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A podcast for "free-range Christians" to explore life together and moving beyond simply going to church to being the church. Can we simply be people following Jesus together? Can we find a church our hearts have longed for?

A podcast for "free-range Christians" to explore life together and moving beyond simply going to church to being the church. Can we simply be people following Jesus together? Can we find a church our hearts have longed for?
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A podcast for "free-range Christians" to explore life together and moving beyond simply going to church to being the church. Can we simply be people following Jesus together? Can we find a church our hearts have longed for?






Preparing for House Church

Moving from traditional church to house church can sometimes be a challenge. In this episode Dan reflects on some of the things that The Summit Fellowships are exploring to make that transition easier. He also describes some new things the network is trying to help members prepare for new things on the house church journey. In this episode Church 101 Luke 10 Community Podcast interview with John White of Luke 10 Podcast interview with Toni Daniels of Luke 10


Hierarchy Or Heirarchy?

Some thoughts about leadership in the house church. Who's the boss, anyhow? Should there be somebody ruling with an iron fist? Will things descend into chaos if a small-group church doesn't have a strong leader? And probably the most important question of all, what is the leader anyhow? Leave it to Jesus to turn the whole question upside down. Mentioned in this episode Fresh Expressions


Edible Theology

Kendall Vanderslice Talks About Dinner Churches, the Gospel and Feasting Kendall is a baker and writer, who says her best thinking occurs when she has a lump of dough in her hands. After embarking on a career as a pastry chef, she found that her love of bread transformed the ways she read scripture. Fascinated by God’s use of food throughout the arc of the Gospel, she merged her work in the kitchen with an academic study of food and theology. Kendall is a graduate of Wheaton College in...


Why Do We Do Church This Way?

The beginning of a new year is a great time for reflection and looking forward. In this episode Dan considers the all important question, "Why?" Why do we do house churches? Why did we leave behind the way we grew up doing church? Is it money? Persecution? Maybe we're just mad. Let's talk about it. Mentioned in this Podcast Start With Why by Simon Sinek Two Worlds Media


Spiritual Identity in the House Church

An interview with Larry Silver Larry Silver is a speaker, author, and filmmaker. In the re-release of his book Spiritual Identity - Believe God's Revolutionary Truth, Larry invites his readers to step into a new identity. In this interview, Larry and Dan talk about the importance of spiritual identity in a simple church community. Mentioned in this episode: Larry's Web Site (links to book)Silver Twins MovieLehigh UniversityNYUDon Bartel (Navigators)Scriptural Roots of Ministry (Navigators...


A Church for Black Men

An interview with Jomo Johnson of Washington, DC. Dan discusses with Jomo the vision and challenges of beginning a network of house churches in the African American community with a special focus on the needs of black men. In this episode: Church for Black MenLuke 10DC for JesusChecking In Meet-up Church for Black Men (e-book)


Church Family Network

An interview with Ryan Paterson . . . ... of the Church Family Network, a relational network of simple church congregations in San Jose, Des Moines and soon in Vancouver, Washington. Learn about yet another church of the heart network, this one expanding from the heart of California's Silicon Valley. Mentioned in this Episode Church Family Network Southern Baptist Association Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development SEND Going to Church in the First Century by Robert...


Simple Church Alliance

An interview with Gavin Duerson of the Simple Church Alliance based in Lexington, Kentucky. Listen in as Gavin and Dan meet "face-to-face" for the first time on this audio recording of a video call. They share their mutual experiences as they talk about their journey through the world of simple churches. Mentioned in this Episode Simple Church Alliance First Alliance Church of Lexington Jorge Pina Zume Curtis Sargent Big Life India Felicity Dale T4T


Chicagoland House Church: Don Gordon

Don Gordon talks about the experience of their house fellowship in South Chicago. Faith Christian Church began as a satellite congregation of a larger church. When the larger church changed focus, the satellite community sought the Lord for direction and emerged as a home church in Chicago Heights. This is their story. Mentioned in this episode: Pastor's Prayer Summits


Fall 2018 Catch-Up

Yup, it's been a long time since I uploaded a Church of the Heart episode. Like, since the beginning of May. OK, I'm back. Today's episode is catching up and a brief introduction of something I'm calling "The Decapolis Initiative," which has as its goal the starting of 10 new Summit Fellowships or, as we call it in the podcast, churches of the heart. I'll also discuss some of the work we've been doing with Luke 10 Community. In this episode: Scripture - Luke 10:1 Luke 10 Community Robert...


A Call to Adventure

This episode is a podcast edition of an audio file that has been on the site for quite some time. It is a message that Dan delivered to a The Vine, a gathering of all of the fellowships in the Summit network, back in January of 2014. The content deals with the nature of small-group churches and their relationship with what could be called "missionaries." In the teaching, Dan argues that there are two essential parts of the church, those that go out with the message (expediti) and those that...


House Church in Germany: An Interview with Bob Lidfors

Dan interviews Bob Lidfors who is part of a home church in Fürth, Germany. The discussion touches on the condition of the church in Germany and the future of the house church movement there. Bob and his wife, Barbara, have been missionaries in Germany for 36 years. Home in the states, is Minneapolis. Mentioned in this Episode Barbara Lidfors Art Small is Big by Tony & Felicity Dale Luke 10 in Germany (German language site) Houses that Change the World by Wolfgang Simson


The Joy and Sorrow of Being Church

An interview with Michael Munk, one of the pastors at the Church of the Servant King, Portland, OR. COSK is a co-housing congregation -- a church village, so to speak. You will be challenged and inspired by the commitment and shared experience of this community of believers. The brethren of The Church of the Servant King have been long-time friends of The Summit Fellowships. Mentioned in the Episode Church of the Servant King Paul --Apostle of Christ Church of the Sojourners (San Francisco)


Interview with Toni Daniels

An interview with Toni Daniels of the Luke 10 Community, a networking and training community for developing "vibrant families of Jesus" located within walking distance of everyone on the planet. A lofty goal, but a worthy one! Toni shares her journey that has led she and her family to Uruguay and back home to Nashville. Her emphasis on making church an identity rather than a location is inspiring. Mentioned in this Episode: Luke 10 Communitas International Starts @ Home Columbia Seminary...


Beware of Negativity

It's been on my mind for a few months now. Negativity in small-group churches. In this episode I spend some time on the subject and why I think it's so dangerous for house churches. What do you do when you find it in your fellowship? Listen in for a suggestion or two.


Micro-Church Conference 2007 (Pt.2)

The second of two parts taken from the Micro-Church Conference of several years ago. This segment answers some questions from the audience about church paradigms, transition and why people try house churches but sometimes go back to the more traditional structures.


Micro Church Conference 2007 (Pt. 1)

I'll be taking a stroll back in time in this episode. As I was rummaging around in some of the resources we have here at, I remembered this introductory message that I presented at a gathering of aspiring house churchers in Sisters, Oregon. An unedited version of this presentation is also available among the audio resources link here at the site. Mentioned in this podcast:


Starting Out in a Simple Church

Dan remembers an email conversation he had a number of years ago with a fellow who was just starting out in the adventure or simple churching. This episode touches on a wide variety of topics related to being a simple church. Some helpful resources are available at


Wagons, Ho!

Taking a trip across the wide prairie in this episode. Dan reads a summary of the book, Western Theology, written and illustrated by Wes Seeliger, an Episcopal priest who passed away a number of years ago. The book is actually a satirical look at the church as seen in the context of the Old West. The author compares two kinds of Christians, the Pioneers and the Settlers. Dan, adopting the persona of an old cowboy reads a summary of Seeliger's book from yet another book, Lion and Lamb, the...


Will House Churches Come to Croatia?

Today's guest is Sinisa Hamp, a former pastor from Croatia presently studying in Calgary. This interview examines the landscape of the church in this predominantly Catholic country. The question that emerges from this conversation is whether there is a nascent house church movement in Croatia? Are the youth of the country beginning to seek a church of a different kind? Are Croatians open to a new kind of church? In this Episode: About Croatia Balanced Christianity by John Stott The Naked...