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Our full episodes on Sundays explore grounded spirituality in the 21st century. "The Daily Wake Up" segments discuss current events through a spiritual lens to leave you informed *and* empowered.

Our full episodes on Sundays explore grounded spirituality in the 21st century. "The Daily Wake Up" segments discuss current events through a spiritual lens to leave you informed *and* empowered.
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Our full episodes on Sundays explore grounded spirituality in the 21st century. "The Daily Wake Up" segments discuss current events through a spiritual lens to leave you informed *and* empowered.





As Miriam and I land more and more in Seattle, the energy around all pillars of Indivinus are beginning to shift and update. Most presently, that looks like the coming completion of The Highlight Real. It also looks like The Ascension Manual for Planet Earth Officially Launching In November. In this episode, I share all the latest updates and look at the thread that runs through them—how life comes together when we consistently follow the energy of our soul's deepest truth. Website:...


Crazy, Divinely Powerful, or Both?

Are we one, divine, all powerful and all knowing? Or are we crazy and insignificant? That pendulum is all to common to not speak into. This is Burgiel on insignificance, crazy, and our massively powerful and interconnected nature. Seattle: Website: Email Me: Bonuses:


Why It's Happening Slower Than You Want

An Episode on Transition and Manifestation. Miriam and I just spent the past month in transition from Boston to our new home in Seattle. I take some time today to reflect on the journey, yes, but moreso on this idea that I've heard Burgiel share with others in sessions—that things happen slower than we'd like, but faster than our emotions can process as ease. After a brief discussion, I drop in and Burgiel unpacks this idea thoroughly. Website: Email Me:


The Value of Transparency

Coming to you from Bainbridge Island, Washington! Burgiel talks about the value of transparency rising in the collective. In that, there's an opportunity to explore the value of transparency in our own personal lives too. P.S. Last week's episode didn't upload correctly, so enjoy the double release this week! 💙 Website: Email Me: Bonuses:


Our Inner Log Cabin

Miriam and I made it to LA! One step closer to Seattle, with 95% of the big logistics out of the way. WOO! I talk for a bit about the latest with our move, then bring through Burgiel. B talks about coming back to our own internal truth and relates it to a retreat to a log cabin to find inner peace and clarity. What would happen if we stayed in touch with our inner knowing (our inner log cabin) and trusted that above else? A smoother, faster soul path. Website: Email Me:...


Our Soul Path's Little Brother

In recent episodes, we've been talking about saying yes to the soul's path. In today's episode, we continue to refine that idea through a distinction: the paths that are *close* to our soul's deepest calling, but aren't actually in alignment with who we are or what we're here to do. We call them the little brothers of our soul's path and play with that idea and metaphor in the show and the channeled message from B today. Website: Email Me: Bonuses:...


Playing in Solitude and Soul Spaces

Without an agenda, without editing, I chat for a bit with the energy that's present then bring through Burgiel. Miriam and I are hopping on Monday 9/3 for a Live Masterclass. You can find details here to join us:


[DWU] Meeting with Burgiel on Ending This Daily News Segment

The final episode of our Daily Wake Up segment, Episode 76 (my favorite number!), is a chat with Burgiel on why we're shifting this podcast. This is a "private" meeting with Burgiel that I wanted to make public, in the name of continual transparency, knowing that the REAL truth of what's happening over here in this beautiful synergistic relationship with Burgiel is a helpful aspect of my work in the world. So much love to everyone who has been tuning into these segments. 💙 We'll see you...


Burgiel: Soul Yeses and Divine Appts. - How It All Works

Burgiel uses the offerings of Indivinus to lay out a very specific perspective on how divine appointments and soul-aligned business offerings work. Website: Email Me: Bonuses:


[DWU] Finance vs. Good Choices: Tesla, Trump, and Pepsi

Tweets from Elon Musk and Trump point towards a big corporate challenge. Does Quarterly Reporting from Publicly Traded Companies lead to short-sighted and poor decisions? We talk about the tweets, but also about the larger landscape and what we can take away from this as individuals. Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses: -- Sources:


[DWU] Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty, Trump Campaign Crimes

Michael Cohen, Trump's Former Attorney, just pleaded guilty to 8 federal charges, 2 of which are directly linked with Trump and Campaign Finance Crimes. We now have someone going to jail, directly for committing crimes for Trump during the election. We talk about the overarching landscape in this episode—and it's COMPLEX. Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses: -- Sources:


[DWU] Google, Apple, IBM: "College Degree Not Required"

More and more, companies on the cutting edge are turning away from making college an absolute necessity in the hiring process. So what's the point of college in 2018? Does it have it's place in society? Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses: -- Sources:


[DWU] The Secret World of Jeffree Star

This is perhaps one of the most potent examples of just how much we are craving truth and transparency as a collective right now. Today, we're diving into The Secret World of Jeffree Star, a 5-Part Series by Shane Dawson. And we're talking about what this series means for YouTube, yes, but also for the media as a whole. Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses:


Burgiel: Just Get the F'ing Hat!

Today on Sunday's Full Episode, I'm wearing a hat! This is a channeled message from Burgiel on what saying "Yes!" to our soul's path feels and looks like, and how it's not about eliminating internal conflict from the start, but moving forward despite it. Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses:


[DWU] Zooming Out: What's Genuinely Real and Important?

Taking some time to zoom back out today to what's really important. In a sea of what's new, what's true and consistent is losing the spotlight. What about the biggest challenges for the human species, regardless of how long we've known about them? Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses:


[DWU] What's Mueller's Intention with Paul Manafort?

This is Part 2 of the latest with the Paul Manafort trial. For part 1, listen to yesterday's show where you're listening to this one. :) Today, we answer the question: if this trial isn't about Trump, why is Mueller—specifically looking into the Russia Investigation—pressing so hard on Paul Manafort? And why hasn't Manafort flipped on Trump? Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses: -- Sources:...


[DWU] Who is Paul Manafort? - Trump & Russia

Paul Manafort is currently on trial for over 18 counts of tax evasion and bank fraud, and it's ALL over the news. Today, we have a brief overview of the man, Paul Manafort, and the trial itself—why he's on trial and why people are talking about this so much. Hint: Because Trump. Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses: -- Sources:


[DWU] Monsanto to Pay $289 Million in Pesticide Cancer Case

Dewayne Johnson was awarded $289 million in a case against Monsanto. For many this is a HUGE victory, and over 4000 other cases are pending trial against the company. Bayer's stock price drops 10% in response, and many are very hopeful for a world without Roundup. Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses: -- Sources:


[DWU] 3D-Printing $4000 Homes for the Developing World

Today’s episode is an example of how technology can rapidly change the developing world’s rise to higher standards of living. Two companies, New Story and Icon, teamed up to create a 3-D printed house that can be built in a day for $4000. They’re taking the design to El Salvador, and after some test homes, will start with a community of 50 houses. Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses: -- Sources:...


Burgiel: Calling All Leaders of the 2nd Paradigm

Gooooood morning! Hop in our free 7-day Soul Aligned Business Mini Course at And enjoy this channeled message from Burgiel of Sirius on Transformation and Global Leadership! With Love, David Hrostoski Website: Email Me: Indivinus Bonuses: