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Throughout the years, I've come to believe two truths: one, everyone leads someone, and two, no one really feels qualified to lead anyone. Add the pressure put on us by culture to have all the answers in a world full of confusion, and you've got a recipe for reluctant leaders. Thankfully, when it comes to leading in the Bible and in life, the most qualified aren't always the most obvious. This podcast is a conversation for all of us who want to lead well but never feel like we are.New episodes are released on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each month.


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Throughout the years, I've come to believe two truths: one, everyone leads someone, and two, no one really feels qualified to lead anyone. Add the pressure put on us by culture to have all the answers in a world full of confusion, and you've got a recipe for reluctant leaders. Thankfully, when it comes to leading in the Bible and in life, the most qualified aren't always the most obvious. This podcast is a conversation for all of us who want to lead well but never feel like we are.New episodes are released on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each month.




Let's Talk About How the Rhythm of Sabbath and the Reality of Family Can Help Us Discover and Use our Gifts

Do I wish I could have interviewed John Mark Comer for this episode? In my best Minnesotian accent: "You betcha!" But instead, we'll just settle for a John Mark quote along with some of the insights I've gained by reading and listening to quite a bit of his stuff. (And we'll work toward an interview someday down the road!!) Here's our TWENTIETH episode (wow!), and one of the most important ones we've done because this one is all about how to sustain a life of doing. Hint: it all starts...


Let's Talk About How to Have Something to Say When We're Given the Opportunity to Say Something

If you could boil an entire year down to just one word, what would that word be? For me, in 2023, that word would be PROCLAIM. But as we'll discover in the episode, there are a few things that we need to do first in order to ensure that we have something to say when we're given the opportunity to say something. Sure, that last sentence was a mouthful, but it'll make more sense as you listen. Thanks for listening to The Reluctant Leader Podcast with Paul Jenkins! Find me on Twitter,...


Let's Talk About How Having the Right Tool Makes the Job Easier, and How the Master Builder Has Made Us For What He's Sent Us to Do

As I learned while trying to drill holes into brick walls, a job that can be done gets frustrating fast when you try to do it with the wrong tools. But the moment I used the right drill bit and the right screws turned into a one-on-one conversation with the Father about how He made the right tools for the job, and about how frustrating the Great Commission can be if we don't realize one critical truth: You and I were made for this! Thanks for listening to The Reluctant Leader Podcast with...


Let's Talk About Essential Oils, And How The Most Essential Oil Could Go A Long Way Toward Getting Us through This Election

There are oils for everything! There is an oil to keep you from getting bitten by mosquitoes, and an oil to help you sleep. Would you believe me if I told you that there's even an oil to help you get through this year's midterm elections? ("What???? Why didn't you tell me sooner??!!??") In Matthew 25, Jesus told a story about 10 virgins, and He showed us why 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. In this episode, let's talk about the essential oil of the Holy Spirit, and the 3 reasons why we need...


Evan Didio talks about Witches, One Hit Wonders, Why Churches Might Not Want to go Viral, and How Little Tweaks Can Grow Your Digital Impact.

One day, Evan DiDio decided to try an experiment with thumbnails on YouTube, and that one decision changed the trajectory of his life. Not only his but the millions who have seen the videos that he's helped publish on YouTube, including the witches who joined his church live stream simply because they saw a title and a thumbnail that made them curious. You're not surprised that God would line up an interview that included witches on the week before Halloween, are you? I'm not, either. If...


Let's Talk About How U2 Got it Wrong, Why We Always Find What We're Looking For, and How Embracing That Truth Will Change the People We Lead

Back in 2005, U2 introduced the world to the catchy tune, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." On this episode of The Reluctant Leader Podcast with Paul Jenkins, Paul explains how U2 got it wrong, and why we need to embrace the truth that we always find what we're looking for. Grab a Bible or Bible app, find Proverbs 11:27, and lean in for some encouragement about what to do when it seems like all you can see are the mountains and obstacles between what God promised and where you...


Let's Talk About How Hard it is to Get Enough Money and Volunteers (and why Jesus thinks the way we do it is wrong)

No matter how big or how small your church, business, or organization is, you've got something in common with all the other leaders in all the other places: you need more money and people. In short, you need more resources so you can do more of what you're called to do. This may surprise you, but that's not a new problem. In fact, even Jesus experienced it. Yeah. That Jesus. Grab your Bible or Bible app, a hot cup of coffee, and let's dive into what Jesus had to say about the wrong ways...


Let's Talk About a Very Strange Story in the Bible involving Sticks and Watering Holes, and How What We Look at Determines What We Become

There are some stories in the Bible that never make it into the Sunday School teaching cycle, and on this episode of the podcast, Paul tackles one of them. Apparently, if you whittle some stripes into some sticks, you can grow a pretty impressive herd of animals that will set you up for future success! Since none of us really want a large flock of animals, Paul shows us how that story, found in Genesis 30, can help us become better leaders. As you'll find out, it really does matter what...


Doug Bursch talks about Community - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - and Reminds All of Us that It's Not Good For Any of Us to Be Alone

Community is one of those words that gets thrown around in the church, but most of us only have a surface level understanding of what it means in real life. Enter Doug Bursch, a witty, humble pastor from the Seattle area, who provides listeners of the podcast a MASTERCLASS on Biblical community. In a way that is authentic and relatable, Doug shares about the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of living in community with other believers, and points us to the hope that comes when we embrace...


