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Discussing contemporary issues in light of the bible and how they relate to family, culture, and the church.


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Discussing contemporary issues in light of the bible and how they relate to family, culture, and the church.






The Sad Popularity Of Polygamy

From shows like "Sister Wives" to the very foundations of Mormonism and other Cults, polygamy is a practice seemingly becoming more and more popular as groups are having their followers multiply wives for themselves. So on today's episode we look at the multiplication of wives in Mormonism, Islam, and the culture of today to see whether or not they hold any water when looking through the Holy Scriptures. David Wood and the Holes in the Narrative (Video on Islam)...


Is Andy Stanley Following In His Father’s Footsteps?

The Twitter sphere was set ablaze as a clip was uploaded from a teaching of Andy Stanley in which he spoke of "gay" christians having more faith than himself and many others in his congregation. We also look at his father , Charles Stanley one of the most popular Bible teachers, belief's on homosexuality. As well as how his father's doctrine could be an example of wrong doctrine actually leading people to wrong living. Video version of this episode can be found here:...


Andy Stanley’s Gay Affirming Church

On today's episode we discuss Andy Stanley's unbiblical position on gay marriage. Video Version of this episode can be found here: Partner with us on Patreon! Learn more about Good Fight Ministries: From Queer To Christ with George Carneal


Oneness: Biblical Or Heretical?

From popular political commentators like Marcus Rogers and Brandon Tatum or even Christian recording artists such as Philips, Craig and Dean and even one of the more popular pastors in America known as T.D. Jakes and other apostolic churches all over the world, the doctrine of Modalism, Oneness or Jesus Only-ism has been growing in popularity Does The Bible Teach The Holy Spirit Is God? Partner with us on Patreon!


Should GoodFight Change Its Views On Secular Music?

On today's episode we look at one of the more hotly contested items for Christians when they come to know Christ is as to whether or not they should throw out the secular music they used to listen to or stick only to music that is Christian They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll (DVD) 10HR They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll (DVD) 3HR The Emerging Church and the Bono-Screwtape Connection (DVD)...


Does The Bible Teach The Holy Spirit Is God?

When it comes to the mystery of the triune Godhead, it can be easy for people to find many different Scriptures affirming the deity of Christ. However, when it comes to the Holy Spirit people don't have as many of those texts in their memory bank. We're going to discuss if the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is God. Knowing the Holy Spirit of God (Joe Schimmel Sermon) Partner with us on Patreon! Learn more about Good Fight...


Duplantis, Copeland And Prosperity Heresy

Prosperity teacher Jesse Duplantis states in a recent message that we, not even believers but the human race ultimately, are the promise given in Isaiah 9:6. Hollywood’s War on God Partner with us on Patreon! Learn more about Good Fight Ministries:


Does the Bible Teach Jesus is God?

Regardless of the view, whether Islam, Jehovah's Witness, or Mormons the deity of Christ seems to be one of the first topics you would discuss when engaging in sharing the Gospel. Partner with us on Patreon!


Should Christians Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Are New Year's Resolutions Biblical? If Christians are going to be making New Year's Resolutions what kind of resolutions should they be making? As we look into next year as too what this ministry has going forward, we place it in the hands of the Lord and would love to share with you some of the ideas and passions we have for the next year. Video version of this episode can be found here! Partner with us on Patreon! The...


Top 10 Book Recommendations for 2023

On today's special broadcast we take a look at Joe and Chad's top 10 books of the year that will encourage and strengthen you spiritually Is God Still Doing Miracles? with Dr. Craig Keener Should We Unhitch from the Old Testament with Dr. John Oswalt Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: The Christian Testimony of Nabeel Qureshi (BOOKS) The Bible among the Myths: Unique Revelation or...


Who Were the Nephilim?

Who are the Nephilim and are the "sons of god" mentioned in Genesis 6 merely the decedents of Seth? This topic is not one that we would divide over in the body of Christ but it is something that we should discuss and ask as to what the Bible says concerning this. Biblical Manhood Men's Retreat Left Behind or Led Astray? (DVD) Partner with us on Patreon!...


The Submerging Church Revisited: How the Enemy is Still Infiltrating the Church

On today's broadcast we discuss how many of the disturbing topics discussed in our critically acclaimed documentary, The Submerging Church, are still major issues in the church today. We welcome special guest Nick Pinneri to the program to discuss these issues and how they personally affected him at his most recent ministry position at a local Christian organization. The Submerging Church (Video) Video version of this episode can be found...


Are The Jews Today A Synagogue Of Satan?

In today's episode we look at the most recent controversy with the likes of Kanye West and Kyrie Irving, as arguments of who the true Jews are has hit much of the mainstream. Sports commentator Jason Whitlock, posted Revelation 2:9 in support of Kanye West, seemingly affirming that the Bible supports such an assessment. The Dark Secrets of Planned Parenthood Kanye, Kyrie, and The Seed of Black Hebrew Israelites with Special Guest Vocab...


Christian Apologist Converts to Catholicism

On today's episode we look at the conversion of Cameron Bertuzzi from Capturing Christianity, as it relates to Catholicism, and many reasons why the typology found in Isaiah 22 has no connection to the "keys of the kingdom" mentioned in Matthew 16. Catholicism Examined: What is Our Authority–The Bible or The Church? Who Gave the Pope Authority over the Church? James White vs Trent Horn: A Shack of Lies (DVD)...


Can Christians Cuss?

On today's episode we examine cussing through the lenses of scripture to see whether or not it is acceptable for Christians to practice. We also look at a slew of pastors who decided to make cussing a common practice in their messages. Stop Cussing, In the Name of Jesus (message by Joe Schimmel) Did the Apostle Paul Use Profanity?(Article by Gary Manning Jr) Partner with us...


Demonic Origins of the Enneagram

On today's episode we examine the Enneagram and find out if this is something Christians should participate in. Also we take a look at the origins of the Enneagram and where this system actually came from. Hollywood Unmasked Part Two Partner with us on Patreon!


Did Paul Contradict Jesus?

On today's episode we examine if the Apostle Paul contradicted the teachings of Jesus Christ. We see what the Bible teaches on this topic as well as what church history has to say regarding the potential contradictions of Paul and Jesus. Partner with us on Patreon!


When Will We Know the Seals Are Being Opened?

On today's broadcast we answer a question concerning the ends times – at what point will we know that the seals are actually being opened? We also answer other questions that have come into our ministry concerning discernment, Acts 13:48 and Calvinism, the demons Jesus cast into the swine, and more. Hollywood's War on God Partner with us on Patreon! Learn more about Good Fight Ministries:


Thanksgiving 2022

On today's episode all of us at Good Fight Ministries want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Joe and Chad also share what they are thankful during this holiday season. Partner with us on Patreon!


Catholicism Examined-Answering Your Questions

On today's episode we finished up our series on Catholicism by answering various questions that came in during the course of our series. Episode 1: Are Catholics Christians Episode 2: What is our Authority-The Bible or The Church? Episode 3: Was Peter the First Pope? Episode 4: What Role Will The Catholic Church Play in The End Times? Can We Trust The Bible with Dr....