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35: How To Talk To Strangers

Episode 35 | Conversations with friends are fun, but talks with strangers won't hurt you either. Actually, connecting with a stranger could really change the trajectory of your life, and in this message, I'll tell you how. In podcast episode #35, you'll also hear how to start a conversation with a stranger, how to cultivate connection quickly, plus several personal and professional networking questions to get you started. • • • Hi, I’m Lola creator of, a life advice...


34: To Bloom Where You're Planted Or Not

Episode 34 | At first glance, social media is chock full of deeply proud quotes with spiritually heavy wisdom for the ages, but take another look, and you find that much of what sounds good really isn't. In this message, I unpack my thoughts on "Bloom where you are planted," a popular statement that you shouldn't so willingly accept. What do I mean? Listen up to find out. Live-streamed via Periscope on 4.19.19 • • • Hi, I’m Lola creator of, a life advice site that...


33: Was God talking to Me?

Does God really talk to people? If so, does He only talk to certain people? 🙄🧐🤔 How does God talking to me sound? Is it creepy? 🤯 In this video, I answer all those things and more. As a bonus, enjoy the stories of my own experiences too!!! • • • Hi, I’m Lola creator of, a life advice site that focuses on spirituality, creativity + culture. 📍NC. DOMO on new content — Subscribe to The Smoking Prophet podcast by searching @thesmokingprophet or @lolacabaya on: 🎧...


32: Authenticity is Your Superpower

Episode 32 | Listen in closely as Dante + Lola take a deep dive into all things self-love. And it gets betters - this live-streamed episode is one part of a series on self-love. This series has three focus areas: 1. Authenticity - Learn to accept yourself + embrace your authenticity so you can do your different boldly! 2. Awareness - Leverage the power of self-awareness, in doing so you'll empower yourself + your relationships! 3. Affirmations - Learn to use affirmations to align you to who...


31: Surviving R.Kelly Recap (Part 1 + Part 2) Podcast

Episode 31 | In this episode, Dante + Lola recap the documentary Surviving R. Kelly Parts 1 + 2. This message is not suitable for all audiences; please be advised of the graphic + sexual nature of this content. During the podcast, Lola spoke about the sexualization of adolescents + the following are details of what she didn't cite on the podcast: * In 1957, artist Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13-year-old cousin, Myra Gale Brown. * In 1963, The Beetles released the song "I Saw Her Standing...


30: Five Lies That Stop Your Social Media Growth

What's required to grow your brand on social media? Let's start with what is not! In this episode, Dante + Lola talk about Five Lies That Stop Your Social Media Growth and how to get past it! Enjoy + here's something free to help you build use audience using Instagram analytics. * * * * Social Media: @LolaCabaya


29: How To Level Up On Yourself

Episode 29 | In this episode, Dante joins forces with Lola to show you how a quick 3-step evaluation will help you Level Up On Yourself. Sharing their experiences + their oops moments, they will walk you through each step. So grab a pen, paper, or something to make notes with, because you'll need it. By the time you finish this interactive podcast, you'll have what it takes to complete your own. * * * * Thank you for listening - to show my appreciation here's a free meditation graphic:...


28: This One Thing Will Transform Your Life

Episode 28 | In this episode, Lola + Dante use stories to demonstrate the one thing you need to transform your life. * * * * Thanks for listening! As a token of my appreciation, here's a free wallpaper for your mobile device: * * * * Social Media: @LolaCabaya


27: Build Your Life Like Adventure w/@ThatDCKid

Episode 27 | Have you ever watched a movie and been amazed at what you see? For example, the locations, the lifestyles, and the luxury? Or have you ever scrolled down your social media feed and genuinely been impressed with the life you see others living? Like wow, they seem to be enjoying themselves? Being inspired by what people are doing is great - but building your life like the adventures you see in movies + online is better. And it's time for you to be more than inspired, it's time for...


26: Bae Talk: Your Partner's Past

Episode 26 | In this #BaeTalk edition of #thesmokingprophet podcast, Dante + Lola talk about uncertainty in relationships, namely that made bare due to your partner's past. They also share four ways to get over the insecurity and regret associated with your partner's romantic history. Subscribe + drop a comment to let us know what you think!


25: Executing God's Plan

Episode 25 | Are you a creator that feels unsettled with your creativity or a visionary that needs more clarity for your vision? Maybe you're a dreamer who wants more fuel to refocus and remind you of why you started? If so, it's okay and reasonable, especially for such a big dreamer like you! In this episode, I share a few nuggets to help any creator, visionary, or dreamer execute God's plan. Oh - here's the catch, these nuggets are from a dream I had. Enjoy! Follow Me...


24: I'm not arguing about Halloween

Episode 23 | This podcast needs no explanation—it’s really a must listen. Enjoy + don't forget to comment! Follow Me @LolaCabaya on Instagram, iTunes, Facebook, Google Play, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Stitcher, SoundCloud, TuneIn, + Twitter.


23: 3 Reasons We Don't Read the Bible

Episode 23 | Is reading the Bible all that it's cracked up to be? In this super fun episode, Dante and Lola talk about that and more as they share their top three reasons for not reading the Bible. Listen. Laugh. Learn. Follow Me @LolaCabaya on Instagram, iTunes, Facebook, Google Play, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Stitcher, SoundCloud, TuneIn, + Twitter.


22: Was Christopher Columbus a Bully?

Episode 22 | In this episode, Dante helps Lola answer one of her many random questions: Was Christopher Columbus a bully? Listen to find out what we did. You'll be shocked. Follow Me @LolaCabaya on Instagram, iTunes, Facebook, Google Play, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Stitcher, SoundCloud, TuneIn, + Twitter.


21: Ideas Create Wealth - Respond Responsibly

Episode 21 | Your ideas can create wealth, but not if you don't respond to them. In this episode, I talk about three types of people that handle their ideas wrong - the Habitual Gabber, the Eternal Planner, and the Indefinite Watcher. I also share two things you must do to make your ideas work and a simple strategy to help you get started! Enjoy!


19: You Are Still Loading

Episode 19 | Your life is still loading - meaning you're always growing and ever-evolving. And while growth and evolution are great, the process doesn't come without some annoyance. In this episode, I share five major frustrations you may experience in your loading [evolution] process, and how to flip it in your favor! Recorded Sunday, May 13th, 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me @LolaCabaya on Instagram, iTunes, Facebook,...


18: Tynnetta Bey Trust Your Dopeness

Episode 18 | In this episode, Tynnetta Bey defines what true dopeness is to help you discover, develop, and embrace yours. Follow her // Facebook: Tynnetta Bey Instagram: _Tynnetta_


17: Using Crystals to Attract Your Crush

Episode 17 | About mid-year 2017, I noticed a spike in trending topics on crystals, including an article entitled, Power Crystal No. 1 Attract Your Crush’s Attention (and Affection). In this episode, I dig into that idea a bit and share my thoughts on gaining someone's affection using crystals.


16: 7 Ways to Cultivate Creativity

Episode 16 | You don't have to identify as a "creative" to create and because everyone can create this makes you a creator. Since you're a creator this message is for you. Please enjoy 7 Ways to cultivate your creativity. Recorded Monday, January 22, 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me @LolaCabaya on Instagram, iTunes, Facebook, Google Play, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Stitcher, SoundCloud, TuneIn, + Twitter....