Matt Wilson talks about Heaven in Business, and How Using Our Gifts in Marketplace Ministry Frees us from Chasing Financial Profits and Unlocks Our Potential to Gain Heavenly Rewards

Dallas Willard once wrote: "Business is an amazingly effective means of delivering God’s love to the world by loving, serving, and providing for one another. God loves the world (John 3:16), and because he does, he has arranged the enterprise and organization of business as a primary moving force to demonstrate this love throughout human history." In this episode, Paul and Matt Wilson talked about what that looks like, and how when business leaders stop chasing profits, they're actually...


It's the COVID Quarantine Episode, so Let's Talk about Caves, Isolation, and The Beautiful Way God Uses All of It For Our Good

For our TENTH EPISODE, we're coming at you from quarantine!! What happens when you spend a long weekend in quarantine with The B99 because you both tested positive for COVID? Obviously, you find a new show to binge, and we found "The Rookie" on ABC which was surprisingly entertaining. But more importantly, you find yourself thinking about caves, and how we should respond when it feels like someone turned out the lights and left you all alone. Turns out, God has quite a bit to say about the...


Alan DiDio joins Paul for a Candid Conversation about Gideon, and What His Story Teaches Us About Reaching a Generation That Doubts, Learning How to Be Sent as Answers to Prayer, and Finding a New Metric For Measuring Church Growth

Pastor Alan DiDio leads a small church in a small place that’s making a huge impact all around the world, and we're thrilled to welcome him back for a conversation about Gideon, another person from a small place that made a huge impact. Not only is Gideon often misrepresented as fearful, but he also points us to some timely lessons about how present-day leaders can help the current church navigate doubt, oppression, and a major shift in how the church can measure growth. Here are just a...


Antione Lassiter talks about Lamenting in the Messy Middle, Hearing People Who Think Differently than Us, and How to Outrun a Double Bacon Cheeseburger

Sometimes we all find ourselves in what Antoine Lassiter calls "the messy middle." It's that place where we find ourselves caught between what we know God can do and what we still haven't seen God actually do. Too many times, we rush out of that place and miss the power that comes from answering the Biblical call to lament. Antoine and his wife, Tonia, started Think Kingdom as a small group in 2014. Today, they lead a growing team of committed, diverse, and loving people who want to spread...


Tiffany Johnson talks about Surviving a Shark Attack, and How the Power of Choice can Help Us Move Past Our Worst Moments

On June 2, 2017, Tiffany's life was turned upside down when she suffered a shark attack while on vacation with her husband, J.J., in the Bahamas. But what the devil meant to kill, steal, and destroy, God has taken and used to show His glory, miracles, hope, peace, and love. That attack birthed a testimony of the power of God, and what it means to be an overcomer through Christ, that has been shared across the nation and around the world. Tiffany has appeared on the TODAY Show, ABC news,...


David Benham talks about Navigating Cultural Issues, Standing Strong in the Face of Adversity, and How Jesus Overcomes Cancel Culture

What would you do if you were the target of false accusations, and the very platform you'd been given was suddenly ripped out from beneath you? That's the situation that my guest, David Benham, faced along with his brother, Jason, in 2014 when HGTV pulled the plug on their reality show "Flip It Forward" just as it was about to premiere because of their vocal stance for the Biblical truth about life, abortion, and marriage. They were canceled even though they'd already told the producers and...


Brian Johnson talks about Breaking Through Barriers, Being Intentional in Our Relationships, and Advocating for Mental Health in the Church

Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair for a conversation between Paul and his friend Brian Johnson, a pastor, coach, and advocate through his church and ministry in Albemarle, North Carolina. One of the things you'll love about Brian is his bold honesty and transparency concerning the obstacles we all face in our relationships, and how he thinks believers can push past them in order to bring H.O.P.E. in the areas of mental health and racial unity. If you'd like to follow Pastor Brian...


Jay Stewart talks about How a Simple Yes led to a Better Narrative, and the Faithful Work Required for God to Weld Together a Multiethnic Church

In this episode of The Reluctant Leader Podcast, Paul welcomes good friend, Pastor Jay Stewart, the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Refuge Church in Kannapolis, North Carolina. As you listen to Jay's story, we think you'll be encouraged to see your own story differently. Over a span of 4 decades of faithful ministry, Jay has seen firsthand the supernatural outcomes that follow simple obedience, and none more so than what began in the concourse of The Refuge in 2014 when he was approached by...


David Docusen talks about George Floyd, Generational Poverty, and How We Can Cross the Dividing Lines of Racial and Social Inequalities to bring Biblical Justice

What would you do if the Lord asked you to step away from the comfort you’d always known right into a discomfort He’d always loved? For David Docusen, it meant a step of obedience that changed the trajectory of his life, and launched him into a ministry that is beautiful, daunting, and full of hope. After pastoring in the local church for twenty years, David and his wife, Dara, launched Docusen Ministries. Now, through the Neighborliness Center, David invests in churches, nonprofits, and...


Alan DiDio talks about Overcoming Fear, Being Faithful with What’s in Front of You, and Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Pastor Alan DiDio leads a small church in a small place that’s making a huge impact all around the world. When the Holy Spirit asked Pastor Alan to think through how church might change if it was only available online, it was months before the work had even heard of COVID. As he and his church leaned into that question, they began to intentionally engage the people who attended their services through a screen, and by the time the world was shutting down, their YouTube channel was blowing...


Let's Talk About How to Overcome the Fear of Not Being Enough

If you've ever felt the call to lead anyone or anything, you've asked the same questions that Paul talks about in this episode: Am I enough? Do I have enough? While those two questions can make us reluctant to lead, it's the answers that God gives us that can help us overcome that reluctance with faith in who He is more than in who we are. Remember, God's not asking us for what we don't have; He's asking us for what we do have. The little we have, placed in God's hands, will always be...