is the founder of DailyZen and online apparel brand Strike Gently Co. On his mindfulness blog, he writes about meditation, self-inquiry, and self-mastery. On this podcast, Charlie and I talk about finding inner balance, the power of boiling down huge ideas to their purest elements, what it would be like to pitch the Tao Te Ching to a modern-day publisher, and his new book The Daily Zen Journal: A Creative Companion for a Beginner's Mind. This episode is sponsored by Vermont...


Rev. angel Kyodo williams | Love And Justice Are Not Two

Rev. angel Kyodo williams is an esteemed Zen priest, author, spiritual teacher, and activist. She is the founder of the Center for Transformative Change and the author of two potent books Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace and Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation. Speaking with Rev. angel was one of those occasions where I could actually feel the presence, abundance, and wisdom flowing my way. In this podcast, we discuss pathways for social...


Ramin Nazer | You Control So Many Atoms

Ramin Nazer is an artist, comedian, and host of The Rainbow Brainskull Hour podcast. He manifests his unique creative vision in the form of illustrations, books, games, and podcasts. In all of his work, Ramin deals with big themes like spirituality, being, artistic fear, and death, but always does so with a wondrous sense of levity. This could be the most dynamic Astral Hustle to date. Ramin and I pulse between shallow and deep waters—cracking one topic after another—like spirituality,...