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News and stories from The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory.




News and stories from The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory.





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The Salvation Army on Parliament Hill

What place does The Salvation Army have in the halls of government? Aren't we supposed to be "apolitical"? On this episode, we get political with Major Rick Zelinsky, territorial director of public affairs. Major Zelinsky gives us an inside look at the recent Salvation Army Week on the Hill, which brought 60 Army representatives to Ottawa to influence and inform lawmakers and politicians on behalf of the people we serve. And we look at the "how" and "why" behind events like Hill Week—how the Army uses its voice to address issues such as poverty and gender-based violence; and why public affairs is kingdom work, going all the way back to the Founder himself.


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Lewisporte's Junior Chef Academy

What's cooking at the Salvation Army corps in Lewisporte, N.L.? A fun new program for youth—the junior chef academy! Major Darlene Burt, corps officer, and Lorelei Cole, children and youth ministries director, share how these cooking classes for kids and teens are building relationships with families and raising the profile of the Army in this small town.


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Simon Gough, Leader of the NEON Staff Worship Team

Many places in The Salvation Army have a staff band or a staff songsters brigade. But how many have a staff worship team? Here in the Canada and Bermuda Territory, we have NEON. This territorial worship group made its debut back in 2016. But last November marked the beginning of a new era for the group, as NEON became an official staff section—the only worship team to have this designation anywhere in the Army world. In this episode, we sit down with Simon Gough, the leader of NEON, to talk about the group’s mission and how it can support worship teams across the territory. And we discuss broader issues facing worship leaders today, and how Salvation Army song writing builds up our movement. Visit NEON's website Find NEON on social: Facebook / Instagram Listen to NEON on Spotify


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Leading the Army in Italy and Greece: Lt-Colonels Andrew and Darlene Morgan

Italy and Greece are known for being popular tourist destinations. But did you know that The Salvation Army has been ministering in Italy since 1887? Greece is a more recent addition to the Army world, with work commencing in 2007. Today, the Italy and Greece Territory is headed up by Lt-Colonels Andrew and Darlene Morgan, Canadian officers who are no strangers to international service. In fact, they have spent more of their officership serving outside Canada than in their home country. In this episode of the podcast, they give us a non-tourist look at these countries—the pressing social issues they face and how the Army is responding. They also talk about the Army’s long-standing relationship with the Catholic Church, and how God is at work and changing lives in this territory.


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Celebrating Salvation Army Volunteers: Bruce and Irene Finkel

Happy National Volunteer Week! On this episode of the podcast, we're delighted to welcome two long-time Salvation Army volunteers, Bruce and Irene Finkel. Volunteers are often called “the army behind the Army”—and with good reason. There’s no way The Salvation Army could achieve its mission without the thousands of people across Canada and Bermuda who give their time and talents in service. Over many decades, Bruce and Irene, who hail from Wetaskiwin, Alberta, have volunteered in just about any way you can think of. They talk about some of their most meaningful experiences and the importance of mentorship in volunteering. And they share their thoughts on how the Army can make volunteering more accessible for people with disabilities, reflecting on Irene’s own experience with MS.


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Church Planting in Halifax With Captains Brent and Melissa Haas

In 2021, when The Salvation Army decided to restructure its ministries in Halifax, there was a unique opportunity to plant a new church—and so was born Encounter Church. In this episode of the podcast, Captains Brent and Melissa Haas, corps officers, talk about what it was like to plant a church during Covid; Encounter's humble beginnings in a condo common room and how it's grown tremendously since then; and how a simple slice of pizza has helped the church connect with hundreds of young people, sparking new ministries and, ultimately, leading people to Christ. Find Encounter Church on social media: Facebook / Instagram


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Inside a Salvation Army Halfway House

On the east side of downtown Toronto, there is a trio of three-story Victorian houses that, together, form The Salvation Army’s Archibald Centre and Bunton Lodge, a halfway house to help ex-offenders transition back to life on the outside, after they’ve served their time in prison. On this episode of the podcast, we go inside Archibald and Bunton to get a first-hand look at how the Army helps men reintegrate into the community after incarceration. Along the way, we'll meet Art Rasmusson, executive director, Juliane Martin, chaplain and director of spiritual care, and Kenny, a former resident who has successfully rebuilt his life after staying at the house.


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How to Be a Welcoming Church: Leanne Friesen

Making our churches a welcoming place for new people is so important. We want the people who come through our doors to feel the love of God through us, to have a sense of belonging that will bring them back and into deeper relationship with Christ. But what does a welcoming church actually look like? Leanne Friesen is the executive minister of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec and an expert on this topic. On this episode of the podcast, she shares her insights with us. Visit Leanne's website. Download Leanne's handout, "More Than Comfy Pews." Learn about Leanne's new book, Grieving Room: Making Space for All the Hard Things After Death and Loss.


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Learning to Suffer Well: Aimee Patterson

Suffering is something that no one wants to go through—but it’s also something that none of us can avoid. So, what can we do when we find ourselves in a period of great difficulty? And how can we help others who are suffering? Dr. Aimee Patterson, a Christian ethics consultant at The Salvation Army’s Ethics Centre in Winnipeg, has thought very deeply about this topic—and not just academically. On a personal level, she has had an intense experience with suffering, having had brain cancer. And she’s recently released a book on the subject called Suffering Well and Suffering With: Reclaiming Marks of Christian Identity. On this episode of the podcast, Aimee tells us about her journey with cancer, what she’s learned from the story of Job, and how the Army can better serve suffering humanity. Learn more about Aimee's book. Learn more about the Ethics Centre.


