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Exploring The Spiritual Journey To Expand Understanding And Nourish the Soul.

Exploring The Spiritual Journey To Expand Understanding And Nourish the Soul.


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Exploring The Spiritual Journey To Expand Understanding And Nourish the Soul.






Shifting Perspective: How Spiritual Awareness Solves Societal Chaos

Society is in chaos. We need solutions. How do we get out of this global crisis and regain the peace and prosperity of just a few years ago? The answer is spiritual awareness. Activating deeper levels of discernment allows us to distinguish between our mental mental mirage and natural reality. As we sharpen perception, we gain clarity regarding the problems we face. Elevating spiritual awareness, integrating mind-body-soul, also stimulates our intuition, inspiration, and higher...


The Power Of Wonder, Acceptance, and Ritual Appreciation: Interviewing Aryeh Green

It is no secret that Nature can profoundly shape our perspective, providing us with a sacred space to heal. Even amidst challenges and tribulation, life is full of wonder and blessings... sometimes we just have to step outside and see it! This episode brings you the wisdom of author Aryeh Green, as he shares the powerful lessons learned from his 800 mile solo-trek along the Israel National Trail. Finding it difficult to digest life, Aryeh released the need to have all the answers, strapped...


How To Connect With Your True Self: On The Wisdom Of Silence & The Centering Prayer With Rich Lewis

"Silence is not empty. It is filled with God." By extension, you are filled with God. Let that sink in. In this episode of the Soul Path Podcast, you will discover the mystic roots of Christianity and dig deeply into the wisdom of silence, as guest Rich Lewis shares the powerful insights he has gained from sustained practice of the Centering Prayer. This episode explores how you can cultivate your personal connection with God, use faith to conquer fear and depression, enhance your...


Synchronicity, Inner Knowing, And Non-Linear Logic: Interviewing Amy Vasterling

"Responsiveness is the only responsibility we have." How we respond to life determines how we relate to life. We don't have to fight our way through it, and we don't have to figure it all out. Embracing our intuition and inner knowing allows us to enter the flow state and sense the synchronicity of all things. Join me for this insightful interview with intuitive Amy Vasterling, as we explore the education gained from life's biggest challenges, how each person can cultivate intuition, and...


Perception, Projection, and the Power of Language: Interviewing Sean Laframboise

Your words shape your reality, either boxing you in or setting you free. Jump into this engaging conversation with Canadian musician and philosopher Sean Laframboise, as he shares his insights on the power of language, breaking down our perceptions and projections, and exposing the reactionary patterns that cause us to get lost in thought. This episode explores how language relates to personal growth, what self-improvement actually means, and how subjective expressions function through the...


Deep Wounds, Addictions, & The Dark Road To Spiritual Awakening: Interviewing Matt Stewart

"Like any good healing journey, it was absolutely chaotic and awful!" Come soak up the compassionate wisdom of Matt Stewart as he shares his personal stories about swapping addiction for meditation, finding his spiritual center, and testing his intuition by jumping out of a plane! Listen in as we explore the power of nature, altered states of consciousness, and the transmutation of traumatic experience. Learn about the "itch you can't scratch" and why the healing journey is so critical to...


Spirit Animals And The Spirit Of Curiosity

Are you curious about spirit animals? Do you know anyone who is totally skeptical? In this episode, I share my personal stories of spirit animal encounters. Beyond mere coincidence, each of these experiences have magically enriched my life, and I believe the lessons are broadly applicable to the human experience! Have a listen and let me know what you think!


Soul Flow: The Secrets To Mastering Mindset

You've probably heard of the elusive state of 'flow'... but how do you get there? How do you access and maintain this magical state of being? The answer is mastering mindset, and the secrets are revealed in this episode! Soul Flow allows us to awaken inner wisdom, inspiration, and intuition, so we can navigate life from the heart level. Tapping into these inner resources activates our highest potential and stokes the fire of passion and purpose. You can get help applying this wisdom to...


How Not To Be Deceived: The Art Of Subtle Distinction

The evolution of consciousness is unleashing a whirlwind of spiritual awakening. This is ushering in a magnificent manifestation of spiritual gifts and special abilities. As exciting as it is, there is no shortage deception and delusion in the midst of all the magic. Some people really are just crazy. Other people may in fact be channeling the Divine. But how do you know difference? True discernment lies in the subtle art of distinction, being able to distinguish fact from fiction,...


On Magic, Freedom, and Quantum Leaps: Coaching With Emily Brooks

"There's gotta be something more." And so the quest began! Emily Brooks joins us again to share more powerful insights on the magic of this present moment, the freedom of simply being, and the quantum leaps that come when we connect with someone who speaks our language. Coaches help us recognize and overcome subconscious patterns, gain clarity faster, and avoid making costly mistakes. As a spiritual coach, Emily holds the sacred space for people to step into their own divine...


