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The Union Path Podcast - A practical spiritual podcast about truth, awareness, and walking the path of unity.


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The Union Path Podcast - A practical spiritual podcast about truth, awareness, and walking the path of unity.




Change Has Its Own Timing

The Yin and Yang of Creating Change Change takes time and requires us to have faith and allow the flow of life to take its course. We must develop a sense of ease and merge with the direction of the change, rather than trying to force it into our lives. To create change effectively, it is important to first know what change you want and then to accept that all changes have their own timing and to let go of the need to control and force life. This involves self-awareness, trial and error,...


Trapped in a Lie

Find Your Path To True Freedom Through Pursuing The Truth Pursuing the truth can be hard work, but it is essential for liberation and freedom. The truth can help us understand why things are the way they are, and lies can keep us captive. We should look beyond speech to our beliefs and how we present ourselves to recognize lies we may be telling. We can find ourselves living lies, pretending to be someone we're not, in order to fit into different situations. This sets up an internal...


Revenge vs Redemption

Redeeming the Past: Finding Opportunities for a Positive Future We have the choice to either accept or resist life's flow, but it is still always moving. Negative events can lead to a desire for revenge, but this sets us up for difficulty in life. We can strive to create a better future without undoing our past. We often try to "undo" our past by pushing against it, but this only locks us into repetitive patterns, keeps the past alive, and often leads to our worst fears being realized. We...


Fear Wants Failure

Working with Fear: Balancing Fear in Life to Pursue Dreams Fear is an unavoidable part of life and the best way to cope is to understand it and learn to work with it. Fear often wants failure and stagnation, but we can renegotiate our fear and use it to help us grow, change, and be creative. Fear can be very uncomfortable and intense, but it does not have to be the primary emotion that dictates our lives. We can find ways to work with fear and balance its presence in our lives rather than...


Over-Reliance on Evidence

The Data Dance: Balancing Facts and Feelings for a Richer Life We live in an age of unprecedented access to data, but an over-reliance on facts and information can lead to a life of only thinking and diminish our intuitive and feeling side. To find the truth, we must balance our thinking and feeling and not be limited by facts and information. We often rely too heavily on data and evidence to craft our story, rather than trusting our internal knowing, leading to an imbalance between...


A Life of Have To vs Get To

Change can start from within and by shifting our focus from things we "have to" do to things we "get to" do, we can create positive energy and motivation. This transformation comes from a change in perspective, and by envisioning a life of things we get to do, we can re-energize and re-inspire ourselves. This exercise encourages us to shift our focus from our current reality to the vision of what we really want in life and to picture and feel the appreciation and gratitude for it. Let the...


The Difference Between Getting and Having

Manifestation is the process of intentionally bringing people, places, and things into our lives. It involves two core energies: getting things and holding things. It takes a different set of skills to get and do a job, and the same applies to manifestation. We need to put effort and thought into creating the relationship we want, not just getting it. We can manifest things we want in our lives, but it is important to understand the energy required to create something versus the energy...


The Absence of Desire

Our deepest desires can be used as a way of finding our way through life. They are often dreams, passions, and meanings that light us up and make us feel alive. These desires can act as a barometer of truth-- something we can use to make sense of life and to determine if something is right or wrong for us. We all go through times when our desires are absent, but it's important to remember that desire is inherent to the human experience and these times are like winter seasons where life is...


Being More Alive in Our Lives

We all have the choice of how alive we are in our own lives. It is vital that we are being honest with ourselves, and identifying what we are truly looking for, in order to truly feel alive. We often get so caught up in the pursuit of external achievements that we forget to ask ourselves whether they are actually satisfying us and making us feel alive. In order to reconnect with our feelings and find a sense of aliveness, we can find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable chair to think...


The Directionality of Choices

Living a life of intentionality isn't easy and can be a lifelong journey. We need to be honest with ourselves and have the courage to look for the truth. In doing so, we will reach a point where the choice to connect with our truth is no longer optional. We can't keep trying and failing. We can't keep falling down. We can't keep letting ourselves down or letting others down. This choice often comes from great pain and suffering. We need to be willing to endure this in order to find the...


Choosing for Yourself

Making choices is a powerful tool that can be used to create lasting change in our lives. It is our free will that gives us the ability to make such changes. We may not have control over our environment or circumstances, but we can always choose to act differently. When we do this, our environment, our circumstances, and our answers reflect the problem we are trying to solve, resulting in a long-term shift in our life. We can use our power of choice however we want, whether that means...


Living a Wanted Life

Living a fulfilling and meaningful life can be hard, especially when our desires and attractions seem to be so different from what we think is right for us. We may find ourselves wanting to ignore our desires and impulses, or devaluing what they seem to be pulling us towards. However, desire and attraction can be powerful tools for finding our path and living a life that feels good. By using our desires and attractions as guidance, we can learn to trust our intuition and not suppress or...


The Power of Knowing Your True Self

Many of us have experienced confusion and hopelessness, not knowing which direction to take or what steps to take next. However, in these moments, we can access a deeper level of self-awareness and clarity. Throughout this episode, we will discusses this concept in detail. It is important to emphasize the importance of uncovering the truth of our identity, what we truly desire, and how our current actions are aligning with that. That beyond the superficial, something more fundamental and...


Utilizing the Power of Intention

We all have the power to create our own experiences and set intentions that will shape our lives. It is very important that we understand which part of us grabs on to information and how we use it. We can use this awareness to determine which part of us is rising up and what part needs attention. The power of intention can be overwhelming or lead to an overconfidence, and it is essential to draw intentions from a place of true, honest self-awareness. We should use our intention to cultivate...


True Power Lies Within

We all have the power to be liberated, to be free and in control of our own lives. This is an internal process that originates from within and not from something or someone else. We can experience moments of peace, wholeness, and equanimity when we connect with our true selves and recognize that we are eternal, powerful beings with the capacity to create whatever we desire. All power is derived from within, and we are the authors of our own stories. Everyone has the freedom to choose how...


The Call and the Answer

Life is a complex and mysterious journey that requires us to look beyond the surface in order to create real, lasting change. This can be a daunting task, especially in American culture where individualism is valued. However, if we start to explore deeper truths and become aware of the interconnectedness of life, we can start to make positive changes. Life is a two-way system, and what we put into it is reflected back to us. This means that it is essential to be honest with our own intent...


Embracing Your True Nature

Life is often lived in a state of duality, bouncing back and forth between opposites. We can strive for balance, but it can be difficult to fully accept ourselves for who we truly are. If we want to be whole, if we want to grow in positive directions, then it really is important to embrace the truth. It really is important to fully accept the truth and then move forward from that place. It is important to become familiar with our nature and to pay attention to what energizes and de-energizes...


The Myriad Benefits of Balance

Finding balance in life between creation and consumption is an essential part of living a life that is full of joy and peace. This balance can be achieved by examining our motivations and desires, understanding why we do certain things, and assessing whether they are for positive or negative reasons. We must become aware of our needs and emotions to understand the importance of balance. We have to pay attention to the energy of life and recognize that if we take in too much, the energy can...


Accepting What We Really Want

When it comes to finding true happiness and fulfillment, it can be difficult to determine what we really desire. We often try to define our wants based on what we think is possible, but our real desires come from a much different place. We are who we are for a reason, and understanding this is the key to uncovering our deepest, most genuine needs. Learning what we want and why we want it is a challenging process, but an essential one. We may bury our true desires and attempt to replace them...


The Value of Reflection

In a fast-paced world driven by achievement and expectations, it can be easy to get lost in the pursuit of success. We often measure our accomplishments in quantitative terms when in reality, life is so much more than just numbers. Reflection is a powerful tool that can help us to experience a life well lived, yet it can be difficult to pause and reflect when under pressure. Reflection is a invaluable practice that can cultivate self-awareness and understanding of our place in the world. It...