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Mission to Montreal: Maricarmen Raudales

How did you end up at The Salvation Army? You can ask any Salvationist that question and you’re always going to get an interesting answer. Maricarmen Raudales is no exception. She is the executive director of L'Abri d'Espoir, the only Salvation Army shelter for women in Quebec. She's also a soldier at Montreal Citadel, where she's involved in multiple ministries. In this episode, Maricarmen shares how the Army is fighting against conjugal violence in Quebec, what inspires her about the Army today, and how she learned the Army is far more than just a thrift store.


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Major Len Ballantine's Musical Legacy

On this episode of the Salvationist podcast, we welcome Major Len Ballantine, former leader of the Canadian Staff Songsters and the International Staff Songsters, a prolific composer, and one of the giants of contemporary Salvation Army music. Over the course of this wide-ranging interview, Major Ballantine takes us through his life’s journey—from his salvation experience at the Salvation Army corps in Windsor, Ontario, to his retirement from active ministry last fall.


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Reading the Bible from an Indigenous Perspective

June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, an opportunity to honour Indigenous peoples, listen to and learn from them, and renew our commitment to walk in truth and reconciliation. For this episode of the podcast, we talk with Danny Zacharias and Chris Hoklotubbe, two Indigenous scholars and followers of Jesus who study theology from an Indigenous perspective. Danny is also one of the presenters at The Salvation Army’s INSPIRE Conference and Congress this month. In this episode, Danny and Chris share some of their personal journeys, what it means to read the Bible from an Indigenous lens, and how we can take practical steps towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.


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Dads Matter: How The Salvation Army Helps Young Fathers

Fathers have an important role to play in the development of their children. And yet, there are very few parenting programs out there specifically for dads. It’s a gap that desperately needs to be filled, and that’s why the Salvation Army’s Bethany Hope Centre in Ottawa created the Dads Matter program. On this episode of the podcast, we talk with Merlin, a father of five who’s found an invaluable support system through the program. But first, we sit down with co-ordinator Rachel Day, to learn more about why Dads Matter really matters. Learn more about Dads Matter:


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The Future of Officer Training in Canada and Bermuda

This summer, the Canada and Bermuda Territory’s College for Officer Training will welcome the first session of cadets into its new eight-year training paradigm. On this episode of the podcast, Major Deana Zelinsky, training principal, and Dr. Michael Boyce, Director of Program Implementation, give us all the details on what's new at CFOT.


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Salvationist Song Writing: Laura Rowsell

How is The Salvation Army cultivating new worship music today? One way is through Salvation Worship, a publication of the Canada and Bermuda Territory. Laura Rowsell, worship ministries director at Glenmore Temple in Calgary, is one of the contributors to Salvation Worship. In this episode of the podcast, she talks about her song-writing process and why it’s important for the Army to cultivate its own worship music identity. To learn more about Salvation Worship, visit Laura's song: Take My Life (I Am Yours)


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Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd: Get Ready for INSPIRE

This June, Salvationists and friends from across the territory will descend on Toronto for the INSPIRE Conference and Congress. With a full week of events, workshops and services planned, it’s going to be an inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime event. On this episode of the podcast, Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd, territorial leaders, share highlights of the week and their own favourite congress memories. Learn more about INSPIRE at


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Tenebrae: Preparing Our Hearts for Easter with Captain Renée McFadden

As Lent comes to a close, we look forward to celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus at Easter. There are many ways that we can approach this sacred time, and to that end, the corps mission department has put together a collection of resources for Holy Week and Easter. One of those resources is for holding a Tenebrae service, a re-enactment of the night before the Crucifixion that usually takes place on the Thursday of Holy Week (Maundy Thursday). Captain Renée McFadden, corps officer at The Willows in Langley, B.C., created the resource, and on this episode of the podcast, she walks us through this special service. Download Captain McFadden's Tenebrae resource: Find all the corps mission resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter:


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Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, World President of Women's Ministries

This year, the Salvationist podcast celebrates International Women’s Day with a very special guest—Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, The Salvation Army’s World President of Women’s Ministries. Women’s ministries is, of course, nothing new for The Salvation Army. But in this episode, Commissioner Rosalie talks about how the Army has been “re-imagining” women’s ministries around the world, including the new Battle Cry initiative.* And as Commissioner Rosalie and General Brian Peddle prepare to retire later this year, she reflects on how God has sustained her through 47 years of ministry, and what’s next for them as they return home to Canada. *Battle Cry is a global initiative to overcome systemic social injustice against women and girls. As part of The Salvation Army’s efforts to achieve gender equity, international Women’s Ministries has identified three social justice focuses for individuals, groups and territories to adopt: access to healthcare, increased opportunities for education, and the elimination of violence against women and girls. Our battle cry is for women, but it belongs to everyone. Find out more:


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Helping Ukrainian Refugees in Romania: Debbie Clarke

It's been one year since Russia invaded Ukraine, starting a war that has torn the country apart and forced millions of Ukrainians to flee. For The Salvation Army, the past year has been a time of intense ministry in action, especially in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Debbie Clarke is one of many Salvationists serving on the front lines. She is a senior soldier at Winnipeg’s Heritage Park Temple and an emergency disaster services specialist. She was recently deployed to Romania for two months, where she supported the Army’s ministry to Ukrainian refugees in Bucharest. In this episode of the podcast, Debbie shares a testimony about her experiences. Her testimony was recorded live during a Sunday morning meeting at Heritage Park Temple in January.


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Innovating Youth Ministry in Buchans, N.L.

As the corps officer in a small town in Newfoundland, Lieutenant April Ward was looking for ways The Salvation Army could better serve her community. Some brainstorming led her to a brilliant idea, and in this episode of the podcast, Lieutenant April shares how “family night theme bags” have transformed youth ministry at her corps—and sparked a new ministry to seniors, too.