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New Year...Why not try this again?

New Year's...a time for resolutions, a time for new beginnings, a time for...more of these "New Year, New You" sayings ALL THE TIME. Today we talk about what it truly means to be a "new us", do we really get rid of the "old us", and how New Year's resolutions are a joke...join me, won't you? Oh, and Mike explains that whole, "Hey! I'll start a podcast and then take a 7 month break" thing...


Encounter Podcast, episode 4 - Social Justice or Social Media Justice?

Social Media tools like Facebook can be great for connecting us and expanding our reach, but what happens when it becomes a replacement for not only genuine communication, but also for genuine change? Also, Mike Gay talks about how a comment from his wife during a Family Game Night served as a reminder for how to genuinely advance the Kingdom and the steps we can take to impact the community around us.


Encounter Podcast, episode 3 - Get Out Of The Way!

In this episode, Michael uses the experience of trying to get this episode created to dig into the phrase "life gets in the way". Also, Mike shares his ideas for future podcasts and maybe this being more than just the Encounter Podcast. Questions or feedback? E-mail me at


Encounter Podcast, episode 2 - And We're Back!

Who would have thought we would be back for episode 2? In all seriousness, after a delay the Encounter Podcast is back for episode 2. We catch up as to what's going on, and Michael goes back to a lesson he taught in October of 2017 - what does the Bible say about the phrase "God will never give you more than you can handle"? Join the conversation! You can reach the Encounter Podcast at and stay tuned for our Facebook page!


Encounter Podcast, episode 1 (Pilot) - Where it all began

This is the pilot episode of the Encounter Podcast. Join Michael Gay, Student Ministries Pastor at Vineyard Gilbert (oh, who are we kidding? It's a youth group.) as he shares the journey that God is taking him on and the life lessons learned along the way - the doubt, the questions, wondering how a God who loves us could allow what's happening in the world, and ultimately the source of lifechange - not knowing the will of God, but pursuing a relationship with the person of God. Most of the...