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A podcast for "free-range Christians" to explore life together and moving beyond simply going to church to being the church. Can we simply be people following Jesus together? Can we find a church our hearts have longed for?

A podcast for "free-range Christians" to explore life together and moving beyond simply going to church to being the church. Can we simply be people following Jesus together? Can we find a church our hearts have longed for?
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A podcast for "free-range Christians" to explore life together and moving beyond simply going to church to being the church. Can we simply be people following Jesus together? Can we find a church our hearts have longed for?






A Call to Adventure

This episode is a podcast edition of an audio file that has been on the site for quite some time. It is a message that Dan delivered to a The Vine, a gathering of all of the fellowships in the Summit network, back in January of 2014. The content deals with the nature of small-group churches and their relationship with what could be called "missionaries." In the teaching, Dan argues that there are two essential parts of the church, those that go out with the message (expediti) and those...


House Church in Germany: An Interview with Bob Lidfors

Dan interviews Bob Lidfors who is part of a home church in Fürth, Germany. The discussion touches on the condition of the church in Germany and the future of the house church movement there. Bob and his wife, Barbara, have been missionaries in Germany for 36 years. Home in the states, is Minneapolis. Mentioned in this Episode Barbara Lidfors Art Small is Big by Tony & Felicity Dale Luke 10 in Germany (German language site) Houses that Change the World by Wolfgang Simson


The Joy and Sorrow of Being Church

An interview with Michael Munk, one of the pastors at the Church of the Servant King, Portland, OR. COSK is a co-housing congregation -- a church village, so to speak. You will be challenged and inspired by the commitment and shared experience of this community of believers. The brethren of The Church of the Servant King have been long-time friends of The Summit Fellowships. Mentioned in the Episode Church of the Servant King Paul --Apostle of Christ Church of the Sojourners (San Francisco)


Interview with Toni Daniels

An interview with Toni Daniels of the Luke 10 Community, a networking and training community for developing "vibrant families of Jesus" located within walking distance of everyone on the planet. A lofty goal, but a worthy one! Toni shares her journey that has led she and her family to Uruguay and back home to Nashville. Her emphasis on making church an identity rather than a location is inspiring. Mentioned in this Episode: Luke 10 Communitas International Starts @ Home Columbia Seminary...


Beware of Negativity

It's been on my mind for a few months now. Negativity in small-group churches. In this episode I spend some time on the subject and why I think it's so dangerous for house churches. What do you do when you find it in your fellowship? Listen in for a suggestion or two.


Micro-Church Conference 2007 (Pt.2)

The second of two parts taken from the Micro-Church Conference of several years ago. This segment answers some questions from the audience about church paradigms, transition and why people try house churches but sometimes go back to the more traditional structures.


Micro Church Conference 2007 (Pt. 1)

I'll be taking a stroll back in time in this episode. As I was rummaging around in some of the resources we have here at, I remembered this introductory message that I presented at a gathering of aspiring house churchers in Sisters, Oregon. An unedited version of this presentation is also available among the audio resources link here at the site. Mentioned in this podcast:


Starting Out in a Simple Church

Dan remembers an email conversation he had a number of years ago with a fellow who was just starting out in the adventure or simple churching. This episode touches on a wide variety of topics related to being a simple church. Some helpful resources are available at


Wagons, Ho!

Taking a trip across the wide prairie in this episode. Dan reads a summary of the book, Western Theology, written and illustrated by Wes Seeliger, an Episcopal priest who passed away a number of years ago. The book is actually a satirical look at the church as seen in the context of the Old West. The author compares two kinds of Christians, the Pioneers and the Settlers. Dan, adopting the persona of an old cowboy reads a summary of Seeliger's book from yet another book, Lion and Lamb, the...


Will House Churches Come to Croatia?

Today's guest is Sinisa Hamp, a former pastor from Croatia presently studying in Calgary. This interview examines the landscape of the church in this predominantly Catholic country. The question that emerges from this conversation is whether there is a nascent house church movement in Croatia? Are the youth of the country beginning to seek a church of a different kind? Are Croatians open to a new kind of church? In this Episode: About Croatia Balanced Christianity by John Stott The Naked...


The Jesus Circle

The Summit Fellowships occasionally do something called The Jesus Circle. It's a story-telling activity where we practice telling the story of Jesus as though we were sitting around the campfire remembering a friend or an event. In this episode Dan talks about how we do this when a fellowship gathers. A written description of the Jesus Circle is also available at the resources menu of the website. We'd love to hear about your experiences with the Jesus Circle. Let us know!


Making Room for Emotions in the Church

"The number one self-medication in the US today for discomfort around emotions is religion." So says Marc Schelske, pastor and author of The Wisdom of Your Heart -- Discovering the God-Given Purpose and Power of Your Emotions. In this interview, Marc explains the value of our emotions when we discover that God is able to use them to bring us to maturity and to understand His will. The concept of 'useful emotions' is valuable for small-group church life where emotions are not easily hidden...


[29] Practically Loving and Community Formation

A follow-up to an earlier episode. Dan moves to the other side of the mic and interviews Portland pastor and church planter, Cory Doiron of Suportland Church. Cory describes his journey to planting house churches in Portland, OR after being part of a growing church in Rapid City, SD. The discussion eventually centers on formation and growth in relational, and diverse community. Mentioned in this Episode: When Church was a Family by Joseph Hellerman Portlandia (Portland, Dream of the 90s)...


[27] About the Summit Fellowships (an Interview)

A bit of a role reversal in this episode as Dan is interviewed by local church planter, Cory Doiron. In this program, Cory and Dan talk about commitment and church covenants. In the conversation, Dan talks about The Summit Fellowships and some of the experiences that the churches in the network have had regarding membership and commitment. There is a related audio recording in the resource section of summithome dot org which is a broadcast discussion about the meaning of church membership....


[26] Giving it All Away – An Interview with Keith Giles

Keith Giles of the Mission House Church in Santa Ana, California talks about being a part of a fellowship that has as its goal giving everything that the group takes in to help the poor in the community. Dan and Keith also discuss politics, millennials, Keith's books and a few other things. Mentioned in this episode: Keith's Website Mission House Church Hannah Dulaney City Impact (San Francisco) Church of the Sojourners Keith's Books Email Keith


[25] Checking in at Luke 10: An Interview with John White

An interview with John White, director of the Luke 10 community. In this discussion John talks about prayer strategies for church communities, "rhythms of attention" for church families and catalysts to help simple churches grow in transparency and depth. Also, in this episode are suggestions for getting prepared to live in simple church communities. Mentioned in this episode: Luke 10 Community The Open Church House Church and Mission: The Importance of Household Structures in Early...


[ 24 ] Tough Talk – Topics to Make Your Fellowship Squirm

Don't we wish we always got along and agreed about everything? Not gonna happen. It never fails that somebody has an opinion that isn't shared by someone else and then the sparks fly. So, are you ready for that? After all, it's not a question of 'if' a tough discussion happens, it's 'when.' And when it does, you have to decide what you'll do when a topic makes you squirm, or worse, a decision is made that you disagree with. Here are three tough topics that come up in house fellowships....


[ 23 ] Unchurching with Richard Jacobson

An interview with Richard Jacobson, who is part of an "unchurched" community in Nashville, TN --no pastor, no building, no programs. So, how did our guest wind up outside of the traditional church and become the author of a book about it --Unchurching: Christianity without Churchianity. That's what this podcast is about. Mentioned in this Episode: Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola Church Refugees by Josh Packard Jesus Has Left the Building by...


[22] Master’s Mind Ministry – Interview with Calvin Tadema

Dan does an interview with Calvin Tadema of one of Church of the Heart's sponsoring ministries. Master's Mind Ministry specializes in healing prayer and what Calvin calls, "mind renewal." Prepare to hear about a dynamic prayer ministry that partners with the the Lord to bring about restoration to hurting and confused people. Mentioned in this episode: Master's Mind Ministry


[21] Body Life Acronym: HAND

Dan shares the final episode of three "body life acronyms." They are: LEGS: Locally Established Gathered Saints. ARMS: Authentically Related Missional Servants The final one is HAND, Homes Available for Neighborhood Discipleship. What can house churches do to make the neighborhoods in which they meet better? What can be done to keep small group churches from turning inward and closing themselves off from the surrounding community? Mentioned in this episode: Beyond Church: The Lost Word Of...