Peeling Back The Layers: Using Self-Reflection For Profound Personal Growth

This episode is a heart to heart about how to access the limitless potential that's inside you. Doing the deep work of the heart allows you to ignite your passion and clarify your purpose. The peace, joy, and abundance you desire can only manifest from a state of balanced well-being in the present moment. Listen now and learn how aligning your head with your heart helps you rapidly accelerate toward what matters most! Want to learn more about how I can help you experience the peace that...


Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit With The Elixir of Qi: Interviewing Jasmine Win

Healing mind, body, and spirit is often the first step on the spiritual journey. Join me for this insightful conversation with Qi Gong healer Jasmine Win, as she shines light on awakening your own healing intelligence, restoring balance from within, and cultivating your own divine experience! We explore alchemy, the circulation of Life Force Energy, and the Elixir of Qi, and how we can direct this universal energy to heal ourselves and others. Jasmine reminds us that healing only happens...


On Pain, Purpose, and Making Sense of Depression: Interviewing Keri Faith Knudson

Have you ever suffered under the crushing weight of depression? You are not alone! There is purpose hidden in our pain and suffering... this is the deep wisdom of Keri Faith Knudson, who shares her journey of overcoming fear, doubt, and anxiety on her journey to becoming a very successful author, speaker, coach, and business consultant. In this episode we explore how to cultivate intentional presence, heal generational patterns, and shed the conditioning that has been holding us back. We...


Tantra, Meditation, & Transcending Ego: Interviewing Ana-Maria Georgieva

Learn how to walk the walk and "build confidence with competence" in this excellent interview with life coach Ana-Maria Georgieva. Listen as Ana-Maria shares her insights into illusion, self-suggestion, and how to help the analytical mind experience authentic spiritual connection. In this episode we explore the ancient practice of tantra, what to do when you believe different than loved ones, and how each personality may resonate with a different modality. We talk about creating structure...


The Impact of Coaching: Incredible Insights From a World Class Rugby Player

Learn from life coach and world class rugby player Veronika Stamos, as she shares insights on how we can achieve peak performance, and her personal secrets to being unbreakable! In this episode we talk about the art of self-reflection, what to do when you want everything, why you shouldn't be so serious, the profound importance of self-love, and how to resolve issues with trust. This conversation is an inspiring call to be more playful and embrace the best life has to offer! You can...


On Surfing, Surrender, and Empowering Perspective: Interviewing Emily Bronwyn Brooks

"Life is a beautiful masterpiece." Isn't that a refreshing perspective? In this conversation, Emily and I explore surfing as a spiritual metaphor, the power of surrender, trusting, and having faith, and the exciting convergence of modern science and sacred spirituality. Emily shares her wisdom about "Empowerment Through Perspective" and we talk about grace, guidance, and how forgiveness and self-love are often the first steps in moving forward! There is a TON of treasure and insight...


Spiritual Activation, Personal Gifts, and The Experience of Being Different: Interviewing Sheri Kaplan

Have you ever had an experience that was difficult to explain? Have you ever shared this experience and been ridiculed or shamed? In this episode, Shari Kaplan shares her stories about about being inquisitive, learning from past lives, and shine light on the unique experience of empaths and gifted individuals. If you are curious about your gifts and abilities, if you are seeking spiritual activation, you will definitely appreciate the depth of Shari's insight as she shares from her own...


Manifesting Spiritual Gifts and Experiencing Your Inner Woo

This spontaneous episode comes on the heels of two excellent interviews with spiritual leaders from around the world. While the computer processes video files, I am processing the importance of spiritual gifts as they manifest across humanity. All cultures throughout time have honored the manifestation of spiritual gifts in their own unique way... BUT-- they all honor the spiritual gifts. Enter the topic of woo-woo... all that New Age hippie-cult stuff... all that holistic metaphysical...


Growing Through Crisis and Awakening Spiritual Gifts: Interviewing Veronika Stamos

The Universe conspires to help us grow. Personal crisis can catalyze spiritual awakening. You were born with a gift that is meant to be shared. This episode of The Soul Path Podcast explores the feelings of being shunned for your personal spiritual experience. Guest Veronika Stamos shares her story of "shutting off," and disconnecting from her spiritual intuition, because her experience was not acceptable to family and friends. Join us, as Veronika shares her insights into the ups and...


The Physical Doorway to Spiritual Experience

It is easy to overlook the connection between our physical state and our spiritual state. Our physical state provides a doorway into our inner world. Correct posture and breath control enhance our somatic experience. This elevates spiritual awareness and enhances our ability to embody the moment. Life is always unfolding in the perpetual now. By integrating mind-body-soul, you awaken to an empowered state. Learn to unleash the power in your own life by cultivating more intentional physical...