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God looks like Jesus... and so do you!

God looks like Jesus... and so do you!
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God looks like Jesus... and so do you!




TGC - 024 - Is God Really Good - How Jesus Read The Scriptures

This week, the third and final part of our "Is God Really Good?" series. In this episode we'll be thinking about how Jesus read the Scriptures. If we can establish how He managed to read the Scriptures and come to the conclusion that God is truly a good Father then perhaps we can too.


TGC - 023 - Is God Really Good - How The Jews Read The Scriptures

This week we continue the series looking at the question "Is God Really Good?" - after looking at the uncomfortable truth of our scriptures it's now time to ask, how do we read them? Something we can only do well if we know how the people who first received them read them. So this week we look at how the Jews read the scriptures.


TGC - 022 - Is God Really Good? - The Uncomfortable Truth

In this first part of a three part series we take an honest look at all the parts of the Bible we don't want to acknowledge are there. You know... the bits where God just simply isn't a very nice person. At least, He certainly doesn't seem to line up very well with His representative Jesus. WARNING: This episode is depressing and you might have a bit of an existential crisis after listening to it. I strongly recommend hanging in there to listen to the next two.


TGC - 021 - David Hayward - The Naked Pastor - Spiritual Independence

In this episode I talk with David Hayward or as most of you will know him – The Naked Pastor. He’s mostly famous for his fantastic cartoons which you will see circulating social media all the time. He also runs an incredible community for people who are deconstructing their faiths and need to do so in a safe place with other people. David is a really great, down-to-earth guy with an immense amount of wisdom. I hope you enjoy listening in on our chat. You can watch the episode if you prefer...


TGC - 020 - Colby Martin - LGBTQ & The Church

In this podcast I chat with Colby Martin who is a pastor from San Diego. Colby has been very outspoken on the topic of affirming the LGBTQ community and wrote a great book called unclobber which I think is one of the easiest to read, well studied and thought out resources for anyone who wants to understand how a Christian can hold an affirming position. Here is some of what we talk about: * Exploring who we really are? * Do certain expressions of church stifle exploring our true identity? *...


TGC - 019 - Dan Heroy - Watch Your Language

This podcast is with my good friend of Dan Heroy - if you've been around for a while you'll be familiar with Dan. In this episode we talk about: Finding the balance of not using unhelpful language but at the same time not shutting down those who do. What's happening to millennials in the church? Why are they leaving? What must the church do? The importance of creating discussion, opening up to questions and making sure people feel heard. Duality and the problems it creates in our faith and...


TGC - 018 - Beck & Bre Hanan - Asking an LGBTQ Couple How Can the Church Do Better

In this podcast I sit down with Beck and Bre Hanan a queer married couple who talk about their experience of church and how the church needs to do better. We talk about: Can their be room for different perspectives on LGBTQ issues in the church? Has the narrative around LGBTQ been distorted? What do churches need to do to welcome LGBTQ Christians into their communities Some tips for Christians who don’t affirm LGBTQ but want to love people well. The importance of being clear where you stand...


TGC - 017 - Mark Sanchez - From Pastor To Mental Institute

Mark Sanchez has been a pastor for many years, he was the senior pastor of a successful church in New England, travelling all over the place preaching on the grace and love of God. He moved in the supernatural and saw amazing things everywhere he want. And then he ended up in a mental institute. Here we talk about some of his story and a whole bunch of other things. It’s a lot more relaxed than usual (maybe this will be the new format – I loved it!) and we just jump right into it so don’t be...


TGC - 016 - Seth Dahl - Win Win Parenting

In this weeks podcast we look at the topic of Parenting with Seth Dahl who was the children's pastor at Bethel Church in Redding California for over a decade. We discuss... * How to parent with win / win results * How to implement healthy boundaries * How to communicate your needs well * Helping kids to know their needs and communicate them * Is it ever too late to apply these principles? * Helping kids be powerful and embrace self-control * How as parents do we help our kids grow in their...


TGC - 015 - Phil Drysdale - Love Over Law

In this last week we look at love and law. We discuss why trying to love God is the most common objective in Christendom... but what if that motivation while good is actually hurting us and distancing us from God?


TGC - 014 - Phil Drysdale - Romans 7

This week is part 5 of our 6 part series on Romans. We are going to look at the Law. Everyone's favourite topic! We are going to find that the law is not the Christian's friend and it's not something we are supposed to live under. So what is it? What do we do with all the scriptures about the law? Let's have a look... As always you can watch the episode and dozens of other videos over on


TGC - 013 - Phil Drysdale - Romans 5&6

This week we continue to look at Romans - this time turning to chapters 5 & 6 where we see Paul totally challenge the preexisting thoughts on sin and righteousness. Are we sinners? Who is sinful? Who is righteous? Are we perfect? Can we really be holy and blameless?


TGC - 012 - Phil Drysdale - Romans 3&4

This week we continue our series on Romans by actually starting to look at the book of Romans! We'll look at chapter 3 & 4.


TGC - 011 - Phil Drysdale - How We Read The Bible

This week we talk about HOW we read the Bible. We all open the Bible and develop a view on who we are and who God is... but we fail to see often that there are different ways to do this and some are more helpful and others much less helpful to our faith.


TGC - 010 - Phil Drysdale - In The Beginning

In this week's podcast, we take a break from interviews and I talk about The Beginning. We look at the nature of God, why He made us and how, and ultimately... who are we? Strap in for a bit more of a philosophical rambling through creation.


TGC - 009 - Brad Jersak - A More Christlike God

Brad is an author and teacher who has written books on hearing God’s voice, Hell and how to reconcile the God of the OT with the one presented by Jesus – this will be the primary topic of today’s podcast. He is the Editor in Chief of Christianity Without Religion magazine, a faculty member of Westminster Theological Centre as well as St. Stephen’s University. He has a passion for the church to be united in the person of Jesus and for us to walk in a generous orthodoxy that recognises...


TGC - 008 - Ray Edwards - God in Business

This week’s interview is with entrepreneur Ray Edwards. Ray sees God do all sorts of incredible things in his business and with his clients. We discuss what it looks like to be yourself as a Christian in business, allowing space for the supernatural and is it OK for us as Christians to prosper financially.


TGC - 007 - Samuel Verbi - Christian Dating Culture

In this weeks podcast we talk to researcher Samuel Verbi about some of his recent research. Specifically we talk about dating in the church. And some of the data nobody is talking about but is completely incompatible with our theology - namely... there aren't enough men for the ladies!


TGC - 006 - Tina Schermer Sellers - God & Sex

This week’s interview is with renowned sexologist – Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers. Tina is a sex guru. She has a Ph.D. in clinical sexology, has done formal research on the effect of sexual shame on couples’ intimacy, has a great a blog, started an online community called Thank God for Sex, hosts regular intimacy retreats for couples, speaks at various venues, is the author of Sex, God & the Conservative Church, and established the Northwest Institute on Intimacy encouraging all therapists who...


TGC - 005 - Dan Heroy - Success & Politics

This week’s interview is with my good friend Dan Heroy. Dan is a realtor, musician, producer, worship leader and best of all he is my partner in the gospel whenever I make it over to the East Coast in America – we’ve put some serious milage on his cars over the years!! He's a great guy with a very interesting approach on life. We talk success, politics, us and them, and a whole lot more.