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052.😱What are you afraid of? Serious Saturn and🚪 dig it up Pluto look back-Sun moves to Taurus and wounded healer Chiron into Aries.

April 19-24 2018 Saturn and Pluto turn Retrograd and the Sun moves into Taurus. Chiron makes a monumental shift into Aries this week too. We are most definitely leveling up. Things can be simultaneously easier and harder. While you transition into new territory you have a chance to see if you are truly headed in the right direction. Two steps forward one step back is still progress. Better to fail fast than keep plugging along when it’s just all wrong. Honestly seek the truth to progress...


💥New Moon in Aries:✨The Cosmos are crackling with clarity. Fortune favors the resolute

April 10-16, 2018 This weeks way shower Aries new moon is potent. Suddenly you are brave. Out of the blue you do know what you need to do. Harness this energy. You can glimpse the life you are meant to live.You may have settled for small when you really choose big. Make movements in directions you wish you’d gone. Fortune favors the resolute You can take the Everyday Astrology Podcast with you anywhere! subscribe on iTunes or Google Play to get every episode automatically. Please be sure...


050.♈Aries Mercury Retrograde Squares 💎Saturn and Mars: It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice🍵.

April 3-9 2018 This week Mars and Saturn tap us into our Divine will. Now we can do what needs doing. We can see clearly the path to our happiest future. We understand the work it will take and know it’s worth the effort. Breath in the fortifying energy of Aries and tap into Saturn’s wisdom for a long term relationship with prosperity on all levels. We are capable of sustained effort and important commitment now. Enjoy all the opportunities to come from your heart and not your ego. It’s...


048.☀The Vernal Equinox🌹the true beginning of the year.🌱 It’s go time

March 14-20,2016 is the true new beginning of the year. The Spring Equinox on March 20 PST is the first day of the Astrological new year. Now is the time to plant the seeds. Set your intentions carefully. In the next three months you will be blessed with much energy to change your world. Take stock of your life this week. What would you love to see happen this year? How do you wish your life to change? Don’t underestimate your power to live the life of your dreams. You have come here to...


047.✨Pisces New Moon-♿Chiron activates our 😭 - and Mars moves to Capricorn- It’s time for mastery🙏

March 13-19, 2018 We are almost out of the fog. There is a reason for all this. Your wounds are healing you. Its the work you came here to do.The Moon is new in Pisces this week and Mars moves into Capricorn. Fast moving focus is just around the corner. Take a deep breath, you may be swirling through some mighty depths- getting to the very bottom of things, to the very end of the road. Pisces can be a most compassionate energy. Look around life to see where you can be of service. Tap...


046.💚Venus and Mars Into Aries 💥 Bamb! 💫Jupiter goes retrograde- review your philosophies🔭

March 6-12 Communicator Mercury and lover of love Venus are moving into Aries. Unleash thyself- There is no holding back. A showdown between stability and self-expression is possible this week too. It may seem like a no win situation but it is in fact a dynamic opportunity for fabulous change and supportive growth. Things are shifting radically in a practical way. That’s dynamic. You can take the Everyday Astrology Podcast with you anywhere! subscribe on iTunes or Google Play to get...


045. 🐉Mystical purifying full moon in Virgo 😇Neptune ensures nothing is as it seems👽

February 26- February 4, 2018- It’s a party in mystical Pisces with a Purifying full moon in Virgo on February 1st PST. While swimming through the fuzzy fragments of inspired thoughts gather the best and leave the rest. Thursdays Virgo Full moon gives you the ability to purify your world and tap into highest healthiest path to happiness. Ask not what can be done to help you , but what you can do to help. What are you here to do? With all this Pisces energy serve or suffer is a good...


044.Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse-Buckle up- We ride the super highway of change-

Febuary 7-21, 2018 We are riding through the Eclipse portal. The Solar Eclipse on the 15th ushers in all thats new and different. Let your freak flag fly. It is your individual self, unique and wonderful you, that leads the way to all that will make you happy and whole and ultimately healthy. You Be You Boo. February 16 is the Chinese New Year of the Dog. Dog spelled backwards is God. I am pretty sure that is a secret message from the Universe. Get yourself a Little God to Love you this...


043. 💫Super full moon Lunar🌘 Eclipse in ♌Leo: lead with your Heart💖Think Big. Let go.

January 30- February 5, 2018 Super blood full Moon Lunar Eclipse in honorable Leo.Oh ya. Its big. Your only hope is your heart! If something is in the way of you being really you, it’s gotta go. The Eclipses bring in the changes. They shift life from one state to the next. We are at the ending/beginning phase. What will you release? What is releasing you? The Eclipse is exact at 5:27 am PST. It is a total Lunar Eclipse which will take approximately 5 hours from start to finish. As the...


042.Mars moves from penetrating Scorpio into far seeing Sagittarius- Intuition initiates right action-follow the truth

January 23-29,2018 Mars travels the last intense degrees of Scorpio before heading into Sagittarius on Friday. Your efforts are about to be rewarded. Shrug off the past and see the future. Your search for the answers will lead you right where you want to go: The truth. Mars is travelling the last degrees of Scorpio before it moves to Sagittarius on Friday. What is your underworld? What are your fears? Feel your feelings, sit with them so they can move out. Out of your way. “In your own...


