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The Evangelical Catholic and Alpha Catholic Context are pleased to offer this joint project, a limited series podcast. Join us as we journey from Ministry in the Church to Mission in the World.


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The Evangelical Catholic and Alpha Catholic Context are pleased to offer this joint project, a limited series podcast. Join us as we journey from Ministry in the Church to Mission in the World.




Ep.8: Build and Revive

In this final episode of the "Lay Missional Mindset" Josh, Mari, and Peter review the series and talk about reworld examples of what it means to move forward. Not only in creating something new, to build His kingdom, but also to look at the things in everyday life differently. Now, it's time for us to go and live out our unique and specific calling to transform the world. This podcast has been produced by Alpha Catholic Context and Evangelical Catholic. Thank you for joining us!


Ep.7: The Parish and Your Apostolic Mission

Is the church the engine and the people fuel? Or does the church fuel the people? In this episode Mari, Josh, and Peter break down how to step forward in your own personal mission and how the church helps fuel you spiritually to sustain your mission. This is a different mindset from what you may have traditionally experienced in the church. However, this is a great topic for us to really understand what it means to Define, Plan, and Act on gifts that God has given us and the ways in which we are called to use them.


Ep.6: Holiness and Apostolate

Josh, Mari, and Peter get right to the heart of a tension that we all struggle with in serving God's people - doing versus being, Martha versus Mary. Am I doing the work for the sake of the work or am I doing the work out of a relationship with Jesus and using my gifts. Join our hosts as they talk about keep the main thing the main thing - our relationship with Christ, as we go out into the world and bring Good News.


Ep.5: Finding Balance in Your Apostolate

Josh, Marti, and Peter break open a topic many don't slow down enough to discern, and that is finding the balance in mission, work, relationship with Jesus. When it's right ordered it can be beautiful. When it is disordered it can create chaos! Tune in and discern alongside our hosts as they break open this difficult but necessary topic and give practical insights on how to navigate the balancing act.


Ep.4: Activate your Apostolate

Last episode was about discerning what our apostolate is. This one is about putting it to action. Josh, Mari, and Peter help us to right order our mindset and speak into what it means to have live out our Apostolate - ensuring we are right ordered in our approach to living out our mission, avoiding burnout, and being intentional.


Ep.3: Discerning Your Personal Apostolate

Anyone ever ask you the question, "what are you good at?". There could be more to that! In this episode, Josh, Mari, and Peter talk about how to uncover our unique gifts, discern what to do with them, how to put them to use, in the world, to build His kingdom.


Ep.2: Ministry vs. Mission

Peter, Mari, and Josh are back with another great conversation, uncovering what it means to go from ministry in the Church to mission in the world. In this episode our hosts break down the difference of being internally focused versus externally focused, and how we can begin to shift our mindset into how we begin moving forward into a mission mindset.


Ep.1: The Lay Apostolic Mindset

Join Peter Andrastek and Mari Pablo from Evangelical Catholic, as well as Josh Danis of Alpha Catholic Context, as they help to paint a picture for what the lay vocation and mission looks like. Listen in as they define what it means to move from inward focus on ministry to an outward focus on mission.


Intro: "The Why". Podcast introductions.

Josh Danis, Peter Andrastek, and Mari Pablo introduce The Lay Missional Mindset podcast and the hopes for this collaborative effort between Evangelical Catholic and Alpha Catholic Context