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Welcome to The Teaching Series. Below you will find short biblical teachings approx. 8-18 minutes in length. Great for small groups, teams, family devotions, etc. Accompanying each teaching are discussion questions for personal or group use. You can also leave comments and share via social media. New video teaching released every Tuesday.

Welcome to The Teaching Series. Below you will find short biblical teachings approx. 8-18 minutes in length. Great for small groups, teams, family devotions, etc. Accompanying each teaching are discussion questions for personal or group use. You can also leave comments and share via social media. New video teaching released every Tuesday.
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Welcome to The Teaching Series. Below you will find short biblical teachings approx. 8-18 minutes in length. Great for small groups, teams, family devotions, etc. Accompanying each teaching are discussion questions for personal or group use. You can also leave comments and share via social media. New video teaching released every Tuesday.






Episode 062 – Bread of Life Pt 6: Took, Blessed, Broke, Gave

One of the most challenging passages to understand is Jesus’ “Bread of Life” teaching in John 6 where he tells his audience they must “eat his flesh and drink his blood.” And then he goes on to say that if they don’t, they have no life in them. What is up with that? And then John, who spends more time on the Last Supper than all of the other gospel writers combined,doesn’t even mention Jesus’ discussion about the new covenant or the instituting of communion. What? Astonishingly, these...


Episode 061 – Bread of Life Pt 5: Grumble or Eat

What happens when our expectations and our realities do not align? How do we respond when there’s a gap between what we hoped God would do and doesn’t? Answering that is the essence of this episode as we explore Jesus’ bold proclamation in John 6 that he is the “bread of life” and that he desires to provide for us in the midst of our circumstances, especially when there is a gap between our expectations and realities.


Episode 060 – Bread of Life Pt 4: Yeast of the Pharisees

Following the feeding of the four thousand, Jesus and his disciples get into a boat and discuss the “Yeast of the Pharisees” after the disciples forget to bring bread. And then Jesus appears to heal a blind twice outside of Bethsaida, making one wonder if he made a mistake. And we’re left asking ourselves, “What is up with these bizarre stories?” Well, they’re bizarre if you lack knowledge of the feedings of the five thousand and four thousand. But since we’ve already tackled those, it’s...


Episode 059 – Bread of Life Pt 3: Feeding of the 4,000

We read of Jesus feeding the five thousand. And then shortly thereafter, we read of him feeding the four thousand. What gives? Of all the stories to choose from, why would two of the gospel writers include stories that seem nearly identical? The answer is that they’re not. The difference is in the details, and the implications of those details are astounding! Without an understanding of the geography around the Sea of Galilee or how numbers are being used in this story, we miss one of the...


Episode 058 – Bread of Life Pt 2: Feeding of the 5,000

Did you know that of all the miracles Jesus performed, only one is recorded in all four Gospels? Yep, only one! And it’s the feeding of the five thousand. Why is this story so central to the ministry of Jesus that all four biographers record it? That’s what we begin tackling in this teaching. And like all of the stories familiar to us in the Bible, there’s so much more going on. May you marvel at the details and how intentional Jesus is in communicating in both word and deed what his mission...


Episode 057 – Bread of Life Pt 1: Source of Sustenance

The season of Lent is upon us! We are on a journey towards Resurrection Sunday, and it is a season that will fly by if we’re not intentional about how we’re going to engage it. In John 6:35, Jesus called himself the “Bread of Life.” In this teaching, we explore the imagery of bread, its significance in the Bible, and how it can be a grounding image for us in this season. Furthermore, it challenges on who or what is the source of our sustenance in the world. May this be a rich season for you,...


Episode 056 – The Sabbath Pt 8: Answering Your Questions

In John 5, Jesus makes the claim that since his father is “working” on the Sabbath, so is he. Does this undermine everything we’ve explored in this Sabbath series, or is there something deeper going on here? And what is a Christian’s relationship to “The Law?” Does one keep Sabbath out of commandment obedience or because it’s great wisdom? These are the main questions we address in this final episode on the Sabbath. May you continually find freedom and joy in celebrating this amazing gift...


Episode 055 – The Sabbath Pt 7: Getting Super Practical

So what does it look to observe the Sabbath in our world today? This a question my family and I have been joyfully wrestling with for about fourteen years now. And in this episode, I walk you through what we’ve learned and what the Sabbath looks like for us. The purpose isn’t to imply that we’ve got it all figured out, but to provide you with practical ideas and suggestions on how to make the Sabbath a central feature in your life. Furthermore, I briefly tackle two passages we haven’t...


Episode 054 – The Sabbath Pt 6: Unleash The Freedom

Thus far, we’ve been talking about the Sabbath in the context of the Older Testament. And now, we get to hear from Jesus! And my oh my, hang on tight. The Sabbath was ridiculously important to Jesus and he addressed it at every opportunity. He knew what an unbelievable gift it was, and emphatically demonstrated in word and deed what it was intended to do for our lives. May you unleash and experience the freedom that Jesus taught, and may you truly take his “yoke” upon you!


Episode 053 – The Sabbath Pt 5: Clean The Glasses

Despite God’s pleas and instructions for His people to observe the Sabbath, they struggled to do so. Sure, they “observed” the Sabbath, but they did so in a way that completely missed the point. They were distracted by the things of life and were completely unaware of how blurry their vision had become. Subsequently, their destructive habits went unchecked. The same happens to us as well when we fail to take a break. It’s in the break where we gain perspective. But in order to see what we...


Episode 052 – The Sabbath Pt 4: Defining Your Identity

We are a culture of accomplishment. We value people based on what they can produce. It’s toxic and oppressive. The Israelites experienced this in their slavery in Egypt. But God brought them out of that systemand instituted the Sabbath so that they’d begin to learn that their identity and worth didn’t come from their work, but from something infinitely more substantial. Until we have a proper handle on our identity, we’ll miss the stunning beauty of the Sabbath and how it seeks to rescue us...


Episode 051 – The Sabbath Pt 3: Do You Have Rhythm

We are not beasts of burden. We were not designed to go, go, go. And yet for most of us, we struggle to slow down. Our lives are constant noise, and we’re so drowned out in our schedules that we fail to see the insanity for what it is. Sabbath teaches us that there’s a rhythm and a cadence to life. It slows us down and emphatically reminds us that in order to be healthy, we must prioritize rest. Rest is not a reward. It’s a necessity. But even more than that, it’s the engine that’s intended...


Episode 050 – The Sabbath Pt 2: In Whom Do You Trust

Every day we make decisions, and those decisions are based on trust – trust in ourselves, trust in others, and trust in God. But what happens when our trust is misplaced?What happens when the trust we place in ourselves is actually supposed to be in God? For one, it will prevent us from taking a Sabbath because we’ll believe that if we take a break, our needs won’t be met – financially or otherwise. And yet, this was precisely what God sought to address with the Israelites when we instituted...


Episode 049 – The Sabbath Pt 1: A Theology of Work

Mark Buchanan once wrote, “In order to keep the Sabbath well – to embrace the rest of God – we need a right view of work. Without a rich theology of labor, we’ll have an impoverished theology of rest.” I couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re launching this Sabbath series by exploring the dignity of work, what the Bible has to say about it, and how we’re supposed to approach it in our relationship with God. Buckle up. This series is going to be quite a ride!


Episode 048 – Little Man in the Eye

The New Year is underway and many of you have made resolutions, but do any of them pertain to the Bible? In this episode, we explore one of the coolest Hebrew expressions (that often gets lost in translation) that depicts our relationship with God and His Word in a way that inspires us to dig into His Word in order to truly thrive this next year. And it all has to do with a little man in the eye. Enjoy!


Episode 047 – Genealogy Christmas Pt 4: Son of God

It’s Christmas Eve! Which means it's the perfect time to conclude our Genealogy Christmas by looking at Jesus being the Son of God, and how Matthew is helping us understand the magnitude of his identity and calling by using the names “Jesus” and “Immanuel.” As we explore these names, we’ll be reminded of why we celebrate Christmas and are able to have the hope that we have. God became man, and our lives will never be the same because of it. May you be overwhelmed with joy as you’re reminded...


Episode 046 – Genealogy Christmas Pt 3: Son of Joseph

Have you ever wondered why Matthew tells us that “Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph” and then in the very next verse he tells us that Joseph was planning to “divorce her quietly?” How does that work? And was Joseph being insensitive or was he demonstrating the noblest of character? I’ll give you a hint – it’s the latter, and the context here is riveting. What’s more, we find that Joseph (and Mary) modeled a righteousness that shaped Jesus as he grew up, and it’s a righteousness that’s...


Episode 045 – Genealogy Christmas Pt 2: Son of Abraham

In Pt 1: Son of David, we learned that Jesus was the fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant for the Jews. Now Matthew wants us to understand that Jesus was the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant. But what does that mean? And how does Matthew “prove” it in the genealogy? Well, buckle up, because what Matthew does next is astounding, and its implications for our lives and for this Advent Season will leave us encouraged and grateful that we get to part of the family of such a loving God.


Episode 044 – Genealogy Christmas Pt 1: Son of David

If you were tasked with retelling the most significant story in human history, how would you begin? Matthew had to ask the same question, and what was his answer? A genealogy. Seriously? Could there be anything more boring than that? We normally skip right over them. And yet, what Matthew does with Jesus’ genealogy is electrifying! The jaws of the first century audience would’ve been on the ground. And over the next four weeks, we’re going to explore this “Genealogy Christmas” and begin...


Episode 043 – Psalm 23 Pt 10: Answering Your Questions

Over the last nine episodes, we’ve been digging into Psalm 23 and I’ve been encouraging you to ask your questions. In this episode, I seek to answer those questions. The discussion entails everything from how we teach our kids to understand the Bible’s context to leaders being intentional about setting aside times for rest and renewal to discussing whether Jesus was beaten with a shepherd’s “staff,” “rod,” or something else, and much more. May this discussion help round out some additional...