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Being Frugal

On today's episode, we discuss Emily's feedback on our HGTV discussion and how expectations can impact parenting. We also discuss frugality -- ways in which we tend to be frugal, our struggles with storage and frugality, and frugality as an expression of valuing what we have. Recommended Resources: Sarah's thoughts on baby products KonMari Thred Up Kidizen Prophets of a Future Not Our Own


Business Partnerships: How we make ours work

We talk about listener feedback on breaking the rules, the pressure we place on ourselves and of course... HGTV! For our main segment, we our partnership and how we make it work. Recommended resources: AirTable Voxer Evernote Kacey Musgraves - Wonder Woman


HGTV: Friend or Foe?

We talk about listener feedback on parenting and social media. For our main segment, we discuss HGTV and how we all feel about our homes. Recommended resources: Are home renovations necessary? - Curbed The Rabbit Listened


Social Media in Our Lives

We talk about listener feedback on gift-giving and low-pressure celebrations (including Eliza's amazing Family Marriage Inauguration). Lots of you recommended charitable giving, and Sarah shared the idea of asking people to bring their favorite toy from childhood. Get excited: next week we're going to talk about HGTV and how we're feeling about our home lives. We also discuss feedback on our episode with Seasonal Sarah and how we hear other people describing life choices that are quite...


Under pressure and how living seasonally can help

Today, we share listener feedback and find a uniting theme of pressure - pressure in the myriad of roles we find ourselves in. We also talk with Sara Sterley of about fighting modern malaise with seasonal living. Recommended Resources: Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry


Mommy Wine Culture

Today, we're sharing listener feedback on the importance of being heard and relieving pressure around condolences and birthdays. Then, we talk about mommy wine culture and our thoughts on alcohol and self-care. Recommended Resources: Being a Sober Parent in a Wine Mom Culture Other Moms Tell Me To Drink This is What Self-Care Really Means Oh Great Spirit


Listening, Timing, and the effects of media

In today's episode, we share listener feedback on the importance of listening and Beth shares why timing can be so important to personal breakthroughs. We also talk about the effects of media on ourselves and on our kids. Recommended Resources: Meditation: The Heartspace Where All is Welcome I should never have been allowed to see Dirty Dancing. "For Julia, In the Deep Water" by John N. Morris


Loneliness, Masculinity, Sexual Bereavement, and the Pelvic Floor

In today's episode, we continue our conversations about loneliness and masculinity and discuss an article about grieving the loss of a long-time sexual partner. Continuing our mission to talk about things that need more discussion, we talk with Kathleen Donahoe, the COO and co-owner of Oh Baby! Fitness about the importance of a healthy pelvic floor and caring for ourselves after child birth. We end, as always, with a bit of inspiration for the week. Recommended Resources: Sexual...


The Boys Are Broken

We share Michaela's thoughts on loneliness and emotional labor and Sarah shares her sadness over leaving the baby stage behind for good. Then, we discuss Michael Ian Black's thread on "the boys are broken" and what masculinity means to us as we look at our husbands, fathers, and as Sarah raises her sons. We also share Collaboration Station from The Johnny Shortcake Show! Recommended resources: Why I’m Raising My Sons Like Daughters The Mask You Live In | Netflix Queer Eye | Netflix...


Loneliness and Being in All of This Together

After discussing some fantastic listener feedback on kids' extra-curricular activities, rituals, and sex, we talk about our experiences with loneliness and fear of missing out, with heavy Oprah and Moana references from Sarah. Recommended resources: Oprah's SuperSoul Conversation with Ali MacGraw Erin Wathen's Friends with Benefits: Why We Need More Affection Tara Brach's Love is Always Loving You The UK's Minister of Loneliness


Under pressure: Grinding, Clenching, and dealing with stress

After great feedback, we discuss how we want our kids to feel about money and how we treat marriage like consumers. After hearing from so many of you who also grind and/or clench their teeth at night, we discuss how we do (and don't) deal with stress and pressure.


Sex and Money

We discuss listener feedback on our conversation about sex, which we realized barely scratched the surface! Many listeners shared this fantastic article about how different men and women view sex (particularly bad sex). In our continued exploration of things-we-don't-discuss-enough, we talk about the social classes we grew up in and our feelings about money.


Let's Talk About Sex

On this week's show, we share Julia's feedback about our ongoing discussion of #Whole30 and what that means for intuitive eating and healthy at any size. We also get vulnerable and have an extensive conversation on our introduction to sex, sex inside and outside marriage, and all the ways we think (and talk) about sex need to change.


Parenting in the winter and recovery for the non-addict

Thanks so much for listening to the Nuanced Life! Today, we discuss parenting during endless snow days and Kerry's feedback on the jenga pieces needed for a working family. We also Oprah's conversation with Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson on Super Soul Conversations. Paul Williams is the songwriting legend that shared the six affirmations that helped him turn his life around. We share The Paradox of Our Time.


Rethinking Relationships, the Golden Globes, and Stuff (Part 2)

Thanks so much for listening to the Nuanced Life! Today, we discuss listener Susan's feedback on the "Boys on the Side" article and ask ourselves to rethink parts of marriage and physicality in relationships. We also give a brief follow-up on our New Year's resolutions, including Beth's realizations about the mommy wars. We spend a few minutes on Golden Globes fashion (spoiler: we're all about the black dresses and jumpsuits) before diving into Sarah's favorite topic:...


Dating in the #metoo Era, Resolutions, and Stuff (part 1)

Today we discuss the hookup culture, dating in the #MeToo era, New Year's Resolutions, and Sarah's love of considering our "stuff" (with a little detour on loneliness). Show Notes: Boys on the Side Rebecca Traister on Pantsuit Politics WaPo Predictions Modern Love on Open Marriage Dan Savage on Death Sex and Money Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies Beth's playlists: Transitions, New Year, Organize, Mornings A Year Without Shopping KonMari Taylor and Leslie on Pantsuit...


Myths, Lies, and Truth-Telling with Kids

On this episode, we share two great pieces of feedback on our episode on parenting. We also discuss Santa and the role of story-telling and magic in our lives. To close the show, we share a wonderful way to tell your kids about Santa.


The Goal of Parenting

We hope you're enjoying The Nuanced Life enough to leave us a favorable review, subscribe, and share it with others! In today's episode, we start by discussing The Secret Life of Um and communication cues in conversations. Then we talk about listener feedback on our clothing discussion, which leads us to discuss competition among states. In our main segment, we discuss whether parents should try to make their children happy. Based on articles from Richard Weissbord and Erica Komisar...


Living in (and Dressing for) Community

Today we consider the shared agreements that govern communities and institutions. First, Beth shares an experience from a spiritual gifts class, and Sarah discusses the Advent season. Both conversations segue into our main focus, which stems from Sarah's frustration about dress clothes. We end by sharing an excerpt from Aaron Stamper's advent sermon.


Reconciling Our Digital Selves with Our Souls

In our third episode, we consider the way the internet is shaping our lives. First, we talk about this extraordinary column from Ask Polly: "I'm Dying But I Want to Be In Love." It brings up topics of friendship, loneliness, and tragedy trolling. We also discuss the Dear Sugar advice column, and Sarah's favorite edition about a father who lost his son. (In this discussion, Sarah references Ezra Klein's interview with Robert Wright.) Sarah shares a Medium essay by James Bridle about...


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