041. New Moon in Capricorn: ” Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

January 16-27,2018 The planets form a powerful star cluster in capable Capricorn. The New Moon grants access to our deep down inherited abilities. We can tap in to the work we came here to do. At 6:17 pm PST on January sixteenth the New moon is in Capricorn connection a whole line up of planets. Now we can see it is worth the hard work. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time is how you get where you are going. Relax into that idea and trust the process. We are entering...


040. Planetary powwow in Capricorn this week: What is your five year plan? Remember, fun starts with fundamentals.

January 9-15 Planets are gathering in Capricorn territory. It’s time to step up and turn dreams into reality with the magic of hard work and dedication. Opportunities are around right now. Don’t scatter– Consolidate. Fortune favors the bold. Capricorn in a very steadfast energy. If you need a nice fat dose of reality– this is it. Yet, there is a magic about all this hard work. It’s the secret ingredient of success. Focus. There is opportunity to tap into the benefits of all this...


039.Super Cancer Full Moon on New Years Day! Fluff the nest , you need somewhere soft to land.while you climb the mountain to your dreams come true!

December 27, 2017- January 7, 2018 This New Year arrives with a super full moon in nurturing Cancer. The moon rules Cancer so expect to feel it all today. And, what you feel you can heal.Feeling is the secret ingredient. We are free of the shenanigans of Mercury retrograde and can get rolling in new directions now. The week leading up to this full moon has graced us with some helpful aspects. Call in the perfect balance between your go-getter need to ascend and you never go anywhere need...


038. Mercury Direct. Saturn and Venus into Capricorn. The winter Solstice- The work before the

19-25 December 2017. Mercury goes direct. Saturn and Venus move to Capricorn. And the Winter Solstice. Plan your plans. Moments spent getting clear about the future are well used. See what you want in your minds eye- This is how you build the bones of your fabulous future. Its building time. The work before the work begins. Take on responsibility for best results. On the 19th Saturn Moves to Capricorn. It has not been an easy go. Saturn is here to teach us to grow up. Step up and walk the...


037. Sagittarius New Moon-There is more to know. More to be. More to see. Make adventurous plans.

December 12-18 2017- New Moon in Sagittarius sets us up for expansion and deeper truths. Mental Mercury is traveling over important material, clarifying through review. During this new Moon stern Saturn, value conscious Venus, mental Mercury and the almighty Sun are in Sagittarius right along with this Moon. Make adventurous plans. Sagittarius is a raw and natural energy that believes it will all turn out in the end. Optimism, and self-certainty are gifts that keep on giving. Mercury...


036. Action packed Mars moves into Transforming Scorpio and Mercury is going over what we have learned the last few months.

December 5-11, 2017 Mercury is very much retrograde, traking back through the last few months, making sure we understand what went down. Mars is moving from non-confrontational Libra into fearless Scorpio. The truth keeps coming. Our liberation depends on it. December 6 Mercury is fused in space with Saturn in Sagittarius. With Mercury in retrograde we are back tracking over the territory we just crossed. Our fear and regrets can be front and center with somber Saturn flavoring this time....


034.Sun moves into Optimistic Sagittarius and Neptune moves direct. You do know.

November 21-27 2017 This week the Sun slides into forthright Sagittarius. You will now have a knack for knowing what you know without knowing how you know it. This is your intuition.Trust it. This week Neptune will shift forward again. In the last few months you may have had to learn to let go of situations that do not serve you -insight into how you may be causing your own suffering is possible now. Forgiveness comes easy when Neptune is shimmering down on us. If you can conceive it and...


033.Scorpio New Moon: We labour then release so we can begin again

November 14-20 2017 The Scorpio New Moon is an opportunity to let go for good. If there is something holding you back now is your opportunity to push the release button and launch yourself out of that sticky situation. Even if you don’t know what lies ahead. Make room for the new and let go of the done. The 16th the healing trine between Neptune and Venus offer up some poetry for our Souls. This a deeply feeling trine between water signs. Venus is in Scorpio making sure we bare wittness....


032. Venus moves to Scorpio- now we can understand. Saturn and Uranus help lay solid foundations for healthy new futures.

November 6-12, 2016 Mercury moved out of super suspicious Scorpio into all knowing Sagittarius. There will be blurting. Glorious truth. The Light will prevail. Venus moves into Scorpio to keep us focused on rising from the ashes of the past. With this mix of Venus in Scorpio and Mercury in Sagittarius there is an opportunity to express, like a festering boil, all that is slowly poisoning the system. Expose the root of the problem and flush out the dis-ease. Wise old Saturn will be...


031.Taurus Full Moon-Unexpectedly wonderful encounters are possible.

October 30- November 6, 2017 The moon will be full in Sensuous Taurus on Friday November 3, at 10:23 pm PST. It is a shimmery magical moon that is heavily aspected with possibility. Be sure to make note of this day and get your adorable self out into the world. Unexpectedly wonderful encounters are possible. It is so appropriate that Halloween happens in Scorpio season every year. We tune into the dark side a little more easily than usual. And the dark side isn’t always bad. It is just...


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