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In search of the Church, the way Jesus meant it to be.

In search of the Church, the way Jesus meant it to be.
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In search of the Church, the way Jesus meant it to be.






UCT 010: The Definition of a Disciple

In his final moments on earth, Jesus commanded his followers to engage in the practice of making disciples. This command is what we like to call, “the great commission,” today, and most of us could even quote it verbatim. Yet a definition of terms is necessary to make sure our way of making disciples today matches with what Jesus had in mind. In this episode, the first in a multi-part series on discipleship, Max and Steve start with the basics: what is the definition of a disciple? Is a...


UCT 009: Measuring Success in the Church

When it comes to measuring success, whether in church, business or life in general, it is important to understand what constitutes success. In today's Christianity in North America, the churches and ministries we consider successful are usually the ones with the largest followings. In other words, our standard for what we deem successful is not that different from what our Western culture calls success. In this episode, Max and Steve talk about how consumerism and a worldly success model...


UCT 008: Community & Independence

In the West, and in North America especially, our culture has elevated individual independence to new levels. When we look at that through our 21st Century, Western worldview that does not seem like anything to be concerned about. However, how does that effect the way we as Christians represent Jesus to the rest of the world? Jesus calls Christians to be unified with Him, the Father, the Holy Spirit and each other. Yet we find ourselves scattered, living outside of Christian community and...


UCT 007: The Role of Believers

Max and Steve discuss a practical question of church structure this week on The Uncommon Truth. In North America, the Church seems to have a hard line between ministry and vocational work. In other words, most people think they have to choose between dedicating their lives to either working in the marketplace or serving in full time ministry. The work of Jesus’ commission is left to a select few while the rest of the Body of Christ is excluded or apathetic. Max asks Steve what the bible...


UCT 006: Why Does Jesus Live In Us?

After his resurrection, Jesus promised to send his disciples His Holy Spirit. He actually commanded them to wait for this before doing anything else. Fast forward to the present day and believers still have access to the same Spirit, however, do we depend on Him? While we are familiar with some of what the Spirit does, many in the Western Church have a hard time identifying the reason why Jesus sent us his Spirit in the first place. Is the Holy Spirit meant to be our sidekick, helping us...


UCT 005: What Uncommon Salvation Looks Like

How does our understanding of salvation impact the way we live? This week on The Uncommon Truth, Max is joined by a special guest, Geordie Mumby, to discuss that question. Geordie is an associate pastor at The Father's House and the director of the church's School of Transformation. Max and Geordie build on last week's conversation about a biblically consistent salvation theology, which is not very common in the Western Church. They talk about the outcomes of living that out in a believer's...


UCT 004: The Uncommon Truth About Salvation

As Christians, there are few topics more important than what we believe about salvation. The problem is, there seems to be a lot of confusion on the subject in the Church today. Have you ever read the words of Jesus in the gospels and left feeling confused? Why is that? Max is joined by Steve Orsillo, pastor of The Father's House Church in Oroville to get a little more clarity. Steve outlines how he faced that same confusion as a new believer, and how he eventually recognized and overcame...


UCT 003: What is Jesus Passionate About?

As the Body of Christ in the West, what do we care about? On first look, it would seem obvious that we care about what Jesus does, right? But is that really true of how we live and prioritize our lives day to day? This week, Max and Steve discuss some of the ways that we have misplaced our passions, using Jesus' words as the benchmark. Steve unpacks how we've subtly allowed the desire for comfort, security and happiness to limit our effectiveness for Jesus. Thankfully, they also discuss...


UCT 002: A Christianity That Works

As Christians, we know we are supposed to experience lives characterized by peace and joy. We also know that our faith should make a difference in the world around us. Yet how many of us, if we are honest, actually experience our Christianity this way? Does our Christianity work? Max and Steve talk about how Christians sometimes limit their expectations and miss out on experiencing all of what a relationship with Jesus can be. Steve outlines the differences between working Christianity and...


UCT 001: Welcome to Uncommon Truth

In the very first episode of The Uncommon Truth, podcast host Max Ehrman introduces himself and shares his family's journey to discover the authentic expression of the Church. He details the process of moving from rural Canada to a rough neighborhood in Northern California to be a part of The Father's House Church in Oroville, CA. Max is joined by the senior and founding pastor of The Father's House, Steve Orsillo, to talk about the uncommon message and ministry that caused Max and his...