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098: The Story Behind The Popular 365 Gratitude Journal App - Justin Sebastian

Justin Sebastian is a Full-time Mobile Developer, the founder of the 365 Gratitude: Journal, Grateful Community. 365 Gratitude is the #1 app for cultivating a grateful mindset. The app is used by over 250,000 people around the world with raving reviews coming each day. I've done a lot of research on gratitude apps since I wanted to create one of my own. And all I can say is that Justin's app (available on both iOS and Android), has almost all of the things I wanted to put together, plus...


Gratitude Meditation

This gratitude meditation has been in my heart for quite a while, and now, its time has come. I've tried different gratitude meditations, but couldn't find one that I resonated with 100%, so I'm really glad this one was born today. Feel free to come back to it, every morning, or every evening! Share it with someone who you know will enjoy it. :) With love and gratitude, Georgian PS: let me know if you like it (Insta, PPS: this is the 400th episode on The...


Appreciating The Abundance That Surrounds Us

Last week I had a very interesting chat with my friend Andreea Stör about abundance, that I really wanted to share with you. Andreea is an international floral designer/teacher and she has a really deep connection with nature, that's how she creates amazing floral designs (see here or here). Her perspective is really unique (she's been a guest on the podcast as well: see episode 19) and I'm sure you will find it interesting too. PS: You can get the audio version of the book mentioned in...


Anxious About The Pile Of Books You Bought And Never Read? Here Are Some Modern Day Solutions

FREE audio book: Audio books, like podcasts, can be listened to while doing other things. For me, since I get motion sickness if I read on cars or buses, it's the perfect solution. I use my time in a positive way, learning new things while also appreciating the views, so I'm grateful for this service. :) Amazon is the best at this too, you can sign-up for a free 30 day trial here: The cool thing is that you'll get to keep the book...


097: Keeping aMErica Grateful - Stefan Youngblood

Stefan Youngblood is a non profit director and the owner of Keep America Grateful. He is a reaaaally good storyteller, he got me captivated from the first moment and I’m sure you will feel the same when you listen to our interview. Stefan is doing some unbelievable things for his community but he wants to have an even bigger impact through the power of gratitude. Stefan Youngblood shares some of his ways of keeping himself and others grateful, from homeless people, to old sick people...


Get Better At Drawing Conclusions (About Your Life)

Drawing conclusions on the lens of our lives can make life colorful or just black and white. Lets get better at drawing conclusions that bring more color, more joy, more gratitude, shall we? Are you on Instagram? Connect here:


The New Appreciation of Life Experienced by Matt After Traveling Outside The US

I think this is one of the most inspiring parts of the interview and wanted to share it with those who can't listen to all of it. Even if you did listen though, it's quite a unique perspective that you might find inspiring.


096: If You’re Not Grateful For The Gifts You Were Given They Might Stop Coming - Matt Javit

Matt Javit from PassPort Joy is my guest today. Hi motto is: Experiences over things! He's always lived with gratitude and thankfulness being at the center of his life. Matt left a successful career behind to travel the world fulltime. He says that: "None of this would be possible without a strong belief system and gratitude." Matt had some amazing insights to share about gratitude, for me the one visual example about being grateful for our gifts if we want to experience more of them,...


Have You Ever Felt Like A Failure? Here's Why You're NOT

I've felt like a failure at times, and I want to share with you a perspective about failure you might find really useful.


095: You're Not Alone In Your Adversity w/ Michael Nova

Michael Nova from Rise Up Eight a non-profit platform designed to highlight the stories of those who never give up. Coming back from the brink of bankruptcy, near permanent blindness and a host of other challenges all at once that taught Michael that the "impossible" is achievable, and that gratitude is the most important thing. His experience changed how he looked at things and his unlikely recovery is what inspired him to share his story with the world in order to inspire others.


Are You Appreciative & Compassionate With Yourself?

At times, we're our worst critics, really, nobody can critize us as much as we do, and it hurts us, more than we think. The solution? Finding more compassion for ourselves. I invite you to give yourself the time to listen and to do this. Thank you for listening and for sharing!


Body Awareness & Negative Thoughts

Since I've started doing yoga I became more aware of my body. It's similar to going to the gym and becoming aware of all of the muscles that you usually are not aware of. I've seen a pattern, in some situations whem my body is in a certain condition, it affects how I think and/or how I feel about everything I see, like the lens is changing. I call this body intelligence, and I think it's very useful and important for us to become aware of the links between our body, our thoughts and our...


094: Gratitude As A Positive Exchange With The Universe w/ Raana Zia

Raana Zia has spent her career holding executive level leadership roles in large Fortune 500 retail companies including Gap, Sears, Time Warner, and dressbarn. Her passion for personal and leadership development and an intense desire to discover her own purpose and potential led her down an unexpected path of self-realization and spirituality. Her realizations and personal experiences compelled her to write Your Hidden Light in order to share with others what she believes is the most...


The Problems In Our Lives & How To Gain Perspective On Them

I think we all have problems and challenges, no matter who we are, how successful or smart or great we are as human beings. It's a natural part of life, but how we deal with them, the perspective we have upon them, that makes the difference.


Dealing With Anxiety Before An Important Event - The Gratitude Way

Thanks to one of our Gratitude Seekers, this episode was born. She's a triatlete and she's using gratitude to deal with the anxiety of a big race. How fascinating is that? :) We'll explore the idea and see how and when we can apply it as well. Thank you @thejunglecalling for the wonderful feedback! :)


093: Living A Seemingly Perfect Life But Struggling With Depression & Anxiety w/ Mike Schlossberg

Mike Schlossberg is a politician (State Representative in Pennsylvania), author and depression/anxiety sufferer going on sixteen years strong. He has dedicated his career – both in and outside politics – towards shattering the stigma that surrounds mental illness. As a State Representative, his work is focused on education and mental health, anti-suicide legislation and treatments for post partum depression, among the most important ones. As an author, he just released his book...


Using Afformations For Gratitude + The BBC Radio Interview Recording

Afformations, not affirmations. There are better questions we can ask, lets see how this works. The BBC Radio Interview Recording (skip to minute 5):


How To Write A Thank You Letter + BBC Radio Guernsey Interview Announcement

I'm not talking about the format of the letter, but what you actually write in it, so that the other person actually understand and feels your gratitude. Tomorrow, May 30th, I'll be on BBC Radio Guernsey from 9:35 am UK time, I'm a bit nervous so, I'd love to know you're there with me. :) You can join by going to this link: and clicking on "Listen Live"


092: Gratitude Anxiety & Giving The Wrapped Gift w/ Kimi & Pua

Gratitude is a HUGE part of both of Kimi & Pua's lives. They think it's easy and fun to find gratitude in the beautiful, wonderful, exciting things in their lives. Best Life Ever co-founders Kimi Morton + Pua Pakele and Cabot were drawn together by a calling – a burning desire to help people fall in love with their businesses and their lives! But when gratitude REALLY impacted their lives and their business was when they were able to identify the things they were grateful for...


What The World's Most Successful & Fulfilled People Have Been Practicing For Centuries

Hal Elrod shared what he found to be the habits of those people that we look up to. He talked about what they do every day and how we can adopt the same habits. You can get his new book on Amazon, or by clicking here: