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Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 45 - The Hipster Roman Circus

Time for more Saturday morning shenanigans with Tommy & Sarah. To add to the fun, Zac Mabry, child actor turned accountant joins them to talk about acting, cool Catholic stuff and conference calls (yes, seriously). You can read Zac's conversion story here: Follow Zac on Twitter: @zacmabry And find his podcast, The Roman Circus, on podcast networks near you! The Catholic Hipster Podcast can now be found at Be sure to...


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 44 - The Funniest Episode We've Done To Date

Better late than never ... Sarah edited episodes 43 & 44 finally. This episode features Lance and Dan of The Coaster, a podcast that just happens to be sorta Catholic. Two Canadians who are definitely funnier than us. Enjoy some laughs with us and we hope you don't get too offended by this one. Check out the guys at: The Catholic Hipster Podcast can now be found at Be sure to order your Guadalupe Roastery coffee here:...


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 43 - Arleen Goes To the Gym & Buys a Cookie

Sarah finally edited this podcast recorded on Holy Saturday of 2018. She apologies for her procrastination. Good friend of the show Arleen Spenceley joins to be an in-flight guest and we hear her shop at at 7-11. This is a real life Seinfeld episode so don't miss out. This podcast can now be found at Be sure to order your Guadalupe Roastery coffee here: Tell them the Catholic Hipster Podcast sent you. Tommy & Sarah can be found doing awkward stuff...


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 42 - St. Patrick's Day

In this episode, Tommy and Sarah chat with Matt Dunn from Ascension about their amazing programming available to all Catholics on their brand new website. The hot seat shows up again and they talk about food as always. Check out the good work of Ascension at This podcast can now be found at Be sure to order your Guadalupe Roastery coffee here: Tell them the Catholic Hipster Podcast sent you. Tommy & Sarah can be found...


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 41 - Hanging Out with Tommy & Sarah

In this episode, Tommy and Sarah pretend to do a Seinfeld episode by talking about nothing. They then record a commercial that is going to air on Relevant Radio. Enjoy the shenanigans. This podcast can now be found at Be sure to order your Guadalupe Roastery coffee here: Tell them the Catholic Hipster Podcast sent you. Tommy & Sarah can be found doing awkward stuff here: Subscribe to us on iTunes,...


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 40 - Coffee for the Common Good

We are 40!! Episode 40 dives into a giant cup of coffee with Tommy & Sarah catching up after a couple months of not being able to record this podcast! They are joined this episode by the founders of Guadalupe Roastery, a coffee company focused on Catholic social teaching and putting delicious coffee into the hands of people around the world. Believe it or not, these kind people have decided to sponsor our podcast. Be sure to order your Guadalupe Roastery coffee here:...


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 35 - Music with Mikey (Needleman)

Episode 35 kicks off with Tommy & Sarah chatting about life in the Bay Area and how sleeper Catholic San Francisco is. Mikey Needleman, Catholic musician and all around cool guy, joins the podcast this week to talk about why Tommy needs to like Christian music, his newest album and how he once played on stage with a major punk rock band. Tommy got a new microphone so we fixed some of the past audio issues and even preview some of Mikey's music for you! Be sure to check out Mikey here:...


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 26 - Talking Nunsense with Sr. Theresa Aletheia, FSP

In this episode Tommy & Sarah admit to what they gave up for Lent and enjoy time with Sr. Theresa Aletheia of the Daughters of St. Paul. Sr. Theresa talks about her conversion from atheism to Catholicism to hearing the call of God to be a nun! Also, please leave a review on iTunes so we can read them on the next episode! Best one wins a set of Catholic Drinkie koozies. Follow Sr. Theresa on Twitter: Tommy & Sarah can be found doing nonsense here:...


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 23 - Crunch On This!

*We thought this was episode 22. It's episode 23. We are awesome. Tommy & Sarah welcomed the gents from The Crunch podcast, Ethan and Pat. Ethan is a junior at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS studying Electrical Engineering while Pat, the second funniest co-host of The Crunch Podcast, is a sophomore Theology/Communications double major at Franciscan University of Steubenville. They talk about SEEK 2017, weird Catholic Twitter (don't ask), random music, being uncool, why Tommy &...


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 22 - "I'm fangirling out" featuring Lisa Hendey

Tommy & Sarah are joined by the one and only Lisa Hendey, founder of and author of many amazing books. Join us as we learn more about Lisa, tell the world why Hello Kitty is a thing in Catholic Twitter and more. Lisa Hendey can be contacted via: Twitter: @lisahendey


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 21b - Gilmore Girls

Tommy Tighe, Sarah Vabulas and Haley Stewart had so much fun recording Episode 21 of the podcast, that we had some extra audio. It was too good not to share. Enjoy their discussion of Gilmore Girls and other binge-worthy television. Thanks for listening!


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 21 - "You can’t even do a ham!"

Haley Stewart of the famed Carrots for Michaelmas blog joins Tommy Tighe and Sarah Vabulas to chat about Thanksgiving, Sarah's lack of turkey & ham at Thanksgiving, sawdust toilets and more. Sit back and enjoy the first legal episode of The Catholic Hipster Podcast. Meet Haley:


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 20 - Friar Matt Foley & Altar Server Shenanigans

The long-awaited Episode 20 of the Catholic Hipster Podcast is finally here! Tommy and Sarah talk about what it's like to work in politics, tell hilarious altar server stories as submitted by you and put Friar Matt Foley on the Catholic Hipster Hotseat, sponsored by St. Lawrence. Don't miss this episode! Please consider leaving us feedback on iTunes or whoever this fine podcast was downloaded.


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 18 - Mary Rezac

On today's episode, Tommy & Sarah talk about thoughts on Ad Orientem, Mid summer beer recommendations (more like drinks generally!) and they talk with Mary Rezac of Catholic News Agency & EWTN News. Mary talks to them about her writing, Snapchat and then Tommy & Sarah put her on the Catholic Hipster Hotseat, sponsored by St. Lawrence. Don't miss this great episode! Mary:


Catholic Hipster Podcast -- 16

Catholic Hipster Podcast -- 16 by Tommy Tighe & Sarah Vabulas


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 12 - Diana von Glahn

Tommy & Sarah record episode 12 of The Catholic Hipster Podcast! They discuss what's been going on in their lives for 2 weeks, bad allergies, how they sit in the dark, Twitter parties, food in the Bay area. Then they are joined by Diana von Glahn of She talks about her new series called A Papal Pilgrimage in the Holy Land. We then put Diana on the Catholic Hipster Hot seat, sponsored by St. Lawrence. Don't miss the outtakes at the end!


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 11 - Catholic in Recovery

On this week's episode, Tommy & Sarah talk with Scott Weeman, founder of Catholic in Recovery, a ministry focused on seeking the Good News through the eyes of a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. Scott tells us a bit of his story. Don't miss it! At the end of the podcast, Tommy & Sarah share a secret. Helpful links: Scott: Tommy: Sarah:


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 10 - Easter Vigil Edition

Tommy and Sarah are joined by Frank, a convert to the Catholic faith who talks about his journey from Mormonism to Catholicism. Happy Easter, everybody!


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 09 - Angela Sealana

Tommy & Sarah talk about strawberries, breakfast, early morning drinking, breakfast tacos and spiritual direction with Angela Sealana of


Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 07 - Maria Johnson

Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 07 - Maria Johnson by Tommy Tighe & Sarah Vabulas