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A faith-based, women-centered podcast about how a little bit of a good thing can make all the difference.


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A faith-based, women-centered podcast about how a little bit of a good thing can make all the difference.



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Quenching the Spirit and the Changing of Spiritual Seasons | Ep 20

In today’s episode of the Salty Podcast, Devin and Hunter talk about some deep topics including the cycles of different spiritual season, what they can be, how they might look, and how to break free from them. They also discuss reasons why they may not have any more kids after Brewer, the dangers and risks of Devin’s pregnancies, and what their next steps might be. Lastly, Devin and Hunter reveal that this is the last episode of this season of the Salty Podcast! They will be taking a short break to focus on Brewer, and will pick back up refreshed with a new season soon! Follow us for more updates: Devin’s Instagram - Hunter’s Instagram - TikTok - YouTube -


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My Journey in a Season of Singleness and Rejecting the World to Spread Jesus’s Name ft. Madison Watkins | Ep 19

Today on the Salty Podcast we have a very special guest, Madison Watkins! Madison Watkins is a singer, songwriter, and content creator who’s been on America’s Got Talent as well as American Idol. She’s released 19 singles and EPs, all of which you can listen to on your favorite music streaming platform. Her music has received millions of streams online. Throughout all of her success, she continues to put Jesus first, and uses her faith in Him as a guide to her music career. Today her and Devin talk about her music career and the journey that led her to LA, the lessons she learned there, and where she is now. She shares deep topics on finding fulfillment in Jesus, not in the world, and surrounding yourself with godly friends and influences. She also shares a ton of practical advice for our single listeners who want to know what they can be doing while they are waiting for their future spouse. This episode is loaded with a lot of great advice from both Madison and Devin regarding dating, waiting for marriage, seeking after God in your career, and more! Madison Watkins on Spotify: Madison Watkins on TikTok: Madison Watkins on Instagram:


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The Struggles of Early Marriage and Fighting through Postpartum Depression ft. Mallory Reyes | Ep 18

Today on the Salty Podcast, Devin interviews Mallory Reyes, known as Mal from Cam and Mal on TikTok/YouTube/Instagram. As she shares her testimony, she dives into deep topics about the struggles of a hard early marriage, isolation and the importance of community, and how she overcame postpartum depression. TikTok - YouTube - Instagram - Personal Instagram -


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Hunter Interviews Devin about Making Tough Decisions for God, Why We Believe in Jesus, and Modern Day Miracles | Ep 17

Today we have a special episode where Hunter interviews Devin! He asks her loads of fun questions ranging from personal to spiritual topics. Later, Devin and Hunter deeply discuss modern-day miracles, and Devin shares a heart-tugging story of a personal miracle that changed her life forever. Trigger Warning: This episode mentions the topics of Depression and Suicidal Thoughts. This episode is for entertainment and testimonial purposes only. If you are struggling in one of these areas please reach out to a trusted friend or family member.


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Finding Purpose in the Waiting, Being Content, and and Killing Selfishness | Ep 16

This week on the Salty Podcast, Devin talks with Hunter about a lot of deep, personal topics such as Hunter's transformation since Ivey was born, goals and dreams, finding purpose and contentment with where you are in life, and seeking God's will for big decisions.


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Devin's Mom on How Trauma Led Her to Jesus, Being a Godly Example, and Listening for God's Voice | Ep 15

We have a very special guest this week: Katie Bell Hart, Devin's Mom! She speaks about how a traumatic event in her life turned her to Jesus, the importance of building your foundation by reading God's Word, listening to God's voice, and many other topics. She also gives her side of the Angel Story that Devin shared back in the second episode!


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Our Anatomy Scan Details, Jesus’ Miracles, God Has Time for Your Healing | Ep 14

On today's episode of The Salty Podcast, Devin and Hunter discuss a few different topics that have been on their mind lately. Devin shares details about their 20 week anatomy scan and how she felt afterwards, then they move to a deep discussion of how God heals us, our free will to choose God, and other deep topics! Hunter and Devin's YouTube - Hunter and Devin's TikTok - Devin's Instagram - Hunter's Instagram - The Salty Podcast Instagram -


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Isabel Alysa on Being Forced to Eat Dog Food as a Child to Tanning A-List Celebrities and God’s Favor on Her Life | Ep 13

Today we share Isabel Alysa's wild story where she went from living in a terrible home situation, to the foster system, to living homeless, to finding success by becoming a tan artist for celebrities. She shares how her faith is the only reason she made it to where she is, and how she influences some of the largest influencers for Christ. Dolce Glow at Ulta: Dolce Glow website: Isabel Alysa:


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Kirk Cameron on Christianity in Hollywood, Being an Influence for Jesus, and Creating Christian Media | Ep 12

