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Join Kevin Allen each week on The Illumined Heart podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. Featuring insightful interviews on subjects of faith, theology, history, comparative religion and personal faith journeys with Eastern Orthodox Christians (and others!) you should know!

Join Kevin Allen each week on The Illumined Heart podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. Featuring insightful interviews on subjects of faith, theology, history, comparative religion and personal faith journeys with Eastern Orthodox Christians (and others!) you should know!
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Join Kevin Allen each week on The Illumined Heart podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. Featuring insightful interviews on subjects of faith, theology, history, comparative religion and personal faith journeys with Eastern Orthodox Christians (and others!) you should know!




169 - What Does Forgiveness Really Mean?

We ask God to forgive our sins and God tells us that His forgiveness is conditional on our forgiveness of others. But what does forgiveness really mean? Does it mean forgetting the offense entirely, or is it the intention to forgive that matters? What if we forgive, but the bitterness or the memory of the sin or offense comes back - have we not truly forgiven? Are we to repent of our sin once, or is it a continual process? These and other questions are the topic of the next Illumined Heart...


168 - Eastern Catholics - Are They “Orthodox”?

There are over 20 ancient Eastern Christian churches in communion with the Pope of Rome whose liturgies and "ethos" are more "Orthodox" than their Latin-Rite brothers. Some of them claim to be "Orthodox in communion with Rome". Some Orthodox disagree, calling them (pejoratively) "Uniates" or Eastern Rite Catholics, who have made significant compromises to come into such communion. In this episode host Kevin Allen speaks with Melkite (Eastern Catholic) priest Father James Babcock about the...


166 - Food and Faith

As Great Lent begins, Illumined Heart host Kevin Allen and nutrition expert Rita Madden (MPH and RD) discuss the role of food in our Orthodox spiritual life, what the Church Fathers say about food and food quantity, and practical nutritional issues related to fasting. Can we get the protein we need from a plant-based diet? Do we need supplements? Should children fast? These and many other questions - from an Orthodox patristic perspective and Rita's expertise -are the focus of this...


165: Metropolitan Kallistos Ware On the Record

In a very special edition of The Illumined Heart, we have an extensive conversation with His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, Professor Emeritus in Eastern Orthodox Studies at Oxford University, and Bishop of Diokleia. Metropolitan Ka!istos is widely regarded as perhaps the world’s leading theologian of the Eastern Orthodox Church today. We present the entire interview here but also offer it in bite size pieces below. Kevin Allen's guest host is John Maddex.


Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on the future of Orthodoxy

In part 6 of our interview with the Metropolitan, we ask him to address the future of Orthodoxy and whether he is pessimistic or optimistic.


Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on Ethnicity and Nationalism in Orthodoxy

We ask His Eminence about the role of nationalism and ethnicity in the Orthodox Church.


Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on Music and Hymnology in the Church

In this section, Metropolitan Kallistos addresses the question of music adaptation to the culture and modern ears.


Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on Gender Issues in the Church

The Metropolitan is asked about women's ordination and same sex attraction in this section of the interview.


Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on What Evangelicals and Orthodox Can Learn From Each Other

What can Evangelicals and Orthodox learn from each other is the subject of the 2nd section of our interview with His Eminence.


Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on the State of the Orthodox Church

In the first section of our extensive interview with Metropolitan Kallistos, we talk about the state of the Orthodox Church both here and abroad.


164: Suffering - An Orthodox Perspective

Why do we suffer after becoming Christian? How do we reconcile the suffering of innocent children with a loving God? These and other perplexing and challenging questions are the subject of this episode of The Illumined Heart with guest, poet and writer of The End of Suffering, Scott Cairns.


163: Yoga and Orthodox Christianity: Are They Compatible?

Dr. Christine Mangala was raised in India and brought up a devout Hindu. Her family was close to one of India's leading Hindu gurus and teachers. Now an Orthodox Christian writer and teacher, she and Illumined Heart host Kevin Allen speak about whether various aspects of Hindu Yoga are compatible with Christian faith and practice, or whether Yoga should be shunned entirely.


162: The Quiet Cradle

Are converts to Orthodox Christianity dominating the media with their "journey stories" and "fast-paced, high-energy" perspectives, while the more quiet, perhaps lumbering, but deeply-rooted faith of cradle-born Orthodox is obscured in the process? Are traditions and customs being introduced by some convert clergy and laity that feel new and even strange to those with deep Orthodox roots? Is there a growing "cradle - convert gap" in the Orthodox Church in North America? Cradle Orthodox...


161: Interfaith Dialogue: Co-Exist or Convert?

Fr. Alexander Goussetis, priest, comparative religion professor, and interfaith dialogue participant and advocate, speaks with host Kevin Allen about his views on the purpose of interfaith dialogue with Jews, Muslims, and other non-Christians. Kevin asks: Does the Gospel call us to merely understand the faiths of non-Christians, to enter into dialogue with them with no agenda, or is the goal always to try to win those we dialogue with to Christ? Is it "Orthodox" to proselytize, or simply to...


160: Catechizing New Age and Eastern Religion Seekers

In this episode, the microphone is turned as AFR General Manager and founder John Maddex interviews host Kevin Allen on the catechism module he developed (with his priest's blessing) specifically for inquirers coming from New Age and Eastern spiritual backgrounds. Is the entrance of New Age and Eastern seekers perhaps a trend the Church needs to prepare for? Are the issues, concerns, and paradigms of these seekers the same as those inquiring from Evangelical backgrounds? Must the catechist...


159: The Occult: Shining Light on Satan’s Shadow - Part 2

Listen to Part 2 of this fascinating concluding conversation between host Kevin Allen and Orthodox priest and occult-specialist, Father George Aquaro.


158: The Occult: Shining Light on Satan’s Shadow

In this two-part series, Illumined Heart host Kevin Allen speaks with Eastern Orthodox priest and occult-specialist Father George Aquaro about the attractions and dangers of the metaphysics and practices of what is called the occult. From seemingly benign astrology to ghost-chasing, and Father George speaks extensively about these practices and what is behind them from the Orthodox Christian perspective. Do ghosts and apparitions exist, or are they necessarily demonic? This and other...


157: The Spiritual Guide in Eastern Orthodoxy

Host Kevin Allen speaks with Father Steven Tschlis about the role of the spiritual guide - father or mother - in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, and how such a guide may differ from one's parish priest or sacramental confessor. Should we look for a "spiritual father or mother" in a monastery? What role does the parish priest play? These and other questions will be addressed in this conversation.


156: Orthodox & Evangelical Relations: Where are we?

Dr Bradley Nassif, a “pioneer of Orthodox-Evangelical Dialogue” talks with host Kevin Allen about “where things are” formally and informally between The Orthodox Church and Evangelical Christians. Kevin asks the question: “What is an Evangelical?”


155: Immortality of the soul or Resurrection of the Dead?

In this episode, Kevin and Father Steven C. Kostoff discuss two views of the afterlife that separate the New Age/Eastern/Gnostic from the central historic Christian belief.