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Join host Mike Creavey as he explores faith and culture through movies, books, music, travel, food, and much more. Don't forget to wonder!

Join host Mike Creavey as he explores faith and culture through movies, books, music, travel, food, and much more. Don't forget to wonder!
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Join host Mike Creavey as he explores faith and culture through movies, books, music, travel, food, and much more. Don't forget to wonder!




Ep. 62 - Ultimate Star Wars Viewing Order

There are several different suggestions floating around out there when it comes to the best order in which to watch the ever-growing canon of Star Wars films. I stumbled into my own a few weeks back and found that it presented some really cool takeaways. Enjoy!


Ep. 61 - Why I Love Lent

Yep. You read that right. I LOVE LENT! Check out this episode to learn a bit more about this ancient and incredibly powerful Christian practice and how you can get the most out of it. I also check in with my toddler daughter Noelle, the show's field correspondent! Here are the links I mention in the episode: Lent Intro InfographicFasting & Abstinence InfographicBiblical Significance of 40


Ep. 60 - Review of “The Robe” by Lloyd C. Douglas

This 1942 historical novel about a young Roman soldier who cast the winning dice for Christ's robe at the Crucifixion was an instant classic. It rapidly rose to the No. 1 spot on The New York Times Best Seller list where it remained for over a year! One of the most popular book of the 1940s, it inspired a film adaptation in 1953. You can pick up a copy here: Amazon.


Ep. 59 - Time

Remember that song by Chicago "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" It's an awesome song, but it's also a profound question! Let's take a closer look at time and its spiritual implications today. Also, we're joined by Noelle, the Gracious Guest Show field correspondent, for a very important musical insight.


Ep. 58 - Mike's Top 3: Theological Pet Peeves

I have more than three, just FYI. You might, too! But today, I'm just focusing on three that I find particularly troubling and that arise on a fairly regular basis. If you're curious, don't hesitate to click and listen!


Ep. 57 - Being & Becoming

Did you ever notice that you ARE, but you're also NOT YET? If this sounds confusing or overly intellectual, let me assure you that it's a basic fact about your life that underlies literally every aspect of it. Let's dig into this mystery today! The book by Josef Pieper I refer to is called "On Hope" and you should definitely get a copy: click here.


Ep. 56 - Review of "Doors in the Walls of the World " by Dr. Peter Kreeft

If I had to assign a textbook to the Gracious Gang that would summarize the core mission of The Gracious Guest, it would be this! Dr. Kreeft explores numerous doorways to the transcendent that await us around every turn… if we'll just learn to see them. Check out my review and be sure to get yourself a copy today! (available at Ignatius Press or Amazon). To read the fantastic article by Joseph Pearce I mention in this episode click here.


Ep. 55 - Star Wars: Identity & Purpose

Philosopher Dr. Peter Kreeft points out that when we discuss "this thing about identity", there is inevitably more here than meets the eye. Who are you? How do you answer that question? Today I'd like to explore how I think the themes of identity and purpose arise throughout the Star Wars franchise so tune in!


Ep. 54 - Relics & "The Sandlot"

The 1993 film The Sandlot still resonates with countless people who have enjoyed its themes, storyline, and excellent production value over the past 25 years. Today I'd like to go where perhaps no one has gone before and consider an intriguing religious connection point. Please join me!


Ep. 53 - Flannery O'Connor & Church Scandal

Southern novelist and short story author Flannery O'Connor's writings are the stuff of literary legend. Why is that? Tune in today to hear some of my thoughts. In in particular I'll be focusing on the story "Good Country People" (1955) and the insights O'Connor gives us into the realities of hypocrisy and scandal. SPOILERS AHEAD! You can get the volume of her complete short stories by clicking here.


Ep. 52 - What's Your Story? (pt. 2)

You've probably heard that phrase before. Perhaps you've even asked it of another. What if I told you that there is a baseline assumption embedded in this question that is totally at odds with our prevailing cultural vision? Check out the show to hear more!


Ep. 51 - Review of "Silence" by Shusaku Endo

Shusaku Endo's 1966 classic historical fiction novel about the plight of Christians in Japan around the turn of the 17th Century inspired the 2016 Martin Scorsese film of the same name. Check out my spoiler-free review here!


Ep. 50 - Mike's Top 3: Lessons Learned from Show Hosting

Fifty shows! And that's just this podcast, not to mention the youth and young adult themed show I've been hosting since 2014 which has over 75 episodes at this time. Tune in today as I break down the top three things I've learned while taking on this awesome and exciting endeavor.


Ep. 49 - Space Isn't "Space"

If you're like me, you are blown away when you take a good long look up at a starry night sky! How many stars are out there? How many worlds? Is there life anywhere else in the universe? These questions and many more show just how much wonder there is deep within us when it comes to our place in this universe. Check out this episode for more!


Ep. 48 - Where Have I Been???

Hey! Remember me? I host this podcast… Considering I haven't gotten to the microphone since April, you may be wondering what I've been up to. You'll just have to listen to this episode!


Ep. 47 - Mike's One Desert Island Song

Have you ever played the game where you have to pick out what you'd desperately want to have with you on a desert island? What song would you take if you could only take one? Tune in today to find out what mine is! Here's the link to the song on YouTube (but make sure to listen to the show first!). Click here for Mike's favorite song.


Ep. 46 - Mike's Top 10: Doorways to Wonder

Join me today as I share with you ten of the particular life experiences that seem to most often catapult me into the world of the wonderful. Hint: They may not all be what you'd expect!


Ep. 45 - On Tolkien, Enchantment, and "Faërie"

Today's show begins with a kind of "sneak attack" review of the late Stratford Caldecott's remarkable book The Power of the Ring: The Spiritual Vision Behind The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (click here for link). There is a lot more to this episode than a mere review, though! Have you ever had an experience of "enchantment" at some point? Remember when you were a kid and you had a moment where you really believed anything was possible? Check out this show for a little stroll...


Ep. 44 - Review of "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos" by Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson's new book is a bestseller all over the world. Unless you've been completely out of the loop for the past two years, Peterson has been making headlines and generating a lot of discussion - and controversy! Why is that? What is he actually talking about that's getting so much attention from so many people? Find out today in my review of his "12 Rules." Click here for link to the book.


Ep. 43 - Going to a Concert

When's the last time you went to a concert? My wife and I recently managed to get a babysitter so we could head over to the Luke Bryan concert at Penn State and we had a blast. It got me thinking about the overall experience of going to a concert and how much fun it's always been for me. Surprise, surprise: I have some thoughts if you're interested in hearing them!