Today we are honored to interview Kirk Cameron! Kirk has had many successful roles in media, such as the TV show Growing Pains, or movies like Fireproof and Left Behind. He speaks about his conversion to Christianity while living and working in Hollywood, dealing with backlash from other Christians, how tough times can be used by God for good, leading and influencing those around us for Christ, creating Christian media and more! Support Kirk's latest project:


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Sage Chandler on Having an Eating Disorder, Impact of Words, and Finding Community | Ep 11

In this episode of The Salty Podcast, Sage Chandler joins Devin once again to recap their recent trip the Dallas for the IF Gathering, to discuss eating disorders, the impact of words of others, and how to find community of like-minded believers. Sage: NOTE: Devin and Sage are not health care professionals. Their discussion is coming from a lens of testimonial, and not professional advice. Please find professional advice if you believe you are experiencing an eating disorder.


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Revealing Our Baby Boy’s Name, Our Love Languages and How They’ve Changed, What God is Teaching Us Lately

In today’s episode of The Salty Podcast Devin and Hunter reveal the name they’ve chosen for their new baby boy! They also discuss their love languages, how they’ve changed, and what ways they can be a better spouse for each other. They also ask each other what God is teaching them in this current stage of life, the importance of spending time with God and God’s Word in the morning before their day starts.


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Savannah Alexander on Overcoming Postpartum Depression, How to Support New Moms, and Being a Christian on Social Media | Ep 9

On this episode of the Salty Podcast, Savannah Alexander speaks on a number of great topics: how she and Josh met, developed their relationship with God and with each other, how they started on social media and what she thinks about being a Christian influencer, and all things about Postpartum Depression. What can you do to support a new mom? How do you help someone with PPD? What worked for Savannah and Devin? All these topics and more are on today’s episode! Savannah Alexander - JoshAndSav YouTube - For Us Podcast -


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Trusting Our Spouse, Prioritizing God and Relationships, Praying for Each Other | Ep 8

In this episode, Devin and Hunter discuss deep topics about their marriage: how their relationship was toxic at one point, dealing with different types of trust issues, and how praying of each other led to massive spiritual growth. Devin’s Book Recommendation - The Power of a Praying Wife -


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Kaci Driggers on Sending Her Father to Prison, Struggling with Abandonment, And Postpartum Anxiety | Ep 7

On this week’s episode of The Salty Podcast, Devin talks with her friend and fellow influencer Kaci Driggers. Kaci shares her story about sending her father to prison, struggling with abandonment, and postpartum anxiety. Kaci Driggers - TikTok -


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Sophia Watts - How God Restored Her Broken Relationship, Growing Up With Godly Parents, and Being an Influence on Social Media | Ep 6

Today on The Salty Podcast, Devins speaks with Sophia Watts about growing up rooted in Jesus, the hardest time in her life (Hint: breaking up with Taylor) and how God can change transform the ones we love for the better! She also speaks on filling voids in our lives with the wrong things, how to ground our children in Christ, and being an influence for young ladies. Taylor and Sohpia TikTok - Taylor and Sophia YT - Sophia IG - Taylor IG -


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Sarah Wallace on a Self-Worth Crushing Divorce, True Forgiveness, and Finding Value in God | Ep 5

Today on The Salty Podcast, Devin talks with Sarah Wallace and asks her to share her story of heartbreak, a self-worth crushing divorce, unexpected new love, and finding her value in her relationship with God rather than just herself. There are so many valuable lessons to learn from this episode! Micah and Sarah - The Fortitude Podcast -


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We're Pregnant! Miscarriage, Behind-The-Scenes Pregnancy Details, Raising Godly Children | Ep 4

In this week's episode, Devin and Hunter talk about all of the details of their latest pregnancy announcement! They cover topics ranging from pregnancy loss, how to raise godly children, gender reveals, and some behind-the-scenes pregnancy details!


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Devin’s Sister Sage on Being the Oldest Sister, Getting Arrested, Turning Towards Jesus | Ep 3

In today's episode, we dive deep into Sage's story! From being responsible for for her younger sisters, to later being arrested, Sage shares some vulnerable moments from her past that has led to her being Jesus-filled and centered!


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My Testimony, Dealing with Major Insecurity, Finding Your Worth in Jesus | Ep 2

In today's episode, Devin shares all the things about her testimony! From being raised in church, to where she is today, she discusses some very deep topics: career paths, insecurities and more! ***TW: suicidal thoughts are mentioned


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Salty Introduction, Hearing From God, Moving in Faith | Ep 1

Welcome to the Salty Podcast! This is our first episode where we introduce ourselves and explain what we mean when we say that we're salty! We discuss how the idea for the podcast came about, where we got the name from, and what our listeners can expect from future episodes!